The Truth about Your Income Profits Secret to Generate up to $1,000 Commissions Today

Tom Williams states that he set himself a goal to help 50 ordinary “Joes” to lead the life of financial freedom, by teaching them the exact same system that turned him from a low-waged IT engineer into a multi-millionaire.

This system Williams claims is generating him over $1,000 every single day.

And, he says he wants you to be skeptical so that once he shows you the real life proof that his system works, you will know that it isn’t the same B.S. you have seen before.

Williams goes on to say that no matter what happens to the economy, you will still be able to live the lifestyle that you deserve, which is why he wants you to pay close attention to every word he is about to share with you.

You see, Williams says that this money making system that he created was not out of pure luck but out of necessity.

Apparently, Williams and his friend Jeremy used to work for a local IT firm.

He claims that everything was good until one day their boss told them that they were being laid off work.

Williams claims that their entire IT division was being outsourced to India. After 10 years of working for this company, they were hoping for a big promotion instead.

My review of this product will entail the following topics:

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What is Your Income Profit?

screen print of Your Income Profits' popup window if you try to leave their landing page

Program Name: Your Income Profit


Price: $9 US funds + 1 upsell

Recommended? NO


Tom Williams states that a realization that he gained was that no matter how hard you dedicate your life to slave for a company, your job will never by 100% secure.

So they set out to find a better way to give their families the lifestyle that they deserve.

He goes on to say how they searched the web and even paid thousands of dollars to learn from ‘gurus’ on how to make money online, and he claims he cannot remember how many times they were cheated.

According to Williams, they threw their savings away on poor quality courses that just didn’t work. Many of which, Williams claims, when they asked for support the staff were unable to be reached.

Williams goes on to say that some of the ‘gurus’ simply vanished once they had paid their course fees. He goes on to claim that all of this was worth it because they managed to sneak their way into the elite ranks of the wealthy.

It seems that they found the one guaranteed way that the internet millionaires are using to make money… the one way that the rich would never share with the average “Joe”, simply because they want to keep all of the profits for themselves.

This method that Williams is referring to, he calls Traffic Middleman Arbitrage.

He goes on to explain that many corporations like Amazon, eBay and Clickbank are willing to pay people to bring traffic to their websites. This means that you do NOT need any product.

Williams even claims that you don’t even need any marketing expertise, prior experiences in making money online, and that all you need to do is be a middleman by bringing the right traffic to the right website.

This, William professes, is exactly how he makes over $1,000 every single day by simply leveraging on this Traffic Middleman Arbitrage secret.

He continues by introducing his system he calls Income Profits, in which he claims is a comprehensive system that breaks down the entire concept of Traffic Middleman Arbitrage into simple actionable steps.

He goes on to claim that his system is so simple that anyone can use it to get fast results even if you have never made a dollar online.

Besides this, Williams says that his system will show you exactly how to convert traffic into cold hard profits easily, making money online with his Income Profits done in just 3 steps.

1.) You choose a website from his insider list.

2.) Drive the right traffic to the website with a few simple clicks.

3.) Sit back and relax as you bank in the profits.

Williams says that once you start using his system, you will have access to everything that you need to start generating a steady stream of income.

How Your Income Profit Actually Works

screen print of Your Income Profits membership web page

After paying my $9 US funds, my browser was redirected to the product page once I clicked on my Clickbank invoice “Download or Access Digital Product” button In reading through the instructions, I learned that Monica is my Income Profits personal coach.

Then I watched a 3:28 minute YouTube hosted video introduction how the Income BOT can take and use other people’s content to generate income, below which the following important notice was provided:

DO NOT try to open the ‘Income Bot’ File. It is supposed to be installed in a zip file. To Install, Drag the EXACT zip file that was downloaded into your wordpress site.

If facing any issues, Email with the screenshot of the error that you receive and we will guide you step by step.

All of the video training offered on this web page is YouTube hosted videos, which makes this page work best on any device.

Below the quote from their product page are 5 sections:

1.) Your Website – You can skip this step if you already have a website and WordPress installed, followed by 3 videos:

  1. Video 1 – Getting Your Website (Domain & Hosting) 2:33 minutes,
  2. Video 2 – Accessing Cpanel, 1:25 minutes, and
  3. Video 3 – Installing WordPress 2.31 minutes.

2.) Installing Income BOT – a 4 page PDF file on Instructions To Install Income Bot, followed by a 1.54 minute video on installing this plugin.

3.) Instructions – A 6:42 minute long video on How to Use Income Profits, in which the narrator tells you to use Google searched images (NEVER DO THAThere’s why!).

4.) Monetize – 2 videos offered:

  1. Video 1 – Getting Traffic From Facebook 4:07 minutes,

  2. Video 2 – Getting Traffic From Quora 5:07 minutes, plus a Word document with the wording used in the example posts of Facebook and explained in the video explanation of Quora.

5.) Facing Issues – offers a technical support email address and explains that you can contact them should you have any issues installing or getting Income BOT to work.

Below this is another section titled “Income Profits Traffic Arbitrage Affiliate Training Videos” which offers 10 different sections.

1.) Getting Started – 2 videos – a.) Affiliate Course Intro, 3:31 minute long video, followed by b.) Being a Winner, 1.52 minutes.

2.) Create Your Website – provides 5 links to sub-sections, each with videos:

  1. Create A Wix Affiliate Website (2 videos – 2:01 minutes long, and second 10:28 minutes long);

  2. Construct Your Wix Website (6 videos – 3:22 minutes long, 4:44 minutes long, 11:43 minutes long, 10:34 minutes long, 15:00 minutes long, and 8:19 minutes long);

  3. Website & Wix Hacks (3 videos – 8:23 minutes long, 5:50 minutes long, and 00:37 seconds long);

  4. Finished Product Examples (2 videos – 7:56 minutes long, and 4:46 minutes long);

  5. Additional Features (2 videos – 4:25 minutes long, and 2:25 minutes long)

3.) Profit with Etsy – provides 3 links to subsections, each with videos:

  1. Intro To Etsy Affiliate Marketing (2 videos – 1:33 minutes long, and 2:08);

  2. Important Information (2 videos – 6:07 minutes long, and 4:52 minutes long); and

  3. Finding Products (3 videos – 7:52 minutes long, 9:05 minutes long, and 9:15 minutes long).

4.) Profit with Amazon – provides 2 links to subsections, each with videos:

  1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing (2 videos – 1:17 minutes long, and 4:47 minutes long); and

  2. Useful Tools & Tips (3 videos – 1:26 minutes long, 4:01 minutes long, and 4:24 minutes long.

5.) Profit with Udemy – provides 2 links to subsections, each with videos:

  1. Udemy Affiliate Mastery (4 videos – 3:12 minutes long, 1:12 minutes long, 10:20 minutes long, and 2:54 minutes long);

  2. Advanced Techniques (6 videos – 2:17 minutes long, 5:16 minutes long, 3:51 minutes long, 2:56 minutes long, 8:33 minutes long, and 2:34 minutes long)

6.) Skillshare Profit – Profit With Skillshare (3 videos – 1:23 minutes long, 9:35 minutes long, and 4:14 minutes long)

7.) Traffic Secrets – provides 4 subsections, each with videos:

  1. Social Media Marketing (7 videos – 3:44 minutes long, 19:54 minutes long, 6:15 minutes long, 10:39 minutes long, 3:35 minutes long, 7:24 minutes long, and 12:56 minutes long);

  2. Youtube Marketing (5 videos – 7:44 minute long, 2:14 minutes long, 3:31 minutes long, 2:45 minutes long, and 3:28 minutes long);

  3. Facebook Marketing (5 videos – 17:34 minutes long, 7:24 minutes long, 5:48 minutes long, 1:58 minutes long, and 9:02 minutes long); and

  4. Paid Ads (4 videos – 14:41 minutes long, 11:06 minutes long, 8:26 minutes long, and 1:19 minutes long).

8.) Bonus Tool Stash – access link offered to affiliate bootcamp said to be worth $197 with Russell Brunson (an OBVIOUS affiliate link), Get Response 30 day trial, and Clickmagick Tracker 14 day trial… both of which I am certain are affiliate links too.

9.) Case Study – How he went from $0 to $466.43 in 9 days using Google Ads – a 18 page PDF document.

10.) Contact – a technical support email address provided here, stating “you will receive a reply within 24-48 hours max”.

Advanced Training Unlocked – Access Income Pro & Income Plus Materials Here

Traffic – access given to the following video training:

  • Getting Free Traffic from YouTube
  • Viral Gift-away Training
  • Traffic Arbitrage Mastery
  • Bonus: Free Traffic Secrets

Conversion – access provided to the following:

  • Being a Solo Ad Seller
  • Shopify Dropshipping Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing 0 to 10k

10k Sales – access give to 20+ Ways to Generate Additional Income

PROS – a buyer of this product certainly gets LOTS for your money when purchasing the basic package, though you will need to verify some of the advice offered to make sure you do not break any affiliate rules of the companies you want to affiliate yourself with.

CONS – In one of the vendor’s Amazon videos he clearly tells you to share your Amazon affiliate link with a “buddy”, which is clear violation of Amazon Affiliate rules.

screen print of a Google search result

There were other tips offered with little proper advice given that did not sit well with me. One such tip was that it is okay to “buy” traffic.

However, qualifying that by explaining why to NEVER buy traffic but rather high quality, targeted traffic would have been far better advice.

Having no mentor is yet another drawback with this product for me.

The Truth about Your Income Profit

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Personally, I can NOT recommend Your Income Profits due to the bad advice given and that I spotted straight away, plus the fact that I have never used the Wix website.

And after listening to so many Wix users complain when trying to transfer their sites to WordPress, it is not very likely that I will ever even try their platform.

World-Class Training You Can Start NOW for Free

For those of you ready to sit down to some serious world-class training, I would like to introduce you to a learning platform that I have been a member of since 2016.

When the lessons given are followed to the letter, many of the members have discovered that the training really does work.

This platform even offers starting members to take the first 10 lessons FREE of charge!

Yes, I did say FREE… and, you won’t even be asked for a credit card to start either.

Try and match THAT offer ANYWHERE else.

So, if you are serious about learning to make money online, then you need to understand this, it is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

The training platform lessons clearly state that you need to work at your business on a regular basis if you want to succeed.

You can even learn how to attract your potential customers to your business without ever spending one red cent on advertising.

That’s right… no advertising will be necessary IF you follow what you are taught in the lessons.

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Are you still here? What are you waiting for?

You get to start your membership totally cost FREE… and you will have full access for 7 whole days to the first 10 lessons.

The reason the owners of this training platform makes us all such an incredible offer is to prove to us that they are SERIOUS about helping members to learn how to make money online. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn money from home… right?

On top of that… you will be provided with ALL of the essential tools in setting up and operating your very own business.

You will have an entire community in which to ask questions of… and get this… as members; we all help each other out whenever we have issues that we cannot resolve by ourselves.

Once you join, you will soon find out for yourself just how awesome this training platform truly is. It IS a one of a kind indeed.

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Should you want to ask any question regarding the truth about Your Income Profits… or if you only want to provide further information on this topic, I do hope you will feel free to leave me a comment below.

You will be surprised, I’m sure, as I respond in a timely manner to all those who leave comments for me.

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