Is Latitude Easy Laptop Income Without Online Marketing?

Jono Armstrong and Ashley Parry are the vendors of Latitude.

In their cleverly composed landing page video, Armstrong tells Perry that in order to unlock the financial powers of NTFs, you need to align 3 images, and they’re making people overnight millionaires.

Armstrong says that it’s so confused and frustrating with all these different ways to hopefully make money online.

He goes on to say that you want something current that actually works.

Then he asks, “Well, where do you look?”

Your heart races in anticipation when you think that you’ve finally found the right guru to follow, claims Armstrong, and he adds that it’s an amazing feeling.

Then Armstrong says that it’s happened again. He claims that you’ve been led into another trap by the gurus, oh the sorrow.

Then Parry comes in explaining that they’re called NFTs, and they come from the year 2021, and it’s making ordinary people literally overnight millionaires.

Then Armstrong come on again, claiming that this is a bit awkward, but it looks like you’ve finally making some progress.

Latitude allows you to tap into the newest instant wealth revolution of 2021, claims Armstrong.

And, he adds that NFTs are making regular people build money, and countless millionaires right now.

Parry claims that this is so easy. Then Armstrong claims that you don’t need to be an artist.

And in fact, he says that if you can draw something like a stick drawing (screen print of that drawing shown below) with your left hand, you can make money.

screen print from vendors landing page video

He then claims that you can even use other people’s art to make money, using their free secret software.

Armstrong explains that the entire system has been created by William, a 12-year-old kid, and you can see his case study on their landing page.

He says that if a 12-year-old kid can do this, what’s stopping you.

Parry comes back in claiming that it takes literally 5 minutes to get every thing into place and start earning, which makes it the perfect job replacing side hustle.

My review of Latitude will cover the following:

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What is Latitude?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Latitude


Price: $12.95 US funds + 1 Downsell and 5 Upsells

Recommended? NO


Jono Armstrong and Ashley Parry take turns letting you know what all you get inside what they deem is their informational training course they call Latitude.

Armstrong states that the Latitude blue print shows you step-by-step, how to get up and running as fast as humanly possible.

Parry says that Latitude is on a dime sale so if you come back later, it will cost you more money, so act right now and grab your copy.

Armstrong states that after this 5-day launch, Latitude will be selling evergreen for $97. He claims that it also comes with a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee so, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Their promise is that it takes just 3 steps and no online marketing is required.

Step 1: Unlock the Latitude blueprint.

Step 2: Activate the software and included free traffic with over 300 million qualified buyers.

Step 3: Sit back and watch buyers find you.

Claims are made that 12-year-old William shows you how to make $1000s in weekly profits that requires zero online marketing skills or experience.

They say that this is:

  • Hotter than crypto and risk free
  • Easier than copy and paste
  • More profitable than affiliate marketing
  • No list or social following needed
  • 100% free software
  • Zero upfront costs or monthly fees
  • Unlimited profit potential
  • 15 minutes or less per day

What they claim they have with Latitude is:

  • Not any kind of traditional online marketing
  • Not a rehashed version of something that’s been around for years
  • Not saturated at all – in fact there’s zero competition the way they do it

Apparently, it’s:

  • 100% fresh and fun
  • So simple, it’s literally child’s play
  • Ridiculously profitable for them and anyone who’s tried it
  • Completely new
  • Shockingly easy

They claim that it’s the fastest way to make money in 2021.

How Latitude Actually Works

screen print of vendor's members area

What is NFT Short For?

Answer: Non-Fungible Token

Fungible stands for “law”, according to the Oxford Dictionary.

screen print of Google's meaning of fungible as found in Oxford Languages


Welcome to Latitude video (03:04 minutes) – Jono Armstrong welcomes you in this video.

Below this video is a button link titled Watch The Live Training Call Here – next training available Wednesday, Jun 1, 2022 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT


Overview *START HERE* video (07:57 minutes) – Ashley Parry provides a quick overview of the topic of the training.

Welcome From William video (01:40 minutes) – provides you with an overview of the course.

Below this video is a button link titled Subscribe to Williams YouTube Channel Here

MetaMask Account Setup video (05:43 minutes) [this video is poorly recorded]

Below this video is a button link titled Get MetaMask Here

How To Access Your OpenSea & MetaMask Accounts video (01:46)

OpenSea Profile Customization video (01:14 minutes)

How To Create A Collection video (04:17 minutes)

Below this video are the following:

Free vector software to create items: Button link #1, Click Here To Access Inkscape

Free pixels software to create items: Button link #2, Click Here To Access Pixie Engine

Create NFTs out of up to 3 Pictures and this AI: Button link #3, Click Here To Access Night Cafe

Adding An Item video (03:03 minutes) – you’re told that you will need to purchase the advanced training to be shown more steps regarding your collection.

Below this video is a button link titled, Access The Advanced Training Here
along with the following notice:

(Advanced Training a.k.a Latitude DELUXE
is a Paid Upgrade)

If you’ve already purchased the DELUXE version, you can access it via your Warrior Plus account.

How To Add Ethereum To Your MetaMask video (04:46 minutes) – you’re warned that if you are not really careful your account could get hacked and you could lose all of your money.

And, when transferring money back to your account, you’re told that it could take up to a day before it happens.

Below this video is the following:

Here are other options to use instead of MetaMask:

This Is What I Use: Button link #1, Kraken

Decent All Round Option: Button link, #2 Coinbase

Bank Wire Possible With This One: Button link, #3 Sinergy

Just Search For Your Country: Button link, #4

How To List An Item For Sale video (07:06 minutes) you’re informed that you need to spend more money when following this training, as you will also be charged for all transactions.

You’re also told that you will need to advanced training to continue.

Below this video is a button link titled, Click Here To Access The Advanced Training
along with the following notice:

(Advanced Training a.k.a Latitude DELUXE
is a Paid Upgrade)

If you’ve already purchased the DELUXE version, you can access it via your Warrior Plus account.

Traffic Source – Discord video (06:28 minutes) William recommends you use the APP rather than downloading as a Chrome addon.

Below this video are the following:

  1. Button link #1, Access the Elite Insiders Club Here
  2. Button link #2, Download Discord For Mac/PC Here
  3. Button link #3, Download for Android Here
  4. Button link #4, Download for iPhone Here

Traffic Source – Twitter video (02:52 minutes)

Below this video is the following note:

Use these search terms to find posts to comment on to get free traffic and buyers:

  • show nft
  • share nft
  • drop nft
  • show nft collection
  • drop your nft link
  • buy nft
  • nft to buy

Security video (04:31 minutes) William warns that many members get hacked and lose thousands and thousands. He provides you with security tips.


Upgrade 1 ($47) – “Latitude PRO”

Upgrade 2 ($197) – “Elite Insiders Club”

Upgrade 3 ($67) – “Latitude DELUXE”

Upgrade 4 ($197) – “Unlimited Traffic”

Upgrade 5 ($67) – “Ultra Reseller Rights Bundle”


Access Bonuses

Free Traffic From YouTube

Button link #1, Access Here Now! – dead link (see screen print under CONS)

0 to $100 in 24 Hours

Button link #2, Access Here Now!


Button link #3, Access Here Now!

Fuego Breakout

Button link #4, Access Here Now!

Access Your Special Bonuses HERE – affiliate links to other vendor’s products

Access The Sales Page Bonuses HERE – Google doc with links to the Bonuses listed above, and the first link is still dead.


William is excellent at providing training and he appears to have included a lot of helpful tips within his videos.


You are told that you NEED to purchase the upsells if you want to know more about how to use this free software. The basic package does not provide full training.

You’re told this Latitude is “Hotter than crypto & risk free”… and that you need “no list or social following needed”.

Yet, William clearly warns his students in his training as to the risk of having your site easily hacked (not so risk free), and he shows you how to make your sales known using Twitter.

If you have no social following then you will have no means of marketing online “free”.

The very first BONUS listed, titled Free Traffic From YouTube is a broken link.

screen print of vendor's bonus NOT FOUND

Be sure that you search Twitter for the following: “hacked meta mask“, without the quotation marks, of course, and read through those many posts of members who’ve lost all of their money from MetaMask.

Then tell me if you still think that their claim that this is “risk free” is an exaggeration or not. Though yes, it MIGHT be hotter than crypto.

There are other stories not so readily found, like this one:

And for the sake of telling BOTH sides in being fully transparent about what I have discovered, I offer you the following: 5th paragraph, second sentence, is as follows:

You may not have time for NFTs and DeFi and TikTok and the metaverse, but by this time next year, or perhaps the year after that, their slow creep into our American lives is inevitable.

And lastly, I feel certain that NFTs will be deemed as yet another pyramid scheme.

My Take on Latitude

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

12-year-old William is greatly admired by me. He has taken great effort to produce great training, proving he is knowledgeable and very confident as an instructor.

However, the actual thought that online trading of NFTs (non-fungible token) is safer than banking makes me shiver, wondering how many newbies will lose a LOT of money.

Online banking appears to be a whole lot more reliable and secure than what I witnessed through the training of Latitude.

For example, try searching Twitter for “online banking hacked” (again, without the quotation marks) and you’ll NOT find anyone screaming that their bank account has been hacked and stripped of all their money.

Is Latitude easy laptop income without online marketing?

Not really as you will still need to SELL in order to profit. And I certainly wouldn’t want to gamble at making money like this. Therefore, I do NOT recommend Latitude.

Below is my video review of Latitude by Jono Armstrong and Ashley Parry.

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Should you have any question(s) regarding is Latitude easy laptop income without online marketing, please do leave them in a comment below so that we can discuss this further.

Gambling is Never Advisable,

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