Does The Walker Way Really Tap into Thousands of Proven Buyers?

In his landing page video, David Walker reveals how you can attract an unlimited number of highly targeted proven buyer leads, using nothing but free organic social media traffic from Facebook.

Not only that but he will also show you how he closes his leads smoothly and consistently in the Messenger.

No stress, no messing around and he doesn’t need to get on the phone with them either.

Walker says that he has always loved free traffic and the organic approach to online marketing.

In fact, he goes on to say that he has been doing this for more than 20 years.

He states that he is based in the UK (United Kingdom) and he made his very first one-pound online way back in 1998 from an online auction website which has long since disappeared.

Walker claims that this gave him the bug and that he went on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by sending free organic search engine traffic to offers before he switched his attention to social media.

Actually, Walker says that he shied away from using Facebook as a marketing tool for a long time; years in fact.

Even though he could see that attraction marketing had huge potential. He goes on to say that it seemed like there were just too many pieces to the puzzle.

He states that he could see that other marketers were getting great results, tons of engagement on their posts and other people practically begging to work with them.

Walker says that he just didn’t know how to get noticed and have people reach out to work with him.

He goes on to say that he didn’t know how or where to find the right people to talk to and the few occasions that he did, he didn’t know what to say to them, and he ended up losing the sale.

However, he had his aha moment when he realized that those marketers that he envied so much were no more special or talented than he was.

Walker says that they were just following a system about putting out a certain type of content consistently, in front of their audience, and drawing them in.

Walker claims that he got to work. That he did the same and he got results quickly.

In the space of only one week Walker states that he went from a complete nobody who was getting maybe one, two or three likes per post, to over one hundred likes, comments, loves and all the rest of it, from every piece of content that he produced.

Apparently, they started to reach out to Walker and that he began to make sales.

My review here will cover the following:

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What is The Walker Way?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: The Walker Way


Price: $297 US funds

Recommended? YES


David Walker claims that he could see the opportunity here and that he simplified the entire process of attracting highly targeted leads, and closing them in the Messenger to just three steps, which he calls his LAD Method.

L = Locate – where he now focuses only on proven buyers to market to, and there are literally thousands of them hidden in plain sight on social media.

Focusing ONLY on proven buyers saves so much time and effort, because you are not dealing with time wasting freebie seekers or new comers to the industry who need a ton of explanations and constant hand-holding.

A = Attract – where Walker creates a very specific type of content which speaks to those buyers in such a way which compels them to reach out to him.

D = Deal – this is where Walker follows his proven 6-step framework which enables him to close sales in the Messenger quickly and consistently with the least amount of resistance and objections as possible.

And, all of this… Walker says, without spending a single penny on advertising.

He goes on to say that he put everything that he was doing together to create his Walker Way training program.

Over 8 hours of over his shoulder video training, which takes you through the entire process, step-by-step, of locating, attracting and finally closing the deal all from free organic Facebook traffic.

In addition to his core training modules, Walker says that he has also created some extra special bonuses which will help you to squeeze ever last inch of value out of using social media to attract highly targeted leads organically.

As well as to help you minimize the cost of his training.

Walker states right up front that this is NOT a push-button system.

You DO need to put the work in and The Walker Way is something that will help you to build your success over time.

That’s the trade off when you work with organic traffic.

But if you’re okay with that then you will get everything you need to help you become successful as quickly as possible. So, this is NOT for everyone.

However, this is good for new comers to online marketing who want to become attractive affiliates and who want to build a highly targeted audience, follow buyers without spending any money on advertising.

This is also for more experienced affiliate marketers and indeed information product creators who are looking to increase your sales.

And similarly, this is great for network marketers who assumed it would be easy to promote their company on social media but are not experienced in the results that they thought they’d get.

Whatever aspect of the online marketing that you are involved with, The Walker Way will show you how to attract more customers organically, and also how to sell to them the correct way from start to finish.

Walker goes on to say that he has even put together additional bonus training modules and done-for-you content, which you can find details of on his landing page.

He says that he has done this so that you have absolutely everything you need to become a successful, attractive affiliate using only organic social media traffic.

He says that he also gives you lifetime updates to the programs so that every time he makes an update to The Walker Way, or that he creates some more training, you will have access to it inside the members area at NO extra cost.

Plus… you get access to The Walker Way community where you can get your questions answered, you can network with other members, and you can also benefit from a growing training archive.

On top of THIS… as a Walker Way member, you are invited to promote this program as an affiliate and to earn commissions on TWO levels.

Walker claims that he has even provide full training on how to do THIS effectively too.

So, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost.

Well, Walker says that it is a lot less than you think.

He goes on to explain that when he created The Walker Way program, he wanted to insure that as many people who needed the training would be able to get access to it.

You will get access to:

  • The core Walker Way training modules
  • All of the bonuses
  • The lifetime updates
  • The community
  • And, the affiliate program

All of this for one-off payment of $297 US funds.

Walker claims that he could easily sell this training for $997 US funds, and indeed, some of his entrepreneurial friends advised him to not to go lower than $497.

He goes on to say that even at that price he felt that it would still be too high for some people who could REALLY use the training right now.

He says that you get access to EVERYTHING, for just $297 US funds, with nothing else to pay, EVER!

Walker says that even though he knows The Walker Way works, not just for him but for his growing number of successful students, he will give you a full 30-days to try it out and if you decide that you don’t like it, he will give you ALL of your money back.

So, if you want to get access to The Walker Way at the lowest price that it will EVER be offered for, then Walker recommends that you take action now.

He goes on to explain that the price will increase as further training content is added, and realistically, he can only support a certain number of people in the community.

So that bonus COULD be removed at any time.

If you’re excited about using Facebook to:

  • generate proven buyer leads,
  • become an attractive affiliate,
  • and make more sales,

…than all you need to do is click his buy button, and you can get instant access to all of the training modules and all of the bonuses in the members area.

Walker goes on to say that trust you get if you are not getting the results that you want from organic marketing then you know you could benefit from this training.

Or maybe you’re a little nervous about going down the organic attraction marketing route to become successful online.

If so, then get the training. Walker says that he’s here to help.

Forget about the overwhelm and frustration of not knowing who to target, how to attract them, or how to close them in the Messenger.

Inside The Walker Way, David Walker will show you how to do all of these things step-by-step.

Walker says that maybe it feels like it makes sense to get this right now if you’re struggling with leads and sales, or even if you don’t know where to begin.

Just remember the training is available at the lowest price that it is EVER going to be.

And, if you secure your place now, you will also get access to all of the bonuses.

If you are STILL on the fence, Walker says to please do NOT do what he did by waiting way too long to use attraction marketing as a means of generating leads and making sales.

Don’t stay stuck or even worse, burn out completely because you don’t know how to find and attract proven buyers to your affiliate marketing business.

Or that you don’t know what to say to them.

Don’t let anymore time pass with you remaining unsuccessful when there are other marketers out there who are cleaning up with free, highly targeted organic traffic. Now is YOUR time to join them.

Come, join David Walker and other successful marketers in doing things The Walker Way.

How The Walker Way Actually Works

screen print of vendor's members web page

From the members area you are greeted with full access to David Walker’s Core Training, Affiliate Setup, and Bonuses.

The Walker Way Core Training Modules are as follows:

Introduction video (00:06:15 minutes) where David Walker introduces himself to you and offers encouraging advice.

Below this video is a Polite Notice that all members MUST adhere to.

Next, you will find three resources David recommends that you access BEFORE you start your training.

  1. The Inner Circle – where you will be able to join this group and have exclusive members-only weekly live Q&A training sessions.

  2. Case Study Group – where you will be able to join this group and gain access to David’s weekly Tea Talks and Beer Banter training archive, and more.

  3. DMO (Daily Method of Operation) Document – which you will be able to download this document that will help you maximize your day on social media.

Module 1 – Base Builder, which offers you 5 videos and 5 BONUS video training where you will learn to position yourself as an industry leader, even if you are BRAND NEW.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:01:48 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Profile Picture (00:01:04 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Cover Photo (00:05:27 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Bio Area (00:02:40 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Featured Photo (00:02:58 minutes)
  • Bonus Video 1 – Profile Review (00:02:26 minutes)
  • Bonus Video 2 – Profile Review (00:01:53 minutes)
  • Bonus Video 3 – Profile Review (00:02:05 minutes)
  • Bonus Video 4 – Profile Review (00:01:41 minutes)
  • Bonus Video 5 – Profile Review (00:02:01 minutes)

Module 2 – Buyer Boom, which provides you with 8 videos where you can learn where to find laser targeted proven buyer leads without spending a penny on advertising.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:02:37 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Buyer Groups (00:18:11 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Product Launches (00:09:38 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Other Groups (00:10:14 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Recommended Friends (00:10:56 minutes)
  • Video 6 – Incoming Requests (00:12:03 minutes)
  • Video 7 – Organizing Friends (00:08:21 minutes)
  • Video 8 – Scam Profiles (00:06:41 minutes)

Module 3 – C.L.O.V.E.R Content – you will discover 12 videos that will show you David’s six “go to” types of posts which keep the leads and sales flowing without the need of luck.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:03:24 minutes)
  • Video 2 – C: Curiosity (00:08:02 minutes)
  • Video 3 – L: Lifestyle (00:06:20 minutes)
  • Video 4 – O: Offer (00:10:49 minutes)
  • Video 5 – V: Value part 1 (00:06:23 minutes)
  • Video 6 – V: Value part 2 (00:11:29 minutes)
  • Video 7 – V: Value part 3 (00:14:10 minutes)
  • Video 8 – E: Engagement (00:05:36 minutes)
  • Video 9 – R: Results (00:06:49 minutes)
  • Video 10 – Post Frequency (00:01:34 minutes)
  • Video 11 – Time of Day to Post (00:03:24 minutes)
  • Video 12 – Daily Content Plan (00:55:12 minutes)

Module 4 – Engagement Explosion – that provides you with 10 videos where you will get to learn how to flood your posts with engagement, which is the first step to making sales.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:06:38 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Warm Up the Stories (00:09:11 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Warm Up the Newsfeed (00:11:34 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Post Your Content (00:06:02 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Boost Your Content (00:08:09 minutes)
  • Video 6 – Engage With the Newsfeed (00:06:35 minutes)
  • Video 7 – More Than One Post Per Day (00:03:15 minutes)
  • Video 8 – Facebook Jail (00:05:54 minutes)
  • Video 9 – Optimize Your Existing Friends (00:06:56 minutes)
  • Video 10 – Semi Automate Comments (00:12:57 minutes)

Module 5 – Messenger Master – you are provided with 7 videos where you can learn how to close the deal with Messenger. This is where the money is made.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:07:23 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Rapport (00:11:31 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Is There a Problem? (00:13:49 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Unprofitable Solution (00:11:31 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Your Alternative (00:04:45 minutes)
  • Video 6 – Follow Up (00:05:48 minutes)
  • Video 7 – Close (00:11:28 minutes)

Module 6 – Super Stories – where you are offered 5 videos on how to use Stories to get even better results from your profile.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:07:48 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Personality (00:03:58 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Behind the Scenes (00:03:25 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Value (00:04:55 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Results (00:05:10 minutes)

Bonus Training has 2 sub-sections

Bonus – Hit ‘N’ Run Profits, providing 5 different videos to show you the quick and easy method to generate income from your profile, over and over again.

  • Video 1 – Basic Strategy (00:11:36 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Pre & Post Launch (00:10:12 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Get FREE Info Products (00:10:43 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Gatecrash Leaderboards (00:05:55 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Full Case Study (00:14:37 minutes)

Bonus – RAISE Your Messenger Game, where you will find 6 videos that will show you another approach on closing the deal with Messenger.

  • Video 1 – Introduction (00:04:44 minutes)
  • Video 2 – Rapport (00:08:00 minutes)
  • Video 3 – Aim (00:11:00 minutes)
  • Video 4 – Identify (00:05:04 minutes)
  • Video 5 – Sell (00:07:42 minutes)
  • Video 6 – Eliminate (00:14:38 minutes)

Buyers Groups – where you will find a constantly updated list of buyer groups to help you with finding your friend targeting as outlined in the Buyer Boom training Module 2.

DFY Bonus Content – this is where you will have access to thousands of done-for-you posts to help you create lead-pulling content in seconds.

Affiliate Setup – You can register and get approved to promote The Walker Way and take advantage of David’s two-tier affiliate program.

Affiliate Resources – (Coming Soon) For those of you in need of help promoting The Walker Way, these resources will help you. Updates are added regularly.

Affiliate Contest – (Coming Soon) When you promote The Walker Way, you not only earn commissions, you also get placed on the leaderboards where you COULD win a monthly bonus prize.


David’s training modules are setup in “easy-to-digest, bite-sized” pieces so that even the busiest of you can go through the training one video at a time, providing you are limited for time.

This also makes it easier for you to go ahead with making the changes that are recommended for you to do with your Facebook profile… before you move on to the next video, so that you won’t forget to follow one of the many steps he suggests taking.

As Facebook makes changes to their algorithms, David will update his training to address those changes and you will have lifetime access to his training once you’ve signed up.

You have a full 30-day satisfaction, money back guarantee with this training.


Could find NONE.

My Take on The Walker Way

Having been briefly introduced to the advantages of using my Facebook Cover image and the Featured image correctly by a product I purchased earlier this year, I have to admit that within a very short span of time, THAT product let me down and the vendor had no remorse for his failed training.

thumb pointing up in approval

However, The Walker Way is forever updating the training whenever Facebook decides to change their scripts, as well as how our content gets displayed and even shared.

This fact alone makes The Walker Way well worth the cost.

NOTE for the Sake of Transparency: Due to major surgery in August of this year, I have yet to apply The Walker Way posts and stories.

Though, I can definitely see the advantages of following the training without deviation and how in short order, a student could easily have the cost of this training earned back in no time, and even have extra funds earned.

Because David Walker is continually updating this training, as well as providing lifetime access to his training, I definitely agree that The Walker Way does really tap into thousands of proven buyers.

And, the training even provides you with a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee.

Below is my video review on The Walker Way.

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I do hope my review of The Walker Way has helped you make a decision to invest in this learning, as I’m certain that you will NOT be disappointed.

Should you have any question(s) about whether The Walker Way really taps into thousands of proven buyers, I do hope you will leave them a comment below so we can discuss this further.

Looking Forward to Serving You,

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