Is Six Figure Side Hustle Bogus or Can You Generate Over $10,000 per Month Working 1 to 2 Hour Per Day?

Luke Sample offers what he deems to be exclusive free training in which he will show you a simple, straight forward, six figure, side hustle that is generating over $10,000 per month on average, for ordinary people, working just 1 to 2 hours per day.

On his landing page, Sample provides a video 6 minutes and 44 seconds in length of snippets from several different people talking about their take on doing a business to bring in extra money.

No mention of what that business might be was made.

Near the end of the video a slide appears and stays until the end of the video. The slide carries the following message: “Register Now to Reserve Your Seat for the Next Upcoming Free Training.”

This being such a short landing page, with a scarcity claim of “Warning: Limited Space Available” having been posted nearer the bottom of the page, I signed up to reserve my seat.

My review here will cover the following topics:

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What is Six Figure Side Hustle?

screen print of website their website when you click the "Yes! Reserve My Seat Now" button

Program Name: Six Figure Side Hustle


Price: Free to sign up for his webinar – $997 US funds for his actual product, followed by a $197 US funds monthly payment

Recommended? NO


In Luke Sample’s webinar he claims that he has been doing online businesses for almost twenty years and that he has never seen anything as good as this.

In fact, he states that this is the first time they are publicly showing this method.

Sample states that before he can show you any of the results he has to show you the following disclaimer:

Luke's legal disclaimer for his webinar

While explaining that just because you are on the webinar doesn’t mean that money is going to appear in your bank account.

That there are risks in any business, he doesn’t know your background, he doesn’t even know if you are going to take action on this, so he can’t promise that you’re going to make the exact amount of money you are about to see in his webinar

But… Sample claims that he can promise you is, this is the best thing in terms of the percentage of people that have success that he has ever seen.

He then goes on to show what he deems to be actual result from someone he calls Andrew, with screen prints showing, “Ordered product sales $97,719.42”, as this person’s best in 30 days.

Then Sample mentions how places like Shopify or drop shipping mention sales numbers.

“You’ll see people talking about sales numbers.” Sample states, “Sales numbers are useless. Profit is the important number.”

Sample goes on to state that with his particular method that $50,000 of the $97,719.42 is the net profit.

Then he claims that Andrew took home around $50,000 to $60,000 profits in a single month. Sample goes on to share that Andrew took home $38,946.97 in a single week.

Followed by claims of $6,737.68 on Andrew’s best day… with $2,459,253.20/yr displayed below this claim.

So… as Sample claims when you do the math on that you are looking at $2,459,253.20 per year pay.

The question then, according to Sample is, how much money can you potentially make with the method that he is about to show you. He says the answer is, “a LOT”.

Followed by, “this is an extremely profitable method that you are about to see.”

Then Sample shows you another person’s results… a person he calls Kathy. He shows you a screen print which displays her “Ordered product sales $46,806.39” in 30 days… or, as Sample claims, that looking at the math, is $561,676.68 per year in sales.

Now another screen print is shared, the said the account belongs to a Kris, whose ordered product sales are claimed to be $70,208.05, over $10,000 in a single week.

Then yet another screen print of an account said to belong to a Patrick, a college student and recent grad and a world traveler.

Who Sample states does not put a lot of time into this business, and whose ordered product sales are shown to be $424,908.12.

On top of this, he claims that he is on pace to make well over a million dollars with this business the year this webinar was made.

Sample claims that these screen prints are all posted on their Facebook group page, and that you will have the chance to get in there and at the end of the webinar and you will be able to talk to these folks to verify that these are real people that are really doing this business.

He goes on to show you that Patrick made $3,237 US funds in a single day, 82.12 thousand US funds in a single month.

All thanks to the method Sample says that you all are about to see.

Sample says that he is going to talk about two completely separate methods but they work hand-in-hand, and that you will see as he goes along.

His big bold promise to you is that these two methods you are going to see will be the absolute best methods you have ever seen to make money online.

He goes on to say that what he means by the best is, the percentage of people that make money with this method is huge; Not only the percentage of people but the amount of money those people make is absolutely huge.

When you compare that with the skills that are required with this isn’t much, time investment needed and money needed isn’t much, there is nothing that you are ever going to see that is even close to this, period.

These methods are simple and easy:

  • No website/blog
  • No funnels
  • No funnel software
  • No list needed
  • No email marketing
  • No ads
  • No chatbots
  • No phone calls
  • No real selling or marketing
  • Simple

Sample says this is why success with these methods is so high:

  • Zero marketing skills required
  • Zero technical skills required
  • Zero chance the methods don’t work
  • You can outsource the entire system
  • Huge profit potential
  • Can do it from anywhere in the world

International folks can do this too, so Sample claims.

How Six Figure Side Hustle Actually Works

Text shows the following: "Two Mind Blowing Methods"

My experience in this webinar is that it was a replay. The chatbox for asking question was not functional at all.

That being said…

Method #1

Luke Sample claims that you need to understand two important facts:

  1. ) More than 80% of Amazon customers only buy Amazon Prime eligible products (Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA offers).

  2. ) Amazon customers are willing to pay much more for Amazon Prime eligible products (FBA offers).

The difference between non-Amazon Prime (Fulfilled by Merchant) and Amazon Prime (FBA)

  • Fulfilled by Amazon means product is being shipped from an Amazon warehouse and displays the Prime symbol.

  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) means the product is being shipped from someone’s home, business, non-Amazon warehouse, etc., and has NO Amazon Prime symbol.

As a side note, Sample informs you that if you have done Amazon marketing before, you have never done anything like this.

So… all you have to do is buy products that don’t have that Prime symbol, and turn them into products that do have the little Prime symbol.

Because you can buy those really low priced products that don’t have the symbol and you can sell them for much higher because Amazon Prime customers are willing to pay more when they see that little symbol.

Sample uses an example of textbooks to show you how this works. On Amazon Prime he shared the following book as being listed, in the screen print below…

screen print of book priced at Prime

But… checking the non-Prime offers for this same textbook, Sample clearly shows you that you can purchase this book for only $7.03 plus $4.49 shipping for a total of $11.52.

screen print of same book posted for sale by 3rd party seller

So, now you can buy this book for $11.52 and when you will receive this book you will ship it to an Amazon warehouse and sell it for $174.00 FBA. Literally taking this textbook from non-Prime to become Prime, taking advantage of a profit of $130.85, after all fees are paid.

screen print of comparison prices and profit shown

The following is a summary of Method #1

  1. Purchase non-Prime books for a lower price.
  2. Ship the books into Amazon and list for sale as a Prime product.
  3. Price your books as high as the same Prime books.
  4. Collect massive profits.

You can also buy the second and third books listed under FBM listings shown in the screen print above, as according to Sample, you can STILL make a profit following his method.

In fact, in Sample’s example he suggests that you could buy all 19 of the books listed as being for sale at the time he was showing this example.

Sample says you don’t have to stick with purchasing one copy, that you can buy multiple copies of the same book, providing you can make a profit following his method.

If you were to have bought all 19 of the books that were listed, it would have cost you $1,112.

However, if you were to have been able to sell all 19 books using Sample’s method, you would have made $3,306, a total profit of $1,626 on ONE book, after all fees are paid.

screen print of Sample's comparison when buying 19 copies of same book, plus profit

The big secret is… how do you find those types of books that will sell?

screen print of Woman's World magazine

How to find profitable books

In a Woman’s World magazine, Sample discovered an article that had been published, titled The #1 easiest way to Make Extra Money.

Sonja Ann Jones, 49 of Santa Clarita, CA apparently wrote the article titled, I make $250 a month selling old books!

The article starts with, If you have books laying around, you can turn them into cash, just like Sonja did.

Apparently she is going into thrift stores, etc. and buying books to flip. And at $250 a month, that’s great.

screen print of Sonja Ann Jones' article

However, Sample claims that one of his stay-at-home moms Shawna is making $25,010.10 with the same method.

While Vicki is making $10,000 a month. Comparatively, Vicki is doing a lot better financially then Sonja did.

screen print of Sample's comparison between Jones' method and his

Rather than walking into locations with books, Sample’s method teaches you how to find those books offered for sale online.

And, instead of searching for books one at a time, Sample offers access to a faster method to finding those gems.

He has custom software to help you find those books, and he claims that his software removes the many hours of researching to find those gems, and is a giant database that is web-based and works using any browser, so you won’t have to download and install anything.

Sample has even set several prep services by contracting processing center that you can use that will receive the books for you, open and inspect them and then repackage the books, and then ship them out for you to any bookseller that you want.

This way, you won’t have to even touch the books you buy and sell.

This is also great for those who live outside of the United States, as you would have the books you purchase from 3rd party sellers sent to the processing center instead of your postal address.

Apparently, once you understand the entire method, you can outsource the work, making your business hands-off as a passive income.

Method #2

Using books again… searching for books, notice the following screen print of Sample’s example find.

If you were to buy this book for the $45.90 shown outlined in red in the screen print above, and then trade it in as the price noted on the right (in the above screen print) for $132.33, you would make a profit of $86.43.

Breaking this down you would buy a book from a 3rd party seller on Amazon, and once you receive it you would then trade that book in to Amazon at a higher price through Amazon’s trade-in program, and Amazon pays for the shipping!

You get paid instantly by pocketing the difference.

Amazon guarantees their trade-in price for a full 25 days… and… even if their trade-in price offered decreases, apparently Amazon will still honour their higher trade-in price

However, if the present trade-in price goes up, you can cancel your trade-in at no cost and claim the higher price.

Sometimes you can find cheaper books to buy outside of Amazon, like from other websites or even from local sources.

You can also find higher trade-in prices with other online booksellers, as there are several hundred different booksellers online.

Having said all of that… Amazon pays you in Amazon gift cards, where all other online booksellers pay in cash.

So, dealing with other online booksellers is obviously the way to go with the majority of your trade-ins.

Though, getting paid in gift cards, apparently has it’s benefits. It is said that Amazon gift cards are easily converted into cash, and have several tax benefits.

Simply use the gift cards to purchase books for resell using Sample’s Method #1, and then once those books are sold, Amazon will pay you in cash. You only get gift cards when trading-in books.

Or… use the Amazon gift cards to purchase books from 3rd party sellers and then sell those books to OTHER booksellers for cash.

However, if you are worried about being paid in Amazon gift cards, simply avoid trading-in to Amazon completely and only trade-in books to the other online booksellers.

Using this method, you will need Sample’s custom software to handle trade-in books for sale, which provides you with full access to a Chrome browser extension.


The software is amazingly quick to bring users a complete listing of books available to purchase for a lower price that would be impossible to locate manually in the same amount of time.

The chance of contaminating your home with other people’s used books (given that bed bugs have been known to love living in old books) has been eliminated, given the optional prep services doing the receiving and shipping for you by Sample’s processing center.

Plus, having a processing center available to use within the United States (US) who can receive and send in your books to ANY bookseller for you, this makes these methods possible to do for those who are located outside of the US to follow Method #1.

Using Method #2, you will know if a book will be profitable before you buy it!

You receive 2 full businesses when you buy from Sample, as you will have access to both of the software programs that find the books for you, for both methods.

In-depth training on both methods and using the software is provided.

Trade-in alerts can be setup so that you can find low cost purchases as they happen.

If you don’t at least make 100% of your purchase price back in the first 90 days you will be paid two times your purchase price back.


Sample’s webinar was obviously pre-recorded over a year ago now (2018, as shown in the webinar).

You will need a large budget beyond the cost of Sample’s monthly membership fees, in order to start purchasing books.

I found myself asking the following questions:

  1. What happens if the books you send to Amazon to be listed as Prime, don’t sell?
  1. What happens if the prep service of a processing center discovers that a book is too badly damaged to pass on to Amazon?
  1. Because this business opportunity was offered a year ago now, what happens once there are no more of those lower priced books left available to purchase because so many others are now doing exactly the same thing?

Method #2 software is out of the question for those who do not use the Chrome browser.

Is Six Figure Side Hustle a Bogus?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

No, I do NOT believe that Six Figure Side Hustle is bogus but the price being just under a thousand dollars to get started, followed by nearly $200 US funds monthly after that, I feel this will not be the best opportunity for the average person’s ability to afford.


  1. Sample’s telling you that selling textbooks alone is a 20 billion dollar industry, and

  2. that the average student spends about $1,000 a year on textbooks… and

  3. stating that there are about 20 million college students that are looking for textbooks, with almost all of them looking online every textbook season…

  4. so, three to four times a year 20 million people are looking for really good deals on books.

Somehow being party to doing this business does NOT make me feel comfortable, morally speaking, forcing student’s textbook up in price like this, making life even harder for students to get the necessary education.

Given the many CONS I have listed above, I do NOT recommend Six Figure Side Hustle.

A Low-Cost, Proven Money-Making Strategy that Works

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The owners of this training platform are so confident that you will see for yourself that the training truly is world-class… AND that all of the included business tools are so priceless… that you will want to become a premium member in no time at all.

You will be able to learn how you can attract your customers to your business WITHOUT spending money on advertising.

Yup! You can learn to do this with NO costly advertising needed at all.

The system works similar to how you came to my article here, and are reading this right here. I have not paid so much as one red cent in advertising to have you here reading this.

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This is NOT a get rich quick scheme… AND… you will need to be prepared to focus on YOUR business and commit to following the training provided inside this training platform, IF you want to succeed.

Wandering away part the way through the training, skipping lessons in the training or not spending the necessary time on YOUR business will only delay your success.

You CAN do this if you are serious about YOUR success so long as you have patience and that you are persistent with getting your brand-new business up and running.

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If you have found this article helpful, I do hope that you will feel confident in sharing this with your friends.

Should you have any questions regarding is Six Figure Side Hustle bogus, please feel free to leave your comment below and I will respond to you in a timely manner.

Hope this helped you,

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