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It is my intention to have you discover a new, previously unexplored option to help you find the answers you are looking for.
Hopefully, you will find this system very useful and that you will act on starting your very own online journey by the end of your reading to the end of this page.
Without further ado, let’s get started.

My Background

My name is Trish, and I started my questimage of Trish from chin, up of making money online several years ago now.
This has been an adventure that wasn’t always easy, by any sense of the imagination. I have tried several different things, like mini-sites and free blogging that mostly turned out to be total failures due to the bad business models that were recommended for me to use.
My mini-sites sat there on the internet, not getting any traffic to speak of and thus no buyers. What a waste of time, money and effort they were.
What I have now discovered is that not having a coach, someone to consult with, was a definite disadvantage. Back then marketing techniques was not the sort of information that was actually being shared with those of use wanting to find out about online marketing.
Needless to say, having a quality business model truly is vital to any business, online or offline. Though, I must admit, I do prefer the concept of developing a passive income online.
Having been presented with what sounded like a great offer for training, I decided to do a thorough search on this person’s offer.

Why I’m Sharing This?

Back in August 2016, I discovered a proven method that has taught me how to build a proper online business. One that actually works!
What I found was a great training platform where I could find out everything necessary to get where I want my online business to be. Thankfully, I have learned a lot of techniques that benefit regular websites too.
Building my online business will give me all of the things I want (like extra income), and it is not easy as this truly does require that you dedicate yourself to your goals on a regular basis.
Nothing that I have tried to do online previously, has given me this much help and I truly owe it all to the training offered that has taught me everything from the ground up.
This is the reason behind my revealing this method with you so that YOU can build an online business of your dreams too.
The formula I am about to share with you is this… it is all about creating an online business that is long term and highly sustainable; One that could generate you a healthy passive income for years to come.
You also have an opportunity to have ME as YOUR Premium Coach for FREE which I will explain more below.
Working with me at your side, you are more apt to succeed because I have been through the training already and I can easily show you things that will help to lead you on to the success you seek!
Before revealing this training platform, I want to show you how my online business works first. Yes, you can believe it, it is an exciting time to be staring your online business.

Things You Need
To Consider Before
Starting an Online Business

Any Business Takes Time and Real Work to Build
There are so many make money scams being offering online nowadays that give many people an obscured sense that money can be actually be made “overnight” on the internet… and, all without doing much work.
Everybody wants to make money in a hurry. That’s why all those “push button” offers are out there just waiting for people to click on.
Let me ease your mind, right here and now. There are NO such methods, and just because the offer is on the internet does NOT mean that you will make money any faster than others do with their offline business.
You will also NEVER have me tell you that you will make thousands of dollars by doing little to no work at all.
Creating a business means you will need to work continually which could mean coming up with more ways to make your online business earn.
Put simply, YOU reap what you sow, which is true for the online business model that I am about to share here with you. The more effort you put forth in building your online business, the better results and income you could enjoy over time.
Theodore Roosevelt put it this way, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…”
So, if you are willing to invest in your future, your business could provide for you in so many ways.
And so…
Providing that you understand that an online business really does take time and work to create, then this could be the answer you have been seeking.
I really do hope that you enjoy this online business model as much as I do. You can also start it for FREE, so keep reading!

The Ideal Method
of Making Money

Understanding the Method
You will find that many websites professing to offer the best method for making money. However, the best way to make money online is by simply creating a website regarding a topic you are passionate about.
picture of a poodle dog with head tilted while looking at youLet’s say that you love your dog and you would like to share the experiences you have had with raising your dog from a puppy.
So, you want to write about the different issues you discover all during his or her life time. This is what you would call a niche – “relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population”.
The posts on your website, you will offer your readers helpful content. It could be about a good or bad experience your dog had with a drug… a food that your dog benefit from consuming… or even a toy that you found entertained them for hours… or that turned out to contain toxins.
Be sure to share with your readers what you discovered and what you did to resolve the issue(s).
When someone searches Google for what it is that you have shared online, your website could be offered high in the search results. (That’s what this training platform will show you how to make this possible!)
Once your website visitors discover the helpful post you have shared, your readers are more apt to take your advice and click on any of your links. Let’s say your post is about a toy that has entertained your dog for hours.
When your reader clicks on your link it could take them to a website like Amazon. And, if your reader buys that dog toy (or any other Amazon product after clicking YOUR link) you could get a commission from Amazon!
This is what is known as affiliate marketing and it is the business model many people are using to make a passive income online. It is a proven method and there are lots of very successful IMers (internet marketers) that use this process.

So, What is Affiliate Marketing?

As stated by Wikipedia, “affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”
In other words, promoting other people’s products earns you a commission preset by the vendor.
There are several well-known companies that you will be able to find who offer an affiliate program where you can start promoting their products with links that will be given exclusively to you to use.
When your website visitors click on those links, it will take them to the company’s website where they can buy whatever it is you are referring them to, and you will earn a commission for sending them.

There’s NO Selling in Affiliate Marketing

By using the technique shared with you here, you never need to worry about “selling” any product.
The best method in using affiliate marketing is to recommend products and/or services to your readers that you feel are best to use in helping them to fix any problem they may have. You will be offering them a solution to an issue they have been searching for.
four different people each holding a puzzle piece forward that would fit together
Being no fan of selling, as I flat out do NOT like it nor am I any good at it, this business model works GREAT for me. It is so much easier for me to talk about things I like to do… like making an honest passive income, and helping other people to be able to do the same.
The main thing to remember about affiliate marketing is to forget about selling and simply focus on helping others to solve their problems as this is what will help you to create trust.
Once you create trust with your readers then you will have built what is known as a brand for yourself. You will be the one who reaps the benefits of this trust as your visitors will feel confident with clicking on your affiliate links and purchasing your recommended products and/or services.
By concentrating on helping solve problems for others versus flat out selling to your website visitors, then you will have mastered affiliate marketing!
This offer is my way of helping to solve what millennials consider the 10th top problem in the world today.
screen print from a post

Why This Works Well?

With 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide being made (and increasing yearly!), and the fact that people are searching the internet 24/7… do you think that maybe there are more than a few people searching for, let’s say, toys that entertain your dog?
You better believe it!
According to, “In 2017, 46.8% of the GLOBAL population accessed the internet and by 2021, this figure is projected to grow to 53.7%.”
graphic sourced from
By your sharing even one helpful article on your website, you could be helping so many more people than you could possibly imagine right now. It could be in the THOUSANDS of people!
Now imagine that you have a, let’s say, 150 of these types of articles that are EACH helping many thousands of people?

Can You Now SEE The Income Potential Here?
The more you offer help to others in your chosen niche, the higher your website will rank in search results, offering you more website visitors, potentially gaining you more income.
Having these articles on the internet 24/7, you could make money over and over again from the same post you wrote which then works to create that passive income I spoke of earlier. Simply put, you could earn money from that one article for months or even YEARS to come.
This is how you could be offering several helpful posts that help others when offering from the internet and they could be working for you by earning YOU a commission over and over again.
This is WHY creating a website is so vital to this method. This way, people come to YOU and you don’t have to push anything.
If you don’t have a website, then you can bet that you will be forever chasing the money and trying to discover where to get your next dollar from… and that my friend, is what scam products teach you.

But, You Don’t Know Anything
about Creating a Website

woman with hands on her head looking like she is worriedYou don’t need to be afraid of having your own website. This training platform will show you how simple building and maintaining a website really can be. You can even get a FREE website, and I can show you how.
Don’t FRET!
Honest, I do understand your hesitation in that you know nothing about creating a website, or how to write helpful articles… or even how to get ranked in Google searches.
If you are capable of understanding the idea of affiliate marketing, and if you enjoy helping others find solutions to their problems by simply recommending products or services to them, then that is all you will need to know right now.
Once you understand the method of making money online then all of the rest you could easily find out from this learning platform. I will even show you how can “test drive” this venture, all for FREE.
You will NOT even be asked for your credit card.
No Coding Knowledge Needed
laptop computer displaying raw code from a web pageWhen I started creating a website back in the 90s, back then you HAD to know how to code a web page in order to create a website.
Building your very own website nowadays has been made very simple, making it so that it only takes a few minutes and a few clicks and your website can be made “live’, available on the internet and ready for you to add your content within minutes.
So, you can simply consider yourself lucky that you are being offered a short cut to build your very own website.
All of this is being shared with you in hope that you will now feel relieved, as I have been privy to witnessing many newbies with literally NO knowledge on building a website, and they were STILL able to build a highly successful online business.

The Money Making Reveal

Pick an Interest

icon depicting an ideaThis is where you will pick a niche (that was referred to above) where I used the example of the experiences you have had raising your dog from a puppy.
Be sure to choose a topic that you are truly interested in, not just any random topic that might make you the most money.
Why I suggest this is that if you don’t choose a topic that interests you, you will soon grow tired of it and lose your business.
Your niche could be a hobby you enjoy, or simply a topic that you are forever researching for your own benefit and want to share your results with others.
There are literally millions of ideas out there that can work to create your new business. But, if you are really stuck for an idea, you are not to worry as that too is covered in detail within the training platform.

Create a Website

icon depicting a web page layoutIf you still have doubts about being able to do this, you can rest assured this is truly nothing to fret about as everything is now “point and click” or “drag ‘n drop”. Plus, you won’t have to spend so much as one red penny to take this training platform for a test drive.
You will even be able to build your website for FREE! No investment necessary.
Technical knowledge is not required either. You will see for yourself, the framework of your website can be built in a matter of minutes.
It is my bet that you will be shocked and surprised to discover for yourself just how easy creating your first website will be.

Attract Visitors

icon depicting a lot of peopleOnce you have your website created along with several helpful posts published, you should be starting to get organic traffic.
In this training platform you will find out how to gain UNLIMITED FREE TRAFFIC to your website, making it so that you won’t have to advertise your website if you don’t want to.
This will all start happening once your website ranks well for each of your posts in the main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
As those searching for information on your chosen niche, see your website constantly listed in their search results, they will be clicking and visiting your website where they will be able to read your content.

Start Making Money!

icon depicting moneyAll you need to be doing is simply recommending products that you have affiliate links to, like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Target… you name it!
These company affiliate links pay you a commission when you provide them with sales, literally rewarding you for your efforts in attracting customers to their products and/or services.
Once you gain loyal and trusting readers to your website they will start clicking on your recommended product links.


Can You Really Do This?

Yes, You Can!
As long as you can read the instructions on this web page then you will be more than able to find out how to create a business like this. The training platform that I am going to show you will take you step-by-step through all of the training and teach you everything you need to know.
Nothing will be left out!
And, NO… you do not need to be a professional writer, in fact, it is best if you are not. All you need to do is follow the training and then simply take the action you are instructed to take in the tasks offered after each lesson, and do what you are instructed to do.
A blueprint to making money online is truly offered to you in the training. Not only will you be shown everything you need to know but you will also be provided with the necessary tools to help you too.
There are people from all walks of life that are doing this right now. They had NO knowledge of any of this previous to their signing up for this training… and now, they are making a passive income online.
So, I know you are capable of doing this too.

How Do I Get Started?

Simple… Seek Training!
At the start of my sharing this information with you, I mentioned that I have tried several different things over the years. One of those things was affiliate marketing using a blog. Back then, it was still a pretty new concept.
One fella even tried teaching a group of us using webinars and his own product. But, even that failed to make me any money at all and so I quit thinking this was all a scam.
So, off I went busying myself by creating and tending other’s websites for them.
However, every now and again, I would find out about others making a lot of money using affiliate marketing. I was even encouraged to use a fella’s information on my personal blog BUT he told me I would need to sign up for an affiliate link first. I giggled thinking, “yeah, like I’ll make any money with that, right.” But I did sign up and use the affiliate link because I wanted to share his great info on health.
Then one day, I received a cheque in the mail and was SO shocked… and once again, I got curious about being able to really make money as an affiliate marketer.
In searching for information, I saved myself from being scammed over $4,000 Canadian funds… and, that is when I found the PERFECT training platform that offered me EXACTLY what I needed!
Truth Revealed
Back in July 2016, I signed up for as a FREE starter member… the same option that I mentioned to you earlier that you too can use… and that training platform is known as Wealthy Affiliate.
Once I was part way through my 7 FREE days of training, I realized this platform was EXACTLY what I had been seeking for YEARS. For me, finding this membership site was like finding my own personal pot of GOLD. Now I have an entire community to help me whenever I get stuck.
No more working all on my own, trying to figure out why something doesn’t work.
They provide the training, tools, AND support that I have been seeking to help me with my online business NOW!
So many other programs that now offer training on affiliate marketing have you chasing the money… but NOT Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach you the right way to do this business so that the money comes to you, and not the other way around.
The training that you will get from the Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to bring FREE search (organic) traffic to your website. When your website gains enough traffic, that’s when the money could start flowing in. This makes organic traffic the BEST type of traffic coming to your website as they will be highly targeted.
Personally, I have found the perfect business model training that has even helped me to help my website customers too.
Now YOU too can get started learning from the BEST online training platform, and be taught to create the online business you may have always only ever dreamed of.
Everything you will need, you will find offered to you as a full time member of the Wealthy Affiliate membership website. There are soooo many inclusions form their regular members that I am certain you will want to join as a premium member once your 7 days of FREE training have expired.
Feel free to click on the button below and sign up as a Starter Member… it’s FREE… and you will NOT be asked for a credit card either.
sign up for your free account here button

A Closer Look at Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing as an online business is what Wealthy Affiliate specializes in, though even local marketing is covered in the training.
The training will start you off by having you choose a niche, create a website, and find out how to drive traffic to your site as well as how to make money. You will soon see the advantages of learning all of this… all in one place!
No worry of having to do this all on your own and then trying to piece all of the learning together all by yourself.
Each training session will teach you what you need to know in the proper steps you need to find out about each technique in. The training is professionally created and well organized so that you can find out how to create your very own online business the right way.
Here are some of the awesome features offered inside the training platform:
  • Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Lessons for Beginners
  • Simple, Powerful Website Builder
  • Create a Free Website
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • Highly Secured Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificates (HTTPS)
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • Live Chat for Quick Support
  • Keyword Search Tool
  • Domain Registration
  • Full Site Support
Though these are the main features I treasure, they are merely a glimpse of what all Wealthy Affiliate offers their membership.
What are you waiting for? You could create your free account now which will provide you with a good sampling of what all is included…
sign up for your free account here button
This truly is FREE to try out and you will NOT be asked for a credit card number either.
Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Lessons for Beginners
The training that is recommended that you start with at Wealthy Affiliate is the Online Entrepreneur Certification course which can be accessed when clicking on the Training link that is located in the left-hand sidebar (that is displayed on all pages) once you have signed in.
Once you get started with the training you will soon see for yourself just how easy the lessons are to follow along. Plus many of these lessons are accompanied by video training.
screen print showing where to access the Online Entrepreneur Certification training
The Entrepreneur Certification course offers 5 different levels of training. Each level contains 10 lessons followed by tasks that will need to be finished by you before moving on to the next lesson.
sign up for your free account here button
In the Getting Started, Level 1, there are 10 lessons that you can get for FREE with your Starter Membership account:
screen print showing the FREE training available to all members
As I already mentioned, at the end of each lesson, you will find a list of tasks that offer you a means of taking action on so that you can begin to actually build your online business as you go through the training.
screen print showing the tracking available to you in tracking your own progress through the trainingIn the right-hand sidebar of each lesson, you will find your lesson tasks being tracked. This will help keep you organized as to where you are in each level and lesson.
Notice at the very top, right of the right-hand sidebar, the percentage of lessons finished will be displayed for you… moving up to 100% once you have finished all tasks within all of the lessons in each level.
It is highly recommended that you NOT skip ANY training simply because the lessons are arranged purposely to teach you to take certain steps on building your website at a specific time.
Now, all you need to do is get started with Level 1, Lesson 1 and then continue all the way through.
Below EACH lesson you will see an area where you can leave comments or questions that you would like help with, or simply leave a comment regarding the lesson you just finished.
These lessons are totally beginner friendly, so no worries for those of you who are new to this concept.
sign up for your free account here button
Simple, Powerful Website Builder
Here is the best part about this method for making money online!
This website builder truly makes it soooo easy for you to literally create your FREE website using this software at Wealthy Affiliate.
You will experience this powerful and simple to use website builder for yourself once you sign up for your FREE Starter Membership.
This is done by 5 easy steps:
Step 1 – Pick “On a free domain”
Step 2 – Decide on a domain name YOU want to use
Step 3 – Type in a title for your website
Step 4 – Choose a theme for your website
Step 5 – Click on the “Click Here to Build This Site” button
screen print showing the 5 steps needed to create your free website
Once you click on the “On a free domain” option, at step 4, you will have 3698 visual thumbnail images in which to pick a design for your website.
To help you find one, there is even a search option to help you narrow down the choices you will be presented with. This step could take you a few minutes, if you want to spend time looking for just the right design.
Technically, you could have the framework of your website totally built for you in the matter of a few minutes!
Now that should also help ease any of your worries about creating your first website, right?
Go on… give it a try! You know you want to. Simply start below by entering the name you want to use in your website address (HINT: you should NOT use hyphens like those in my example image above).
Highly Secured Website Hosting
The website servers used for hosting websites at Wealthy Affiliate use the most powerful servers available, offering your website a solid foundation in which to operate your online business.
Their servers are fully optimized for WordPress which is the CMS (content management system) used to create your website.
Not only that but these servers offer the best site speed, better than the average hosting services available at cut-rate prices. Plus, your website will be backed up on a regular basis too!
Wealthy Affiliate offers some of the most useful and integrated tools for analyzing your website, checking your site’s rank and easy access to managing your website regularly.
All domains, whether FREE sites or registered domains come with the option of turning on your SSL certificate. This option enhances your website ranking in search engines for mobile devices as it offers your viewers protection of their mobile devices when viewing your website.
Whenever you are ready to move your FREE domain to a registered domain, you can register your new domain name with Wealthy Affiliate and easily move your FREE domain simply by clicking on the Move button (as shown in the image below) and following the prompts.
screen print showing you where to locate the Move button
Yes, it truly is that simple!
sign up for your free account here button
Even MORE Ways for You to Learn!
There is another course offered inside Wealthy Affiliate that I have not touched on yet. That course is called Affiliate Bootcamp and in this course you will be shown how to create a website business using the Wealthy Affiliate’s very own affiliate program.
screen print showing how to access the Bootcamp training
As a Starter Member, you could take the 10 Lessons offered in Phase 1 FREE instead of the 10 Lessons in Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, if you prefer.
Then, there are 13 other Classrooms where you can go to find even more specific training. Each of the classrooms offers an area for commenting. You can find out a lot from other’s discussions or simply ask your own question in order to find an answer.
screen print showing most of the classrooms available
Not to be confused with the Live Weekly Webinars that focus on the latest topics in creating winning websites, affiliate marketing, ranking high in Google, live case studies conducted, etc.
You can attend these live. However, should you miss out on the LIVE version of any of these webinars, no problem; Replays to the webinars are made readily available. This will offer you the means of being able to watch them over and over again if you want to.
Attending the Live version of these webinars, you will get to ask Jay questions as he hosts them and he enjoys interacting with the other members who attend.
Easy access can be made to subscribing to or simply finding the replays to the webinars, from the left-hand sidebar.
screen print showing how to find the webinar replays or subscribe for this week's webinar
sign up for your free account here button
Community That Offers Great Support
Once you have joined as a member of Wealth Affiliate, you will discover that you are not alone whenever you need help. This is a major benefit that I became aware of soon after I joined as a Starter Member.
The community here are great for being able to rely on for help whenever you need it. You will even have access to Live Chat for help if you need help quickly. Or, you could simply “Ask a Question” by offering as much detail as you can so that you will get the necessary help without too much delay. Sometimes you will get great advice from more than one member!

Membership Options

At Wealthy Affiliate there are only two types, and NO other upsells like those you will see being offered by other programs over and over again.
The two types of memberships are Starter (FREE) and Premium; and I highly recommend that you start with the Starter Membership simply because it is FREE and you will NOT be asked for a credit card when you sign up.
Both types of memberships, I will attempt to detail here so that you can see what all you will get.
Free Starter Membership (Sign Up HERE)
  • No Credit Card Needed When Signing Up
  • You Get to Try Some Premium Features Free for the First 7 Days
  • You Can Build 1 Free Website (even take it with you if you want to leave!)
  • Use of Easy Website Builder
  • You Can Turn on Your SSL Certificate
  • Highly Secured Website Hosting
  • 2 Classrooms to Learn From
  • First 10 Lessons from Online Entrepreneur Certification and/or Affiliate Bootcamp courses
  • Access to Keyword Tool for 30 Searches
You get way more than any other Starter membership that you will find available today!
Most training platforms don’t even offer any free training at all.
Once you create your free account, you will need to do two things so other Wealthy Affiliate members (the community) can help you in a more personalized way.
  • Upload a Profile Image of Yourself
  • Enter a Short Profile Description
So, what are you waiting for? Create your FREE account and sign up now:
sign up for your free account here button
Premium Membership (Sign Up HERE)
  • Hosting for 10 Registered Domain Sites and/or free sites
  • Full Access to Easy Website Builder
  • SSL Certificates for EACH and EVERY Site
  • Site Caching
  • Site Extreme Speed
  • Privacy Domain Registration
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • 13 Classrooms to Learn From
  • Full Access to Online Entrepreneur Certification Course
  • Full Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp Course
  • Unlimited Use of Keyword Tool
  • Live Chat
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • Private Messaging
  • Full Access to Wealthy Affiliate Owners
  • …and More Ways to Earn Even More!
Hopefully I haven’t missed any of the great inclusions for the Premium memberships. In case I did, let me just say this… you will have FULL access to all things Wealthy Affiliate.
Having been a Premium member myself since 20 July 2018, I can tell you that I am totally impressed and honoured to be fully involved with this membership site.
The price of the membership easily covers the cost of most web hosting that you could get from many hosting companies today (though no Canadian hosting service that I am aware of includes anywhere as much as this package does).
Use of their state of the art web servers also comes with training and many powerful business tools.
There is a yearly, steady record of members who are making money with their online businesses.
My favourite part about Wealthy Affiliate is how they never try to sell you anything more than a membership… that’s it!
With the many advantages for being a Premium member, I am sure you will enjoy full access to the all of the great training and business tools.
Who is the Premium Membership for?
Only those who are serious about creating a successful online business that makes money need apply.
Full access to all business tools and training, as well as full access to the Wealthy Affiliate community whenever you need help along, with web Site Support for your site’s technical issues, these are the ways this site helps you succeed.
You will literally have experienced experts with proven records to share with you, all at your fingertips. Some have even share their “secrets” to their success with Premium members only!
As a Premium member you will have all of this helping improve your chances for success with making money online, simply because you can work alongside many like-minded individuals who enjoy helping each other succeed.
What’s The Cost?
Near the end of your 7 FREE days of training, you will be issued an emailed offer of a substantially reduced first monthly payment. When I received my email, I was shocked at their offer… all so I could continue and possibly even complete my training for the low, low cost of this initial payment of $19 US funds.
Once I had signed up the following monthly payments became $49 US funds, but it wasn’t long after that and the Black Friday yearly membership sale price was offered. That happens every November during the American Thanksgiving holiday… so be watching for that offer, as this will reduce your membership costs even more!
If you DO sign up for the Black Friday membership savings then every year after you will automatically get the same savings when your membership renewal comes due.
Now THIS alone is pretty awesome, wouldn’t YOU agree!
Enough about this for now, you don’t even need to concern yourself with this until you at least check out the FREE Starter membership.
sign up for your free account here button

Start Today

What are you waiting for? It is time for you to take action now and invest in your future!
Why not get the training you need in order for you to build your successful online business instead of forever chasing the shiny objects that pop into your email inbox regularly?
Once you sign up, I’ll be right there inside, waiting for you. I’ll even email you so you will know where to start and how to reach me within the membership site.
You really can trust
Wealthy Affiliate as they have been teaching members now since 2005. With over one and a half million members now as members, you have to realize that many of us are members because we want to be.
All you have to do to get started building your online business now is:
  • Create a Free Account (Click the Red Button Below)
  • Upload Your Picture to Your Profile
  • Write a Short Description so Other Members Will Get to Know You
  • Click “Training” on the Left-Hand Sidebar Menu to Get Started
Sign Up Now: sign up for your free account here button

Why I Recommend
Wealthy Affiliate

Following this are three reasons I have listed as to why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate over any other affiliate membership marketing training program offered anywhere.
Reason #1 – Their Track Record for Being in This Business for This Long
In reviewing so many internet marketing products, I have learned that most do not stay in business for very long. They start up, sell, sell, sell, and then vanish. Those businesses are not truly in business to help others succeed.
The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle (Marketing Chief) and Carson (Design Chief), are two honest and caring Canadians who created this platform with intentions of helping and guiding their members.
As a Premium member, these are the two you will have full access in contacting them in a Private Message. Though your patience is required as their inboxes become flooded most days, but they BOTH make sure to respond to all of the messages they get.
This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out and above all of the rest. One and a half million members can’t be wrong, wouldn’t you agree? They HAVE to be doing something right.
Reason #2 – The Training is Updated Every Year as Needed
So many other platforms have members constantly complaining of outdated training You won’t get that on Wealthy Affiliate.
Kyle works diligently at updating the training as and when necessary. These changes reflect the every changing world of creating websites.
Having only been involved with Wealthy Affiliate for the short time I have been a member and already the training has been substantially improved. Even the platform itself recently saw a major change in making the site even more user-friendly.
Wealthy Affiliate is forever rolling out new tools, inclusions and changes to make things easier and easier for their members. Personally, I have been shocked with the many inclusions. Kyle and Carson are forever investing in their business without ever passing it on to the membership.
Reason #3 – This Training Really Does Work
If you are willing to follow the training, put in the required work necessary in creating content and updating your website as needed, this training can work for you too.
Below, I will share with you here some success stories of some of the members who have recently succeeded. Though there are SO many more from previous years… and those from next year too, though those that are yet to be listed.
Feel free to click on the image of the member’s story below if you would like to read the full story.
1.) Premium member littlemama
If a self-professed, stay at home mom can do this, I know YOU can too!
screen print of littlemama's success post
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2.) Premium member Marlinda1
screen print of Marlinda1's success post
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3.) Premium member RD40
screen print of RD40's success post
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4.) Premium member JohnMks
screen print of JohnMks' success post
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There are sooooo many more reasons that you should join this great training platform… but you will just need to join us to experience even a taste of what I have shared with you right here.
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Do You Want Me as
Your Premium Coach

Bets you have a million questions on your mind right now, and that’s okay.
It is my intention to help you see for yourself that there really is a training platform available that cares to see YOU succeed in your very own online business.

How You Get Me as Your Premium Coach
1.) You must sign up for your Free Starter membership using any of the links offered here in my report. These are my affiliate links and when you click on them, you will be connected to me inside the membership.
2.) Upgrade to Premium once you get that email offering you a substantially lower monthly payment for your membership. Then you will have ME as your Premium Coach!
If ever you want my personal feedback on your progress, I will gladly help guide you along and offer you ideas to help point you in the right direction to succeeding sooner. You will be able to ask me all the questions you want once you are on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate.
Once you are inside, be sure to be watching to get a welcome message posted to your profile from me “Triblu”.
You are welcome to ask me questions on your profile (by replying to my comment), my profile, or click on the “Private Message” button from my profile to get a private consultation.
screen print showing you the Private Message button to use in contacting me inside
You need to know that I will be here for you, so you are to feel free to Private Message me at ANYTIME. I will answer to you in a timely manner as I make sure to sign into the platform on a daily basis.
Looking forward to helping YOU succeed in your new online business!
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See you on the inside!
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