“Could It Really Be Possible…
Can, You Really Make Money
With Affiliate Marketing”


Let me just say this… yes, you can really make money with affiliate marketing. Whether you are a professional, a student, a business owner/operator… whoever you are, you can learn to make money online, the right way.


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Hi, my name is Trish, and if you’re new to the concept of creating a website, and you’re interested in learning to do affiliate marketing, I can point you in the direction to receiving top notch training.

You’ll get 24/7 support, an entire community waiting to help you succeed, a means of creating a free website with free hosting with your very own SSL certificate (HTTPS) included with servers that provide state of the art security and speed… and, even tutorials to help you succeed.

There are plenty of fabulous stories out here on the internet promising you to make zillions of dollars in a very short span of time. I am NOT going to do that EVER, as that would be an out and out lie.

Yes, you could earn lots of money in a short time BUT that all depends on the niche you select, the researching you do, the quality of content you provide and… most importantly, the frame work in which you offer your content on… your website’s structure.

This is Where My Advice Comes in

The community I am introducing you to right here is known as Wealthy Affiliate, and the quality of training is exceptional. Even if you only want to learn to create a website for, let’s say, your local business, the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate is so great that I have even recommended local business owners to come and take a look for themselves.

You won’t even have to worry about being asked for money, not even your credit card number. All Wealthy Affiliate asks of new members is that you complete your profile and then get started straight away at the FREE lessons offered for your first 7 days.

That’s right… you won’t even be asked for a credit card when you sign up for your free lessons.

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Now, how many schools do you know of that would let you attend classes for an entire week for free, just so you could see the quality of their training?

None that I know of, so now you know how special Wealthy Affiliate really is. Once you sign up, you will see for yourself, the training really is outstanding.

Another great offer is that as you nearer the end of your 7 days of free lessons, you will receive an email offering you a substantially reduced first monthly payment. This way, you can easily complete all of the training and then leave with no further charges incurred, if that is your wish.

However, I’m betting you won’t want to leave once you’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for one full month.

Disclosure: Before continuing, and for the sake of total transparency, please note that when you click on any of the following links and sign up for a membership, in most cases I receive referral commission.


Here’s why I say this…

11 Reasons to Begin Affiliate Marketing

  1. ) Getting Started – This is where you will be presented with a 10-part online course that you can follow at your own speed, with steps for creating a successful online business that can generate money for you.

  2. ) Building Your Website – You will have an easy to use, advanced tool to build your very own free website on a state of the art hosting platform.

  3. ) 24/7 Support – As a Starter member, should you need ANY help along your way, you can ask questions of the community or ask other members “Live”.

  4. ) Help Choosing a Niche – Almost everyone asks for help with picking a niche when starting out as an affiliate marketer. Some may not even know what a niche is. No matter, we’ve got you covered on this too.

  5. ) Learn How to Have Fun Creating a Website – Some feel that building a website is something to be afraid of, but at Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to the best, most advanced, simplistic platform in which to build your very first website, and I’m sure you will soon find it enjoyable to learn.

  6. ) Start FREE – Let’s not forget this part (though I have already mentioned this), because you get to start taking the training straight away, FREE for 7 whole days, after which only then would you need to decide to upgrade to become a premium member.
    There are plenty of other goodies too, but many to list them all here in this article. However, I am going to share with you what I deem to be the best parts of the platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. ) Great Advice from Pros – You will find advice offered in the training by the pros that bring you Wealthy Affiliate. This way, you are assured that when you follow the training you will have a website that is setup properly; one that search engines are sure to appreciate, acknowledge and possibly even rank highly.

  8. ) Get Your Website Noticed by Google – A process that you will be ‘walked’ through will be offered to you that will show you how to literally create a map of your website. This map will show Google all of your pages on your website so that your website can be indexed properly and thoroughly.
    You will also be learning how to do proper research in order to provide rich content that your potential website visitors may be looking for… making Google love your website even more.

  9. ) Attract Real Visitors to Your Website – Attract visitors and you could be attracting buyers. You will be shown how to create your content in order to gain a following, email marketing, creating newsletters, how to comment properly, and even a recently added tool to help you learn to create winning content.

  10. ) Technical Website Support – Though technical website support for your website is only available to premium members, there are other ways to find help at Wealthy Affiliate. Plus, there are plenty of helpful tutorials available to all members… yes, even Starter members.

And the Best Part of Wealthy Affiliate…

  1. ) Learning How to Properly Monetize Your Website – Last but by far the least of my favourite things offered at Wealthy Affiliate is simply, understanding how to make money online. These lessons will teach you how to have your website earn you money online properly, and your website won’t have to look tacky to do it either.

So… why are you still here reading this?

Maybe you don’t believe me… maybe?

If you don’t, that is okay… but before you go, I think you should give the following blog post a very serious reading: 2019 Income Proof List first.

So, now you can read for yourself, and you don’t have to take my word for how you really can make money with affiliate marketing.

You just have to be willing to work at following the training, and understand from the ‘get-go’ that you do NOT need to treat the training though it is a race to a fortune by rushing through the training. Doing that will only make you miss a whole lot of helpful information.

I am soooo looking forward to meeting you at Wealthy Affiliate, so don’t waste this opportunity for 7 whole days of FREE training. Simply sign up, complete your profile, and get started with your lessons, it’s that easy.

When you DO sign up, I hope you will feel free to give me a nudge to let me know you have arrived, won’t you?

And, yes of course you I hope you will feel free to share this post with your friends and family if you so wish. Comments are appreciated too, so, please don’t be shy. If you have any questions or if you simply want to say “hi”, leave me a comment and I will be sure to respond.