Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021 Reviewed – Transform Your Google Ads!

Isaac Rudansky welcomes you to the number one best selling AdWords course on Udemy, where you’re going to learn how to drive profitable, reliable, and consistent traffic to your website or landing pages every single day.

And, he’s your instructor in this course.

He claims that four to five of your competitors are using Google AdWords [now known as Google Ads] to get their products and services in front of their customers, at the very moment their customers are ready to make a purchase.

Isaac says that he can’t tell you how many clients of theirs they’ve seen with:

  • better websites,
  • better businesses,
  • better people,
  • better products,
  • losing out to their competition,
  • losing business to their competition because they’re getting killed in AdWords day in and day out.

He states that this course if going to teach you how to win back that business from your competition.

And when many people think that AdWords is so complicated, and so hard to master, and that’s absolutely not the case.

Isaac says that he’s going to show you how fun, simple and easy Google AdWords can really be for you.

He goes on to say that a few years ago he co-founded the AdVenture Media Group, a Long Island digital ad agency that has consulted with over 300 unique companies around the world, helping them to increase the profitability and the efficiency of their PPC campaigns.

Isaac states that their clients have spent over 50 million dollars on the AdWords campaigns, and he claims that’s not an exaggeration.

He says that they turned to their team and me to increase their performance month over month.

He goes on to say that the truth is that it took him years to figure this stuff out.

And, he claims that unfortunately, his mistakes cost him quite a bit of money, while stating that this truly is the course that he wishes he had of had when he began his career in digital advertising.

Isaac says that he made all of the mistakes and now you don’t have to repeat them.

He then states that thousands of students just like you, have been enrolled in this course and leaving hundreds of enthusiastic 5-star reviews.

My review of the Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021 will include the following:

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What is Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021

Website: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-ultimate-google-adwords-training-course/

Price: $19.99 + $2.34 tax = $20.33 CAD funds

Recommended? YES


Isaac Rudansky claims to teach you how to drive consistent, reliable, high-quality [targeted!] traffic to your website every single day by using Google Ads.

He says that he doesn’t mean to brag about this or anything but this course happens to have the number 1 highest user satisfaction rating out of all of the courses in the Udemy marketing library.

Isaac quickly adds that on top of all that, this is the only course you’ll find online that stays up to date with all of the changes in the AdWords interface, and all the changes and best practices in the industry.

He states that he’s going to walk you through the strategies and techniques that they use on a daily basis to manage the AdWords campaigns for publicly traded companies and small boutiques alike.

And, he says that no matter how much money you have to spend on your ads, you’re going to benefit tremendously from this course.

After completing this course, Isaac says that you’re going to walk away with the tools, skills, and knowledge to properly advertise any product or service online.

And, he says that’s incredible.

As long as there are people out there searching for what you sell, as Isaac says that he’s sure there are, you’re going to be able to win back that business.

For the price of a week’s worth of Starbuck’s coffee, Isaac states that you’re going to get:

  • access to over 16 hours of high-quality video lectures,
  • lifetime access to the course,
  • all the future lecture updates that Isaac will be uploading, and
  • you’ll also have access to their exclusive student only forum where you’re going to be able to ask Isaac any question you may have as you progress through this course.
  • On top of that Isaac says to make it really risk-free, you can take advantage of Udemy’s no questions asked, 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

He then tells you that we’re going to cover some advanced habits like ROI calculations and formulas, and conversion tracking.

Adding that you don’t need to have any prior experience with AdWords whatsoever in order to take this course.

Isaac claims that we really are going to go from beginner to advanced.

He says it’s time to stop losing business to the competition, and it’s time to start driving customers to your site.

The customers that are actively searching for the products and services that you offer.

Isaac goes on to say that whether you’re:

  • An entrepreneur
  • A small business owner
  • A student
  • Marketer,
  • Or you work for a larger company

He guarantees that the skills you learn inside his training will have a massive positive impact on your business, your careers, and your bottom line.

At the time of my review, Isaac’s course was last updated as of the 4th of January 2020, and it includes new videos updated with the brand-new Google Ads interface and dashboard.

How Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021 Actually Works

screen print from vendor's members course page

NOTE: All times shown below and inside this training are estimates only, and several of the titles are truncated, and so I have noted the titles EXACTLY how they appear.

Section 1: Introduction to Google Ads – 8 lessons, estimated 1 hour 19 minutes

  1. Welcome to Google Ads Masterclass! (13 min)
  2. Link to Isaac Rudanshy’s Digital Advertising Superstars Facebook… (1 min)
  3. How to Make the Most of This Course, Plus a Sneak Peak of What’s t… (20 min)
  4. Google Ads Formula Calculator (14 min)
  5. AdWords Formula Calculator I Built For You (1 min)
  6. What is Google Ads? (12 min)
  7. Where do Google Ads Show Up? (13 min)
  8. Complimentary AdVenture Media Account Audit (exclusions apply) (6 min)

Section 2: Creating and Setting Up Our First Google Ads Account – 45 lessons, estimated 4 hours 56 minutes

  1. Download Course Slides! (1 min)
  2. Creating Your Firs[t] Google Ads Account (9 min)
  3. Understanding the Google Ads Account Hierarchy (8 min)
  4. Using Your Website Navigational Structure to Structure Your Google Ad… (20 min)
  5. Understanding Network Settings (14 min)
  6. Understanding Location Targeting (12 min)
  7. Configuring Location Targeting in Google Ads (10 min)
  8. Viewing Location Reports in Google Ads (15 min)
  9. Understanding Advanced Location Options (16 min)
  10. Setting and Configuring Languages (4 min)
  11. Setting Your Daily Budget and Understanding How Daily Budgets… (13 min)
  12. Finding Your Hourly Reports in the Google Ads Interface (6 min)
  13. Using Google’s Default Bid Strategy (Clicks) And Optional Max CPD Bid… (6 min)
  14. Bidding Strategies: Target Search Page Location (6 min)
  15. Bidding Strategies: Target ROAS (10 min)
  16. Bidding Strategies: Target CPA (5 min)
  17. Bidding Strategies: Target Outranking Share (8 min)
  18. Bidding Strategies: Maximize Clicks (5 min)
  19. Bidding Strategies: Enhanced CPC Bidding (5 min)
  20. Bidding Strategies: Manual CPC Bidding (5 min)
  21. Campaign Start and Ending Dates (2 min)
  22. Introduction to Dynamic Search Ads! (8 min)
  23. Understanding Sitelink Extensions (14 min)
  24. Callout Extensions (5 min)
  25. Call Extensions (8 min)
  26. Structured Snippet Extensions (6 min)
  27. App Extensions (2 min)
  28. Message Extensions (9 min)
  29. Location Extensions (5 min)
  30. Location Setting Exercise (1 min)
  31. Promotion Extensions (10 min)
  32. Price Extensions (12 min)
  33. Understanding Ad Rotation Settings (5 min)
  34. The Basics of Ad Scheduling (11 min)
  35. Understanding the Basics of Device Targeting (15 min)
  36. Understanding Campaign URL Options (7 min)

Quiz 1: Quiz #3: How Well Do You Know Your Adwords Basics?

Section 3: Structuring Your Ad Groups Like A Professional – 3 lessons, estimated 30 minutes

  1. Ad Group Structure Basics and Organization (14 min)
  2. Ad Group Structure Ideas (7 min)
  3. Creating Our First Ad Group in Google Ads (9 min)

Section 4: How To Write Killer Ads in Google Ads! – 7 lessons, estimated 58 minutes

  1. The Anatomy of Google Text Ads (7 min)
  2. Compliance in Google Text Ads (6 min)
  3. Requesting a Manual Review of Your Ads and Expediting the Process (3 min)
  4. Best Practices for Successful Text Ads (14 min)
  5. Real Life Case Ad Copy Case Study: Medical Equipment Company (15 min)
  6. Creating Our First Ad in Google Ads (13 min)

Quiz 2: Quiz #2: Testing Your Ad Writing Skills

Section 5: Setting Up Your AdWords Billing – 1 lessons, estimated 5 minutes

  1. Configuring Your Billing Details in Google Ads (5 min)

Section 6: Keywords in Depth – The Heartbeat of Your Account – 31 lessons, estimated 7 hours 3 minutes

  1. Keyword Basics: Keywords vs Queries (9 min)
  2. The Basics of Keyword Research (11 min)
  3. The Basics of Keyword Planning (13 min)
  4. The Basics of Keyword Organization (7 min)
  5. Understanding Keyword Match Types (12 min)
  6. Keyword Match Types: Broad Match (9 min)
  7. Keyword Match Types: Broad Match Modified (6 min)
  8. Keyword Match Types: Phrase Match (7 min)
  9. Keyword Match Types: Exact Match (12 min)
  10. Keyword Match Types: Negative Match (12 min)
  11. Using the Search Term Report to Find Negative Keywords Part 1 (15 min)
  12. Using the Search Term Report to Find Negative Keywords Part 2 (17 min)
  13. Understanding Negative Keywords Lists (12 min)
  14. Traffic Sculpting: Negative Keywords at the Ad Group Level (18 min)
  15. Adding Negative Keywords at The Ad Group Level (9 min)
  16. Traffic Sculpting Using OPTMYZT (7 min)
  17. Keyword Research Google Suggestions, Google Related Searche… (14 min)
  18. Using Additional Research Tools to Get Negative Keyword Ideas (12 min)
  19. Keyword Research: Using the Google Keyword Planner 1 (20 min)
  20. Keyword Research: Using the Google Keyword Planner 2 (16 min)
  21. Keyword Research: Downloading Keyword Ideas form the Google… (16 min)
  22. Keyword Planning: The 6 Main Ways People Communicate With… (17 min)
  23. Understanding the Buyer Funnel (12 min)
  24. Keyword Planning: What Keywords Can Teach Us About Intent (12 min)
  25. Keyword Planning: Using SEMRush to Get Volume and Cost… (18 min)

80 Keyword Planning: Using SEMRush to Get Keyword Ideas from Your… (19 min)

  1. Keyword Planning: Using Google Keyword Planner to Get Volume & Co… (17 min)
  2. Keyword Organization: Getting Keywords Into Excel & Understanding… (17 min)
  3. Keyword Organization: Formatting Keywords in Excel (11 min)
  4. Keyword Organization: Using Pivot Tables to Visualize Your Campaign… (12 min)
  5. Keyword Organization: Using Mergewords to Generate Keyword… (14 min)
  6. Keyword Bidding Basics: Setting Your Initial Max CPC Bids (20 min)

Quiz 3: Quiz #3: Understanding Keywords

Section 7: Account Structure – How To Structure Ad Groups Lik… – 4 lessons, estimated 40 minutes

  1. Account Structure: How To Create A New Ad Group Within Your… (7 min)
  2. Importing Your Keyword Lists From Excel Into Your New Ad Group (11 min)
  3. Creating Multiple, Relevant Ads For Your New Ad Groups (13 min)
  4. How To Navigate Between Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads Within A… (8 min)

Section 8: The Incredible Dynamics Of The AdWords… – 8 lessons, estimated 1 hour 31 minutes

  1. Introduction To The AdWords Auction (20 min)
  2. Understanding Quality Score: Click Through Rate And Ad Relevancy (15 min)
  3. Understanding Quality Score: Landing Page Quality (7 min)
  4. Understanding Ad Rank and How It Is Calculated (12 min)
  5. When You Could Ignore Low Quality Scores (and when you can’t) (9 min)
  6. Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot… (8 min)
  7. Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot… (11 min)
  8. Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing Low Quality Score With Excel Pivot… (7 min)

Section 9: Expanding And Refining Your Campaigns – 7 lessons, estimated time 1 hour 33 minutes

  1. Navigating The AdWords Dashboard (16 min)
  2. How To Edit, Pause And Enable Keywords, Ad Groups and Campaign Settings (6 min)
  3. Editing The Essential Campaign Settings (6 min)
  4. How To Create New Campaigns That Will Improve Your Results (15 min)
  5. How To Use Your Website To Make The Best Campaigns Possible (16 min)
  6. How To Set Up Powerful Custom Schedules For Your Campaigns (12 min)
  7. Understanding Bid Adjustments And Using Them To Enhance Your… (12 min)

Section 10: Negative Keywords – Your Greatest Ally – 3 lessons, estimated 42 minutes

  1. Understanding Negative Keywords In-Depth (14 min)
  2. Using Broad, Phrase and Exact Match With Your Negative Keywords (7 min)
  3. Adding and Removing Negative Keywords and Negative Keyword Lists (20 min)

Section 11: Making Your Ads Unstoppable With Multiple Ad… – 6 lessons, estimated 48 minutes

  1. Introduction To Ad Extensions (6 min)
  2. The Benefits Of Using Ad Extensions (8 min)
  3. Different Types Of Ad Extensions and Best Practices (6 min)
  4. Adding Sitelink Extensions (8 min)
  5. Configuring Your Sitelink Extensions For The Best Results (11 min)
  6. Adding Callout Extensions And Phone Extensions (8 min)

Section 12: Remaketing – Your Secret Weapon To Converting… – 5 lessons, estimated 1 hour 6 minutes

  1. The 5 Primary Forms of Remarketing (16 min)
  2. Realizing The Benefits And Importance Of Remarketing (13 min)
  3. How To Create And Add Your Remarketing Tag (9 min)
  4. Creating Your First Remarketing Audience (13 min)
  5. Configuring Your Remarketing Campaign Settings (14 min)

Section 13: Keeping Track Of Profits With Conversion Tracking – 6 lessons, estimated 1 hour 14 minutes

  1. Understanding The Basics Of Conversion Tracking (14 min)
  2. Exploring The Different Conversion Actions Visitors Take On… (14 min)
  3. Setting Up Conversion Tracking For Form Submissions (18 min)
  4. Generating And Installing Your Conversion Tracking Tag (9 min)
  5. Understanding The Basics Of Phone Call Tracking (9 min)
  6. Setting Up Phone Call Tracking And Understanding How To Analyze… (10 min)

Section 14: Profitable Bidding Strategies – 4 lessons, estimated 45 minutes

  1. Return On Investment (ROI) vs. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Importa… (15 min)
  2. How To Mathematically Calculate ROI and ROAS (9 min)
  3. Calculating Max CPC Bids From Your Conversion Rate And Conversio… (12 min)
  4. Calculating Profitable Keyword Bids Based On Revenue Per Click (9min)

Section 15: Using AdWords Scripts To Enhance Performac… – 3 lessons, estimated 31 minutes

  1. Introduction To Adwords Scripts – What Are Scripts (5 min)
  2. Bidding To Average Position AdWords Script Part 1 (12 min)
  3. Bidding To Average Position AdWords Script Part 2 (13 min) Resources

Section 16: Conclusion… Goodbye For Now! – 1 segment, estimated 3 minutes

  1. Conclusion (3 min)

Section 17: Bonus Material! – 3 lessons, estimate 59 minutes

  1. Part 1. Understanding Search Queries and What We Learn From… (18 min)
  2. Part 2. Accessing The Search Query Report and Understanding Lon… (18 min)
  3. Part 3. Qualifying Your Ad Text and How To A/B Split Test Your Ads (23 min)

That’s a grand total of 136 lessons and 3 Quizzes’ that takes an estimated 24 hours and 14 minutes of training to cover.


Lessons are offered to you in bite-size pieces, making it easier to start and stop at your convenience.

Once you’ve completed this intensive course, you will be more confident in creating Google Ads that pay for themselves.


The time that you will need to complete this training.

The promise of being able to ask Isaac questions inside his Digital Advertising Superstars Facebook Group, sadly appears to have been an exaggeration.

I posted two questions on the 22 of February 2022.

As you can see in the screen print below, I still have NOT received a response to date.

screen print of my questions in Isaac's Facebook group

My Take on Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021

thumb pointing up in approval

Am only partially through this training, and I can assure you that Isaac Rudansky more than over delivers with his training in his Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click.

Isaac does not appear to be holding any information back in his training at all.

He is very detailed oriented, so you may find yourself needing to repeat a lot of his training in order to not miss a thing.

At the time of writing this review, I’ve only gone through Section 1 and 2 (and STILL have soooo much more to learn with all of the other sections remaining to be consumed), but I just HAD to stop long enough to share with you, what I have learned so far.

The following is my video review of Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021 by Isaac Rudansky

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Knowing that most locally hosted night school courses of this magnitude are now over $400 CAD funds, I am very impressed with the amount of information jam-packed inside Isaac’s training.

Though Google is not very affiliate marketer friendly, Google Ads are the best type of ads to run for a local business, at this point in time.

Yes, I appreciate and understand that if you are an affiliate marketer only, there is definitely a much better search engine than Google to run your ads on (so, be sure to keep reading).

But then why would Google be friendly toward what they now deem as their competition?

You see, over the past few years now Google has noticed how many affiliate marketers have become very successful.

So much so that now Google is into affiliate marketing themselves as their additional means of earning money.

And, given Google’s implementing that all devices and smartphones sold today come standard with Google’s very own browser and search engine loaded by default, they now hold the most device user’s willingly captive.

Taking Isaac’s example from inside his Google Ads Masterclass training regarding “womens boots” (without the quotation marks, of course), and I can show you a good example of Google doing affiliate marketing when you click here.

Affiliate marketers need not worry, as I have reviewed and highly recommend the best advertising platform for affiliate marketers, here!

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Should you have any question(s) on the Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021, feel free to leave them in a comment below so that we may discuss this further.

I enjoy hearing from my website visitors, and learning from you as to what you want to know more about.

My mission with this website is to warn you away from wasting your money on many products offered, while sharing with you what I’ve learned.

Especially from the few golden nuggets I’ve been fortunate to have discovered, and raved about right here on Use Your Passion.

Learning Should be Fun,

photo of Trish with her name below that
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