Is 7 Figure Affiliate System Worth it?

Michael Cheney states that he would rather run a 7-figure affiliate marketing business then any other type of business.

Rather than:

  • Shopify stores
  • Posting video on YouTube or Tik Tok
  • Create software
  • Social media marketing
  • Amazon
  • Buying crypto coins
  • Or any of the 100s of other ways that people tell you that you can make money online.

He says that’s because he can easily find other people doing all of the work to create products that sell.

And then, all he has to do is simply show them to people and he gets paid consistent commissions in the process.

Michael claims that the big advantage of this way of making money online over all the other methods is the fact that it’s:

  • quick
  • easy
  • he doesn’t have to have big overheads
  • he doesn’t have to do all of the things that all of these people are telling you that you have to do in order to make $20, $50 or even a $100,000 a month or more.

He claims that he would team-mate $100,000 to $200,000 per day for his 7-figure affiliate marketing system.

Michael goes on to say that as a super affiliate, he has won tens of thousands of dollars in prizes as well, and, he claims to have made millions of dollars in commissions.

He also claims to have won a Map Bot Pro, sailing boats… yes really, he’s quick to add… and his personal favourite, is a $25,000 Mariner Rolex watch… all thanks to his 7-fugure affiliate system.

And so, Michael says that he knows what works and what doesn’t, and when it comes to making real money online fast it really is simple.

Apparently, he just promotes other people’s products and make money… that’s it. And every single day, he says that he generates sales.

My review of 7 Figure Affiliate System will cover the following:

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What is 7 Figure Affiliate System?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: 7 Figure Affiliate System


Price: $9.95 US funds + 3 Upsell and 1 Downsell

Recommended? YES


The 7 Figure Affiliate System is a course that Michael Cheney claims that he can teach you, which apparently, brings him in regularly anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a month in just one of his accounts.

Michael states that every single day thousands of dollars and life changing money comes into his account from promoting other people’s products, and he claims that this is just one payment account that he barely even uses.

And according to him, his list goes on and on.

He claims he’s got tons of different accounts, each with their own product promos being done and life changing money coming in.

Michael claims that for the last 14 years he has been one of the biggest underground affiliate marketers in the world.

And then he says that maybe you’ve heard of him, or maybe today is the first time you’ve heard of him.

He says that he has:

  • shared the stage with Jay Abraham,
  • sold out a live event in front of over 2,000 people
  • been a keynote speaker all over the world, in places like Daytona Beach, Los Vegas, Seattle, London, and many more
  • been interviewed on NBC television, London radio, and
  • had his business featured in the Times, The Telegraph Newspaper, and practically all the major newspapers that you can imagine, in the UK and even in Reader’s Digest

But Michael is quick to add, what is most important of all, he’s made millions of dollars just by promoting other people’s products.

And, he claims to have been doing this since 2008, and what’s more is that Michael says he has helped thousands of students from all across the world, start making their very own money online using his very own 7 Figure Affiliate System.

He says that he calls it the 7 Figure Affiliate System because he started developing the system all the way back in 2008.

Where Michael claims that it quickly allowed him to quit his soul-sucking corporate job, escaping the 9 to 5 rat race, and ultimately take back control of his time, his money and his freedom.

Michael then claims that since 2015, he has been making over 7-figures every single year. And he quickly adds that this is a million dollars promoting other people’s products, selling digital products and using the exact same 7 Figure Affiliate System that he’ll tell you all about today.

Then he claims that he has:

  • over one million dollars in mortgage-free properties,
  • over two million dollars in the bank

…and he claims to live a lavish lifestyle with his wife and beautiful family, and that he could have retired years ago if you had wanted to.

But the reason he hasn’t, Michael says, is because he doesn’t do any of this for the money, like most people selling products in this space.

Michael says that he has the freedom to buy whatever he wants, do whatever he wants, and go where ever he wants, all thanks to his 7 Figure Affiliate System, so he doesn’t need to do this, he wants to do this.

He claims it’s because he wants to get to help people who are just like him when he was starting out.

People who want to escape the traditional way of making money, just like he did, and to live a life of fun, freedom and adventure, while getting paid extremely well in the process.

Michael says it’s because he knows what it’s like to wake up every day, wondering where it all went wrong.

He claims that he has had to drag himself out of bed in the morning to go sell his soul for 8 to 10 hours a day, in a 4 x 4 cubicle that he couldn’t stand the sight of, for people he didn’t like, on projects that he hated, that he wished he was able to escape from every single day, week in, week out for years.

So, Michael says, he knows what it’s like to be in that situation, and he feels that you’ve got nowhere out, that you’ve got no other choice, you just have to suck it up and get on with it.

This way, one day you could hope to maybe have enough money to barely retire, and maybe then you start enjoying life.

He goes on to say that this didn’t sound appealing to him back then and that it sounds even worse now, looking back.

Michael states that his solution to this problem was one day back in 1999, he claims to have said, enough is enough, and that he started absolving everything that he could get his hands on about how to actually make money online.

He claims that it took awhile to actually figure everything out. He goes on to say that for the first two years it was failure after failure after failure.

Michael says that he tried everything he could think of to try and make money online, and nothing seemed to work at all.

But then one day, he claims that it all started to click and slowly but surely, he started to figure out exactly how to make real money with an affiliate marketing business, and he started bringing in consistent commissions.

Michael says that he finally figured it all out and before he knew it, he went from making $2,000 a month to $2,000 a week, to making $2,000 day and more.

All by simply selling other people’s products, and replacing his income to the point where he knew he just didn’t have to ever work a real job ever again.

Now, once he figured this out, exactly what he needed to do to make that money online as an affiliate, Michael claims that it was as simple as just doing more of it over and over again.

The best part, Michael claims is that he figured out how to do more without having to spend more of his most precious asset, which is his time.

He states to have not only figured out how to make more money but also to separate his time from his money and simply just have more money to be created by promoting more products to more people more often… and that’s it.

What Michael claims to have done is that he mapped out everything that he did into a system that he calls the 7 Figure Affiliate System.

And he says that he calls it this because it’s generated him multiple 7-figures in affiliate commissions, for many, many years.

In fact, he adds, it’s so profitable for him and his family, and so easy for him to run that it feels like he is retired. And all of this money, Michael claims to have made promoting other people’s products, not creating his own, and that it is so easy.

He claims to have been doing this for years and years now, and he says that he’s not the only one that this has worked for.

Michael claims to have recently taught 122 people exactly what to do and this entire system, and they started getting sales within 24 hours.

Michael claims that all you have to do is to find a product, promote the product and get paid. He says that anyone can blatantly copy his method, in fact it will work for anyone:

  • People who are just starting out
  • People who want to quit their job
  • People who want to retire early
  • People who just want to make money on the side, and
  • People who want to have their own freedom business

But… you have to be the type of person that’s willing to try something different and try a different strategy, claims Michael.

He goes on to say that if you do what everyone else does, you’re going to get what everyone else gets, and most people get bad results if any.

A large number of people think that they have tried to use this method, according to Michael, but most of them get it all wrong.

“Why?”, Michael asks.

Because each of them left out one or more key methods or key elements that he reveals inside the 7 Figure Affiliate System that make the strategy so incredibly effective, is what he answered with.

To leave out one of those and at best, Michael says that you will spend way too much money, and at worse the whole thing will crumble to a million pieces.

However, if done right, like Michael claims to teach you, using the 7-figure affiliate method that he created, and that have made him and his clients millions of dollars in the process, you can and you will start to make money online using the 7 Figure Affiliate System.

Yes, Michael assures you, these strategies made his businesses millions of dollars, and his client’s businesses, who are just ordinary people, millions of dollars too. He claims that it’s not just theory, it actually works.

He says that he has included all of the information that you will need to see exactly how to make money as a 7-figure affiliate.

Michael says that he has invested years of his life, hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing an education to synthesize everything that works down into one simple system that you have the opportunity to get in on.

If your interested in becoming a 7-figure affiliate like Michael and his students who live life on their terms while enjoying a lifestyle of fun, freedom and adventure, then Michael says for you to order your copy of the 7 Figure Affiliate System right now and he’ll see you on the inside.

How 7 Figure Affiliate System Actually Works

screen print of vendor's members area

Inside the members area you will find an introduction video (44 seconds)

Below this video you will find the following:

Step 1: Attend LIVE Unadvertised Bonus Training (NOT Being Recorded!)

Step 2: Join 7 Figure Affiliate Community

Step 3: Access Your Products & Upgrades

When clicked, Step 1 takes you to a Webinar Registration page titled, Weird One Page Websites Which Make You Millions.

The webinar is several days ahead, so I registered.

Step 2 takes you to their Facebook group.

Step 3, clicking on the “Products” link, took me to 8 modules.

In the navigation bar across the top, you will find that the Attend Orientation is linked to a web page with a 46 second video telling you that you will need to attend the live session, as this will not be recorded, and links to the registration are offered below the video.

The Core Modules offer links to each of the 8 different modules, the Your Upgrades offer a web page linking all of Michael’s upsells on one page, the Bonuses offer links to his bonuses, and the Help is linked to his support ticket web page.

Core Modules

  1. Riches Are In The Niches video (09:16 minutes) and Michael recommends you attend the live bonus training, in which a link is found below this video.
    Below this video is a link titled: Click Here to Attend The LIVE Orientation Session
  1. Where The Money Is And How To Get It video (15:14 minutes)
  1. The Golden Thread video (15:48 minutes)
  1. Secret Sales Triggers video (28:00 minutes)
  1. Win The Sales By Adding Value video (22:07 minutes)
    Below this video you will find a link titled, Make More Money by Using the Same Tool I Use for My Bonus Page, which is most likely an affiliate link to another vendor’s offer.
  1. Produce The Perfect Promo video (23:50 minutes)
  1. Turn On Traffic video (16:31 minutes)
  1. Secrets of a 7 Figure Super Affiliate video (12:36 minutes)

You can also download EVERY module from links found below EACH video.

  • MP3 Audio
  • Transcript
  • Slides
  • Video


True Story: Little Guy Overcomes The Odds to Make Millions video (14:16 minutes)

Rapid Affiliate Quickstart Guide video (41 seconds) + 6-page PDF file

Affiliate Profit Matrix video (48 seconds) + Google doc spreadsheet

Free Breakthrough Orientation Session – webinar registration page

The Ultimate Accountability System video (2:37 minutes) + a link provided to Michael’s Dream Team to get help

Affiliate Millionaire Mindset 2 videos + other file formats

  • Part 1 video (11:36 minutes)
  • Part 2 video (25:58 minutes)

7-Day Affiliate Fast Start – a 7-day plan for success with goals for you to accomplish daily

7 Figure Affiliate Community Access video (53 seconds) + a link to the exclusive Facebook group


The value of the information in many of the videos inside these 8 modules is priceless.

You’re allowed to download all of the video training in several different file forms for referencing at your convenience now and in the future.


Module 7 video needs updating only because from 13:10 to 13:44 minutes, the advice given no longer applies.

I was disappointed that the Click Here to Attend The LIVE Orientation Session (NOT Being Recorded!), is exactly the same as the LIVE Unadvertised Bonus Training (NOT Being Recorded!), which turned out to be an upsell for Michael’s high-ticket coaching rather than actual training.

My Take on 7 Figure Affiliate System

thumb pointing up in approval

Yes, 7 Figure Affiliate System course is worth it, and I highly recommend the serious affiliates who want to start making an income.

Below you will find my video review of 7 Figure Affiliate System by Michael Cheney

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After going through Michael’s online video course, you may discover exactly what it is that may be holding you back from making a regular income from affiliate marketing, if that’s even an issue for you.

As Michael clearly states, most fail due to not acting on the advice they’ve learned from inside his course (or anyone else’s quality training, for that matter).

Should you have any questions regarding is 7 Figure Affiliate System worth it, please leave them in a comment below so that we may discuss this further.

Affiliate Marketing Done Right,

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