Can RHIMS 5.0 Really Teach You Launch-Jacking to Create $522 Per Hour Side Hustle?

JayKay Dowdall introduces RHIMS 5.0 claiming that you are about to discover the secret weapon that builds a massive audience that can stuff affiliate commissions into your pockets, and can build you an entire platform to launch your own personal brand.

He says to imagine the following scenario: “What if you were suddenly catapulted to super-affiliate status and product creators were scrambling to get on YOUR calendar to bring YOU onboard as an affiliate for THEIR products?”

Dowdall claims that he used to think that sounded like a stretch too, until it happened to him.

He goes on to explain that in the past 60 days alone, he has turned this secret weapon into a $522 per hour side-hustle.

And, Dowdall claims that he has used this weapon that he’s about to share with you, to:

  • network with other super-affiliates,
  • get invitations to exclusive and private meetups with product vendors affiliate networks
  • and more.

Dowdall explains that his secret weapon is launch-jacking, and that he has personally used launch-jacking to build a mailing list of targeted customers who buy from him again and again and again.

He goes on to state that he used launch-jacking to reach the top of affiliate leaderboards.

And most importantly, Dowdall says that he has been able to use this secret weapon to turn free traffic into thousands of dollars in commissions.

Dowdall goes on to explain that everybody knows that affiliate marketing is hugely profitable… when it is done right… and in order to do it right, you need a PROVEN formula.

He says that in fact, if you’re doing any kind of affiliate marketing right now, and you’re not getting the results you want that it probably has nothing to do with your campaigns, and that it has nothing to do with:

  • the products you’re selling, or
  • the pages you make, or
  • your website, or
  • any of that stuff.

He says that at the end of the day, any failure in affiliate marketing that you might have experienced has nothing to do with any of those things.

Apparently, it’s all about tapping into a wave of free traffic at just the right moment.

My review of RHIMS 5.0 will cover the following:

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What is RHIMS 5.0?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: RHIMS 5.0

(make sure you read all the way to the end of this review to see how you can SAVE $20 US funds!)

Price: $47 US funds + 1 AMAZING additional offer, 1 DOWNSELL and 1 UPSELL

Recommended? YES


In RHIMS 5.0, JayKay Dowdall is offering you the ultimate guide to launch-jacking.

He states that there is a simple 2-step formula for riding that wave of free traffic.

Step 1: Finding the right affiliate offers – here’s why this so important.

Right now, you can probably grab an affiliate link for dozens of products you know about, and all of those are probably the wrong offers.

Dowdall says that sure, you can probably go and make sales of those offers but they are still not the right offers.

He goes on to explain that the right offers aren’t even released yet, they’re coming soon.

That the right offers are hidden from you at this very moment, known only to a secret cabal of affiliate marketers who know how to spot the offers that are going to explode across social media.

Dowdall continues by saying, like an album from a top artist, the most popular album will be the one that the fans are waiting for, rather than the greatest hits that was released 5 years ago.

He claims that there is a tidal wave of free traffic about to crest past you, all wanting to buy the newest, hottest product in your niche.

Then Dowdall asks you if you would rather be standing there waiting to give them what they want, or something many of them already have… which now brings you to his step 2.

Step 2: The payoff – As this herd of potential customers move towards buying this product, they’re going to buy it from YOUR affiliate link.

If you’re wondering why, Dowdall claims that it’s pretty simple… you will be one of the few affiliates standing there waiting to point them towards the buy button, in exchange for a beefy affiliate commission, of course.

And, you will be there to answer their questions about the product, and to provide them with a sexy freebie if they buy from you compared to all the other affiliates… and EVEN the company that created that product in the first place.

Dowdall says that all those commissions you will be getting isn’t even the REAL payoff.

He claims that the REAL payoff is having those paying customers join your mailing list, so that when the NEXT offer drops in your niche, they don’t even need to go searching for the BEST way to buy THAT product because you’ll be ready for them.

Here’s the deal as he explains it: Success as an affiliate marketer doesn’t come from making 1 sale to 1 person. It comes from making multiple sales to the SAME person.

And, he says that nothing gives you the power to accomplish that goal quite like his formula for launch-jacking.

Dowdall says that as simply as this seems, this 2-step formula for affiliate marketing has turned him into a super-affiliate across multiple offers.

He goes on to say that he turned this launch-jacking strategy into a side-hustle that he barely spends any time on, but still makes thousands.

He states that in the last 60 days alone, he has made over $6,286 after working a combined 12 hours on his launch-jacking formula.

He explains that this is less than 15 minutes per day, and all with completely free traffic.

Dowdall says, now that you know how it works, he’d like to tell you exactly how to do it. He has created a training for you called RHIMS 5.0, which he explains stands for Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff.

He goes on to say that it’s a series that he has been making to teach affiliates how to turn more of their time into commissions.

And, that this is the 5th volume of the training and 100% of the focus is on launch-jacking.

No fluff, Dowdall adds that this training walks you through the following:

  • How to launch-jack offers in any niche
  • Where to find all of this free traffic
  • How to get approved for these offers
  • How to get early access to these products
  • How you can make sales even if you don’t get early access
  • How to create mini-salespages that churn out sky-high conversions from the traffic you send to those offers
  • How to turn free traffic into email leads
  • How to sell over, and over, and over to your customers

And, he says that you can have it right now, today for just $47 [don’t forget my offer of a $20 savings, just for reading to the end of this review].

JayKay Dowdall claims that he started affiliate marketing over 10 years ago and within 5 years he’d struggled to turn affiliate marketing into a full-time income for himself.

Then he says that just a few years ago, he began learning how to leverage launch-jacking correctly and he developed the formula he will be teaching you on the inside of RHIMS 5.0.

Dowdall claims that the formula that he developed churned out over $500 in commissions the first time he tried it, and that he had no idea what he was doing.

And he claims that since then, he has been working on it over and over again, and earlier this year, he was able to use this formula to convert free traffic into almost $9,000 in commissions in just 5 days.

Dowdall says to imagine what you could do if you had the power to turn free traffic into $9,000 in less than a week.

He goes on to say that he has since gone on to turn this secret weapon into the most profitable side-hustle online, and that he is going to give it to you today.

But it actually gets even better…

Dowdall says that you’re going to have zero risk when you put RHIMS 5.0 to work for you, because basically you love it or you can have it for free.

He explains that when you claim your copy, you also claim your right to be protected by his iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

Dowdall’s guaratee states that if you don’t find more value in here than you invested, he will give you 100% of your money back, and you can even keep the training for free anyway.

He states that you’ve got nothing to lose with this “love it or keep it free” guarantee. So, he says to go ahead and buy RHIMS 5.0 to discover how to use his formula for yourself.

The next wave is coming, he says, and then he asks you if you’re ready to cash in.

How RHIMS 5.0 Actually Works

screen print of RHIMS 5.0 Dashboard

1. Welcome to RHIMS 5.0

1.1 Getting Started with RHIMS 5.0 video (00:03:25 minutes) – JayKay Dowdall talks about how to find support, what to expect and he recommends that you take this training in proper order so that you can learn best.

Below this video is a link to Join the 10x Mastermind Facebook group where you can receive support from the community members.

1.2 Getting Started with Launch-Jacking video (00:11:34 minutes) – Dowdall talks about launch-jacking so that you understand what you can do with it, including: Why is it so valuable, and how will RHIMS 5.0 help you get the most out of this powerful affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Launch-Jacking 101

2.1 Find Launch-Jacking Opportunities video (00:30:34 minutes) – Dowdall talks about how to find great launch-jacking opportunities.

Below this video is a link to Access the IM Launch Calendar.

2.2 Getting Affiliate Requests Approved video 1 (00:06:11 minutes) – Dowdall shows you how to get approved as an affiliate by being honest.

Video 2 (00:05:06) – Dowdall shows you the Warrior+Plus platform explaining a vendor’s view of this platform, when receiving affiliate requests.

2.3 Getting Early Pre-Release Access video (00:14:42 minutes) – Dowdall talks about prepping for your launch-jack by getting early pre-release access to the product so that you can jump onto the launch from day one.

Included in this video is your Unfair Advantage to Launch-Jack, and to be able to launch even if you don’t get early access.

2.4 Picking the Right Products video (00:04:36 minutes) – Dowdall talks about how to find the right offers to both make you sales and continue building a scalable relationship with your customers and leads.

3. Your Launch-Jacking Campaign

3.1 The Launch-Jacking Roadmap video (00:17:53 minutes) – Dowdall talks about what you will need to deliver on to secure commissions and new leads onto your email list.

3.2 Phases of the Launch-Jack video (00:17:45 minutes) – Dowdall talks about the different phases of the launch-jack and what can you expect as you continue to join multiple product launches throughout the year.

3.3 List-Building with Launch-Jacking video (00:30:01 minutes) – Dowdall explains that launch-jacking is one of the most effective ways to build up your email marketing list of potential and current customers.

Below this video are 3 links:

1.) Free 14-day trial to Clickfunnels (an affiliate link)

2.) Bonus page template to use only on Clickfunnels

3.) Join Inboxxr for less than $1/day

3.4 Priming Your Tribe video (00:16:17 minutes) – Dowdall discusses how you prime those on your email list before the actual purchase date of the product you will be sharing with them.

3.5 Creating Your Bonuses video (00:31:59 minutes) – Dowdall talks about great bonuses attract more buyers… period.

Great bonuses will also attract more leads to your email list which you can leverage into sales later through email marketing.

Below this video are 4 links:

1.) Free 14-day trial to Clickfunnels (an affiliate link)

2.) Bonus page template to use only on Clickfunnels

3.) Commission Gorilla an alternative to Clickfunnels (possible affiliate link)

4.) Amazon S3 which is Dowdall’s ultimate recommendation for hosting your bonuses inexpensively

3.6 Creating Your Review – Review Overview video (00:18:51 minutes) Dowdall discusses the value of your review, the types of reviews that you can create, the elements to a great review, how to leverage YouTube as a free traffic source for your review, and how he records his reviews.

Your Review Page video (00:27:00 minutes) – Dowdall shares his review page with you and offers you his Clickfunnel template for you to use.

Recording Your Review video (00:12:57 minutes) – Dowdall shares with you what he uses to record his review videos.

Youtube Optimization video (00:14:55 minutes) – Dowdall shows you how to generally optimize your YouTube account.

Below these videos are 9 different links to a:

1.) Free 14-day trial to Clickfunnels (an affiliate link)

2.) Bonus page template to use only on Clickfunnels

3.) 59 Headline Swipe File

4.) Editable review checklist

5.) Sample of his review page

6.) YouTube description template

7.) Webcam he uses that is available on Amazon (an affiliate link)

8.) Light he uses that is available on Amazon (an affiliate link)

9.) Software he uses to create his videos with

3.7 Managing the Launch-Jack video (00:17:12 minutes) – Dowdall discusses some of the important steps in managing your launch-jack successfully.

4. AAA Launch-Jacking Traffic

4.1 Youtube Video Traffic video (00:39:31 minutes) – Free, organic traffic from YouTube is the best source of traffic during a launch-jack. Dowdall explains that he has added hundreds of customers and leads to his email list (as well as dollars in commissions) to his launch-jacking campaigns by simply managing all of the YouTube traffic available during a launch-jack.

Below this video are 5 links to:

1.) YouTube Channel Master Reloaded (an affiliate link)

2.) RHIMS 4.0

3.) A squeeze page sample

4.) Free 14-day trial to Clickfunnels (an affiliate link)

4.2 Facebook Social Traffic – Facebook as an Asset video (00:13:50 minutes) In this lesson, Dowdall teaches you how to leverage the Social Circles Strategy (includes his second video) as a growth-hacking tool to add members to a Facebook group and send traffic to your review page.

The Social Circle Strategy video (00:50:02 minutes) Dowdall shares a great method for creating viral posts in Facebook that works 100% of the time.

4.3 Email Marketing – The Value of Your Email List video (00:15:13 minutes) Launch-jacking is said to be one of the most effective ways of adding targeted leads to your email list, and in this lesson, Dowdall shows you how to leverage that list correctly.

Entry points to Your List video (00:12:52 minutes)

Launch-Jacking Campaign Emails video (00:03:01 minutes)

Autoresponder Advice video (00:10:04 minutes)

Below these videos are 4 different links to:

1.) A free 14-day trial to Clickfunnels (an affiliate link)

2.) Drip, Dowdall’s recommended autoresponder

3.) A full nurture sequence email training from Inboxxr

4.) Join Inboxxr for less than $1 per day

5. Case Studies

5.1 Bing Bang Profits Reloaded ($9,500+) video (00:32:26 minutes)

5.2 Traffic Five ($3,500+) video (00:14:38 minutes)

5.3 MailEngageX ($3,000+) video (00:11:48 minutes)

6. Bonuses

6.1 Bonus List

Bonus #1: $14,862 in Launch-Jacking Case Studies

Bonus #2: The Launch-Jack Walk-Thru video (00:17:12 minutes) + sample email sequence + sample Dowdall’s review page

Bonus #3: 59 Headline Swipe Files

Bonus #4: No-Fail Emails For New Subscribers

Bonus #5: 30min 1-on-1 Strategy Session with JayKay Dowdall


This has to be THE best instructional video course that I have been fortunate to have been introduced to through an instructor for a previous course I took.

Whether you are a newbie or an internet marketer trying to make money online, then you NEED RHIMS 5.0 so that you can discover how to do that sooner than later.

JayKay Dowdall OVER delivers with this course, as I’m sure you will agree should you be willing to learn from this course.

You have a 30 day of your receipt of purchase guarantee, if you are not happy with the training.

screen print of guarantee


The ONLY nitpicking issue I could find with RHIMS 5.0 is that JayKay Dowdall only accepts credit cards as the method of payment. In the past, I have thought that a vendor must be unscrupulous if they didn’t allow payment with PayPal, but that is NOT the case here.

My Take on RHIMS 5.0

thumb pointing up in approval

When I first saw JayKay Dowdall’s launch-jacking product months ago now… (knowing that so many vendors of make money online tend to be unscrupulous with their advice and/or products offered), I truly though that launch-jacking had to be a black hat idea, and so I avoided even looking into this product.

Boy, was I ever WRONG!

An instructor from a course I attended earlier this year, informed me how awesome the RHIMS 5.0 training is, and he suggested that I get the upsells at the same time. BOY, am I glad he told me about this training.

For me, the term “launch-jacking” made me think of someone being taught to steal (an obvious no-no), and THAT thought couldn’t have been further from the truth about RHIMS 5.0, as Dowdall’s instructions are purely honest in every way.

The term launch-jacking is being used to describe this training only to attract MORE students, and it must have worked.

RHIMS 5.0 simply provides students with a quicker and easier method for making money online.

Below is my video review on RHIMS 5.0 by JayKay Dowdall.

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If you have decided to buy RHIMS 5.0, and you want to save yourself $20 US funds, then simply click here to find out how you can save.

And, you’ll definitely want to be sure to purchase his upsells at the same time and save even more.

This way too, you can learn email marketing and get in on the previous instructional videos of all the previously released versions of RHIMS, which you WILL soon discover that you will WANT these too.

screen print of vendor's upsells

Armed with this information, you could be making money as soon as you start following Dowdall’s instructions.

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Should you have any questions regarding: can RHIMS 5.0 really teach you launch-jacking to create $522 per hour side hustle, you have only to ask them in a comment below and I will definitely discuss my answer(s) with you in a timely manner.

Time You Made Money Online,

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