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James Fawcett is the vendor for Recurrent, and he claims to be a 7-figure affiliate marketing product creator, and he’s coming at you with a really cool product that he’s super excite about.

He claims that Recurrent is a system that he built that has allowed him to generate an additional $4,000 per month, in monthly recurring income.

And, he adds that he’s also been able to do this on top of his 7-figure affiliate system where you guys are going to get access to that today as well, when you pick up a copy of Recurrent.

James explains that this is a complimentary bonus from him to you because it also brings in an instantaneous result so you guys can plug this in and then be able to put the power of Recurrent in your hands, business or side-hustle, as well.

And basically, create that literal automation, he says, and to start getting results following his system.

James goes on to explain that with Recurrent and why he built it is pretty much for selfish reasons.

It’s like anyone does when they want to earn more money, he says; Basically, you’re going to want to be able to count on those builds that come in again and again, per month.

James goes on to say, especially when you’re running an affiliate business and you’re starting from scratch, every single day, like starting from zero.

He explains that you want something that’s going to be more predictable, that’s going to continue to come in on autopilot.

And, you want something that’s sustainable, James says, and that it’s going to get you through uncertain times, as well.

He claims that you want that level of monthly recurring income to continue to increase over time.

James says, what that means is that for example, if you plug in Recurrent today and then stopped following the instructions, and putting it to work, you can start getting paid for efforts that you’ve done today in six, seven, eight, nine, ten months time.

He goes on to explain that there are some recurring programs that are implemented in the past, from two years ago, and he’s still getting paid for those efforts two years ago.

James says that’s the power of putting a recurring profit machine like Recurrent in action.

My review of Recurrent by James Fawcett will cover the following:

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What is Recurrent?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Recurrent


Price: $16.99 US FUNDS + a $5 US FUNDS popup Downsell offer, followed by 6 Upsells and 6 popup Downsells

Recommended? NO


James Fawcett assures you that you could literally scale this up, and continue to increase by just simply following his step-by-step instructions inside Recurrent.

He claims that what he has done with Recurrent is that he has provided step-by-step instructions on how-to plug-in things straight away, like for example:

  • just plugging your current system,
  • turning on the traffic, and
  • getting started.

And what this does, James goes on explaining, is that it basically starts putting eye-balls in front of what you have to offer and starting your getting results.

He then goes on to say that the testimonies he’s shared on his landing page from his students… they’ve put Recurrent into action, and started to get results.

James then says that they’ve been pretty amazed because they’ve struggled previously in the past, in building a recurring online system where they can get sustainable recurring income time and time again.

He claims that when they plug this in, they just couldn’t believe what was going on, and they’ve said, well James, you’ve got to get this out and into the market, and so here he is.

James says that you guys are getting access to this… now he calls this the underground recurrent profit system, because this hasn’t been done before.

What he means by not having been done before apparently means, that no one has done it to the level that he has done it to.

And, especially for people trying to start out and get moving which is just building their own additional revenue stream or income streams.

On top of that, James claims that Recurrent leverages multiple recurring programs, so that on top of, and instead of just one simple program it leverages multiple programs so you’re literally doubling down on their potential of recurring income that could be coming into your system.

He claims that this is a very simple system that he’s been able to implement literally within 14 days, and that he built it for the ease of you guys to:

  • plug it in,
  • get started, and
  • start generating results.

Now on top of that, with his 7-figure affiliate blueprint, which he exposes on how he generates $1,500 to $2,000 per day, without fail, James says that you guys are getting a complimentary copy of that as well.

Inside of Recurrent, he says that he shows you how you can merge those two systems together so not only are you getting results daily, on top of that you’re building your recurring income stream.

And, he claims to show you how to go about that in order to achieve that.

Unfortunately, James explains that his pricing is limited.

He explains that obviously he could have done this on a recurring price, so he could have charged monthly for you guys to pick up Recurrent, and that he was thinking of charging anywhere from $17 to $47 a month for you guys to use this system on a monthly basis.

But during his launch period only, James says he is giving this to you guys for a one-time price that you could literally get for the same price of a meal at McDonald’s, or even picking up Star Bucks for the kids.

He explains that he is literally giving this to you for a one-time price for you guys to take advantage of this system.

After the launch, James says that he’s probably going to move this to a monthly recurring pricing, because he really does believe this system has a lot of potential, and the one-time price really doesn’t justify the value inside that you guys are going to get.

He says that you guys are getting this for a complete steal during the launch period.

Now, there are times that James has the price increasing every single hour with Recurrent, so the longer you leave it, the more you’re going to have to pay.

James says to just imagine; you’re picking up Recurrent today, so you pick it up for the starting price of $17 and you start putting it in, and imagine in a month’s time, for just an investment of $17 today, during the launch period, you could literally be achieving and additional $1,000 to $2,000 a monthly recurring income.

He claims that you could even possibly be even doing better than what he’s doing today, that you could be exceeding this and going from $4,000 to $5,000 per month within the next 30 days.

James explains that this is extremely possible but you can’t do this without picking up Recurrent.

He states that he is giving you a completely risk-free opportunity as well, when you pick up Recurrent, he is attaching a 60-day, money back guarantee.

So, if you guys do not get results with Recurrent and his support team cannot help you, James says that he will refund every single penny back.

He claims that this is something that he stands by, and he wants to make sure that you guys get results.

So, James says that he’s putting his money where his mouth is, and that he wants you to:

  • come in with complete confidence and
  • knowing that you are going to feel very supported in your journey and
  • being able to implement Recurrent,
  • get started, and
  • start smashing it.

He says that he’s really looking forward to you guys jumping in on this.

Then James repeats himself by saying that he’s done this for selfish reasons and he thinks you should too, because he really does believe that this can be done at every single level.

That anyone has the potential to be able to do this if you are willing to:

  • follow the training that he has inside, which is literally 30 minutes of recording.
  • you go inside and implement the bonuses he is giving you.

James explains that he’s giving you:

  • a done-for-you funnel,
  • done-for-you swipes, follow-up series and automations,
  • given you all the products and recurring products to promote as well,
  • his 7-figure breakout affiliate system,
  • the license rights on 2 of is top-selling products and they are: Breakout Code 2.0 and Rebillz 2.0

He goes on to explain that you guys are going to get boosted commissions straight up, right away, and being able to leverage those immediate profits, as well.

James claims that he is really excited about this one, and that you must take action today within the launch period to get it at the one-time price. After the launch he will be moving this to a monthly recurring fee membership.

He claims that Recurrent really is something truly special for you guys to be able to leverage, take advantage of, experience that time freedom, cover those monthly car payments and bills, like he’s been able to do so… he wants that experience for you guys as well.

James wraps up by saying that he’ll see you on the inside of Recurrent.

How Recurrent Actually Works

screen print of vendor's members area dashboard

Once you have created your login to Recurrent, you will notice that each time you log out and want to simply log back in again, your browser will be sent to the Registration page, where you will need to click on the Log In link BELOW the registration form, in order to log in again.

From the Dashboard, you will find links to the training on the left-hand sidebar.

The training is as follows:

Welcome – Start Here video (03:09 minutes) – below which you will find a large button link titled, “SPECIAL INVITE TO OUR BREAKOUT CEO BETA PROGRAM. Only 30 Spots Available to Help Them to $25,000 per Monthwhich is a video (16:49 minutes)

Case Study video (16:59 minutes) – below which you will find a large button link titled, “WORK WITH JAMES DIRECTLY – APPLY HERE” which is the very same video found under the button link above.

Overview video (07:48 minutes) – below which you will find a large button link titled, “SPECIAL INVITE TO WORK WITH JAMES” which is also the very same video linked in the large button under Welcome.

Getting Setup With Recurrent

Finding a Recurring Program… That Sticks video (06:21 minutes) – below which you will find 3 different, larger button links, titled as follows:

  1. GRAB OUR RECURRENT SUPER RESELLER HERE – Boost Your Commissions by 80% with Our Super Reseller – which takes your browser BACK to the Welcome page

  2. OFFER GOOGLE DOC – which takes your browser to a Google doc with details

  3. GRAB THE DFY LAUNCH STACK – which takes your browser BACK to the Welcome page

Build A Community: Communities Explained video (05:48 minutes), Creating Your Free and VIP Facebook Groups video (15:37 minutes), and Community Using Skool video (09:11 minutes) – below which you will find a large button link titled, “Trail Skool Free for 14 Days Here”, which is an affiliate link.

Promoting 7-Figure Insider Program video (04:29 minutes), below which you will find a large button link titled, “APPLY TO PROMOTE 7-FIGURE INSIDER HERE”, which takes your browser over to Warrior Plus where you can apply, followed by: Don’t Want to Build Your Own Recurring Offer? GET OUR DFY LAUNCH STACK, below which is another large button link that is titled, “GRAB THE DONE FOR YOU LAUNCH STACK HERE”, which is a link to Resurgence Upgrade.

Build Recurrent Optin Funnel video (08:49 minutes), below which you will find a large button link titled, “GRAB YOUR OPTIN FUNNEL VIA CLICKFUNNELS HERE”, which is an affiliate link, followed by another large button link titled, “CREATE YOUR OWN RECURRING PROGRAM HERE”, which is a link to a Recurrent Upgrade

Build Your Recurrent Bonus Page: Using Clickfunnels video (10:18 minutes), below which you will find a large button titled, “DOWNLOAD YOUR FUNNEL WITH CLICKFUNNELS”, below which is, Adding Your Bonus to Warriorplus video (01:57 minutes)

Set Up Your Recurrent Follow Ups video (10:46 minutes), below which you will find an affiliate linked button titled, “SIGN UP TO AWEBER PRO HERE”, followed by another Recurrent upgrade linked button titled, “GRAB YOUR DFY AUTOMATED PROFIT MACHINE”.

Integrate Autoresponder video (02:42 minutes), below which is an affiliate button link titled, “SIGN UP TO AWEBER HERE”.

Sending Broadcasts video (06:07 minutes), below which is an affiliate button link titled, “SIGN UP TO AWEBER HERE”, which is followed by a Recurrent upgrade linked button titled, “GRAB YOUR DFY AUTOMATED PROFIT MACHINE”.

Recurrent Traffic video (05:09 minutes), below which you will find an affiliate button link titled, “SIGN UP TO UDIMI HERE FOR $5 OFF”, then you’re asked; “Need A Consistent Source Of Buyer Traffic?”, followed by another button link titled, “GET THE RECURRENT TRAFFIC ACCELERATOR HERE”, which when clicked will take your browser to a Recurrent upsell.

Monetizing Your Community – Managing Your Community

Managing your Free Facebook Community video (12:22 minutes), followed by Monitizing Your VIP Group video (06:22 minutes)

Whitelabel My Bonus Stack – (COMING SOON)

Recurrent Bonuses – 6 different buttons to download the bonuses

NOTE: Bonus #2 simply links back to the Recurrent Welcome page and bonus #6 is a dead link!

Top Converting Recurring Programs – of which 4 different programs are listed.

Bonus: Recurrent Option Funnel – EXACTLY the same as one of the 6 bonuses listed under Recurrent Bonus

Recurrent Upgrades – All 6 Upsells are linked individually here.

Support – provides you with the support email address to be used in reaching their support


Could find none.


There appears to be no way of saving a simple link to the Recurrent log in page.

James Fawcett did warn you that he created Recurrent for selfish reasons, and with all of the affiliate links offered inside his training, I definitely agree with his honesty.

This training will cost you a LOT more than the minor entrance fee, when following his instructions. Following the lessons inside Recurrent could easily cost you upwards of $1,000 US funds, before ever making so much as a penny in profit.

The use of Solo Ads to get traffic is never recommended by professional internet marketers who have your interest at heart, so I’ve been told by pros. His Udimi link will take you right to the Solo Ads platform.

My Take on Recurrent

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

James Fawcett is not shy when informing you that “with Recurrent and why he built it is pretty much for selfish reasons”, and that is definitely my take on his training too, therefore, I do NOT recommend Recurrent.

Below is my video review of Recurrent by James Fawcett

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Should you have any question(s) regarding does Recurrent build a full-time income in 48 hours, I do hope you will feel free to leave them in a comment below, so that we can discuss this topic further.

I value and appreciate my readers, and will respond in a timely manner.

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