Is From Newbie to Millionaire a Scam or a Legitimate Six to Seven Figure Income Formula?

The 500 free tools and resources sounds pretty intriguing, I must admit, and I am as curious as anyone might be at learning how Christine Clayfield was able to such a hefty income as she did… OH! But wait a minute.

Can you see the screen print from her landing page below here, the one that clearly shows that she banked over $1.800.00 per year?

screen print of a sentence off From Newbie to Millonaire's landing page

The punctuation used are NOT commas either folks… and, that looks more like $1 DOLLAR, wouldn’t you agree?

Though, down lower on her landing page, Christine claims the following:

screen print of second sentence off From Newbie to Millionaire's landing page

So… yes, a very high income claimed here too.

The vendor’s site is not only, NOT secure it is also NOT responsive… so you will NOT want to be visiting it using any mobile device, as you could find your device in trouble security wise. And, you may also find the site difficult to read, without constantly zooming in and out and/or scrolling from side-to-side.

My review will be covering the following:

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What is From Newbie to Millionaire?

screen print of From Newbie to Millionaire's eBook in Acrobat Reader

Program Name: From Newbie to Millionaire


Price: $47 US funds + 1 upsell

Recommended? NO


This is an eBook containing 510 pages, and the author is quick to inform her readers that this book is also available in hard copy from Amazon. At the time of writing this review, I checked and sure enough… it is being offered not once but twice, each book for a different price.

After talking a lot about how important your health is when working on a computer, warning her readers as to the importance of learning to sit properly at a computer… on page 52, Christine refers to software she claims to have developed.

She proudly shows as the website for this software. Then I Google searched “break reminder software” (without the quotation marks, of course), click the link and see for yourself what my search results were: break reminder software search results.

Nowhere to be found on Google’s page one. So, then I checked by typing the domain address into my browser’s address bar and, VOILA! Yes… the site exists.

For a book offering tips on becoming a millionaire by offering to teach me internet marketing, wouldn’t you think that author might be following her own advice?

Christine claims she owns 83 websites. She goes on to say that she has staff and outsources and that they are now looking after these for her. In this eBook, Christine’s focus is mainly on WordPress. She goes on to say that it will cost you money to setup a website.

However, her quote of “about $20” is a tad under quoted, especially given that SSL certificates are a MUST HAVE for any website wishing to gain targeted traffic today. This cost is on top of any hosting fees, domain registration, and a premium theme, never mind any outsourcing you might be giving serious consideration of hiring.

I will say that Christine finally admits that at the very least, you will need a domain registration, website hosting and a keyword tool, all for about $116 US funds. Yet, when checking the price for her recommended keyword tool, as well as hosting and domain registration, the price is now more like $184.63 US funds.

So, you will need to understand and remember when reading this eBook that it was originally published in 2011 and only updated in 2014, and nothing since.

Later Christine mentions the necessity of other great and some necessary computer tools which cost even more.

On page 67, she even claims that she will show you how to rank in Google… and, remembering how her break reminder software did NOT rank. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for being confident with her techniques.

How From Newbie to Millionaire Really Works

This eBook was updated in 2014, so it tends to be a bit outdated given that the internet is ever changing. Some very valuable information is missing from Christine’s tips, like making sure your website has a SSL certificate so you can gain mobile users as potential customers too.

In this eBook, Christine starts off warning her readers as to the importance of sitting in front of a computer and the importance of good health.

Then, several useful basic tips are included for those who are newbies offering explanations regarding the terminology used on the internet and in affiliate marketing… pages 68 to 119, to be more precise.

This is followed by general advice on:

  • picking a niche, pages 120 to 129;
  • keyword researching, pages 130 to 173;
  • creating your website, pages 174 to 197;
  • SEO optimization, pages 198 to 222;
  • creating content, page 223 to 259;
  • monetizing your website, pages 260 to 300;
  • things you need to do before getting traffic, pages 301 to 310;
  • free traffic, pages 311 to 378;
  • paid traffic, pages 319 to 410;
  • ways to make money with no website, pages 411 to 420;
  • ways to make money with a website, pages 421 to 437;
  • drop shipping and eCommerce, pages 438 to 461;
  • success formula, page 462 to 494;
  • conclusion from pages 495 to 502;
  • make money with her products, page 503 to 504;
  • final words and training videos available, pages 505 to 508;
  • blank pages 509 and 510.

Christine covers not only affiliate marketing but she also talks about creating your very own product and other ways of making money online (such as writing articles for others).

Is From Newbie to Millionaire a Scam?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

No, I do not believe that From Newbie to Millionaire is a scam, though this eBook is becoming more and more outdated with each passing year. This is a major disadvantage with purchasing printed books on topics such as the internet where changes tend to happen so quickly.

You are left on your own to not only read but also follow the author’s instructions. If and when something goes wrong, you will have no one to consult with or ask questions of. Therefore, I must conclude that I do not recommend From Newbie to Millionaire.

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No way is this a get rich quick scheme!

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Have a question concerning if From Newbie to Millionaire is a scam? Simply want to leave your thoughts on this topic with me? Then please feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you quickly.

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