Is Easy 12 Minute Affiliate a Sham or Can You Make Money With this System?

In the landing page video, Devon Brown says that he has something to share with you which is a really easy way of making money online that you probably have never seen before. If this sounds familiar to you, read on…

However, he does tell you that he cannot legally make you any guarantees or promises… but he can tell you the fact that some people who have never made a dime in an online business before actually earn commissions in their very first week with his system.

Brown claims to have a 100% dummy-proof system… and that you can have everything set up before you go to bed tonight.

Though he asks that you not laugh once you see how easy his system really is.

This, Brown claims, is the exact system he uses to pocket up to $460 per day in online commissions.

He goes on to promise you that he will show you how you get his system set up for yourself in as little as 12 quick minutes, which he professes as being newbie friendly, requiring: zero techie skills, zero prior experience, and zero creating your own products or websites.

In my review of this product, I will be covering the following topics:

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What is Easy 12 Minute Affiliate?

screen print of 12 Minute Affiliate from the landing page video

Program Name: Easy 12 Minute Affiliate


Price: $9.95 and in 2 weeks time another $47 US funds MONTHLY + numerous upsells

Recommended? NO


Devon Brown states that it wasn’t long ago they launched the BETA version of his system to a few home based business entrepreneurs, and many of them had zero experience making money online.

However, he goes on to say that what they did have was a burning desire to find a system that actually gets results.

Apparently, these people were asked to take this Beta version for a test drive… and back then it had about 50% of the commission generating power as their system has today.

Then Brown has 10 of what he claims are, “real people not paid actors” who made brief review videos for him, inserted in his landing page video.

Brown says he is able to give even the newest online entrepreneur the unfair advantage you need to start getting fast results with your new side-business.

He goes on to say that he has been a home business entrepreneur since 2001, and it took him nearly seven years to figure out how to make significant money online.

During which, Brown claims that he lost so much money buying program after program that he actually ended up filing for bankruptcy.

By about 2008, Brown claims that he finally mastered what he believes is the number one easiest way for anyone to start making money on the internet.

And, once Brown cracked the success code (as he calls it), he got to do all of the fun stuff that he always wanted to do.

His daily commissions, Brown tells us, stated looking like this:

  • $98.50 USD with PayPal
  • $33.50 USD with PayPal
  • $19.60 USD with PayPal
  • $18.50 USD with PayPal
  • $19.60 USD with PayPal
  • $33.50 USD with PayPal
  • $19.60 USD with PayPal
  • $23.50 USD with PayPal

…a total of $266.30 in affiliate commissions deposited into his PayPal account in one day (June 18), according to his screen print.

This was followed by yet another screen print of his apparent earnings, he claims was made prior to Christmas.

Which was then followed by a third screen print Brown claims is more proof of his earnings.

Brown tells you that if you don’t already know, affiliate marketing is a way to make money online where:

  • Someone else creates the product
  • Someone else creates the sales website
  • Someone else processes the payments, and
  • Someone else handles the customer support

He claims that in theory, making money with affiliate marketing should be pretty easy. To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a free affiliate account with an affiliate network like Clickbank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus. This he claims, takes about three short minutes to do.

  2. Find the products you want people to purchase (based on their popularity and how much you make per sale).

  3. Send website visitors to the product you want to earn commissions on.

So, Brown says that basically the idea that all you have to do is send website visitors to a product you want people to buy, and when they make a purchase, you get sent the commissions… followed by his question of: “Sounds easy, right?”

However, Brown says if you have been trying to make money online for more than five minutes, then you know for a fact that just because something sounds easy does not mean that it is easy.

In fact, he goes on to say that the fact of the matter is that 90% of affiliate commissions are earned by about 10% of affiliates… and only about 5% of those who market affiliate products online have managed to exceed $100,000 per year in commissions.

Brown then claims that $100K affiliates like him know how to overcome the three biggest challenges for affiliate marketers.

He says that if you cannot overcome all three of these challenges then the best you can hope for is to break even on your efforts.

3 Biggest Challenges for Affiliate Marketers

  1. You must be able to find the hottest converting affiliate products in the most popular niche markets.

  2. You must understand that human beings almost NEVER buy the affiliate product you are trying to sell the first time they see it.

  3. You will need to get targeted traffic to the affiliate products.

Brown says that if you can solve these 3 challenges then your chance of making affiliate commissions just increased by 500% or more.

How Easy 12 Minute Affiliate Actually Works

screen print of the 12 Minute Affiliate membership web page

Once my email address was verified and my account setup, I went ahead with following Devon Brown’s instructions for using the Quickstart Checklist…

Getting Started

Basic Member? Choose which niche to promote

screen print of their instructions for primary step

Once I selected one of the 3 choices provided, my choice was displayed in the text below the list followed by the instructions for me to type in the word CONFIRM in the box below and click the button.

screen print - close up of the confirmation box - showing how text changed

Yet, two days later… when signing into my account again, this first option simply disappeared and now, all that is left of the Quickstart Checklist is as follows:

screen print of their quickstart checklist

It MIGHT be because I had already selected my niche.

Each item on the list comes with a link at the top of the popup window, offering you to “Click Here to Watch the Help Video”.

Step #1 Create A Free Affiliate Account (2 Minutes)

screen print of their step 1 instructions

Because my Clickbank account was already setup, I could added my Clickbank ID to the textbox and then checked the box below that once I completed this step.

For those who don’t have a Clickbank affiliate account setup, your browser would be sent to Clickbank’s signup page when you click the large green button.

Step #2 Get Your Auto-Responder (2 Minutes)

screen print of their step 2 instructions

Because, I already HAVE an Aweber account set up, I simply clicked this task as being completed and moved to the next one.

Step #3 Set Up Your Auto-Responder (Step-By-Step Instructions)

screen print of their step 3 instructions

Once again, because I already have an account with Aweber, I was able to simply check this box as being completed… and move forward to the next step.

Step #4 Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels

screen print of their step 4 instructions

I entered a unique list ID… and then clicked the green Activate button.

Optional Step – Done-For-You Setup (2 Minutes)

screen print of their optional step instructions

This is an upsell option for those who want to pay someone to do all the work for you so that you might earn a commission.

Step #5 Get ‘Done-For-You’ Traffic (2 minutes)

screen print of their step 5 instructions

This too is another upsell option for those who want to pay to have someone else do all the work for you so that you might earn a commission.


Provides 11 steps of which two forward you to the “pay for traffic” option, two forward you to 1-on-1 coaching (another upsell, price starts ate $297), two other links to the support page, and one link is to Devon’s Facebook fan page for this product.

Upgrade Account

Offers even more upsell options like:

  • Basic Monthly Membership,
  • Basic Lifetime Membership,
  • Gold Monthly Membership,
  • Gold Lifetime Membership


Provides you with the information that you used when signing up for your membership account, with an option provide for you to make any changes you deem necessary.

My Niche Funnels

screen print of the 2 funnel optoins available to members

The Instant Funnels loaded every funnel ready to use with the Unique List ID that I had selected. Whereas the Custom Funnels let me view each funnel and bridge page, one at a time.

The label “funnel” is simply another term or name for landing page… and is the latest marketing technique to get you to listen to a vendor’s idea.

Under the TRAFFIC

Other Traffic Methods – is zip filed eBook with 19 different parts like Video Marketing, Hub Pages, Article Submission, etc.

Resources – Education Center

Five Team Training Replays (webinars) and two “How-To” Video Training were offered here.

Email Swipes

Three different lists of email templates for the three different niches were provided. Over 80 different email templates for the niche that I selected were provided for members to use.

12ms Integrations – 2 PDF files on adding external tracking code to your funnels and on setting up additional autoresponders like mailchimp and getresponse.

Personal Development Library – here there are 20 eBooks provided in PDF format, some with work books, and mp3 files, offering a variety of self-help topics.

Top Affiliate Products – provides 3 different lists of products depending on the niche you have chosen, though it is unclear as to how these “Current Recommended Products” were chosen.

Under Contact, there are a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers given and a means of contacting Devon Brown’s support team


For those not wanting to learn how to do affiliate marketing and DO have a great budget to start, this might provide you an option to earn.

The funnels are impressive in overall layout.

The personal development library is very impressive.


For those who are on a budget this is definitely not a recommended way to go, as paying for someone to do all of the work for you so that you MIGHT earn a commission will soon drain you of most if not all of the limited funds you began with.

The few funnels will be repeated A LOT online… wouldn’t you prefer yours to be unique?

Actual affiliate marketing training offered here is severely shy and the monthly costs to maintain your membership, thus keeping your funnel(s) live, will be very costly unless you earn more than it costs to have others do the work for you.

For anything beyond the basic membership you will be required to pay more.

Is Easy 12 Minute Affiliate a Sham?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

No, I do NOT believe that Easy 12 Minute Affiliate is a sham. And, I am sure that Devon Brown’s intentions are honourable to say the least.

However, I find the monthly fees to be exceptionally high given the lack of actual affiliate marketing training that is offered.

Therefore I do NOT recommend Easy 12 Minute Affiliate.

Get Real World-Class Affiliate Marketing Training

If you want to learn how to resolve Devon Brown’s “3 Biggest Challenges for Affiliate Marketing”, then you need to learn from real world class training on setting up a winning website. One that will provide you with ALL of the basic needs to help your website rank well.

There is also help offered on this training platform with selecting a niche for your new online business.

This training platform, I have been a member of since 2016. I’m letting you know this so that you will know that I am not simply blowing a lot of smoke here.

Together members work to help each other out with issues we face in our specific businesses.

It is so welcoming to finally work with like-minded people that I’m sure you will be amazed with the attitudes you will soon witness for yourself if you should take up the free offer to start.

Yes, I did say FREE!

Simply sign up as a starter member, fill in your profile so other members will learn who we are speaking with, and maybe even provide an image of yourself so we have a face to go along with your name.

And then start taking those FREE 10 lessons so you will see how awesome the training really is.

Then you can make a decision as to stay …or leave. Plus you can take all of your work with you should you decide this is NOT for you!

If you are a bit shy when starting, the training platform provides a selection of images from which you can pick one for your profile image if you prefer. Then perhaps once you become more confident you could add a real photo of yourself.

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One thing I really need to emphasis here is that this training platform is NOT going to offer you a “get rich quick scheme”, so you will need to be prepared to work on your business on a regular basis as that is the BIG secret number one. Consistency is a necessity.

This training platform will provide you with all of the necessary business tools you will need to not only create a winning website but also have it rank well in search engines… which is another necessity, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh… and as a starter member, you will NOT even be asked for a credit card.

Now… try finding this kind of offer anywhere else on or offline!

If you would love to learn how to get customers to come to your website for FREE (no cost in advertising!) and to become part of a great team of like-minded individuals that will help keep you updated with the many changes happening online regularly then please do check out my free guide to learn more.

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There is another goody offered to you in my guide, if you are interested. I will explain to you how YOU can have ME as your premium coach… all of which is offered in detail in my free guide.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you would like to ask any question regarding is Easy 12 Minute Affiliate a sham… or if you simply want to chat more, I do hope you will feel free to leave me a comment below. All comments are responded to in a timely manner.

Learn to Make Money Online,

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