Is Wealth Project a Scam or a Method of Earning up to $17,520 Weekly?

screen print of the Wealth Project landing page

James Robertson personally guarantees his video will be the most important video his listeners will see this year.

In this introductory video, he goes so far to say things like… this means that if you have access to this video right now, you are highly qualified to succeed with this program which means you could bring in $11,510, $14,250 or even $17,520 in your very first week.

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Is Operation $10K a Scam or a $2,228 Weekly Income?

screen print of the Operation $10K website

In the introduction video, Matthew Neer states that he and his partner Desmond Ong earn over $10,000 a month on the internet, doing nothing more than uploading a few simple files to a few secret websites and allowing them to sit there and generate this passive income over and over again, building their email lists and generating free traffic that allows them to earn affiliate commissions.

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