Is The Great Heist Serious – Did he Bust Open a Hidden $1.47 Billion Dollar Market?

Straight away, the male narrator tells you to listen up… and that he doesn’t know how you landed on his landing page but if you play your cards right, in just three minutes and twenty eight seconds from now he says that you could claim your rightful share of what history will look back on as, “The Great Heist”.

He claims it is the closest thing to “printing money”… as a global financial crisis is on the verge of rearing its ugly head in 2019.

He goes on to say that jobs are being slashed left, right and center; houses are being lost, lives are being torn apart and marriages are failing… and he claims of that he should know.

At 48 years of age, the narrator says that after being a corporate slave for his fat-cat boss (his words, not mine!) for close to a decade, he lost his job, home and wife as he could no longer provide for his family.

Then he goes on explaining with the following: “Did you know that every single day more than 27,643 jobs in America alone are lost?” And, he claims that looking at the global figure, things are just as bad, and he claims that he was one of those numbers.

After the narrator lost his job, he claims to have spent countless, sleepless nights online, trying to make ends meet. He claims to have purchased many different systems, eBooks, trading systems and formulas, and nothing worked for him.

He goes on to say that the system is set up against ordinary folk like you and me… that we never get the truth from these fat-cat gurus; that we get sold last year’s tactics once they have pillaged them for every last ounce of profit.

By the time we read about their tactics they are done with them.

In this review I will be covering the following:

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What is The Great Heist?

screen print of The Great Heist's login web page

Program Name: The Great Heist


Price: $9 US funds to start, with a promise made on the Clickbank invoice to charge a further over $40 US funds (or more) in two weeks time… plus 1 upsell

Recommended? NO


The narrator (never identifies himself) claims that about four months ago now, he stumbled upon a secret that has transformed his life.

This secret, he says has become the single most profitable discovery he has ever made and that this secret has produced for him the same kind of money the “gurus” showed him screen prints of but that he was never able to reproduce.

This secret apparently exploits the little known “Shanghai Code” and pillages a $1.48 billion and growing industry, ripe for the taking.

He goes on to suggest that within simple apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, lies the greatest profit opportunity history has ever seen. This, he states, is something the “insider few” are calling “The Great Heist”.

It all started in Shanghia, China, so the narrator claims.

He goes on to explain that the majority of online commerce happens through a messaging platform through WeChat. And according to him, WeChat generated over $42.7 billion dollars in advertising revenue.

The narrator goes on to say that this kind of opportunity is just starting to become available to the rest of the world.

Quietly, he goes on to say, over the past few months, Facebook has begun rolling out advanced commerce and advertising features inside of both WhatsApp and Messenger.

Now, the narrator claims, this is your opportunity as nobody has caught on to this yet, as “Messenger Based Marketing” is brand new.

And, he states that only a few insiders are privy to this information… and even better, he will allow you to get started for almost no cost… and claiming the following:

It’s the most powerful method for producing “profits at will” I’ve ever seen – possibly ever in history.

By 2020, the global Messenger Marketing industry is expected to be worth $11.5 billion dollars. That’s over 10 times from where it stands right now, today.

The narrator says that China is far ahead of the game, though things are catching up rapidly and that the rest of the world has yet to take notice.

Followed by his introducing “The Great Heist” which he claims is the world’s first and only Messenger based marketing profit engine for absolute beginners.

Then the narrator reveals that he cannot take the credit for this product as it was not his doing but rather the creation of generous Chinese computer science graduates based in Chicago. Their support and effort was invaluable, and now he will forever by in their debt.

He claims that Li Min and his team are to thank for this product as he could have never figured out the finer details without them reverse engineering what he had found.

He goes on to say that they have created a solution that is win-win and eliminates all of the risk for you… and that for just $9 (US funds) you will have complete access pass to The Great Heist blueprint.

How The Great Heist Actually Works

screen print of The Great Heist's membership web page

Once I created my account and was logged in, I was shocked to discover this product was referring to Cryptocurrency or Crypt which apparently is BITCOIN.

Had I known this, I would never have signed on as I am not a fan of cryptocurrency… but being as I paid my $9 US funds for a look around, I decided to do just that.

In the Membership area were links to two PDF documents labeled as Guide 1 and Guide 2.

screen print of The Great Heist Blueprint products

Guide 1 – a 30 paged PDF document that is titled The China Secret – Chatbot Secrets #1.

Guide 2 – an 84 page PDF document titled The Ultimate FR Chatbot Step-by-step Guide.

screen print of The Great Heist's Cryptocurrencies products

Under the Cryptocurrency tab, were two links:

The AirDrop Secrets – Get Free Cryptocurrencies – a 6 page PDF document titled Free Cyrpto Secret AirDrops Revealed.

The Millionaires Calendar – is a Google Doc Excel spreadsheet which was labeled as updated last sometime this past April and this review was done on 14 July 2019.

screen print of the eCommerce products

The eCommerce tab, on the other hand, was something different again:

The Ultimate Guide To Shopify (Video Training) – is 56 page PDF document file name FEC_shopify and NO videos were anywhere to be found.

Ecommerce Kickstart – is 59 page PDF document file name FEC_amazon, chapters of which are as follows:

  • Why be an Amazon affiliate
  • How to register for Amazon affiliate program
  • How to get Amazon affiliate approval
  • How to identify bestsellers on Amazon
  • Keywords research
  • Your Amazon affiliate site blueprint
  • Ultimate copy formula for your website post
  • How to get traffic to your Amazon affiliate site
  • Hot to optimize your landing page
  • How to scale your Amazon affiliate business

eBay eCommerce Secrets – is 51 page PDF document file name FEC_ebay, chapters of which contain the following titles:

  • Why eBay
  • Setting up your eBay store
  • How to sell on eBay
  • How to identify hot selling products
  • Essential eBay vendor tools
  • How to source items
  • Shipping logistics
  • Price point on strategy eBay
  • eBay traffic building strategies
  • How to scale your eBay business

The Amazon Rush – same document as “Ecommerce Kickstart” link.

screen print from The Great Heist's video on their landing page

During the landing page video, I noticed the following screen, and so I took a screen print of it here:

screen print of what I emailed the vendor of The Great Heist about

So, when I noticed some issues with a missing document and no videos, I decided to use the support email address that was provided for me as a member to use, and I sent the vendor the following screen print:

When I did not hear back from the vendor… and due to my disappointment in learning this product was about Cryptocurrency, I issued a request to Clickbank for a full refund and stop payment on the vendor’s promise to charge my account $53.53 Canadian dollars in 7 days from when I made my initial purchase.

In the landing video, the vendor clearly promises you 74 days to decide before issuing any additional charges for monthly membership. In my case that was not what I learned would happen at the time I was authorizing the charge for the initial cost.

Is The Great Heist Serious?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

It does not appear to be as serious of a product as the vendor’s landing page video promises, NO… and as such I do NOT recommend The Great Heist.

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