An Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate – Can You Really Transform Your Ideas into Profits?

Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim offer access to a platform they claim that is designed for affiliate marketers of all levels to learn.

Their landing page suggests that you only need one idea to create a very profitable online business.

Even if you do not have that one idea, they say that their platform will help you choose a niche by providing you with over a million different niches to select yours from.

Claims are also made that you can learn to build your website into a profitable one from within Wealthy Affiliate.

Then you’re told that it takes less than 30 seconds to create a great looking, mobile and revenue ready site in which to add your very own content to.

It is said that they provide you with state-of-the-art, secure hosting that allows you to grow your business with Wealthy Affiliate.

And apparently, within the first few lessons on their platform, you get to learn about the most up-to-date methods for driving traffic in order to gain potential targeted customers to your online business.

Seemingly, once your website gains quality traffic, you will need to make money from that traffic.

They claim that you can promote top brands in the world through affiliate programs, all without spending a dime.

They state that as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to learn how to chose from nearly six hundred million products and services, and then promote those on your website.

This way, there is no shipping costs, no inventory for you to keep, and no support for your customers required either.

Claims are also made that 50,000 independent authority bloggers rank Wealthy Affiliate as the must do platform for internet entrepreneurs.

My review here will cover the following:

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Free to Starter members + 1 upsell

Recommended? YES


screen print from vendor's landing page

Wealth Affiliate is a learning platform where members work daily, helping each other discover resolutions for any issues being experienced by other members.

The features for beginners and experts alike that are listed, are as follows:

1.) Education – Claims are that for newbies and pro marketers alike, their focus with the training is to teach you how to create a successful, long term online business.

You are promised that the education you receive at Wealthy Affiliate, gains you a competitive edge and keeps you ahead of what works right now and what will still be working tomorrow.

They claim that once you take action on the tasks and work all the way through the training that you will learn your true potential as to how competent you really can be, in creating your online business.

Apparently, Wealthy Affiliate helped over 217,530 people start their very first business online last year.

They go on to claim that their training will help you to capitalize on any idea, interest or passion that you may have; that you need no experience, and that no product is required.

You are to just bring your love of something and they will help you turn that into a lucrative business.

They state that you are building a real and tangible business where you can start earning money straight away.

2.) Support – Get expert coaching when you need help or advice.

They say that you can engage and communicate directly within the lessons and even get assistance with any questions that you might have.

Apparently, there is live chat, live interaction and live expert help, which are said to all big components you will have in your educational experience with this platform.

Technical support is only available to paying members, and is available 24 hours a day, worldwide.

3.) Jaaxy – It is said that this tool helps you find millions of keywords, niches, and enable you to spy on your competition too.

4.) Websites – Fully customizable website, choose from over 3,000 theme designs. Starter members can grow your business with the SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

They state that they have some of the most integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking and security, and that their system is easy to use.

And apparently, you even get a FREE SSL certificate for your website.

Because their websites are so much easier to create than building websites were in the past, they claim that you won’t have to spend your time learning the technical aspects for building a website anymore.

Now you will be able to simply focus your energy on what really matters, your business.

Members are said to have over 3,000 templates to choose from.

They claim that they monitor all websites 24 hours per day. Seemingly, your website will be run on a fast platform, delivering your content in a way that will add to your user’s experience.

5.) Hosting – Run your entire business from their fast, secure and reliable hosting servers.

They claim that the successful hosting is a technical process that no one ever sees, and that you can feel safe running your online business on their servers.

They say that they take care of the technology so that you can focus on your business.

They assure you that their SiteRubix server will remain robust and powerful, and that people are operating million-dollar businesses on their platforms… and that they can support those businesses now and forever.

Claims are made that the average page load time is 1.3 seconds, which they say is considered an excellent site speed rate.

Whether using their SiteRubix server or others, they assure you that your WordPress website will always be hosted on the latest and most powerful servers in the world through Amazon hosting.

They also claim that they have a unique, load limiting process that monitors your website and makes sure it is always up and running.

And, that if for any reason your website was to go down, they have a mirror of your website running at all times that is used to swap in, instantly.

Apparently, this system to reduce downtime is unparalleled in the industry.

Claims are made that their website servers experience a 99.99% average uptime, and, their methods of security prevention have been able to stop 27,195,900 attempts to hack the sites on their servers.

To top this off, they also state that if you ever mess your website up, they can help you get your website back and running for you.

Apparently, this is an advanced service that very few hosting services even offer, but a service that comes standard to all of Wealthy Affiliates hosted sites.

6.) Networking – Instantly network a Rolodex of 1.4 million elite affiliate marketers. Wealthy Affiliate is said to be the most helpful community in the world, period. Members support each other by offering help to each other in a timely manner. Their members are a caring community that will be there for you all day, every day.

It is suggested that you think of it this way, you’re attending school with many different teachers per student, as this is the type of quality service, they claim that you can expect within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Apparently, the community has a Pay it Forward mentality.

Wealthy Affiliate claims to be the #1 choice for people from all over the world, to create successful online businesses.

They claim their community is 800,000 plus in size, and that their members are from 195 different countries.

They say that you will even be able to get in touch with and communicate with the owners of Wealthy Affiliate directly, along with tens of thousands of other members.

They say you can even UBER successful entrepreneurs.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
It is also said that Wealthy Affiliate provides you with zero risk and zero obligation with their free Starter membership, and that you are only minutes away from starting your very own successful online business.

How Wealthy Affiliate Actually Works

screen print of vendor's membership dashboard

Once you sign in, you are encouraged to complete your profile by first, adding a recent photo of yourself, or to select a ready-made temporary image supplied for you to choose from.

Then, you are led to complete the text portion of your Starter profile by introducing yourself, so that other members who visit your profile, will know who they are speaking with.

Below your profile, you will find 3 goals waiting for you to setup for yourself. Choose wisely as these are YOUR goals. You need NOT impress anyone.

By the time you have completed those tasks, you may find a comment that has been made just below your profile. In that comment will be links offered to you with a suggestion as to where to go next.

Please read the comment.

If no comment has appeared, then do check your email, as you will find that Kyle will have sent you a welcome message right after you clicked on the Sign-up button on Wealthy Affiliate.

In his email, you will also find some great advice.

Starting the lessons with the recommended Online Entrepreneur Certification course, you will soon discover that you truly do have full access to the first 10 lessons, so you won’t want to waste time.

But you do NOT want to simply scan over those lessons either.

You will have 7 days to complete the first 10 lessons, and I recommend that you do NOT waste time chatting on the forum. Save chatting for when you need to ask a question.

Below EACH lesson (and below the tasks), you will find a section where you can leave ANY comment pertaining to the lesson you just completed.

Leaving a question there will make it easier for a member to help you out, as the information you are questioning will be on the same page as your question.

Do not simply check off the list of tasks below EACH lesson as that will only hurt your chances for success, because it will slow you down until you take EACH step that Kyle instructs you to take. As that is the best way for anyone to learn anything new.

Just prior to the end of your 7 days of free access to the first 10 lessons, you should receive an email from Kyle, offering you a very low cost of $19 US funds for the first month’s premium access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

So far, there are only TWO forms of payment: PayPal and credit card.

Should you take him up on that low cost offer (like I did), you will have ample time to then continue with and complete the entire 50 lessons within the Online Entrepreneur Certification course.

However, for the sake of transparency and honesty, after your first monthly payment you will be asked for $49 US funds monthly.

TIP: Depending on WHEN you sign up for a Starter membership and begin as a Premium member, I recommend paying monthly… until November.

Each November since I signed up as a member here in 2016, I have been offered a substantially cheaper, yearly membership rate as their Black Friday sale price, which will provide you with a substantial savings on your Wealthy Affiliate membership.


If you sign up for the Black Friday sale price, then the following year you get the same price automatically charged to your chosen method of payment.

You may find this method will leave you worry-free from always having to make sure to pay for your membership on time.

And, as a Premium member, you will have full access to everything EXCEPT the specialize expert classes that are now being offered only to the NEW level of Wealthy Affiliate memberships, known as Premium Plus.

As a brief review of what each type of membership gets, please see the lists below.

Starter (Beginner Package)

  • 1 website, hosting included + SSL certificate
  • Limited support
  • Full access to Level 1 core training
  • Jaaxy Starter access
  • FREE

Premium (Most Popular Package)

  • 3 premium websites hosted + SSL certificates
  • Ability to register domains
  • Unlimited support
  • 52+ expert classes
  • Full access to ALL levels of core training
  • Jaaxy Lite (a $19 US funds monthly, value)
  • Monthly billing $49 US funds or $495 US funds, yearly

Premium Plus (Power Users Package)

  • 10 websites hosted + SSL certificates
  • Ability to register domains
  • Unlimited priority support
  • 200+ expert classes
  • Full access to ALL levels of core training
  • Jaaxy Enterprise (a $99 US funds monthly, value)
  • Monthly billing $99 US funds or $995 US funds, yearly

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course offers members 50 lessons in total, while the Affiliate Bootcamp training provides 70 lessons.


You can quit anytime you want/need to …and… you can take your website(s) with you, with no hard feelings.

The quality of the helpful community here is truly unmatched ANYWHERE else online.

Technical support far out performs most other hosting services support.

The owners are truly helpful in making sure their members really do succeed by constantly ADDING goodies to the packages WITHOUT making a big issue to the world about it.

The training cost less than a night school, correspondence, or any other course offered online.


Affiliate marketing is NOT magical in granting you instant success. There is no magical formula. It takes persistence, determination and endurance to build a long-term online business.

There are naysayers who seem intent on hurting Wealthy Affiliate.

They are constantly putting Wealth Affiliate down for issues that have been solved long ago… or worse, that never existed.

It could be as simple as their jealousy with the fact that Kyle and Carson are able to provide quality training and tools at an affordable price for those of us in North America as well as many other countries.

My Take on Wealthy Affiliate

thumb pointing up in approval

Have been recommending Wealthy Affiliate to those who want to learn how to create a world-class website, as well as those who want to make money online, since 2016, when I first joined this platform.

Wealthy Affiliate truly reminds me of how well those of us who were first learning the internet on our own, way back in 1995, as there were few “how-to” tutorials available back then. PLUS, only HTML was available to be used.

Back then too, our text went from one edge of the monitor to the other, as well as top to bottom of the monitor, and the background was always gray.

There came to be a group of us who stuck together and shared new options as they became available to use.

I was fortunate to be among those early learners, and I’ve never forgotten how literally heartwarming others can be when sharing information with each other. Back then the rule of the internet was, pass it forward.

When I very first started at Wealthy Affiliate, I too was a “doubting Thomas” who soon came to quickly realize what a gift the Wealthy Affiliate community really is.

Once you create a profile, be it a Starter membership or a Premium membership, should you decide that you want to quit, you can EASILY delete your membership.

See the screen prints below that I created for you, when removing the Starter membership that I created on the platform in order to create my video review above.

Delete Your Membership Account – Step 1

screen print of step 1 to delete an account

Delete Your Membership Account – Step 2

screen print of step 2 to delete an account

Delete Your Membership Account – Step 3

screen print of step 3 to delete an account

Delete Your Membership Account – Step 4

screen print of step 4 to delete an account

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Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick course.

You need to be an entrepreneur with determination, persistence and endurance, or you won’t last in any business, on or offline.

If you found this review enlightening, and you’re ready to sign up for FREE as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate, I do hope that you will give serious consideration for using my affiliate link, offered to you to use, here: Sign Up For Free TrainingCreating Your Online Business.

It is my intention to continue offering honest reviews of products and services so that you won’t have to waste your time and money.

Affiliate payments helps to cover my costs. So, should you purchase anything through my affiliate links on this site, then I thank YOU in advance.

Should you have ANY question(s) regarding this, an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate, I do hope that you will leave me a comment below so that I can assist you.

See you on the inside,

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