Is Mass Income Machines a Scam or a Way to Earn $42,000 a Month from Home?

Jacob Allen the key spokesperson for Mass Income Machines informs us that he is going to share “a way to generate money that only a small group of select people know about”.

Whether you have never made a penny online before… Allen claims that anyone can earn a regular income from a little know, even secret industry that is worth over $12 billion dollars each year. He goes on to claim that you can go on to earn consistent money today… but only if you are serious and satisfy their criteria.

Allen goes on to show us lots of screen prints of incomes that we could make. He goes on and on promising that we can make money online using this system. Apparently, Mass Income Machines will help me create a shortcut to success.

The following will be discussed…

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What is Mass Income Machines ?

screen print of member's dashboard

Program Name: Mass Income Machines


Price: $37 US funds + 3 upsells

Recommended? NO


Jacob Allen states that Mass Income Machines contains everything you need to make serious money online in the shortest time possible. He goes on to say that the information market is worth over $12 billion dollars yearly. This is where he claims that we need to be in order to make money.

Allen claims people will pay a lot to find solutions to their problems and if we give them this they will gladly give us money for this information. Then he goes back to sharing screen prints of incomes, claiming the payments are from those who were hungry for answers.

Apparently, the reason the “Mass Income Machines system is so successful is because it uses the power of groups as massive leverage to make even greater profits.”

He goes on to say there are various niche markets that they are involved in, with each one of them bursting with buyers. Then Allen shows us how to setup a Clickbank Account, “a huge corporation that processes over 1 billion dollars in affiliate sales”.

Allen clearly promises that once you have setup your Clickbank account and after your money making system is activated you tap into the group to leverage your profits and you automatically earn money.

He then goes on to claim he will leave his new system online and check back in a few days time. Allen claims to sign back into his new account after 4 days… the one we watched him setup, and then he shares screen prints with us from heaven knows where, but clearly stamped with 100% Verified.

screen print of Forbe's claim of income and verification

He claims to have the mechanics to being successful, and that his system is designed for beginners.

How Mass Income Machines Really Works

First you will be asked to setup a membership account then you will arrive at their list of 8 modules, consisting of videos and guides.

Module 1 – John Forbes takes you through a 9:34 minute video on how to make money online. After going over a list of methods where you could make money online, stating the pros and cons of them, Forbes recommends creating your own product. He promises that he will teach us to do this in a step by step method.

Then Forbes goes on to tell us what this course is all about:
Find a Profitable Niche – this he claims is the first thing he will be talking about.

Website Setup – he says he’s going to teach us how to setup a website, step by step.

Create a Product to Sell – he’s going to teach us how to get free information and recycle it into something to sell.

Copywriting – he’s going to teach us to how to coordinate creating a product and claims that we can outsource this part to have others do the work for us.

List Building Integration – he claims he will teach us how to get a really profitable list so it is a residual income going forward.

Where to Sell Your Product – he states that he will teach us this very simple method for selling our products that we have then created.

The Best Traffic Source – he’s going to share with us the one best method he has learned in 14 years of actually working and selling products online.

Residual Income for Life – this is what he says he will be teaching us.

The Guide – three pages with the above list of what he will cover off in the training.

Module 2 – Forbes takes 21:08 minutes talking about profitable niches. He claims that digital information products are the best and talks about how people seek information using Google. Then he identifies what he believes are the 4 popular niches, and declares that information products are easy to create.

To find out if a niche is profitable or not, he suggests doing the research: for competition, on social media communities like Facebook fan pages, dig deep on Google, identify what questions people are asking, and then recycle the information.

Forbes then walks you through using Clickbank as a member, showing us the many different categories of information available from there. Then he is off to JVZoo to share their categories with us, followed by ClickSure, which he claims is similar to Clickbank and JVZoo.

The Guide – four pages, with three pages of actual instructions offering the URLs he talked about in the video.

Module 3, Video 1 – Forbes takes 5:32 minutes showing how to register your domain name using

Module 3, Video 2 – Forbes takes 8:30 minutes showing how to sign up with for website hosting, which he shows as offering three different types of packages.

Module 3, Video 3 – Forbes takes 12:01 minutes discussing hosting housekeeping where he continues discussing emails you will receive from to start setting up your website on their server. Then he moves on to talking about hiring a freelancer from

Module 3, Video 4 – Forbes speaks for 12:15 minutes on website setup choices, where he shows us what pages are needed.
He then moves on the cPanel access with HostGator and show us how to use what is clearly labeled as QuickInstall, which resides under Software and Services.

This is where he shows us how he installs WordPress onto a domain, and then sign into the newly installed WordPress dashboard, customize the theme that is installed by default, and how to start writing your content on pages.
He also mentions that you can hire a freelancer to create your website for you from here on.

Module 3, Video 5 – For 9:04 minutes, Forbes discusses how to make your product page creation. He even briefly demonstrates using The Divi Builder.

The Guide – five pages, which briefly reviews what is covered in all five videos.

Module 4, Video 1 – Forbes takes 16:17 minutes discussing creating your product, part 1.

Module 4, Video 2 – Forbes takes 10:16 minutes discussing creating your product, part 2.

The Guide – four pages, briefly reviewing the video lessons.

Module 5, Video 1 – Forbes takes 11:15 minutes discussing copywriting.

Module 5, Video 2 – Forbes takes 9:24 minutes discussing copywriting techniques.

Module 5, Video 3 – Forbes takes 4:49 minutes discussing copywriting guarantees.

The Guide
– four pages, briefly reviewing the contents of the videos.

Module 6 – Forbes takes 10:34 minutes discussing list building.

The Guide – three pages reviewing list integration.

Module 7, Video 1 – Forbes takes 6:33 minutes discussing ClickBank integration, part 1.

Module 7, Video 2 – Forbes takes 14:07 minutes showing you ClickBank integration, part 2.

Module 7, Video 3 – Forbes takes 13:36 minutes showing you ClickBank integration, part 3.

The Guide – five pages discussing payment integration.

Module 8 – Forbes takes 10:47 minutes discussing web traffic.

The Guide – four pages offering a brief review of the video content.

PROS: In expensive training videos are very good at showing how to follow his instructions, as well as offering great tips on the techniques discussed.

CONS: This video training will be outdated very quickly given the changes that WordPress is continually performing in trying to simplify their software for their users.

There is no one to ask questions of or receive help from should students of this training have difficulty with the instructions. Also, there was no mention on protecting your mobile website visitors by installing a SSL certificate on your website… which is a KEY search engine optimization tool now.

Is Mass Income Machines a Scam?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Seriously folks, I do not believe that Mass Income Machines is a scam. However, due to the many cons outweighing the pros, I have to conclude that I can NOT recommend Mass Income Machines.

The Best Way to Learn to Make Money Online

You can learn to create an income site that works when you receive training that offers support 24/7, and that is what I found just over 2 years ago now. This training platform that I want to share with you, offers great training, the tools to do the work, AND support whenever you need it too.

There is NOTHING you have to pay to try this training either. You will have full access to 10 complete lessons once you create your FREE membership… and, you will NOT even be asked for a credit card! That is how sure this platform is that you will see for yourself how good the quality of the training, tools, and support offered here are.

You will learn how to create your very own online business that you will NOT even have to pay to advertise either. The lessons will teach you how to attract visitors like a magnet. This way you won’t have to chase anyone… instead, they will come looking for what you have to offer.

Don’t believe me…Well then, how did you find my review right here? I haven’t paid even a penny to advertise… and yet, here you are!

Organic traffic is free to those who know how to attract visitors. Time for you to find out how to do the same, wouldn’t you agree?

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Before we proceed, one thing I need to warn you about is that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You will be expected to learn, to follow instructions, and to have patience and dedication for your new online business.

Any business worth having takes time to build. This is not an overnight way of earning millions like some training likes to profess. And… the best part of what I am sharing with you here is that you get to try it out for FREE!

So… are you ready to stop wasting your time and money?

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Should you have any questions as to whether Mass Income Machines is a scam, or if you only want to state your thoughts on this topic, I hope you will leave a comment for me below. You will receive a response in a timely manner, of that I can assure you.

Time to Stop Wasting Money,

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