Does Leadono Really Effortlessly Capture Verified Emails with Just a Touch or Click and Grow Your List Virally on Autopilot?

Andrew Darius is the vendor of Leadono, and spokesman Robert Blade, asks you if you’re ready to discover the first to market, the ground breaking solution with proprietary LDO technology, which finally allows you to skyrocket your list size by capturing verified emails with just a touch or click; and growing it virally on autopilot at the same time.

If so, he says that he is about to show you how you can auto-build your subscriber list, even without a website. And, easily capture people’s emails from both social platform’s users and cream-of-the-crop, top Amazon buyers with a touch or click.

Robert goes on to say that because LDO technology does all of the heavy lifting for you, it is mathematically almost impossible for you not to get any email subscriber from social, Apple and Amazon platforms.

Plus, he assures you that all the emails you collect will be already verified and automatically saved to your auto-responder account.

On top of that, Robert is quick to add that you will also get direct access to the most powerful, free traffic source on the internet.

Incentivized referral traffic, and he says to not worry, it does not include you doing anything taxing or tiresome or boring.

Robert explains that because of their proprietary LDO technology, anyone can skyrocket the speed of building the list with a touch or click email capture and viral incentivized referral traffic.

He goes on to say that the email list is the single most important business asset [that] you need to succeed online; Unless you are a SEO guru or a celebrity.

Robert claims that it is almost impossible to make dependable sales or affiliate commissions without an email list, and the big problem with building the list is that nowadays it is extremely hard if you do it in the old way.


Well, Robert goes on to say that before you could just slap an opt-in form on the page and people will fill it in then submit and then they are vamoose!

Robert claims that more than half of all website traffic comes from people browsing on their phones and people really hate the effort and the entire whole ordeal in the process of having to fill in forms on their phone.

Then he says, “who likes that?”

screen print from vendor's landing page video

Robert goes on to explain it’s because they have to painstakingly type everything in on a small, little keyboard, which is prone to create all kinds of touch errors and results in misspells and glitches and start over and all of that.

He claims that this is why pretty much all of the main-street companies allow people to signup and log into their website with just a touch of the button, instead of typing anything.

Robert proclaimed, “why’d they take so long to get to that.”

Hang on online entrepreneurs, he says, they’ve just come out with something that you really wanted someone to come out with.

And, Robert claims that there are mind-blowing researches showing how much results improve when the traditional signup and log in are switched to touch access for mobile users.

He also says that some companies even went so far that they text you a login link so that all you gotta’ do is touch on the link and the text message logs into the website.

Robert states that those companies did not invest in technology and bear the continued cost of sending text messages without the great results, helping them keep people coming back to their website.

He claims that since even the biggest brands need to have touch only signups and logins for phone users, just imagine how much harder it would be to convince people to fill opt-in forms on some unknown website they see for the first time in their lives.

Robert says that you could be easily losing half of your subscribers just because they visit your website on their phone.

He adds that while it’s easier for people to type the name and email on a desktop, you’re still facing an uphill battle; not only because some people would just not take the effort but many are entering either fake or mistyped or throw away email addresses.

Fake, mistyped or throw away email addresses not only bring you nothing, but they’re also plain and simply just dangerous for your business… and one of the many reasons why your email broadcasts end up in a spam folder is when the unopened email rate passes the threshold.

Robert explains that pass that threshold, all your emails land in the spam folder, which is a sure-fire way that almost nobody will see it; And, those bad emails could also cause you problems with your autoresponder service provider, and because email delivery is critical to their business, they may terminate your account to protect other customers.

That’s the old way, and Robert said there had to be a better way, and Leadono was “born”.

My review of Leadono will cover the following:

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What is Leadono?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Leadono


Price: Personal use $17 US funds or Commercial use $19 US funds, PLUS 4 upsells and 3 downsells

Recommended? NO


Robert Blade says that he’s going to share with you, a [cloud-based] software that is called Leadono, which he claims that they’ve been involved with for quite sometime now.

This incentivized traffic referral system software will help you turn your subscribers into your brand ambassadors, and motivate them to share your lead capture page with everybody they know; in which Robert says, having other people do the work for you. Sure!

He says that it also turns “Welcome” and “Confirmation” pages into viral, referral driving monsters, which can build your list on complete autopilot, and you can customize those viral Welcome pages with the same effortless customization technology as for lead capture pages, so you can make them as unique as you want.

Then Robert explains that to make your viral referral marketing grow, your subscribers list even faster, you can even set rewards for both invitees and referrers with automatic rewards for delivery, for both.

He says that all you need to do is set a limited number of people who need to be invited to unlock a reward, and then you’re done.

Robert claims that those milestone reward campaigns, which require inviting a number of people to get a reward, work extremely well for opt-ins for any kind of business, being like sales or services, and even pre-launch campaigns for new products.

He says that Leadono’s LDO technology is solving the biggest problem that everyone doing business on the internet has, and that is enabling you to collect subscribers from mobile traffic, significantly boosting your list growth from desktop visitors and protecting you from fake, mistyped, and throw away email addresses.

Leadono is apparently designed to enable every visitor to push their verified email to your list with a touch or a click and without typing anything.

It’s just as simple as that, according to Robert.

He says the concept is simple but how can you even do it… introducing Leadono.

Leadono apparently harness the power of the fact that most visitors are already logged into one or more social platforms, Apple or Amazon accounts, and it enables people to just type or click on a button for the platform they want to use, in order to access what ever you have for them.

Robert says that Leadono’s smart LDO technology automatically rearranges the buttons to show platforms that your visitors are already logged into on top, so they can easily choose which one they want to use.

He claims that Leadono already knows which platforms the user is currently signed into and that all your visitors need to do in order to get on your list is to choose a platform, and then touch or click on the “Continue” button, and that is it.

After people touch or click on the “Continue” button, their verified email is pushed from the platform they use, to your Leadono account, and then sent to your autoresponder.

Robert states that LDO technology goes even further, and allows you to post special links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which allows people to subscribe to your list right there and then without even having to leave the platform.

He goes on to say that since for those three platforms, the “Continue” button shows right inside of them, it makes it even easier for people to get on your list because they don’t have to leave or go anywhere else just to subscribe.

Robert explains that Leadono natively supports a large number of autoresponders with direct integrations, as well as Zapier, to integrate with almost any autoresponder you want.

  • Sendlane
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Aweber
  • iContact
  • Sendiio

And, he claims that it will even give you the ability to use HTML form integration to connect to an obscure or custom autoresponders; on top of that you can also download a file with all of your subscribers at any time and upload it to an autoresponder of your choice.

Leadono’s one touch or click opt-in can literally send your results soaring sky-high, according to Robert.

And, he says that although collecting email subscribers from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Microsoft and Yahoo is very lucrative all by itself, Robert claims that Leadono also gives you the ability to collect emails from both cream-of-the-crop, top Amazon buyers and Apple users, with a touch or click.

He retorts with, “super efficient, super extraordinary.”

Then Robert asks you: Did you know that the Amazon affiliate program pays you commissions from all of the products people purchase within a 24-hour period after clicking on your affiliate link?

He claims that it means that no matter which product that you promote, you will be paid commission from all of the other products that they buy throughout the day, and if you want, with Leadono you can create a separate Amazon only campaign, and connect its autoresponder, and you set it aside for just Amazon buyers.

Robert says, just imagine sending emails repeatedly to those Amazon buyers and having a real chance of collecting fat commissions from Amazon every time you send an email.

Then he goes on to explain how you can profit from Apple users in the easiest ways possible.

Apparently, Leadono allows you to setup a campaign for just Apple users and connect it to an autoresponder that you have dedicated for them.

Then after you have a list with just Apple users, Robert claims that your path to earn commissions from app installations becomes blown wide open.

He goes on to say that though making commissions from Amazon affiliate programs and paid-per-install networks is beyond awesome, the list you build from subscribers that you collect from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo would already be statistically more lucrative then lists built from traditional opt-in forms.

The addresses you collect from these platforms, Robert explains, are the best email address to reach these people, and all of them are already verified by those platforms.

So, in other words, he says that you can get access to the email addresses of real people who can buy and spend money online, that it allows you to send promotions at the push of a button at any time you want and turns them into buyers of your own products, services or affiliate offers that you promote.

Robert claims that this is as close as you get to having a gold mine, and immediately after somebody subscribes you can redirect them to the sales page or affiliate offer but even if somebody declines subscribing you can still make sales and commissions by redirecting those people to the fall-back link of your choice.

He tries explaining that the fall-back redirect links can be different from the one that subscribers are taken to, so that you could either present a different offer or stronger bait to convince them to subscribe.

Robert goes on to add that if you are using Leadono on your own website, eCommerce or blog, it gets even better.

He claims that while making it touch or click easy to get on your list is already a game changer, you can boost opt-in rates even further with a reminder system.

Apparently, Leadono allows you to embed the smart reminder popups on your website.

Robert claims that the smart reminder popups can either show an exit intent when a visitor is about to leave, or after they scroll down to some percent of your page, or just after they have been viewing the page for some specific time.

He says that visitors can pick the date and time they want to be reminded, and Leadono will send them a reminder with the link so they can continue where they left off, making it incredibly convenient to buy.

Robert claims this is just to boost your results even higher.

To collect leads, he explains that you can either use Leadono’s great looking landing pages with special links for subscribing right inside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or just get a code to embed Leadono lead capture buttons directly on your website or blog.

Robert says that not only are Leadono’s landing pages super easy to make but they look fabulous, right out of the box, and you can make those pages even more alluring and unique with effortless customization technology, and they are totally securely hosted.

He goes on to say that the Leadono is truly intended to be used globally, therefore the Leadono interface can be displayed in many languages as well.

They apparently offer 9 different languages.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • …and, five others.

Robert says you can even add your download documents to the Leadono landing pages that you create, or simply redirected to the link of your choice.

Leadono technology apparently, helps to solve the critical problem when sharing links from apps on social platforms; And that is that usually, when you share a link from the shared app, it just shows up in the app’s name and the image of that app on a social post, causing that post to be ignored.

Robert states that Leadono’s link sharing, on the other hand takes full advantage of maximum social engagement technology and instead of just sharing an app’s page as it is, Leadono goes out to the redirect page, fetches the target URL meta tags, and feeds all that into your lead capture page.

He explains that the result is your Leadono social post looking basically the same as if the redirect page were shared directly, skyrocketing clicks and links on your post.

Their maximum social engagement technology, Robert claims is designed to help you with all of that to the fullest extent possible.

How Leadono Actually Works

screen print of Leadono's Dashboard

Once you’ve logged into the cloud-based dashboard, you will see a large blue button labeled “Create Leadono Link”, your selected language (mine is en for English), a bell icon for notifications, the green T (assumed used from my first name) in my case, when clicked on, provides: Account Settings and a Logout link.

Then you can see the different options offered from the left-hand sidebar, which are as follows:

Campaigns – so you can see your entire list at a glance, once you’ve created a few.

Links – which offers a listing of ALL links that you’ve shared.

Analytics – provides you with: Total Leads, Stats (from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and Email), Emails (sent, seen, and re-sent), and Stats (sent, seen and resent).

Reminders – where you need to Add a Domain first.

Setup – which offers: Custom Domains, HTML forms, Integrations, Social Apps.

Refer a Friend – this is where you can setup for your users to invite their friends to sign up for your offers.

Team Access – there is nothing here, to start.

Training / Guides – which once clicked on will open another web page in a tab, offering Leadono training.

Help – which once clicked on will open yet another web page in another tab, to Maretro LLC Support.

Starting with the Training / Guides, there is an introduction video (04:24 minutes) and 7 clearly stated steps you need to create your first campaign.

Leadono Tutorials


  1. HTML Forms video (01:53 minutes)
  2. Zapier / Webhooks video (04:15 minutes)


  • Campaigns video (04:21 minutes)
  • Refer A Friend video (0:35 minutes)
  • Reminder video (06:42 minutes)
  • Links video (03:48 minutes)
  • Leadono Button video (04:39 minutes)

Autoresponders (you will only need 1 of these videos)

  1. Active Campaign video (01:47 minutes
  2. Aweber video (44 seconds)
  3. Convertkit video (01:27 minutes)
  4. Constant Contact video (50 seconds)
  5. Drip video (01:36 minutes)
  6. GetResponse video (01:12 minutes)
  7. MailChimp video (01:30 minutes)
  8. iContact video (01:48 minutes)
  9. Klavio video (01:13 minutes)
  10. Sendlane video (01:31 minutes)
  11. Mailerlite video (01:02 minutes)
  12. Sendiio video (01:24 minutes)
  13. MailVio video (53 seconds)


  1. Custom Domain video (02:10 minutes)

Social Apps:

  • Apple video (07:00 minutes)
  • Amazon video (03:17 minutes)
  • Yahoo video (02:14 minutes)
  • Facebook video (07:04 minutes)

5a. Facebook NEW video (04:50 minutes)

  • LinkedIn video (05:40 minutes)
  • Twitter video (03:44 minutes)

       7a. Twitter (NEW-without Voice) video (05:44 minutes)

  • Google video (05:57 minutes)
  • Microsoft video (08:00 minutes)
  • Custom Links video (05:46 minutes)
  • Pixel / Tracking video (01:36 minutes)


  1. Link Settings video (01:07 minutes)
  2. QR Codes video (34 seconds)
  3. Profile Settings video (42 seconds)

Agency Setup:

  1. Agency / WhiteLabel video (03:44 minutes) – for use on an upsell

Large button titled: Join Facebook Group


The training is offered to you in “bite-sized” pieces, making it easy to go through AND to be able to refer back to whatever it is you need brushing up on.


Whenever becoming inactive on their cloud software, I’d have to sign back into Leadono again in order to continue, and I find that irritating to say the least.

I lost soooo much information when their system kicked my browser off, without allowing me to save my work so that I could re-enter the details once I had logged in again.

That is what happened when I minimized my browser to create a reward for Refer a Friend. Once completed, I entered the necessary details in the Email to go with it… and all was lost, forcing me to start all over again. NOT CONVENIENT!

The training showing how to use anything inside Aweber’s dashboard and the Leadono Campaigns option, these training videos are sadly out of date. Plus, an entirely new field on Leadono‘s Dashboard > Campaigns has been added since the training video was created. The instructions for these fields are missing, though the fields are all selected by default.

In some of the training, it appears though they may have offered spell-check at one time, but I did not experience that in my access to Leadono.

Not very newbie friendly, as the training can get VERY confusing. They really need to provide one complete example, so the setup process would be easier to understand.

The demo campaign offered on their landing page is misleading, as they do NOT show you how to setup a campaign from a brand new Leadono account but rather an existing account they’ve already added their custom social apps to.

The support for this software is pathetic. When asking for more assistance, I clearly marked their video training as NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION, and yet when I asked for more explanation, I received word from Andrew’s support staff to WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEO. Really?

screen print of my Refer A Friend ticket


screen print of my How to Create A Link ticket

Needless to say, after the Support’s refusal to help me with 3 different tickets on: How to Setup Refer a Friend, How to Create a Link, and How to Create a Reminder, I requested a FULL refund, yet my request has been ignored.

SIDE NOTE: If you are like me and wondering what LDO Technology is, I discovered that this is electrician’s term for Low Dropout.

My Take on Leadono

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Due to the lack of proper support, I do not recommend Leadono, and it is NOT newbie friendly.

Due to this lack of support, I am NOT able to use Leadono.

With all of the connections that have to be made to the different Social Apps to make Leadono work, I really wonder how secure a WordPress site would become when connecting it using Custom Domains.

Below you will find my video review on Leadono by Andrew Darius

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It would probably be best if Andrew created an entire Leadono account setup as an example, explaining what he is doing and why, so that most users would understand better, making it easier to use Leadono.

Disappointed as I am with Leadono, I asked for a full refund and that request has remained ignored.

Leadono may have been a great idea, but any software that offers a lack of proper instructions and support like this one does, makes it worthless to the average user, never mind newbies!

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Effortless Isn’t Always the Case,

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