Is Speechelo Any Good at Transform Any Text into a Human-Sounding Voice?

Stoica B. and Vlad M. are the founders of Speechelo, and their video male narrator promises you that they’re going to show you the A I technology that is able to transform any text into speech… and, then read it in such a natural sounding way that it is tough to tell that it was generated by a computer and not a real human being.

But before that, he says to let him tell you something; video without a good voice over will not convert and will not get you clicks, leads, traffic, or any sales.

Since the dawns of humanity, he states that people would gather around the fire and listen to stories. That’s why a good video is not efficient without a good voice over, that tells the actual story.

He goes on to explain that the problem is that not all of us have a nice, friendly voice like Morgan Freeman, or we just don’t feel comfortable recording ourselves.

Previously, the solution was to hire a professional voiceover artist he claims, but there are 2 problems going down that route.

  1. They’re very expensive – it can cost you up to $100 per minute of recording.
  2. You have to wait 3 to 5 days for the voiceover to be completed.

He then asks you, how cool would it be to just enter your text and generate a perfect sounding voiceover:

  • with a voice that would sound as cool as his voice or
  • a nice distinctive British voice,
  • or a friendly female voice,
  • or an Australian voice… how cool would that be?

My review of Speechelo will cover the following:

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What is Speechelo?

screen print from the vendor's landing page

Program Name: Speechelo

Website: (my affiliate link)

Price: $47 US funds, PLUS 3 upsells

Recommended? YES


Speechelo is claimed by the male narrator, to be the most natural sounding text to speech software on the market.

The male narrator is claiming to be Joey, one of the 30 A.I. voices from Speechelo.

He claims that if you’ve listened to their video for this long (01:24 minutes in), you probably couldn’t tell that he is not a real human voice.

He goes on to say that, it’s because he understands exactly what each phrase is saying, and that he knows how to put inflections in his voice, just like a real human would do.

Then he claims that is because he was coded in that way that his neuro-linguistic engine will analyze the phrases.

And, he will understand when he’s enumerating something, when he has to emphasize a word or that he needs to take a deep breath.

But, he adds, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. He goes on to say that with Speechelo, you can generate as many voiceovers as you want, with only 3 clicks.

Then he says, yes, you heard him right… only 3 clicks.

  1. Just paste the text you want to be transformed into speech into their online text editor.

  2. Choose the language and voice that you want, He says that they offer male, female and even kids voices.

  3. Click on Generate Voice Over, and in 5 seconds your voice over is ready to be downloaded.

Then he asks you, how cool is that, and you didn’t have to spend a single cent and didn’t have to wait a week to receive your voiceover.

He continues by saying that they offer voices that are perfect for:

  • training videos
  • presentation videos
  • and voices that sound like Hollywood movie trailers
  • and even kid voices that sound joyful and innocent

Apparently, all their voices have elements that make a voice sample and include all the voice expressions needed to make people more engaged in your content, and make it sound professional.

It is said that 98% of the people hearing a voiceover generated with Speechelo can’t tell it’s not a real human voice.

Joey claims that their landing page video was created with a voice from Speechelo. If you’re still watching his video for any length of time, he claims that this proves his point.

Then Joey states that for a limited time, you’re getting the deal of a lifetime.

And he goes on claiming that normally they will sell Speechelo as a monthly recurring service.

But today, because you are in the first 100 people to join, you get the special founders deal offer.

You can get Speechelo for a ridiculously low, one-time fee and no monthly recurring. The price you will see on their landing page is the lowest it will ever be, Joey says.

The price apparently increases with each minute that passes, so if you want to lock in the price, Joey explains that you should NOT refresh their landing page, once you’ve loaded it in your browser.

He says to NOT bookmark it for later.

Joey claims that once the launch ends, the price shoots way up.

He says that even at $500 it’s an incredible deal for the power you’re being granted, as Joey states that you will make that amount back in no time.

Joey says that outsourcing the creation of a single voiceover will cost you more than the price of this offer, and you will have to wait after the freelancers, not to mention that if you don’t like the end result you will have wasted hundreds of dollars.

He states that he is 100% confident that you will love Speechelo, and in fact that he is so confident that he is going to make this a complete risk-free decision for you.

Joey explains that if you create a voiceover using Speechelo and you don’t like it, he will refund all your money and let you keep the voiceover that you created.

So, now that you have no risk you also have no excuses, he says, buy now and profit from the one-time payment offer and the huge discount that they are offering for the first 1000 users.

Then Joey quickly recaps why you should get Speechelo today. You’ll:

  • be able to transform any text to speech,
  • get over 30 human-sounding voices,
  • be able to create voiceover in over 23 languages, and
  • be able to create as many voiceovers as you want.

Joey asks, so what are you waiting for?

And, he says that you’re to remember that you are covered by their 60-day money back guarantee.

How Speechelo Actually Works

screen print of Speechelo dashboard

On the Thank You page, you will find a 52 second introduction video, below which is an offer to Register To The Speechelo Workshop webinar (1:44:49).

Below these you will find the 3 initial upsells linked for your ease, should you decide to sign up for them.

Below are three steps for you to take:

  • Check Email
  • Open Software
  • Login

Then below these steps is a button in which when clicked on, you can reach their support.

Below that are your Bonus Products:

  • Spokesperson Video Intros Pack
  • Apple Style Intro/Outro Video Pack
  • Vintage Photo Pack
  • 850 Royalty Free Images
  • The YouTube Review Trick eBook

When signing into the Speechelo dashboard, you will find the training video (06:04 minutes) offered as a popup window. You will want to be sure you watch that before closing it out.

From the left-hand sidebar, you will find the following:

1.) Voice Generator – where you will find the text editor, the settings for selecting your chosen language, engine, AI tone, and voice.

Above the text editor textbox are two buttons:

  1. ADJUST SPEECH – which allows you to adjust (soften-medium-loud) the Volume, and Speaking Rate (slow-medium-fast).
  2. ADD PAUSE – which allows you to place a pause where necessary, within your text.

The Voice choices for the basic entrance fee are as follows:

  • Billy Joey, Male, labeled as TOP CHOICE
  • Owen, Kid, Male, also marked as TOP CHOICE
  • Rosie, Female
  • Henry, Male

The AI Tones are as follows:

  • Normal tone
  • Friendly tone
  • Serious tone

2.) Background music – is ONLY available in their upsell

3.) BONUS: Voiceover-Cash-Machine – is an offer for you to purchase their upsell

4.) Training – is the video mentioned above

5.) Changelog – is where you will find a list of changes they’ve made to this software, as well as their support button


This would be a great way to forego the expense of hiring a voiceover freelancer, when creating basic videos.

For those of you who are creating videos on a more regular basis, you may find the additional voices feasible to signing up for their upsells and paying the set fee on a regular basis, for that access.


When using Firefox to enter Speechelo, you will find the layout somewhat skewed, and a tad difficult to use, so it is not browser friendly.

screen print of Speechelo dashboard in Firefox browser

On their landing page, you’re promised 30 voices but you only have access to 4 in the basic package.

For me, this is most misleading to say: “We offer over 30 voices for you to choose from”, and then when you scroll down to the buy button, you’re told the prices is only $47.

It would be EASILY assumed that you’re getting access to 30 voices for that price, when in fact you must buy their upsells to get full access.

The training video tells you that you can listen to the entire voice over to see if it works for you by pressing the PREVIEW VOICE OVER button.

In fact, the voice will only read a few words and then tell you that “This is a preview, for full test click the GENERATE VOICE OVER button”.

NOTE: You can scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the PLAY button to hear your voiceover in total before downloading. – the training video is in bad need of being updated.

Any adjustments you make, you may find the need to delete the first attempt(s), as the files are only given ID numbers, and if you aren’t paying close attention, you may become confused as to which version is the latest version.

There is NO way of saving your text.

So, be sure to keep a copy of your text used for EACH voiceover on your computer

Then, should you wish to come back to Speechelo and, let’s say, change the Voice used, or to simply add a pause, you’ll have the exact text, with the edits you made.

This will make it a lot easier for you when making your changes, and lot faster than starting from scratch.

My Take on Speechelo

thumb pointing up in approval

The initial entrance fee to gain access to Speechelo by Stoica B. and Vlad M. is definitely worth it should you be in need of a voiceover.

Though their landing page and training video are both in bad need of changes made (noted above under CONS), their software is pretty “cool” to use.

Below is my video review of Speechelo by Stoica B. and Vlad M.

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For those marketing anything from affiliates to small business owners, you need video.

So, if you’re shy about appearing on camera, Speechelo is an excellent way for you to get those videos out there online, to help you with your brand awareness!

Should you have any questions regarding is Speechelo any good at transform any text, please leave them in a comment below.

I appreciate all visitor’s comments and I respond in a timely manner.

Videos are Vital for Marketing,

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