Does Graiphics Really Transform Any Text into Traffic-Pulling Image, Photo or Art? 3/5 ⭐

Joshua Zamora is the vendor of Graiphics, and he claims that Graiphics can transform any text into a traffic-pulling image, photo or art for any niche in under 5 seconds.

He says that Graiphics will allow you to get more traffic, get more engagement and make more profit by creating the perfect, attention-grabbing graphics to match your message, even if you have zero artistic skills or experience.

Joshua says with what you’re about to see, you’ll be able to get all the done-for-you graphics for all of your business needs for any niche or purpose.

Examples he discusses are as follows:

  • Social media graphics,
  • Blog post images,
  • NFT’s,
  • Stock images,
  • Illustrations for books,
  • Promotional images,
  • And more.

Joshua states that you’ll be able to get more traffic, more engagement, more views and more profit by stunning your audience with your unique, photo realistic images, Picasso level art, or premium level stock photos without needing any graphical or artistic experience.

He claims that you’ll never have to pay the outrageous fees the stock footage sites charge, ever again.

And, he continues explaining that you’ll never have to worry about the royalty rights because you own your AI (Artificial Intelligence) images 100% outright.

Joshua says that you’re going to see the first real artificially intelligent text to image platform to hit JVZoo, that only needs five seconds to change any text into a high-quality image, photo or art that you own 100%.

He guarantees that you will not be able to tell that your graphics were created by artificial intelligence. And, Joshua claims that some of them will look so real that you’ll think it was a picture that was taken with a high-end camera.

 Joshua claims that this is truly unique, 1 of 1, image creation every time, guaranteed, without having to wait weeks for a designer.

And, during this charter members grand opening, you’ll be securing agency rights to be able to use their platform to create high quality graphics for your clients as well.

My review of Graiphics will cover the following:

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What is Graiphics?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Graiphics


Price: Graiphics Lite $44.55 US funds + Graiphics Agency $53.95 US funds PLUS 5 Upsells

Recommended? Use at your own discretion – explained below


Joshua Zamora says that Graiphics is a web-based app that lets you convert any text into an image, photo or art that is 100% royalty free and 100% yours.

He claims that they’ve made it possible for anyone to use artificial intelligence to transform your ideas and words into any style of high-quality images by following four simple steps.

Step 1

Log into their platform.

Step 2

Write your prompt from scratch or use one of their preset options.

Step 3

Select your styling options so that their AI can create the perfect image exactly as you see it in your head.

Step 4

Hit “generate” and you watch real AI get to work for you, right before your eyes.

Joshua claims that they’ve created the first and only AI web app that creates any kind of image, photo or art for you in a matter of seconds.

And the best part, he says that today you’ll be securing a huge 73% charter members discount and some exclusive limited time bonuses that are not available anywhere else.

Then Joshua asks the following questions:

  1. But is it really true, have robots officially taken over?

  2. Then he says that’s probably what you’re thinking, right; There’s no way that technology has advanced this much?

  3. Have we finally arrived at the point that real artificial intelligence can create any kind of traffic-pulling image for you, for any niche in under 5 seconds?

  4. Is it really possible for artificial intelligence to transform any text into stunning and unique images, photos or art, in a matter of seconds?

  5. Is it really possible for artificial intelligence to create any kind of stock image you’d ever need, so you never have to spend hours trying to find the perfect image?

  6. Is it really possible for AI to create photo realistic pictures that look so real that you’d think it was taken with a high-end camera?

  7. Is it really possible for AI to create art with so much detail that you’d think that a professional artist spent weeks, or even months creating it by hand?

  8. And, is it really possible for AI to create any kind of promotional image for your clients or your own campaigns?

  9. Is it really possible for AI to create images for any purpose you need, like:
    • Blog post images,
    • Social media images,
    • Memes,
    • Book illustrations,
    • Stickers,
    • Images used in your videos,
    • Hobby,
    • Art,
    • Or any other imaginable graphic you’ve ever liked?

  10. Finally, the most important of them all, is it really possible these AI images to be so good that you can actually use them to get more traffic, get more engagement, and more sales for your business or for your clients?

Well, Joshua says that’s exactly what he’s here to reveal to you today.

He claims that he’s going to show you how their AI web app can automatically turn anything that you can see in your mind’s eye into a real-life graphic, image, photo or art, by just simply describing what you want in one sentence or less.

Then Joshua assures you that you will be able to see how it’ll create these premium quality images for you in 5 seconds or less.

He says that he’s talking about the best quality images that will give you the power to immediately captivate your audience’s attention, get more traffic, sky rocket your engagement, charge your clients a premium price, and make more profit without having to spend hours learning a new skill or how to use some complicated software.

Joshua goes on to say that because the famous saying goes, “an image is worth a thousand words”, right?

Then he answers his own question with, “yes, of course it is.”

The right image with the right message put in front of the right audience, has the power to drive targeted traffic and sales to any offer, according to Joshua.

He claims that if you’re on his landing page right now, that he can nearly guarantee that you’ve seen a picture, a graphic or a piece of art that has made you laugh, cry or maybe even both.

Or maybe you’ve seen an image that has made you sad, angry or happy.

And, Joshua continues with… we’ve all seen an image of a specific product or a specific food and we’ve instantly purchased that product or food from just seeing a picture of it, right?

And, he claims that images have the power to instantly connect with us on an emotional level.

Joshua claims that we are all visual beings, and that we make the majority of our most important decisions based on things that we first see with our own eyes.

He continues saying that when you’re able to reach your audience on an emotional level that is when you’re able to drive them to take action.

Joshua states that when you can get an emotional reaction from an audience, you can get more:

  • Traffic,
  • Engagement,
  • Leads,
  • Followers,
  • Sales,
  • Everything.

And he claims that the perfect image is one of the few types of media that has that kind of power to instantly connect with an audience.

Joshua says that’s why businesses of all types spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year to find the perfect image to match their messages that they’re putting out there to their audiences.

He assures you that it’s also why photographers, artists, and graphic designer are able to make a living. They understand the need and the power of high-quality images.

Apparently, it’s also why some people choose to learn those skills themselves, so they can create these images on their own… which Joshua says is a very profitable skill too.

However, Joshua goes on to say, actually finding, buying or creating quality images yourself is a huge “pain in the ass”, right?

He claims that if you want to create premium quality images, photos, or graphics that get people excited and gets them to buy your products or services, you’d have to be willing to invest a ton of time, money and effort in order to get it right.

Joshua says that to create or find the perfect images to match your message that excite and convert your audience into sales, you have to:

  1. Spend countless hours scouring through stock image sites, trying to find the perfect image… and, once you do find it, you’ll easily spend over $10 for just one image.

    And, you’ll have to worry about that same image being used by others, and, you’ll have to make sure you have the rights to use the image commercially.

  2. Or you have the option to hire a photographer to go out there and try to capture a perfect image for you.

    Let’s not even talk about how expensive that is… and, you won’t be sure you actually like the pictures until they’ve sent them to you, which could be a couple of days, depending on editing time.

  3. And, of course, you also have the option to take your own photos, or learn how to design your own graphics, which comes with a whole other level of equipment to buy, new skills and software to learn and much more.

Then he asks you the following questions:

  1. What if you never had to spend all that time, money and effort on stock images ever again?

  2. What if you never have to hire a graphic designer or photographer?

  3. What if you can instantly get the skills to create any kind of graphic, image, photo or art without ever actually having to learn the skills?

Joshua informs you that as of today, creating the perfect images will never be the same, he guarantees it.

He claims that you will now be able to have real AI create unique, traffic-getting images, graphics, photos or art for you at the push of a button, for any niche, any client, any product, or any service, in five seconds of less.

Johua then offers you his full demo, showing you just how easy it is to have graphics create premium quality images for you.

He guarantees it will leave you in shock.

In fact, he claims that you’ve already seen a ton of amazing AI images posted in his landing page video, and on his landing page that Graiphics created for them, 100% automatically.

Joshua claims that 100% of the images on their landing page were fully created by their Graiphics artificial intelligence.

He goes on to say that if you can describe it in text form, their AI can turn it into a visual reality for you as if you were a professional artist yourself.

Joshua states that this is artificial intelligence combined with the power of high-quality graphics marketing.

He also states that he can guarantee you that there’s no other software like Graphics on the JVZoo Marketplace.

And, as Joshua mentioned previously, leveraging the right image with the right message, to the right audiences is one of the most powerful ways for businesses to get more traffic, instantly build trust, sky rocket profit and build brands online.

He claims that now is the time for you to see it, touch it, and feel it for yourself.

Joshua claims that’s when you’ll truly get the full experience of real artificial intelligence.

How Graiphics Actually Works

screen print of Josh's Thank you page

On Joshua Zamora’s Thank You page (once you buy Graiphics), you will find his Thank You video (02:55 minutes), and below that you will find your login details, explaining that they will be sent to you using your email address.

He also explains that if you’ve used different email addresses (for whatever reason) that you will find the login details on your JVZoo receipt. And, he offers you a link to JVZoo, which is below his screen print showing you an example of a JVZoo receipt.

Below the login button is a Stay up to Date by Registering for Our LIVE Training Sessions, which takes your browser to a registration form in which to sign up for a webinar to be offered on 28 of February 2023.

Below the webinar registration button are links to Joshua’s other 5 upsells.

And below that is the support email address you are to use if you have any questions at all.

screen print of Graiphics Dashboard

From inside the Graiphics app, on the Dashboard, you’ll find Joshua’s Welcome to Graiphics video (02:27 minutes).

From the left-hand sidebar, you will find the following options:

  • Buy Credits
  • Presets
  • Create
  • Saved Images
  • Prompt Extractor
  • Sub Users
  • API
  • Tutorials
  • FAQs
  • Support
  • Bonuses
  • My Products – other products that Joshua offers.

In his Welcome video, Joshua recommends that you start with the Tutorials so that you will be able to gain the most from their platform, else you may find yourself not getting the results that you will, with the proper information.

In the Tutorial section you will find the following:

  1. Using Our Presets video (06:56 minutes)
  2. Using Lexica.Art For Prompt Inspiration video (07:55 minutes)
  3. Using Our Subject Wizard video (05:08 minutes)
  4. Using the Tile Feature video (02:48 minutes)
  5. Using Our Image to Image Feature video (07:11 minutes)
  6. Using Our Graiphics Editor video (07:13 minutes)
  7. Using Our Variations Feature video (02:22 minutes)
  8. Using The Upscaler video (01:22 minutes)
  9. Saving, Downloading, Etc. video (02:08 minutes)
  10. Adding Subusers video (00:55 seconds)

Resources Mentioned: Are a list of the resources that Joshua refers to in the different video training.

Under the Bonuses, you’ll find a video titled Graiphics Bonus Delivery (01:24 minutes), explaining where you will find the bonuses.


Had to request what the limitation is for the basic Graiphics access and was informed that it is 250 credits.

Using an image that I had my Graiphics account create for me, I ran a check on the image to see if it even comes close to another image offered online, and the following screen print is the test results that I received.

screen print of TinEye site results for copy off image created by AI app

NOTE: Not 100% certain that this website is the one used by a well-known American law firm who have made it their mission to sue website owners for improper use of images, so I am not 100% certain the test results shown here are even accurate.

The Graiphics app does NOT kick your browser out when leaving the app idle for any length of time, which I found very time-saving, and user friendly.


The legal ramifications of using images that are created by Graiphics is rather disconcerting for me, due to an American law firm making it their mission to sue anyone who uses image incorrectly. This law firm has been very successfully suing ANYONE in the world, and if you do not pay, they will destroy your credit rating.

The limited use is NOT explained when purchasing the basic access to Graiphics. In order to provide you with a complete review, I requested to learn the limit, which is stated above, under PROS.

The query you run for 3 images to be created, even if you do not like any of them, or you only like ONE of those images, you are still charged 9 credits.

Clicked on “Save”, and the first time I did this, the image did NOT get saved and I had to run the same query over again. That amounted to 18 credits for one image.

Sometimes, it takes longer to simply save an image then to have the AI app create one.

It appears that failed queries are still charged to your Graiphics account, therefore you would need to request a refund and hope that you will receive the refund of credits used in failed images being created.

My Take on Graiphics

Was so hoping to have been able to create images to test using the TinEye Reverse Image Search website, like the well-known American law firm uses to find website owners to sue, but have been unable to create any further images beyond my one failed test so far.

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Does Graiphics really transform any text into traffic-pulling image, photo or art? It appears to be true.

However, I would recommend that you use the images created by your Graiphics account at your own discretion.

Until a precedent has been set in a court of law regarding your using images created by AI apps, no user would be 100% safe from a law suit.

Be sure to read my Summary below to learn more.

Below is my video review of Graiphics by Joshua Zamora

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Out of curiosity, I decided to Google search “how do AI apps create images”, in order to see if a law firm had weighed in on this topic.

To my surprise, I discovered several posts explaining things like:

How to Use AI to Create Images of Anything You Can Imagine – which states:

Google is one of the top three “players” in AI research. Still, their progress isn’t easily perceivable, nor are its implementations into products as accessible as OpenAI’s offerings.

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Generate Amazing Images – which states:

Today, AI can create realistic images and videos of cats and hamburgers, representations of your words, faces that aren’t of real people and even original works of art.

Google’s AI can create brilliant images using just text – which states:

Google has developed artificial intelligence that’s capable of creating images based on simple text input. Imagen, as it’s known, is said to easily outperform the competition to create realistic artwork based on the user’s words.

Followed by…

Though it’s not available to the public yet, Imagen has been used to conjure up some pretty impressive images.

Knowing that Google has yet to release access to their app to the public, makes me even more concerned that they may be struggling with the legalities of such an app.

Below is a screen print of the 3 images that Graiphics created for me when I used the very same query that the Google Research, Brain Team used to get their amazing image (opens in a new tab).

screen print of images Graiphics created for me

The Graiphics app did NOT do as great a job with the same query used on Google’s Imagen.

Should you have any question(s) regarding does Graiphics really transform any text into traffic-pulling image, photo or art, please do leave them in a comment below so that we may discuss this further. I value your questions, so don’t be shy.

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