Shipping Containers for Homes – What a Great Idea for a Business!

Dream homes are not necessarily built using only bricks and mortar.

Why not seriously consider building your next house using shipping containers for homes?

This way you can build your dream home for a lot less than purchasing a standard house.

Check out the videos below as they show you how to build a shipping container home:

1st Episode

2nd Episode

3rd Episode

4th Episode

Now, if you are ready to learn more about shipping containers for homes; you could consider Adam Ketcher an architect at creating shipping container homes, as he says he has built well over 140 container homes for his clients.

Ketcher claims that you will be proud of these homes and you can help your client (or even yourself) to save a lot of money using shipping containers like this.

So, if you are ready to learn from someone who has been self-taught, costing himself much money with the mistakes that he made when starting out, then please read on.

In this way you can be more assured of avoiding such costly lessons.

Guides on Shipping Containers for Homes

Ketcher’s program took him 18 years of building homes using shipping containers.

So, I’m sure you will be surprised at how confident you will feel when following his training leaving you with no costly boo-boos, no headaches, and no irritating delays… all at a fraction of what it might cost you if you didn’t have Ketcher to guide you… he states that this is HIS guarantee.

He can teach you the following:

  • Where to find leftover, new shipping containers that their owners are willing to get rid of them. Sometimes for free or they even pay you to take them.
  • Whether you should purchase new or used shipping containers.
  • Why a shipping container which still has the original wood floor is a bad sign, and which floor is better that will provide you with a much smoother interior build.
  • The type of steel the containers you decide to purchase must have and why you should buy the same brand of container.
  • His top secret to getting high quality shipping containers for a lot less than you can imagine.
  • How to find shipping containers in your own area and save transportation costs.
  • 7 things you must look for when selecting a shipping container, and 3 insider tips from professionals that will show you if a container is worth the money asked.
  • How much to pay for shipping containers and no more.
  • 4 types of foundations you can use for your container home and how to select the right one for your specific lot and layout requirements.
  • How to maintain the integrity of the structure of your containers when cutting holes for windows and doors. This will make your containers stronger than their original design.
  • The most economical load bearing set up for your container home and how this will cut the cost of your project by 30%.
  • 5 important things you should consider when choosing to build your homes yourself, hire a contractor to do it for you… or a mix of these options.
  • The mistakes most people make when buying shipping containers and how to avoid them.
  • How to sidestep headaches and thousands of lost dollars due to biggest mistakes made when building shipping container homes.
  • How to build shipping container homes to stand up to most natural disasters including earthquakes and hurricanes, making this a safe option for any home.
  • Where not to cut corners on your projects which can save you mega dollars.
  • How to get important parts for your homes absolutely free and save up to 30% off your total building costs.
  • Why location of your builds will influence the price you pay and how to avoid those extra costs by building in zoning areas that authorities don’t want you to know about.
  • Where to spray polyurethane foam on your shipping container home to increase the longevity by at least 10 years, and saving you thousands of dollars on your heating and cooling costs.
  • How to make your container home thermally efficient with passive solar heating, virtually eliminate all heating costs while keeping your home at a constant temperature, even in the winter.
  • The best, low maintenance roof that will wear well over the years and last longer than any other kind of rood in the industry.
  • How to build a heat reflective roof that standard homes simply cannot compete with that will save you oodles of money in cooling costs within the first few years of use.
  • And MORE!

Now, before going any further or having you visit Adam Ketcher’s website for more details, it is important for me to disclose to you that should you click on and purchase from ANY of the links within this article, I may be compensated for as an affiliate, which may provide me with enough funds to purchase a couple cups of coffee.

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Think about a 1000 square foot home.

Can you figure out the total length of lumber needed for framing, the square footage for the sheathing, number of joists required for the floors and rafters for the ceiling?

You’re not alone. I live in a house that is just under 1000 square feet and I can’t tell answer that without investigating.

You may be surprised to learn that most people would need to research to know the answer too.

However, a 1,000 square foot home made from shipping containers requires 3 forty-foot containers.

When you think of the house in component modules it is easier to recognise, design and build.

shopping containers for homes - a business idea

Container homes are the fastest growing type of housing all over the world according to

Using recycled shipping containers are being used for building houses, shelters, school rooms, showers for homeless, and in some cases even survival bunkers.

These containers are a great cost saving and efficient means as well as a quick, green and workable means for building houses.

Shipping container homes offer the best value for your dollar when compared to other types of housing.

For those who cannot afford a regular house to call home, shipping container homes can be transformed into a luxurious home for a lot less.

Not only that but container homes can be made to be more energy efficient in nearly any environment than conventional houses.

When designed properly, a shipping container home can be:

  • fire proof,
  • termite proof,
  • flood resistant,
  • nature proof,
  • tornado proof and even
  • earthquake proof
  • and even mould free… simply because it is made of strong steel.

These types of houses can be very modern in overall appearance. For example, you can build a home that is inexpensive and small…

…to an extremely big home and very extravagant home.

Shipping container homes are as unique as the people they are built for.

No two homes need to ever be made to look alike, yet the cost savings and high quality of strength is characteristic in all shipping container structures.

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These container homes can be built in as little as one month.

Recycled shipping containers can provide inexpensive solutions for emergency housing needs… or when stacked high they can be made into intriguing dormitory complexes.

When upgrading a container home, all you would need to do is simply add another 40-foot container which would then add 320 square feet to your overall floor space.

There is another more comprehensive guide that may interest you to acquire which includes home plans and projects that come in four books in total.

The vendor claims that you make a one-time payment for lifetime access which includes life-time updates.

The books are titled as follows:

  • Build You Own Shipping Container Home – Step By Step Comprehensive Guide
  • Superb Container Home Plans & Projects
  • Superb Examples of Container Architecture
  • My First Container Home

Your purchase will include a special free bonus of: Home Interior Design Planner Application.

Please note that these are digital products that you can purchase as digital downloads ONLY.

They come in PDF format which you can read on any device using Adobe’s FREE PDF reader software.

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So, whether you want to start your very own business building shipping container homes for sale or that you simply want to build YOUR next home from shipping containers, these two vendors offer lots of knowledge to share with you at an affordable price.

You can…

<<<— BUY Adam Ketcher’s Guide NOW! —>>>


<<<— GET Shipping Container Home club NOW! —>>>

I do hope you have found this article informative enough to share with others.

Should you have any questions regarding shipping containers for homes, I look forward to your leaving a comment below, and I can assure you that I will respond in a timely manner.

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Credit for Header: image by Nicolás Boullosa this being lilly created an affordable, climate-adapted shipping container house

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