Is WP Vid Engage the Ultimate Click-Getting CTA Video Ad Plugin that will Make You More Money? 5/5 ⭐

Mark Hess and Michael Thomas are the vendors of WP Vid Engage, and Mark says that if you’re looking to get:

  • more subscribers,
  • more webinar sign ups,
  • more affiliate commissions,
  • more social media followings,
  • more people contacting you,
  • if you’re looking to make more money, WP Vid Engage is going to get you there.

He claims this is super, super easy to setup and then he takes you inside to show you how to do this.

Mark uses a product review as his example, and he shows you the call-to-action (CTA) that is clickable, stating that the you can customize the text, there’s built-in support for an emoji, and all of the color schemes can be changed.

He goes on to say that you can upload an animated gif or a static image, which ever you prefer, and then when someone clicks on it a video will open.

Mark explains that the video also can have a call-to-action added within the video player.

He then explains that he is using someone else’s video and that he added a clickable call-to-action below the video.

This way, Mark says, you won’t even have to create videos yourself, in order to use WP Vid Engage.

Then he shows you another example for simply growing your list.

Mark then asks you if you were to add this (his example to grow your list) across your entire site, do you think you’re going to build a better list?

He claims that it is obvious, and he says of course you’re going to build a bigger list using their software.

Mark suggests that you’re going to, make more affiliate commissions, and you’re going to get more webinar sign ups, because you can put absolutely any link in here that you want.

Then he says that there are even more different ways to use their software.

My review of WP Vid Engage will cover the following:

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What is WP Vid Engage?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: WP Vid Engage


Price: $17 US funds for a Single Site License or $17.97 US funds for an Unlimited Site License, PLUS 4 upsells

Recommended? YES


Mark Hess claims that their WP Vid Engage WordPress plugin will allow you to place a call-to-action video ad across your entire site, or on individual pages or posts.

Let’s say that you want to:

  • welcome people to your website, or
  • offer a consultation,
  • a link to a contact form,
  • paid survey,

Mark explains that you can link to absolutely anything, using this plugin.

Then he shows you how they used WP Vid Engage for a recent promotion, where the offer he talks about is closing soon, in other words the urgency of his offer.

And, Mark then claims that you can use this to make additional sales, that you can use this on your: upsell pages, anywhere in a funnel, and you can use this everywhere:

  • Blogs,
  • eComm sites,
  • Squeeze pages,
  • Sales pages,
  • Landing pages

He claims that it doesn’t matter where you use this, that people click and your offer is right in front of their face, so that they can watch the video and click the clickable call-to-action.

Mark claims this works and that there is no denying this works and that you’re better off with this plugin on your site then you are without it.

He tells you to buy this plugin now, install it on your site and that you will earn more money with it than without it.

Then he proceeds to show you how simple it is to set this plugin up, while claiming that it is super, super easy.

Mark explains that these are site-wide settings that he’s showing, that you can create one campaign throughout your entire website, or you can place these on any individual page and post.

He claims that is because WP Vid Engage settings appear right below the WordPress post/page edit window, where you can select your campaign from a drop-down list, and choose the one you want on that specific post.

Then he shows you how you can add more than one campaign on the same website, if you so wish to.

Mark proceeds to set up a demo campaign so you can see for yourself how simple it is to create one on your own website.

He states that this plugin is super easy to use, it’s super effective, you’re going to make more money using this plugin… you can use it a ton of different ways.

Mark asks that you read his entire landing page with a bunch of example uses that he has offered you there.

He says that he bets your head is swimming with ideas for this because this is one of those plugins that you definitely need to get your hands on.

Then Mark repeats himself that you are better off with it than without this plugin, and that this is where your purchasing decision is basically coming down to… that you’re going to make more money with this plugin then without it.

That’s why he suggests that you should click on his buy button now so that you get instant access to his WP Vid Engage plugin.

Mark explains that there is an unlimited license available so that you can install this on all of your websites for a one-time fee, and that there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

He says that if you don’t like this plugin for any reason, simply submit a refund request and they will gladly give you your money back.

How WP Vid Engage Actually Works

screen print of vendor's product page

Mark Hess and Michael Thomas kept their product page very simple. It offers you a link to their video instructions, along with a link to download the plugin.

Below that you will find instructions asking you to contact his support staff should you have ANY issues, and to please contact them if you want a refund.


Mark’s instructions on adding your first campaign is VERY thorough, making it so simple to setup campaigns.

This plugin certainly does appear to be promising, so I purchase the Unlimited Site License option, as I will give it a try for an affiliate offer on this website, then I’ll be adding this plugin to another website to add to my list, while explaining a new service on that site.

The price is so right… and, they offer you a 30-day money back if you’re not satisfied guarantee. So, for me, it’s what many internet marketers like to call it, a “no brainer”.


It’s yet another plugin that could potentially slow the loading of your website down. If you have too many plugins on your WordPress site already, then you may want to skip using this plugin at this point in time.

My Take on WP Vid Engage

thumb pointing up in approval

Is WP Vid Engage the ultimate click-getting CTA video ad plugin?

Yes, I do believe it is possible to provide your website visitors with a very attractive offer, IF you use this plugin correctly.

So, be sure to offer just the right lure (CTA) to get those clicks!

Below is my video review of WP Vid Engage by Mark Hess and Michael Thomas

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WP Vid Engage is now active on this site, so you can see first hand how useful this plugin can be, especially given that my use here is only ONE type of use. There are many others that Mark goes into detail about on their landing page.

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Should you have ANY question(s) regarding is WP Vid Engage the ultimate click-getting CTA video ad plugin, please be sure to leave them in a comment below so that we can discuss this topic further. I appreciate my visitors and make a habit to respond to all comments in a timely manner.

Hope to see you on the inside,

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