Are Auto Chat Profits Bogus or Really 336 Consecutive Days of Profit?

Samantha Smith is the spoke person for this training too. Ah, and would you look at that, the offer with Auto Chat Profits sounds every bit the same as is being offered by Five Minute Profit Sites.

Only the name of the offer has been changed. Everything else appears to be identical to the Five Minute Profit Sites.

So, it seems that no matter which offer you sign up with you will be provided with the same sort of end results shown in my review of their Five Minute Profit Sites.

Due to the offers being so much the same, I will not be purchasing this product. Instead, I will suggest that you visit both offers.

Then, if you don’t believe my review for the Five Minute Profits Sites, you can feel better about this buying product

This review will be covered in the following segments:

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What is Auto Chat Profits?

missing landing page

Program Name: Auto Chat Profits


Price: $37 US funds

Recommended? NO


If you visit this vendor’s domain name, you will be shown that this offer no longer exists.

screen print of Auto Chat Profits main domain page

Why is this, you ask? I would like to know for sure too.

Samantha Smith “guarantees this is completely new and unseen. This automated software’s so shockingly consistent it’s churned out profits for us every single day over the last 336 days.”

Profits, she claims, with their secret robot technology that she goes on to say is so simple to make money with, in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks.

But, of course, only if you qualify for their free license to use their secret software… a software which claims are made that will build you a done-for-you website loaded with their revolutionary robot technology.

Smith claims this is a point and click software that is designed to make fast money from affiliate marketing.

Are Auto Chat Profit Bogus?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

I do not believe that Auto Chat Profits is bogus. It is a legitimate method that just might work.

However, if you really and truly sick and tired of wasting your time and money with the many blow-hearted offers out there today… and, if you would really like to learn to create an online business… one that can make you money online over the long-term, then please read on.

You Can Learn to Build a Long-Term Online Business

Back before there were any instructions offered online or offline for creating an online business, many users were forced to learn the hard way.

And back then, many lost a lot of money trying to figure out how others were able to make the type of income others claimed they were making.

Now you don’t have to waste your time or money.

There is a learning platform I would like to introduce you to… one that not only offers the world’s best training but also includes the best tools available for creating your new business, and backed up with support when needed.

You can join this platform right now if you wish.

Simply sign up as a Starter Member for FREE… and, you won’t even be asked for a credit card! Then you will have full access to the first 10 lessons. This membership is setup this way so that you might experience the world-class training for yourself.

As a starter member this provides you with zero risk to your money.

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As a member, you will soon learn that this platform can teach you to take any passion and turn it into a livelihood. Yes, you can take whatever makes you the happiest and make a career out of it!

The platform is interactive and live. You get to ask questions when you need to and actually receive answers live.

The most difficult part of building any business is getting help in a timely manner whenever you need it. As a member of this platform you will soon learn from many people… newbies and experts alike, as we are quick to help each other find answers.

Learning is and should be fun, especially when you will have so many people there to help you along your way to building your successful online business. This platform is like having several teachers at your beck and call.

This training platform will teach you how to build a quality online business, one that will draw customers to your business so that you won’t have to go out there chasing to find customers.

This method is just like the one that brought you to my post right here, and I never paid anything in the way of advertising costs in order to gain your attention.

Think about it… you will have an entire community to discuss methods and techniques with… even help you with simple things like naming your new business, if you want such help that is. The community works together to help each other succeed.

This platform is the #1 pick for those willing to learn from anywhere in the world to create a successful online business. After all, why not… as most involved in this community believe in the “pay it forward” attitude.

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And… I have one more bonus to share with you that you can learn all about in my free guide, and that is how YOU can have ME as your premium coach.

Hope you will feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions as to whether Auto Chat Profits is Bogus, or even if you only want to add to the conversation.

All comments are responded to in a timely manner, as it is my aim to offer honest reviews on products and training claiming to earn you easy ways to make money online.

Stop Wasting Time & Money,

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