Does Endgame Reveal Plug & Play Breakthrough That Regenerates Income Without Fail?

James Fawcett and Mark Barrett team up as vendors of Endgame, and Barrett claims that you can replicate their success within 20 minutes.

Mark Barrett thanks you for dropping by their landing page, and maintains that they will show you how they earn a minimum of $2,000 a day or 60, 70, 80 and $90,000 a month with Endgame.

He says that he knows this sounds like some pretty big numbers and may sound like a bit of BS. So, he claims that he and Fawcett are all about being open, transparent and honest.

Barrett then lets you listen to Fawcett talking about his Warrior+Plus account, which Fawcett initially shows you what appears to be income for the month of March 2021.

After Fawcett’s demo has been completed, Barrett states that those are some pretty serious numbers and that’s their no BS income approach, as you can see Fawcett’s numbers inside his account.

The results Fawcett has been able to achieve.

Barrett says if you take out the JV vendor sales essentially Fawcett has done $75,000 in affiliate commissions and contest prizes for the last 30 days, which is just mental, he says that he knows it.

He claims that he knows it sounds a little bit crazy, especially to think that just 12 months ago Fawcett wasn’t even in this business… that he barely had two coins to rub together.

He claims that Fawcett has built his business from absolutely scratch over the last 12 months and that these are the types of numbers they are doing now.

Barrett says, you just saw what Fawcett does, and that he does about two thirds of that as well, obviously as he’s learning the process too.

Barrett claims that the reality is that it’s been extremely simple that it takes literally only about 30 minutes per day and that a lot of it is based on automation and scale compounding.

At the end of the day, he says that he knows it might sound crazy to make that type of money but as you move forward, you’ll start to see that when you have:

  • your first sale,
  • your second sale,
  • then your first ten,
  • hundred,
  • five hundred

…it really becomes really, really simple and that Barrett professes is what you’re going to see inside of Endgame.

My review of Endgame will cover the following:

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What is Endgame?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Endgame


Price: $12.95 US funds + 6 Upsells and 6 Downsells

Recommended? NO


Mark Barrett claims that Endgame is their “absolute no BS” step-by-step video training and that it’s going to show you exactly every single thing that they do for the daily to make at least $2,000 US funds per day.

He says that it is all covered, it’s perfect for anyone that’s absolutely just getting started and wanting to hit their first sales.

And, Barrett claims that it is comprehensive enough that super affiliates could get something out of it and increase their bottom line.

Barrett goes on to say that it’s very step-by-step detailed… do this, do this, do that, this is why we do that, here’s how it works. He says that it might sound complicated but at the end of the day it’s a really simple system.

It’s just combined with the power of the internet, he says, where it’s like having a shop open 24/7 a week and sell something to every single person in the world.

Barrett claims that when you start understanding the power of the numbers that are possible there, you’ll probably see that what they are doing is even small too.

Barrett then says that he knows you’ve been around a bit and they know exactly why you’re here.

He claims that Fawcett was in this situation not just 12 months ago and that he was in the same situation losing it all a bit himself and that he is in the rebuilding phase too.

He claims that the reality is the power and the freedom that we have in our lives now, he says that he means that about 6 months ago now, Fawcett quit his job, which Barrett is sure that is what a lot of you want to do too.

According to Barrett, mostly the benefit of what they did here is the financial freedom so that we don’t have to wake up worrying about when the next bill is coming in, what groceries are needed, etc.

He goes on to say that they are both family men.

Barrett says that he has 3 children and just about 4 in 30 days away.

He claims that there’s nothing better than having no weight on his shoulders waking up every day, knowing that every thing’s covered.

He explains that he’s been broke and he’s been rich and he’ll take it every time.

He says that Fawcett has come through the exact same process in the last 12 months, he quit his job, got a tremendous amount of freedom now and he’s enjoying some of the nice things in life. And that is what Barrett says he wants for you too.

That’s why they do these training, Barrett says.

And he states that clearly you can see they don’t need to do it for the money.

He claims that they want to change the industry. That they want to show you exactly what works without BS and that’s exactly what you’re going to find in Endgame.

Barrett says that if you are finding yourself looking for something still, you’re not hitting the results you really desperately desire, that you can see everybody else doing it, and you always think there’s something missing… Endgame is going to show you exactly what they do.

He claims that they don’t hold anything back, that every single little detail is inside and it’s way simpler than you think.

He says that naturally some of you are going to be skeptical and you should be too, as they are two complete strangers trying to sell you something on the internet.

So, Barrett explains that they naturally have a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Barrett says, if you jump into Endgame, give it a bang and you can’t make it work for yourself, they will happily refund your money but he guarantees you that this is what they do every single day.

He goes on to explain that inside you’re going to see exactly what it’s going to take to build a business that you truly desire.

The one that when you have a quiet minute to yourself that you’re dreaming about… when you’re thinking to yourself, how cool it would be to make that extra thousand, two thousand, five thousand, ten thousand bucks a month.

Laughing a bit, Barrett says they used to think that and now we don’t. Then he says, nineteen hundred thousand dollars a month.

Apparently, it’s a very simple system that just builds on itself, Barrett claims.

So, if you’re looking for something to really help change your life, they truly believe Endgame is what’s really going to give you the down dirty details of exactly how to build a real business… a real super affiliate business that you can be proud of.

How Endgame Actually Works

screen print of vendor's members area

From inside the members area Dashboard you will find the following:

Welcome – Start Here

Welcome to ENDGAME video (00:03:45 minutes) where James Fawcett speaks to you regarding their purpose with Endgame, and reviews what all they are providing.

Below this video is a large button titled “WORK WITH MARK AND JAMES TO GET TO 10K IN 30DAYS” which is linked to one of their upsells.

Case Study

Endgame Case Study video (00:09:51 minutes) Fawcett discusses how well his Warrior+Plus account is doing using his multifaced strategy that really allows you to leverage your audience building, using his list building as well as using social media.

List Building- Email Marketing

Importance of List Building and Overview – List Building Intro video (00:05:46 minutes) Fawcett talks about the importance of list building.

Step 1 – Finding Hot Offers to Promote video (00:09:00 minutes) Fawcett goes over how to find products to offer.

Below this video is a large button titled, “MAXIMIZE PROFITS TODAY AND GET 100% COMMISSIONS ON ALL 11 OF OUR PRODUCTS” which takes your browser to one of their upsells.

Step 2 – How to Build a Solid List Building Funnel video (00:15:47 minutes) Fawcett shows you how to setup a funnel using ClickFunnels.

Below this video is a large button titled “CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT WITH CLICKFUNNELS HERE”, and is an affiliate link.

Below this is another large button titled “STEAL OUT ALREADY DONE-FOR-YOU CONVERTING ENDGAME FUNNELS” which you NEED to use inside ClickFunnels only.

Step 3 – List Building – Bridge Page Method – How It Works video (00:04:39 minutes) Fawcett discusses the two different page building methods to list building.

Below this video you will see a large button titled, “GRAB YOUR FREE ACCOUNT WITH CLICKFUNNELS HERE”, which is the same affiliate link from a previous step.

Step 3a – Setting Up Tracking Optimization video (00:07:44 minutes) Fawcett walks you through using clickmagick.

Below this video you will find a large button titled, “GRAB FREE TRAIL WITH CLICKMAGICK HERE”, which is an affiliate link.

Step 4 – List Building – Rotator Method – What it is and How it Works video (00:08:38 minutes) Fawcett touches on how to use the rotator method using clickmagick.

Below this video is a large button titled, “GRAB YOUR FREE TRIAL WITH CLICKMAGICK HERE”, which offers the same affiliate link as offered in a previous step.

Step 5 – Integrations with Autoresponder video (00:05:23 minutes) Fawcett quickly shows you how to setup your autoresponder using GetResponse.

Below this video is a large button that is titled, “GRAB YOUR FREE ACCOUNT WITH GETRESPONSE HERE”, which is an affiliate link.

Step 6 – Setting Up Your Automation Sequence video (00:11:20 minutes) Fawcett shows you how to setup an automation sequence in GetResponse.

Below this video is a large button titled, “GRAB OUR 200+ PROFIT AUTOMATORS HERE”, which is a link to one of their upsells.

Below this is another large button titled, “GRAB YOUR FREE TRIAL WITH GETRESPONSE HERE” which is the same affiliate link offered in the previous step.

Step 7 – Sending Traffic to Your List Building Funnel – Driving Traffic to Your Funnel video (00:05:01 minutes) – Fawcett shows you how to send traffic to your funnel pages.

Below this video is a large button titled, “CLICK HERE TO STEAL OUR UNLIMITED BUYER TRAFFIC”, which is a link to another of their upsells.

Below this button is another large button that is titled, “CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR FREE UDIMI ACCOUNT”, which is an affiliate link to Solo Ads.

List Building – Social Media

Important of Social Media List and Audience Building – Social Media List Building video (00:06:25 minutes) – Fawcett talks about using Facebook and Facebook groups to grow your business.

Step 1 – Create a Facebook Group – Creating a Facebook Group for Your Social Media List Building video (00:15:59 minutes) – Fawcett shows you what to do when setting up a Facebook group.

Step 2 – Using Chat Bots to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Group – Driving Traffic to Your Group Using Chat Bots

Why Chatbots Work video (00:02:23 minutes) – Fawcett explains briefly as to how using ManyChat can help you grow your Facebook group.

Below that is a large button titled “GET YOUR FREE MANY CHAT ACCOUNT HERE” which takes you to ManyChat’s website.

Below this button is another video titled Setting Up Your Chat Bot (00:06:12 minutes) – Fawcett says you can get a free ManyChat account that uses a Facebook Page.

And, he shows you how to setup your autochats.

Below this video, is another large button that is titled, “CLICK HERE TO STEAL OUT PROFIT CHAT BOT AUTOMATORS” [“OUT” IS NOT MY TYPO!] which is a link to one of their upsells.

Step 3 – Leveraging Your Facebook Group for Commissions video (00:06:33 minutes) – Fawcett shows you how to leverage your Facebook group while being respectful of your members.

He shows you how you can stop group members from spamming the group.

Hight Ticket Integration

Importance of Promoting High Ticket Products video (00:05:08 minutes) Fawcett talks about the only high ticket product with a high commission payout that he has been responsible for selling lately, using Facebook pages.

Finding Hot High Ticket Offers video (00:06:37 minutes) – Using Clickbank’s Marketplace, Fawcett shows you how to find high ticket products with high commissions offered.

Integrating High Ticket Offers Into Email Marketing video (00:10:13 minutes) – Fawcett shows you an example of integrating a high ticket offer.

Below this video, you will find a large button titled “APPLY TO PROMOTE JOHN THORNHILLS HIGH TICKET HERE”, which is an affiliate link.

Integrating High Ticket Offers into Social Media video (00:09:22 minutes) – From inside his ManyChat account, Fawcett reviews his chat bot sequence of messages with you.

Below this video is a large button titled, “GRAB OUR CHAT BOT AUTOMATORS HERE”, which takes your browser to one of their upsells.

Endgame Bonuses

1.) Simplicitee – Front End. Apparently, you can leverage your social media audiences using this software.

2.) License Rights to Breakout Reloaded! Apparently, you can take advantage of bigger profits with commissions with them.

3.) Promote John Thornhill’s High Ticket Program on Us. Apparently, Thornhill has allowed them to let you promote his high-ticket program at no cost.

4.) Bonus End Game Share Funnel! Apparently, helps you leverage their converting funnel for promoting Endgame.

Endgame Upgrades

All 6 of their upsells are linked in this section for your ease of accessing.

UPGRADE #1 – 10x Profit Automators
UPGRADE #2 – DFY Package
UPGRADE #3 – 10x Bundle
UPGRADE #4 – Unlimited Traffic
UPGRADE #5 – Super Affiliate Reseller Bundle
UPGRADE #6 – BAM – Breakout Affiliate Mastery


You are provided with an email address to use should you need any assistance with Endgame.


The Training on List Building – Social Media section offers some helpful advice.


The training videos have a lot of background noise, making it somewhat difficult to focus on all of what Fawcett is teaching.

Almost sounds though he is in the back of a laundromat when recording or maybe he’s just set up too close to his own laundry room.

Most of the videos are too low, so you will need to turn your speaker volume up extremely high in order to hear what Fawcett is talking about.

You’ll need to make sure to LOWER your volume setting once you’ve completed the training so that the next YouTube video you watch isn’t blaringly loud.

The List Building – Email Marketing training offered here can be found on YouTube where users have provided free training.






As far as I can tell, the List Building – Email Marketing is training that was setup in order to offer users access to their affiliate links.

Just because a product is high ticket does NOT necessarily mean that it has true value.

So, you want to make sure that you promote quality products and NOT crap, if you want to be known for offering great products.

My Take on Endgame

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Due to the training being riddled with affiliate links masked as helpful shortcuts to great tools, as well as training that is much less detailed than can be freely found on YouTube, I do not believe that Endgame reveals plug & play breakthrough that regenerates income without fail.

If you simply “sell” products that are high ticket and NOT of great value, buyers will lose their trust in your judgement.

High commissions or low prices should NEVER be the reason to recommend any product.

Below is my video review of Endgame by James Fawcett and Mark Barrett.

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There is no way of creating “instant income” like so many vendors promise on their landing pages and in their videos.

Should your online reputation not be important to you, then you MAY be able to earn a bit of money using unscrupulous methods that hoodwink others out of their money for the short term.

But don’t forget that this is the internet and bad reputations get around a LOT faster than good reputations.

If you want to create an online business that could earn you a steady income for the long term, then you need to be able to provide others with solutions to their problems and NOT be thinking of “how much money can I make online”.

For those of you interested in learning how to create a business online the right way, I’d like to share a learning platform with you that I have been a member of since 2016.

On this platform, you can start for FREE and you won’t even be asked for a credit card!

That’s right, you can start for FREE.

Besides this, you can take the first 10 lessons for FREE.

And, you can create a website for FREE, while you are learning those 10 lessons!

The owners of this platform are so sure that you will be impressed with the quality of the world-class training on this learning platform that you will want to stay.

I did!

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As a free member, you will have 7 whole days in which to take those 10 free lessons, PLUS you will have full access for those 7 days, to the entire community of like-minded individuals of which many are professional marketers.

You can ask technical questions and receive REAL help from the members on this platform because we all work together on a daily basis helping each other to succeed.

There is NOTHING like this learning platform anywhere else on the internet… and I’ve been on the internet since the mid-1990s.

There are so many business tools that are inclusive with memberships… even an SSL certificate is included with your FREE website.

All you will need to do is turn it on… which you will be shown how to do.

If you want to know more about this platform, click here for my free guide with full details.

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I do hope I have been able to answer the question: does Endgame reveal plugin & play breakthrough that regenerates income without fail.

Should you have any questions regarding my review on Endgame, please leave them in a comment below so that we can discuss this further.

Learning Can be Fun,

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