Is Fast Profits a Scam or a Way to Earn $1700 Every Day?

Self-professed, very successful Business Analyst and Consultant Michael Carson promises you that if you listen he will teach you how to earn $1700 each day.

He proceeds to show a screen print of an income for $2,821,948.16 that he claims is his own from last year.

He goes on to say to forget about affiliate marketing or anything else like that as he has got the real deal. That’s when he goes into his spiel about shopping online, and then he promises that he has a weird trick that could see you earn fast profits starting today.

According to Carson, you don’t even need any products to sell in order to earn that $1700 a day.

Carson goes on to assure you that he personally earns over 2 million dollars a year while spending just an hour a day on his laptop.

He claims he is going to hand you an unfair advantage over the others, and that within 8 clicks of the mouse you could be earning up to $1700 a day.

The following details will be discussed here:

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What is Fast Profits?

screen printing of Fast Profits' membership dashboard

Program Name: Fast Profits


Price: $37 US funds + 1 upsell and 1 downsell + 2 substantial extra costs not mentioned until after payment

Recommended? NO


Carson even goes so far as to claim that you do not need to know a single thing about business, have any previous experience with the retail industry, or even know exactly what to sell online… to make a fortune online selling products.

He claims that all you need to do is follow a proven system that is responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars each year, as many people are earning fast profits with his secret system… so now it is your turn.

How Fast Profits Really Works

screen print of membership area of Fast Profits

Carson greets his paying members with another video inside the membership area.

In this video he promises that if you follow his instructions and actually take action on what he tells you that you could end up making an average of $1700 a day.

He claims that if you follow his instructions and go through the course in its entirety then he is confident that you will soon be reaping the kind of fast profits other members and he earn… but it is important that you follow his course thoroughly.

To get started, he recommends that you first activate your free 14 day trial from Shopify if you have not already done so, as this is how you will be creating your fast profits stores… on THEIR platform.

He goes on to recommend that you open your fast profits hosting account, as this is essential for increasing your profits. He also promises to show you other revenue streams that you will need the hosting for.

There are 2 zip files for members to down load. One zip file contains four PDF files titled as follows:

  • cheat sheet,
  • mind map,
  • resource sheet and
  • the course… titled The Ecom Formula, which contains 33 pages, with a table of contents labeled with the same titles as the videos.

While the second zip file contains 9 short videos:

  1. What is eCommerce and Why You Should Take Notice (9:26 minutes)
  2. An Introduction to eCommerce Business Models (9:09 minutes)
  3. Creating Your Online Store (10:25 minutes)
  4. Creating Your Online Store (8:02 minutes)
  5. Creating a Shopify Site (5:55 minutes)
  6. Creating a WooCommerce Store (7:13 minutes)
  7. Designing a Store That Will Sell (6:46 minutes)
  8. Ways to Generate More Sales with Pricing and Persuasive Writing (7:03 minutes)
  10. Starting Your eCommerce Business (1:55 minutes)

PROS: I could NOT find any.

CONS: First off, Carson fails to inform his potential customers that they will need to invest even MORE funds immediately upon paying for his course, in order to purchase website hosting PLUS the cost of a Shopify store.

After the 14 day free trial with Shopify, you will be billed on a regular basis. At the time of writing this review, the lowest monthly rate charged for a Shopify store was $29 US dollars.

screen print of Fast Profits' website hosting

For the website hosting Carson recommends, you would be billed $143.04 US funds for 3 months… and Carson recommends you sign up for a 2 year plan.

Secondly, why recommend members sign up for either the 14 day free trial with Shopify OR for website hosting BEFORE taking the his course. That is a waste to the 14 day free trial as it could take students that long to go through the training, especially if his students are taking this training while working at a regular job.

Both of Caron’s “Must Haves” (Shopify store and hosting) appear to be using affiliate links.

There is NO one to ask for technical help from should you have any difficulty any time during his course.

Is Fast Profits a Scam?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

I do not believe that Michael Carson intentionally misinforms his landing page visitors by failing to tell you that you will need to pay out substantially more than the initial $37 US funds in purchasing his course in order to get started.

So, no… I do not believe this to be a scam but instead, a very poor presentation of training that might otherwise have been good.

Due to the many cons listed above, in all good conscience, I can NOT recommend Fast Profits.

A Better Means for Earning Money Online

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What if I could show you a platform that not only offers you quality training and support 24/7, but also the tools required to build that business… INCLUDING website hosting?

I found the best platform that offers the “secret sauce” to creating a successful and thriving business and I have been a member there for over 2 years now.

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That’s right, I said for FREE.

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This is NOT a get rich quick scheme either. As a Starter member to this training platform, you will see for yourself. You will be required to have patience as well as dedication in growing your online business.

No successful business was ever be built over night, so don’t let anyone ever kid you with that line.

So, now if you are tired of wasting your time and your money, and you are ready to discover more about this great platform… here is my free guide:

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Before I forget, there is another bonus for you that you can find out more about. You will learn how YOU can get ME for your premium coach, if you are interested. I will tell you how you can qualify for this in my free guide.

Should you have any questions as to whether Fast Profits is a scam or even if you want to offer your take on this topic, I would love to hear from you in a comment below. You’re not to worry either, as I am very prompt at replying to all comments.

Time to Earn Money Online,

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