Is WP Click Engage Really a Click Magnet?

Mark Hess and Michael Thomas claim to have developed WP Click Engage.

Mark explains that WP Click Engage can be use to send your website traffic to absolutely anywhere.

He then proceeds to show you one of the icons that you can use; while explaining that when a person clicks on the animated icon, you can send them to wherever you want them to go.

Mark claims that these small click magnets work like crazy and that they are physiologically proven to get a ton of clicks.

Then he shows you another type of icon used on a sales page, where when it is clicked on, it takes you to the check out page.

He goes on to explain that you can put one of their icons on your blog to build out your list, so that when a person clicks the icon, they will be sent to a page offering them a form to join your mailing list.

Mark even claims that you can also build social profiles by using another one of their icons, that when clicked on will take your viewer to your chosen social profile.

He claims that WP Click Engage is really, really clever and super easy to use. Mark then takes you inside WordPress to show you the settings that you will need to use.

My review of WP Click Engage will cover the following:

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What is WP Click Engage?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: WP Click Engage


Price: $12 US funds Single Site License or $12.97 US funds Unlimited Site License, PLUS 1 Upsell and 1 Downsell

Recommended? YES, but with reservations mentioned in My Take on WP Click Engage


WP Click Engage is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put animated icons on your website to attract clicks to your offers.

Mark Hess claims that the settings are super simple, and he says that you also get a box under each page or post on your edit screen.

He then demonstrates the Location that your chosen animated icon can be place as follows:

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Top Center
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Center
  • Center Left
  • Center Right

The Animation you can select to use are listed as follows:

  • None
  • Bounce
  • Flash
  • Rubber Band
  • Shake X
  • Shake Y
  • Head Shake
  • Swing
  • Tada
  • Wobble
  • Jello
  • Heart Beat

Then Mark shows you that you can choose to Display on:

  • Both
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

And then you can choose the icon that you want to use from their selections of icons.

Mark says there are a ton of these built in, to choose from, or you can search using their search field at the top of their Select Icon form.

Once you’ve selected your icon, then you can change your Background Color as well as the colour of the Icon itself, to match your website.

Below that is an adjustment for the Size of your chosen icon, which allows you to simply drag a toggle right or left, until you reach the size you want used.

Then you are given a textbox in which to enter the URL you want your viewers to go to when they click on your icon.

Mark says it can be an affiliate link, a check out, a squeeze page, absolutely anything.

Mark then shows you that you can even use an Amazon icon for your Amazon affiliate links. He says there’s a ton of ways to use this plugin with Facebook or absolutely anything you want to do.

Once all of these steps are complete, Mark explains that you need to click the Update button (top left of the WP Click Engage settings). Then simply refresh your page, click the icon to test.

Mark says:

  • it’s a super simple plugin to use,
  • it’s really, really effective,
  • you can drive traffic anywhere, and
  • it tracks clicks

He then says that this is something you should install on all of your WordPress websites. He claims that there are a ton of different uses for it.

Mark announces that right now, you can pick up a copy and get unlimited access, meaning that you can use it across all of your sites.

He says, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason they will gladly refund your money.

According to Mark, you guys are going to absolutely love using the WP Click Engage plugin on all of your sites.

How WP Click Engage Actually Works

screen print of vendor's product page

You are offered video Instructions (04:46 minutes) with a large button below the video that is titled with “Download The WP Click Engage WordPress Plugin” that once clicked, will download a zip file of their plugin.

In the Instructions video, Mark shows you how you can set your chosen icon to be displayed on your entire site or set for individual pages and/or posts.

He also suggests that if you have any issues to feel free contact their support [which is at the bottom of the Download page].

Mark also suggests that should you have an issue with this plugin, that a lot of times it is due to your website cache; and that you should clear the cache to see if that solves any issues.

Above their CONTACT SUPPORT link is the following statement:

Problems Accessing Your Purchase or Need Some Help?

IMPORTANT: Please Read Before Submitting Your Support Request:

We strive to provide a high level of customer support.

All support requests are answered in the order in which they were received.

So, if you sent us a support request recently, we may have not gotten to it yet but we will.

An invalid email address is a common issue we encounter when trying to correspond with our customers.

Make sure when you submit a ticket you are using a valid email address and double check before submitting your ticket for any mis-spellings of your email address.

Make sure to watch the video at the top of this page as it relates to licensing, downloads, and training before submitting a ticket.

For the fastest resolution of any technical issues, provide us with access details to your site when you first submit a ticket.

This prevents some back-and-forth and allows us to better serve you in a timely manner.”

My Take on WP Click Engage

thumb pointing up in approval

Whether WP Click Engage really is a click magnet or not would certainly depends on what you use it for. Providing a gift icon would attract freebie-seekers, I’m sure.

Would this plugin intrigue someone to click on it if, let’s say, an Amazon icon were used to send your visitor to your Amazon affiliate link?

Probably not, as Amazon’s text links have been said to be the link of choice that visitors tend to click on most.

Burdening a WordPress website with yet another, not-so-necessary plugin, might not be in your best interest when a website’s loading time is so very vital in keeping your visitors from bouncing.

I’m sure that you are aware that the more plugins a WordPress site uses, the less likely the site will load as fast as it should.

My 2-star rating is for the fact that this plugin COULD be used for a limited time, gift giving offer that a viewer would need to sign up to an email list in order to receive.

Will I be using this plugin?

Not in the foreseeable future, no.

Below is my video review of WP Click Engage by Mark Hess and Michael Thomas

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Though this plugin is not as easy to use as it should be to setup, it can be a “cute” (though, an unnecessary) option for your website.

You could also use it on a temporary basis, such as seasonal usage, or a limited time gift idea.

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