Are You Ready to Start Your Very Own Business?

Using Your Passion is the Key!

If you’re tired of your job, the boss, and the 9 to 5 grind, then perhaps this IS the season for you to seriously consider starting your very own home based business. It’s not all that difficult to do!

Advantages of starting a home based business

  • Less stressful: knowing you can stay at home to tend to children, you will find it a lot less stressful juggling the demands of your business and your family.
  • More free time: being home to see your children off to school and back again will be a treat … and, in emergencies, it’s much easier to leave your desk at home than if you work for someone else.
  • Opportunities to learn: As boss, you will discover that you wear a lot of “different hats” throughout your day. One minute you’re a business development manager and the next your a marketing professional. These responsibilities will afford you insight into and the experience with all of the aspects of running a business, making you even MORE marketable!
  • Less risky: Less startup capital is needed when starting up a
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than, say, signing a lease agreement for floor space to use. And, it’s cheaper and easier to maintain than a separate location would be.

  • Tax advantages: Having your home and your business all under “one roof” will definitely prove advantageous when it comes time to do your taxes. You will soon discover that you can deduct part of your household operating expenses on your home based business operation.
  • You make your own luck: The harder you work, the more money you can make. When you work hard, you produce more. You will soon discover that your earning potential is in direct proportion to how hard you work. Imagine … no more waiting for a raise or a promotion!
  • Personal freedom: No more commuting to-and-fro a j-o-b. This time being freed up can now be used more productively.

    “In 2011, commuters spent an average of 25.4 minutes travelling to work. This was almost the same as the average in the United States for the same year (25.5 minutes).” U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 American Community Survey according to

    Fist off, that’s how many years ago now? … and … that’s time lost commuting only ONE way. These are extra minutes you will gain so you can finally take control of your personal life.

    Then there is the fact that you get to dress the way you want to, you set your very own work schedule, you get to prepare and eat lunch at home (or, like me, as you’re working) … and, BEST OF ALL … NO OFFICE POLITICS!

  • Doing what you love: Picking a passion, such as a hobby, as your home base business will now afford you a creative means of making money! You will even be able to develop your hobby if you so wish, because YOU are the BOSS.
  • Flexible work hours: Many ideas for home based businesses allow you the ability to set your own hours. In this way, you could even accommodate customers in a different time zone to you … or … stop what you’re doing to attend your kid’s school play, or football game.
  • You get to test your business idea: It’s being said that more than 50% of all new businesses fail. A home based business allows you a “cushion of safety” in that you can test out your new business without a lot of overhead.

Starting a business while you’re still working is the best business advice I can give you, considering that you’ll need startup capital and that you may need to be able to stay in business for upwards of 5 years before making an actual profit … replacing the income of you j-o-b. But enough of that right now…

Let’s get you started selecting a business idea.

What are some of the things you love to do? Selecting a passion is your best bet for your being able to “stay the course” when starting up your new business.

Though most of the ideas offered here are more local business ideas, I just had to include the few that could develop into more international in nature. You’ll understand better as you read through the list of business ideas below, I’m sure.

Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content FREE of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most cases I receive referral commission.
So, what is it that you enjoy doing most of all?

The following is a list of home based business ideas for men, home based business ideas for women and moms, and home based business ideas for even kids!

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Could it be:

  1. your very own Woodworking Business (my affiliate link)? Jim Morgan says you can launch this business for under $1,000! Read More…

  2. that you would love to Make Money Buying and Selling Gold (my affiliate link)? Then you’ll be glad to gain advice from the well known author Skip McGrath!

  3. that you love kids and would really enjoy the idea to Start Your Own Daycare (my affiliate link) business? Rachel Thomas claims her system is both extremely rewarding, and shows you how to become financially free.

  4. that you would prefer a business with now start-up, no storefront, and that no previous knowledge is necessary? If so, then perhaps Cell Phone Resell (my affiliate link) business would suit you best. Read More…

  5. that you love making homemade treats for your four-legged “baby” and would consider a “Pet Treat Bakery” (my affiliate link) business? Chris Trombley & Doug Bertram offer you GREAT tips along with VERY helpful warnings on starting such a business. Read More…

  6. that you would really love to turn your camera into cash? Then you’ll need to check out Cameron Allen’s Photography Business (my affiliate link) course where he shows you how you can make money on the internet! The only equipment you will need are: a digital camera, computer and internet access. Read More…

  7. you are now ready to learn something brand new (to you); an online business (my affiliate link) that you could literally operate from home? A business that you can try out for 7 whole days, for FREE? If so, here’s what I’ve been doing. Read More…


  8. perhaps you would prefer to simply buy an established turnkey business for immediate success and forego the pain of a startup business?
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            If you need good, sound advice, these products have been handpicked … and yes, just so you know upfront, the links are affiliate links. In other words, because I have done all of the sifting through business ideas out there for you (listing ONLY the BEST!), if you buy any one of the products listed above, after clicking on the “business idea” links I have supplied above, I will receive payment for having sent you to the vendor’s product.

            KNOW THIS: Whichever business idea YOU choose, all of the products listed above OFFER a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee … else I would not suggest them to ANYONE. So, make SURE you are 100% satisfied with your purchase … or be SURE to ask for a refund.

            If you don’t see your passion (business idea) listed here, be sure to come back later … or … I may have already reviewed it and disqualified offering it here. I will be updating (mostly adding) to the list above as other great ideas become available. So don’t YOU miss out … check back regularly!

            Vendors: If you have a great product that offers a satisfaction guarantee and you’d like it listed here, please, email me your details!

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            4 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Start Your Very Own Business?”

            1. Hi!
              I want to start my own Internet based business, but on the same time I have a full time job. I don’t want to leave my job, but I was wondering if it is possible to balance both: your job and your online business.
              Also, how much will it take to make a full time income while working on your home based business? And how many hours should you dedicate to it?

              • Very good questions and I ALWAYS recommend starting your business part time while KEEPING your full time job. In this way, you don’t need to sacrifice only your free time. The actual amount of hours you should dedicate on trying a new business will depend strictly on you. There is no set ruling on this.

                As for how much it will take to make a full time income while working on your home based business will depend on your household budget needs. I highly recommend further reading on starting up a new business:

            2. Wow. Great selection of business opportunities here. The dog treat business looks a particularly inviting idea, as I am concerned that the standard of dog food and treats is poor and this could be very profitable. Glad to see there are guarantees to this opportunity and you also recommend it. All of these opportunities are looking interesting and worth exploring. Thanks for a great site. Regards, Chris

              • Well thank YOU Chris for dropping by to take a look. Glad you have found a business idea that intrigues you and I hope it proves fruitful for many years to come.

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