Is Traffic Booster a 100% Brand New Traffic System

Sid Red and Shreyas Konappana are the vendors of Traffic Booster.

In their landing page video, they claim the man dancing is Billy, and that he just purchased Traffic Booster, and they say for you to be like Billy and let them do the rest.

Apparently, Traffic Booster is a powerful, shockingly easy breakthrough system, making it easier to bank in big commissions, unlock unrestricted traffic for buyers.

Then you’re told to Stop wasting time, time is money.

Their solution is for you to just get Traffic Booster and they will do the rest.

Their landing page claims that their solution provides you with:

  • Automated traffic
  • 100% proven results
  • Perfect for newbies and veterans
  • Includes free buyer traffic
  • Includes their best traffic sources
  • You don’t have to create products or make videos

Claims are made that this is a brand-new refreshing system, and is easy to replicate and banks in big commissions more often than any other system.

Further claims are made that it has also generated over $28,990 in commissions from 100% free traffic within 30 days.

They say that they use this system and method to drive a crazy amount of traffic to their affiliate links, sending you crazy sales [maybe they intended to say “your affiliate links”… maybe?].

They also claim that “everyone loves the results they get from Traffic Booster; Both newbies and experienced marketers, and that you will experience the same.”

My review here will cover the following:

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What is Traffic Booster?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Traffic Booster


Price: $12.95 US funds + 4 upsells and 4 downsells

Recommended? NO


Sid Red and Shreyas Konappana’s landing page tells you to grab Traffic Booster now and make it your success story.

This is followed by a “Dear Overworked Marketer” letter, in which they ask you if you are struggling to get good and quality traffic like the other 99% of affiliate marketers. You’re to stop everything that you are doing because their solution is Traffic Booster.

They claim that this is your access to the biggest traffic system to date, and that you are three steps from living life on your own terms.

Step 1 – Click their buy button to secure your copy now.

Step 2 – Login and enter your details into their system.

Step 3 – Use their system to drive loads of traffic to your desired sources.

Followed by a warning message of “Hurry the offer expires soon!”

They claim that Traffic Booster is better than other traffic sources for the following reasons:

  1. Most of the other sources are too complicated to use.
  2. The vast majority of those sources offers are time consuming.
  3. That you have to figure out how other sources work and then start monetizing.

And, that your results after you have used those other sources:

  • Users fail and blame themselves.
  • Which make you discouraged and you lose interest.

They say that if you have found yourself in any one of these situations then it’s time to stop what you are doing, as they are introducing the breakthrough method to get the best traffic.

Apparently, with Traffic Booster, you get:

  1. Free untapped and targeted traffic.
  2. Reliable traffic that is proven to convert.
  3. High converting deals that are handpicked.
  4. Deals are handpicked for this method exclusively.
  5. And, that this system also connects with people, resulting in repeat buyers.

They claim that it is so easy that it literally takes you less than one minute, and that all you have to do is copy and paste their system that make over $128,00 in commissions so far.

Then they provide the following list:

  1. Instant access to super affiliate site with everything 100% done for you.
  2. Copy and paste their recommended $1K per day super-affiliate campaigns.
  3. There’s no need to create products, videos, and writing, etc.
  4. Promote 100% proven and recommended products.
  5. Simply replace their affiliate link with yours to watch the magic happen.
  6. Free $6996 worth of free pre-loaded bonuses.

Apparently, it is your time to make internet lifestyle a reality, and that you can do it easily just by using their extensively time tested and proven method with real results and turn free traffic into big ticket commission items.

They say that you literally have to login to their system, enter your affiliate ID, use their 100% done for your system to blast traffic and enjoy recurring commissions – graphics image not money [yes, that last phrase is not a mistake].

Claims are made that Traffic Booster gives you a 100% done for you system for earning hassle free commissions 24/7.

  • 100% done for you site
  • Simply create an account and login
  • Select from tested proven campaigns
  • Blast free traffic
  • Make commissions
  • Free $6996 worth of free bonuses (bonuses are subject to availability and maybe removed without prior notice)

They say that this has been tested and proven to generate commissions for the three big affiliate networks: Warrior Plus, JVZoo, and Clickbank.

Bonus #1 – Brand new market place guide. Valued at $1999.

Bonus #2 – Lion leads, a lead generator that apparently teaches you how to generated quality leads into your business. Valued at $1499.

Bonus #3 – Grab email list from a multi-million-dollar social media giant. This is said to provide access to software that will help you grab any niche’s buyer email for free. Valued at $1999.

Bonus #4 – Make sure your emails go straight to inbox, which is said to be very important and lets your emails hit the inbox and not promotions or spam folders. Valued at $1499.

Then you’re told to act now to claim the early bird special price.

They claim that they are so confident about their system that they will give you a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee for up to 30 days.

And, they claim that this implies that there is zero risk for you with their no questions ask guarantee.

Simply go through their training material provided thoroughly and apply their system.

And they say to mainly believe in yourself and believe that it will work for you this time with their proven and tested system.

If for any reason that you feel unsatisfied, apparently all you need to do is let them know and they will refund you your fee back completely.

That you can cancel for any reason and at any time with 30 days of buying their product.

They say that’s how confident they are that their system works for everyone.

  1. Apparently, you need NO technical skills, knowledge or experience, as their system is designed to make it easy to use.

    They claim that if you are knowledgeable enough to surf the internet then you are good to go.

  2. You do not risk losing your money if you are not satisfied with their system.

    They claim that after years of testing and researching, they are so confident that their system will work for everyone which is why they offer a no questions asked guarantee.

  3. They say there are no hidden costs and that this is a one-time purchase.

  4. Apparently, if you click their buy button now, you will not miss out on their special early bird offer, and that once their timer hits zero, their prices increase automatically.

How Traffic Booster Actually Works

screen print from vendor's members area

This training course contains 14 videos of different lengths of time. They are as follows:

Welcome to TrafficBooster – Congratulations for your purchase

1.) Introductions

Overview – List Building – Why lead generation is important? – video titled Welcome to Members Area (00:02:27 minutes) – Shreyas Konappana welcomes members

Clickbank – Choosing Affiliate Product – How to Create Clickbank Account | Clickbank Account Disabled | Clickbank Account Problem – video 1 (00:13:48 minutes) – Sid Red takes you through the steps (it was hard for me to understand what he was saying at time due to his voice sounding muffled). There is a note under this video:

Clickbank account creation (this method is only for the ones who were not able to create in a direct way).

Most of my students from India, China and Taiwan facing issue in creating an account. If you are one of them whose account is disabled. You can try this method.

How to Find High Converting Affiliate Products on Clickbank – video 2 (00:15:08 minutes) – Sid Red takes you through all of the training going forward and is much easier to understand, here forward.

2.) List Building

Lead Generation – List Building – Why lead generation is important? – video (00:06:15 minutes)

Email Optin – How To Create An Email Opt-In Landing Page? – video 1 (00:14:12 minutes)

Video 2 (00:07:53 minutes) Getresponse Optin page with 40% confirmed optin rate

3.) Develop Content

Best Spinner – Article Rewriter Software – Best Article Spinner Software: Part 4 – video (00:11:54 minutes) – Sid Red promised a link would be provided below this video and it was not available at the time I took his lessons.

4.) Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic 1 – Get more Real Free organic Massive Instant Traffic to your Content without SEO – video (00:06:53 minutes)

Organic Traffic 2 – Get 9 Million of Organic Traffic from a High Authority Domain: Part 6 – video (00:10:47 minutes)

Organic Traffic 3 – How To Get Million Traffic and Affiliate Sales From Quora: Part 7 – video (00:07:41 minutes)

5.) Paid Traffic

Instagram Influencer – Paid Traffic – Buying Instagram Influencer Shoutout for Affiliate Marketing: Part 8 – video (00:07:41 minutes)

6.) YouTube Hack

Rank Fast – Youtube loophole – Exploit Youtube loophole to rank on page one – video (00:06:15 minutes)

7.) PLR Guide

PLR Source – Email Opt-In – How To Create An Email Opt-In Landing Page? – video (00:03:43) Where to get PLR from?

Rehash PLR – Unique and Fresh – How to Make your PLR content Unique and Fresh? – video (00:02:22 minutes)

Promote Affiliate Links – Promote Your Affiliate Links – How to Promote Your Affiliate Links in a CLEVER way? – video (00:02:49 minutes)


Get Upgrades Here – 4 upsell links are provided.

BONUSES – At the time of buying this training, I received an email from Sid Red with a link to the bonuses inside a Google DOC of links.

Bonus 1: Guide to JVZoo Profits – video (01:03:23 minutes) which is a webinar replay.

Bonus 2: Lions Share, which is a link to a website with 6 videos embedded.

Bonus 3: Scrape Instagram Emails for FREE : How to generate leads on Instagram? – video (00:08:23 minutes)

Bonus 4: How to Avoid Emails going to Spam: Email Subject Lines That Really Work – video (00:08:06 minutes)


The free funnel site was a great tip.

Great advice offered in their 9th video.

Paid Traffic advice seems like a great idea, though I would need to test Sid’s advice to be certain.


There are lots of horns honking (and one has a lot of chattering and laughing) in the background of most of Sid Red’s training videos, which can be distracting to many students.

Sid Red recommends using a spinner.

Spinners tend to create low-quality content that at times is even unreadable.

Most spinners simply substitute synonyms for each word in any sentence.

Even if a spinner did great work, how many people might end up using the same content when using the same spinner and then suffer from duplicate content penalties?

There is a LOT more work required than simply adding your affiliate ID, and/or copying and pasting than their landing page claims.

I feel that some advice given in the training tends to be leaning heavily toward Black Hat behaviour.

My Take on Traffic Booster

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

I do not believe that Traffic Booster is a 100% brand new traffic system, as only some of the advice was new to me, thus my 1 out of 5-star rating.

Though I do feel that the vendors may sincerely believe their training to be authentic.

Below is My Honest Review of Traffic Booster video review.

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If you really want to know how to get that free traffic, you first need to know how to created a website that can easily win your site free traffic.

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You will even be able to start a website for FREE… and, you won’t be asked for a credit card either.

That’s how confident the owners are of the learning platform that I have been a member of since 2016.

You will see for yourself that you get access to help from professionals 24/7.

Other members of the platform are pretty quick to step up and help out by answering any question you may have about creating your own traffic winning website.

On top of all this, you will even have access to important business tools that are necessary in helping you to set up your very own online business.

Stop wasting your time and money. Get started today… for FREE.

I do hope that I have been helpful in answering the question, is Traffic Booster a 100% Brand New Traffic System.

Should you have any questions about Traffic Booster, please do leave them in a comment below and I will respond a.s.a.p.

No More Wasted Time,

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