Is Instant Email Empire for Real or Can You Make $125 Per Day Sending Simple Emails?

screen print of Instant Email Empire's website landing page

Having been presented with this form (shown above), I signed up for their free report.

That’s when I found my browser being pushed to another landing page where I was presented with a video that started off with several video clips of what was made to look like news reports done by different TV station within the United States… followed by a man who identified himself only as Bobby.

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Is Bulletproof Profits Fake or Can I Start Making up to $3,750 Today with Just 7 Simple Clicks?

screen print of Bulletproof Profits' website

Viewers are promised “an exclusive gift” that is supposed to be “right here” on his page so you are supposed to “stay tuned”. This he stated, before even starting to tell you what his offer is all about.

I’m guessing that is meant to intrigue you into sticking around and listening to his spiel… and, I never did see that “exclusive gift”.

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