Is 4000 Per Day a Real Possibility [Review] – Can You Earn $4,000 in One Day?

Will Allen says that today he wants to give you the opportunity to legally copy the exact business model which has worked for him over 14 years now, and continues to make hundreds, and even thousands of dollars for him every day.

He claims that he’ll show you undeniable proof that this system is as effective as he says it is, but first he wants to talk about this system.

Will states that it’s all about simplicity.

  • No complicated apps or confusing software
  • No recycling garbage that you’ve seen time and time again

Just a straight to the point, step-by step system that anyone can use to begin generating life-changing profits starting today.

He claims that others are using this system to succeed right now and so can you.

Will goes on to say that if you listen to the internet gurus, they make it sound like all you need is a push button app that gives you free traffic and instant affiliate commissions on autopilot… right?

Then he asks you;

  • How many of those have you purchased?
  • How many of those apps, actually gave you free traffic and sales?

Will says to be honest with yourself, those apps that you paid with your hard-earned money didn’t do a thing but drain your bank account.

He says that it’s healthy to be skeptical because you’ve been lied to so many time that you’ve probably lost count.

Will says he’s been there, and that he spent tens of thousands of dollars over the past 14 years on junk that just didn’t work.

But this he claims is different… and to prove it to you, he says that he is going to show you live proof.

And, Will states that he is not going to put up a bunch of phony screen shots that he could have gotten off of Google images but actual proof.

My review of $4,000 Per Day will cover the following:

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What is 4000 Per Day?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: 4000 Per Day

Website: (my affiliate link)

Price: $6.93 US funds + 4 UPSELLS and 3 POPUP DOWNSELLS

Recommended? YES


Will Allen states that in his course, 4000 Per Day, he takes you by the hand and shows you step by easy step, how you can do exactly what he is doing to make the kind of money he will show you (below) or even more.

And, from inside his account he shows you his earnings so that you can see the potential in his system.

He goes on to say, how it absolutely, positively, 100% without a doubt, can put hundreds or even thousands of dollars into your account.

screen print from vendor's landing page video

Will says that as you can see,

  • Today he earned $5,304.77
  • Yesterday he made $4,420.05
  • The last 7 days he made $11,479.44
  • And, the last 30 days he made $16,790.25

He claims that this system produces REAL results, not phony results.

Will says that he’s not showing you money made from a different method.

And apparently, all of his cash shown here comes directly from his 4000 Per Day System.

Will says that this isn’t Bill Gates money and he’s not rich like Jeff Bezos; that he can’t buy a private island but with this money…

  • he can pay off all his bills,
  • he can buy his wife something very nice,
  • he can buy his kids some great toys to play with,
  • he can take his family on an amazing vacation, and
  • still have plenty left over to put in the bank.

 And, Will says that best of all, the money keeps coming in day after day.

He claims that this is a perpetual money machine, as it keeps generating cash as long as you want it to, and that you can get started RIGHT NOW by buying his system.

Will clearly states that he cannot guarantee that you’ll make this much money, or any money at all for that matter.

However, he says that this system is very easy to copy, and that anyone can do it.

Apparently, you don’t need any special skills or any previous experience at all.

Will claims that he barely made it out of school, and that he was serving coffee in a coffee shop for minimum wage before he started making money like this.

He says that is he NOT some genius marketer and that he is NOT special; that in fact, he can pretty much guarantee that you have just as much talent and skill as he does.

Will assures you that you really don’t have to be a master at this online marketing stuff to make it work; that he’s proof of that.

He says that it’s not just him, that there are many others, just like you, that are getting rich, or at the very least, making enough money to become financially free right now, and you can too.

Will claims that he only works a few hours a day, and he can make the kind of money he showed you (above).

He says that if you’ve got more motivation and time, the potential is nearly unlimited, and again… this is beginner friendly, copy and paste easy.

Will states that you simply, and legally, copy exactly what he is doing, and that it’s all laid out for you, the whole thing.

He claims that all you have to do is watch a few short and simple videos, do a few easy things that he shows you to do that anyone can do, and you too can begin seeing positive results like his.

So, if you’re ready for something that actually works, Will says, not some recycled greedy guru crap, then you’re to get 4000 Per Day right now.

He assures you that you have nothing to lose, as there is no risk because it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

So, if for some strange reason, you don’t get 4000 Per Day to work for you, Will says that he will give you your money back, no questions, no hassles, no nothing, just your money back… simple as that.

Will says to go ahead and get instant access to 4000 Per Day right now, and see how it can change your life today.

How 4000 Per Day Actually Works

screen print of vendor's basic training course page

The Welcome video (03:21 minutes), Will Allen introduces himself and encourages you with a challenge.

Module 1 video (03:33 minutes) – an overview of everything covered in this course.

Module 2 video (19:01 minutes) – how to build your Home Base blog.

3 Button

  1. Click Here To Visit
  2. Click Here For WPLegalPages Plugin
  3. Click Here For

Module 3 video (15:06 minutes) – how to create your product reviews (and give you a special bonus!)

Table of buttons

Product 1: Easy E Cash buttons:

  1. Click Here For The Product Review
  2. Click Here For The Link To The Bonuses
  3. Click Here For The Promotional Emails
  4. Click Here To Get Your Promotional Link

Product 2: The Secret Page buttons:

  1. Click Here For The Product Review
  2. Click Here For The Link To The Bonuses
  3. Click Here For The Promotional Emails
  4. Click Here To Get Your Promotional Link

Product 3: IR System buttons:

  1. Click Here For The Product Review
  2. Click Here For The Link To The Bonuses
  3. Click Here For The Promotional Emails
  4. Click Here To Get Your Promotional Link

Product 4: Lazy Copy buttons:

  1. Click Here For The Product Review
  2. Click Here For The Link To The Bonuses
  3. Click Here For The Promotional Emails
  4. Click Here To Get Your Promotional Link

Product Images button

Module 4 video (05:51 minutes) – how to create your bonus delivery page.

Module 5 video (08:02 minutes) – how to set up your autoresponder.

Click Here To Visit Aweber button

Module 6 video (09:38 minutes) – how to add emails to your autoresponder.

Click Here To Visit Aweber button

Module 7 video (03:25 minutes) – how to create additional emails.

3 Buttons

  1. Convert To Cash Follow Up Email Templates
  2. 5 Ways To Create More Emails
  3. 27 Different Types Of Emails

Module 8 video (18:28 minutes) – how to create your optin page.

9 Buttons

  1. Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Swipe File
  2. Easy E Cash Optin Page Example 1
  3. Easy E Cash Optin Page Example 2
  4. The Secret Page Optin Page Example 1
  5. The Secret Page Optin Page Example 2
  6. STORM Campaign Optin Page Example
  7. Terry Dean Optin Page Example
  8. How To Create Headlines And Bullet Points
  9. Click Here To Visit OptimizePress

Module 9 video (32:09 minutes) – how to launch your own products to build your buyer’s list.

10 Buttons

  1. HQ PLR Store
  2. PLR Experts
  3. WarriorPlus Dashboard (PLR)
  4. Unstoppable PLR
  5. Access The Lazy Marketers Copywriting Course
  6. JV Page Example 1
  7. JV Page Example 2
  8. Facebook Launch Announcement Example
  9. Facebook Launch Announcement Group List
  10. Click Here To Visit

Module 10 video (01:16 minutes) – how to get an army of “Super Affiliates” to promote your products.

How To Get An Army Of Top-Producing Super Affiliates To Promote Your Info Products button

Module 11 video (06:07 minutes) – how to drive traffic to your optin page using Solo Ads.

3 Buttons

  1. How To Write A Solo Mailing That Gets Attention And Results
  2. My Solo Ad Rolodex
  3. Solo Ad Templates

Module 12 video (11:03 minutes) – how to drive traffic using Bing Ads.

4 Buttons

  1. Paid Ad Templates
  2. Click Here To Visit
  3. Click Here To Visit Mike’s Adwords Wrapper
  4. Click Here To Visit Bing Ads

Module 13 video (07:48 minutes) – how to drive traffic using banner ads on niche blogs.

4 Buttons

  1. Banner Ads And Newsletter Ads Templates
  2. How To Design Clickable Banner Ads
  3. How To Create A Solo Mailing That Gets Attention And Results
  4. Solo Mailing Template

Module 14 video (02:00 minutes) – Will Allen reviews what you just learned.


Automatic Free Traffic Generator video (06:29 minutes)

Click Here To Download button

Autopilot List Building System video (07:20 minutes)

Click Here To Download button

Instant Affiliate Money System video (07:28 minutes)

Access The Six Figure Circle button

Click Here For Support link


Will’s training in his first 2 Modules is EXCELLENT.

In Module 4, Will teaches you how to setup a bonus page that I feel would work wonders, seriously. Especially how you can add your Buyer’s Bonus URL to the offer, making the delivery of your bonuses automatic.

The information in Modules 6, 7 and 8, along with their attachments, are very well presented, and would be most helpful to many users.

Module 8 has really great examples of different optin pages that are known to work.

In Module 9, about half way through the training, Will shows you how to setup a Warrior+Plus Vendor product page to sell a product. He explains what fields to fill in with what… and most importantly, why.


The way Will shows you how to add images to a WordPress website is a total NO-NO. You NEVER adjust the size of your images AFTER uploading them to WordPress. Always make sure your images are the exact size you want them to be on your website and THEN upload them.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you should know my thoughts on Solo Ads by now. In case you have no idea, and for the sake of transparency, far too many professional internet marketers whom I respect, have warned me away from EVER using Solo Ads. At best, using that platform you’re more apt to create a low-quality mailing list.

Will offers you the opportunity of being an affiliate of his products. NOTE: You should NEVER recommend products that you have NOT actual had the opportunity to use for yourself… AND, that you actually find are great products. Your online reputation matters.

If you create phony reviews, it could cost you a MAJOR loss in your online reputation. And, if that happens, it will be a long journey back to regaining anyone’s trust again.

The “reviews” that he suggests using are not real reviews but rather summaries of his landing pages of his products.

When setting up your autoresponder, Will shares with you that he uses a box number rather than his real address, and he lets you know how you could do the same.

Personally, I would not do that. For me that behaviour raises a red flag, and if a marketer cannot be transparent with you, why should you trust them. And, you do NOT want to create that sort of feeling for your potential customers.

At 26:54 minutes into Will’s Module 9 video, he states that he has included access to his Internet Retirement System training, which apparently is a full course on how to create your own products, but that link does NOT appear below the video.

On his landing page, Will states that his Bonus #1 is his Easy E Cash 2.0 but there is no such bonus.

screen print from vendor's landing page

My Take on 4000 Per Day

thumb pointing up in approval

In my opinion, the reason Will is making lots of money now is that he is teaching his customers to “push” his products out in front of unsuspecting searchers.

Why I say “unsuspecting”, is because if you have not actually reviewed his product(s) you should NEVER blindly recommend them.

4000 Per Day is a great value for a very small entrance fee that Will asks for access to his basic course, making this an easy recommendation for me.

Though, I would hesitate to think that just anyone could possibly earn that sort of daily income “right out of the gate”, as it is VERY unlikely to happen.

Below is my video review of 4000 Per Day by Will Allen

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Like I’ve already said, for the low entry fee to gain access to Will Allen’s 4000 Per Day course, basic training it makes purchasing access a no-brainer BUT please DO beware of Solo Ads!

screen print of a Google search result

If you’re serious about learning how to set up your very own online business in order to succeed with online marketing, then you may be interested in a training platform that I have been a member of since 2016.

This platform also provides you with ALL of the necessary tools to help you build and grow your online business.

PLUS, you can start right now, for FREE!

That’s right, FREE …and, you won’t even be asked for a credit card.

Bet you won’t find THAT offer anywhere else.

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Once you join this training platform, you will soon learn how valuable this platform training is, and because you will get to work with like-minded business owners who work together daily, helping each other out with issues they are faced with in their business.

This platform is well known for not only providing world-class training but also the BEST tools too.

You can build your very own website that will be host on the platform’s servers, FREE!

And, you will be able to turn on a SSL certificated (HTTPS) to make it safe to visit your new site for ALL devices… FREE of charge.

If you want to know more about this platform, click here to get access to my free guide now.

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Hope to see you there!

Should you have any question(s) regarding is 4000 Per Day a real possibility, please leave them in a comment below.

I valued my visitors and make it a habit to respond to all comments in a timely manner.

Save Time, Save Money,

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