Social Media Method – Can You Tap into Thousands of Proven Buyers? 🔥 [Review] 5/5 ⭐

David Walker is the vendor of the Social Media Method, and claims that you can tap into thousands of proven buyers hidden in plain sight, on social media, and explode your affiliate commissions.

He says that he wants to reveal how you can attract an unlimited number of high- targeted, proven buyer leads for your online business using nothing but free organic social media traffic.

David states that not only that, he will share with you how he closes his leads smoothly and consistently in chats.

He states that he does NOT use high-pressure sales tactics, nor does he pretend to be your new best friend.

David is quick to add that he doesn’t need to get on the telephone with them either.

He says that he’s always loved free traffic and the organic approach to online marketing.

David states that he has been doing this for more than 20 years, and that he made his very first dollar way back in 1998, using organic free traffic from an auction website, which has long since disappeared.

image from David Walker's Social Media Method landing page

Apparently, that’s what gave him the “bug”, and David claims that he went on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars sending organic free search engine traffic to offers, before he switched his focus to social media.

David says that he actually shied away from social media for a long time, years in fact; Even though he could see the platform had huge potential as far as organic attraction marketing was concerned.

He claims that it just seemed that there were too many pieces of the puzzle.

David states that he could see other marketers getting fantastic results, and that they were getting huge engagement on their posts, and that other people were pretty much begging to work with them.

But he says, he didn’t know how to get noticed or to have people reach out to work with him, and that he didn’t know how to find the right people to talk to.

David goes on to say that on the few occasions that he did, he didn’t know what to say to them and he ended up losing a sale.

He explains that he had his “ah-ha!” moment when he realized that those successful marketers who he envied, were no more talented nor special than he was.

David goes on to say that they were just consistent in putting the right type of content in front of their audience, which drew them in.

Apparently, that’s when David got to work, and copied a few marketers whose content “spoke” to him, and he says that he soon got results of his own.

After just one week on the platform, David claims that he went from a complete “nobody” who was getting perhaps one, two or three Likes… to somebody whose getting hundreds of Likes, Loves and comments on every post.

My review of the Social Media Method by David Walker will entail the following:

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What is the Social Media Method?

screen print from the Social Media Method landing page

Program Name: Social Media Method

Website: (my affiliate link)

Price: $997 US funds

Recommended? YES


This course is over 9 hours of over-the-shoulder training videos, plus all bonuses.

David Walker says that the Social Media Method is the number one attraction marketing system which transforms struggling marketers into attractive affiliates, using Facebook.

2nd image from David Walker's Social Media Method landing page

Apparently, in his training course you can learn to target and convert an unlimited number of proven buyers without spending a penny on advertising, while your competitors burn out using outdated and ineffective organic marketing strategies.

David says that people noticed him using this method, and they started reaching out to him, and that he soon began to make sales.

He claims that he could see a huge opportunity here, and that he simplified the entire process of attracting high-targeted leads, and closing them in chats in just 3 steps.

David says that he calls those 3 steps his L A D method.

L = Locate – where he now focuses only on finding highly targeted, proven buyer leads to market to.

David claims that there are literally thousands of them, hidden in plain sight on Facebook.

Focusing on them, he says, saves so much time and effort because you’re not dealing with time wasting, freebie seekers.

A = Attract – where he creates a very specific type of content which speaks to his audience directly, and compels them to reach out to him.

D = Deal – this is where David says that he follows a proven, six-step framework to enable him to close sales in Messenger consistently, with the least amount of objections possible.

And all of this, David goes on to explain, without spending a single penny on advertising.

He claims that he put everything together to create his Social Media Method program.

Over 9 hours of over-his-shoulder video training, which takes you through the entire process, step-by-step, from locating, attracting and finally closing the deal, all from free organic social media traffic.

In addition to the core training modules, David explains that he has also put together some extra special bonuses.

He goes on to explain that these will help you to squeeze every last inch of value out of using social media to generate leads organically, and also to help you minimize the cost of the training.

David then takes a moment to STRESS to you that this IS NOT a push button system.

3rd image from David Walker's Social Media Method landing page

You do need to put some work into it, and following the Social Media Method, he says, will help you build your success over time.

That David says, is the realistic trade off of using organic free traffic.

But if you’re okay with that, he says, then you get everything you need to help you get results as quickly as possible… so, it’s not for everyone.

David says it’s great for newcomers online looking to become an attractive affiliate and want to build a highly targeted audience full of buyers without having to spend any money on advertising.

He says that it’s also great for more experienced affiliate marketers and indeed information product creators alike, who are looking to make more sales.

And similarly, David explains that it’s great for network marketers who assumed that it would be easy to promote their product on social media but aren’t experiencing the results that they thought they’d get.

David says that the Social Media Method will show you how to attract more customers and sell to them the right way, from start to finish.

He states that he has also put together some additional training modules and done-for-you content, and you can find the details about that on his landing page.

David says that he even includes lifetime updates to the training program.

He explains this by saying that this means that every time he updates or creates new training, you’ll get access to it in the members area, at no extra cost.

Plus, you’ll also get access to the Social Media Method community, David says, where you can:

  • get your questions answered,
  • network with other members, and
  • you can also benefit from the extensive training archive.

Not only that, as a Social Media Method member, he says that you’re also invited to promote this program as an affiliate and you’ll get paid on two levels.

4th image from David Walker's Social Media Method landing page

David explains that he even provides full training on how to do this effectively too.

Then he says that you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost, and well, it’s a lot less than you think.

David goes on to say that when he created this program, he wanted to ensure that as many people as possible who needs this training, could get access to it.

He says that you can get access to the:

  • core Social Media Method training,
  • bonuses,
  • lifetime updates,
  • community, and
  • affiliate program,

…for a one-off payment of just $997.

David claims that he could easily sell this training for more that $2,000, which would put it on a par with other high-ticket programs on the market.

Apparently, some of his online entrepreneur friends also advised him not to go any lower than $1,500.

But even at that price, David explains that he felt that it would still be too high for some people who could really use the training right now.

He goes on to say that you can get access to everything for just $997, with nothing else to pay, EVER.

While you’re thinking that over, David wants to make you a guarantee.

He claims that he knows that the Social Media Method works, not just for him, but also for his growing number of successful students.

And, David wants you to have full confidence that it’s going to work for you too.

Therefore, he’s going to give you a full, 60-days to try it out, and if you decide that you don’t like it, he’ll give you all of your money back.

David asks you; How many other high-ticket offerings provide such a guarantee?

“They don’t!”, he says, “And, they often state ‘no refunds’ in the small print, because they’re not confident that they can deliver on their bold promises.”

David states that you won’t have that problem with the Social Media Method, because all of the risk is on him.

He says that he really doesn’t think that he could be any fairer than that.

David quickly adds that if you stick with him beyond the 60-day period, he even gives you a very special Loyalty Bonus but he won’t say anymore on that here, though you will find full details in the members area, once you’ve signed up and are logged in.

He says to believe him, you’re going to love it!

If you want to get access to the Social Media Method at the lowest price that it’s ever going to be available for, then David recommends that you take action right now.

He explains that the price is likely to increase as further training content is added… and realistically, he can only support a certain number of people in the community, so that bonus could be taken away at anytime.

David says that if you’re excited about using Facebook to:

  • generate proven buyer leads,
  • become an attractive affiliate, and
  • make more sales,

…then buy now, and you can get instant access to all of the training modules and all of the bonuses in the members area.

5th image from David Walker's Social Media Method landing page

David says to trust your gut, if you’re not getting the results that you want from your organic marketing, then you know you could benefit from the Social Media Method.

Or, maybe you’re a little nervous about going down the organic attraction marketing route, to become successful online, he says.

Then, David says, get the training, he’s here to help, and you’re to forget about the overwhelm and frustration about:

  • not knowing who to target,
  • how to attract them, or
  • how to close them in the Messenger. 

He says once you gain your access, he will show you how to do all of these things, step-by-step.

It makes sense to get this now if you’re struggling with leads or sales….. or even if you don’t know where to begin, David suggests.

He says to remember that the Social Media Method is available at the lowest price it’s ever going to be, and if you secure your place now, you get access to all of the training and all of the bonuses.

If you’re still on the fence, David says, please don’t wait too long before you decide to do the attraction marketing, as a method to generate leads and make sales.

Don’t say stuck, he says, or worse still, burn out completely because you don’t know how to find and attract proven buyer leads to your business, or what to say to them.

David suggests that you don’t let anymore time pass with you remaining unsuccessful while other marketers are cleaning up every day with free, highly targeted organic traffic.

Now, he says, is your time to join them.

David says that he would love to help you more, and for you to join him and other successful marketers who are using the Social Media Method.

How the Social Media Method Actually Works

screen print of the Social Media Method training dashboard

Welcome To Social Media Method!

 Introduction video (02:19 minutes) – David explains why the Loyalty Bonuses are not yet available

Social Media Method Core Training (9 sections)


Bonus #1 – 52 Industry “Value” Posts – COMING SOON!

Bonus #2 – 365 Days of Memes Collection – COMING SOON!

Bonus #3 – 365 Crypto Memes Collection – COMING SOON!

Bonus #4 – 365 NFT Memes Collection – COMING SOON!

Bonus #5 – 100+ Halloween Memes Collection – COMING SOON!

Bonus #6 – 100+ Christmas Memes Collection – COMING SOON!

Module 1 – Base Builder (10 videos)

Introduction (01:59 minutes)

Profile Photo (01:13 minutes)

Cover Photo (05:36 minutes)

Biography (02:49 minutes)

Featured Image (03:07 minutes)

Mistake Example 1 (02:35 minutes)

Mistake Example 2 (02:02 minutes)

Mistake Example 3 (02:14 minutes)

Mistake Example 4 (01:50 minutes)

Mistake Example 5 (02:10 minutes)

Module 2 – Buyer Boom (6 videos)

Introduction (02:46 minutes)

Buyer Source #1 – Groups (18:20 minutes)

Buyer Source #2 – Product Launches (09:47 minutes)

Buyer Source #3 – Other Groups (10:23 minutes)

Buyer Source #4 – Recommended Friends (11:05 minutes)

Buyer Source #5 – Incoming Requests (12:12 minutes)

Scam Profiles (06:50 minutes)

Module 3 – IMPROVED Content (part 1, 7 videos)

Introduction (08:35 minutes)

I – Income (08:04 minutes)

M – Meme (08:11 minutes)

P – Prospecting (10:58 minutes)

R – Results (06:58 minutes)

E – Engagement (05:45 minutes)

D – Diary (06:32 minutes)

Module 3 – Opinion Shifting Post (part 2, 3 videos)

O – Opinion Shifting (20:33 minutes)

Opinion Shifting Post Example (29:11 minutes)

Newsfeed Post Reviews (27:04 minutes)

Module 3 – Value Content (part 3, 3 videos)

Introduction (13:20 minutes)

Types of Value Posts Part 1 (11:38 minutes)

Types of Value Posts Part 2 (14:18 minutes)

Module 4 – Engagement Explosion (10 videos)

Introduction (06:46 minutes)

Step 1 – Warm Up Stories (09:20 minutes)

Step 2 – Warm Up Newsfeed (11:43 minutes)

Step 3 – Create Your Post (06:11 minutes)

Step 4 – Content Boosting Trick (08:18 minutes)

Step 5 – Engage with Newsfeed (06:44 minutes)

More Than One Post (03:24 minutes)

Facebook Jail (06:03 minutes)

Optimise Your Friends List (07:05 minutes)

Semi Automate Your Comments (13:06 minutes)

Module 5 – Messenger Master (7 videos)

Introduction (07:31 minutes)

Step 1 – Rapport (14:17 minutes)

Step 2 – Problem (13:58 minutes)

Step 3 – Unprofitable Solution (10:46 minutes)

Step 4 – Alternative (04:55 minutes)

Step 5 – Follow Up (05:58 minutes)

Step 6 – Close (11:38 minutes)

Module 6 – Super Stories (5 videos)

Introduction (07:57 minutes)

Story Type: Personality (04:07 minutes)

Story Type: Behind the Scenes (03:34 minutes)

Story Type: Value (05:04 minutes)

Story Type: Results (05:19 minutes)

Social Media Method Implementation: (3 sections)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracker (1 video + 1 document)

KPI Tracker Walkthrough (20:58 minutes)

Download Your Copy of the KPI Tracker – an Excel spreadsheet Google Doc

Daily Method of Operation (DMO) (1 video + 1 document)

DMO Walkthrough (20:16 minutes)

Download Your Copy of the Daily Method of Operation (DMO) Document – a 4-page PDF file

Daily Content Strategy (video COMING SOON + 1 document)

Download Your Copy of the Daily Content Strategy – a 1-page PDF file

Social Media Method Bonus Training: (2 sections)

Bonus – Hit ‘N’ Run Profits (5 videos)

Part 1 – Basic Strategy (11:45 minutes)

Part 2 – One Day Product Launch (10:21 minutes)

Part 3 – Get FREE Info Products (10:52 minutes)

Part 4 – Gatecrash Leader Boards (06:04 minutes)

Part 5 – Full Case Study (14:46 minutes)

Bonus – Objection Handling (6 videos)

Introduction (04:43 minutes)

“I Don’t Have the Money” (07:50 minutes)

“I Don’t Have the Time” (10:43 minutes)

“I Need to Ask My Spouse” (08:18 minutes)

“What If It Doesn’t Work for Me?” (04:09 minutes)

“How Much Money Are YOU Making?” (09:23 minutes)

Get More Out of Social Media Method: (3 sections)

Affiliate Program Setup – (Instructions)

Attractive Affiliate – COMING SOON!

“Done For You Content” Bonus (8 documents)

– 2,000 “Done For You” Posts – 68-page PDF

– 52 Monday Posts – 5-page PDF

– 100 Weekend Posts – 7-page PDF

– 200 Love Posts – 10-page PDF

– 50 Motivation Posts – 82.6 MB zip files with PNG images inside

– 50 Motivation Stories – 188 MB zip file with PNG images inside

– 50 Handwritten Posts – 4.0 MB zip file with PNG images inside

– 50 Handwritten Stories – 4.7 MB zip file with PNG images inside

Social Media Method Facebook Groups: (2 sections)

The Inner Circle – COMING SOON! – a link provided to join this group, coming soon.

Daily Meme Club – link provided to Join the Daily Meme Club Group


David has provided exceptional training that when followed without deviation, will grant you the results he promises you.

Paying customers have a 60-day money back guarantee!

The training videos are setup in bite-sized pieces, so that you can follow along with the lessons as you have the time.

Once you complete a video, make sure you follow his instructions BEFORE moving on to the next video. You’ll find it easier that way, and you’ll be less likely to forget even one step.


Being one who enjoys being able to download training videos, rather than tax my bandwidth every time I want to refer back to the training, downloading the training videos IS NOT AN OPTION.

My Take on the Social Media Method

thumb pointing up in approval

I truly believe you can you tap into thousands of proven buyers using the Social Media Method, though this training is really more for the affiliate marketer then, say, a local business owner.

Also, David Walker has over delivered with his training, making it an easy decision for me to recommend the Social Media Method.

Yes, some of the training is from his previous course: The Walker Way, plus a whole lot more! For a complete list of changes made, click here for the TXT version!

Once you are inside the Social Media Method training, you will soon discover how revealing David is with all of his inside secrets to succeeding, using free organic traffic.

Below is my video review of the Social Media Method by David Walker (my affiliate link)

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There are no excuses for not succeeding with the methods David teaches inside the Social Media Method, unless you are too lazy to follow his instructions.

Should you have any questions regarding the ability to tap into thousands of proven buyers using the Social Media Method, please feel free to leave them in a comment below, and I will reply in a timely manner.

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