Can RHIMS 6.0 Make You Affiliate Commissions Fast Without Leveraging an Email List? 5/5 ⭐

JayKay Dowdall is the vendor of RHIMS 6.0, and he claims that he used his new method during halftime, while watching the World Cup match (December 2022) and earned $122 a few hours later.

He claims that inside RHIMS 6.0, he reveals exactly what he has been doing for the past eighteen months, and that you can copy his blueprint, even if you’re a complete newbie with:

  • no list,
  • no audience and
  • no clue.

JayKay says this is the easiest commissions that he has ever taught.

Apparently, you need:

  • No list,
  • No videos,
  • No complicated pages,
  • No organic traffic,
  • No waiting for visitors.

He claims that what he teaches you will get you ultra-targeted traffic as soon as you start.

JayKay says this is better than relying on new product launches too!

He says that:

  • “If you feel like you’ve been running on the affiliate marketing hamster wheel, for too long without making the commissions that the gurus told you about…”

  • “If you feel like you’ve been working your butt off to make tiny eight-dollar commissions for what feels like hours of work…”

  • “If you feel like you’re being told the exact same thing, over and over again, and are desperate for something new and exciting…”

If you identify with any of those statements, then he says that he is speaking to you.

JayKay goes on to say that there are many ways to make lots of cash online, and that he has done most of them:

  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Arbitrage,
  • Services,
  • Agency work,
  • Software development,
  • Product launches,
  • Blogging.

He assures you that the bottom-line is that if you select one strategy and stick with it, you will eventually get the results you are looking for.

Time, JayKay claims, is most likely your biggest challenge and that is why he was so excited when he stumbled onto this new strategy that started making him boatloads of sales, fast.

My review of RHIMS 6.0 by JayKay Dowdall, will entail the following:

If You Don’t Want to Waste Anymore of Your Time on Scams,

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What is RHIMS 6.0?

screen print from the RHIMS 6.0 landing page

Program Name: RHIMS 6.0

Website: (my affiliate link)

Price: $47 US funds, PLUS 3 upsells

Recommended? YES


RHIMS 6.0, JayKay explains is real actionable affiliate marketing training.

And, inside this edition, he’s teaching about order-jacking, which he explain is a stand-alone strategy that you don’t have to have seen any of the previous editions of RHIMS in order to get maximum value from.

JayKay goes on to say that it’s a way of connecting red-hot traffic to affiliate offers in all sorts of niches and it’s really quick and scalable.

On his landing page, you’ll see so many testimonies in screen prints and videos that he received from his students; Apparently, they were that blown away with this new strategy.

JayKay claims that anyone with any level of experience can start following his strategy right way, and that it only takes a few minutes per day.

He states that if you leverage his strategy as aggressively as he has, that you can be earning thousands of dollars per day using this never seen before method.

JayKay says that:

  • It’s that powerful
  • It really does work
  • It really can change everything

How you can get out of the affiliate rat race and start making serious money, JayKay assures you, is taught inside RHIMS 6.0.

This new strategy will allow you to have thousands of purchase-ready visitors, easily located and easily tapped into.

He explains that you could even float between products and niches, to ride different trends in the marketplace, and easily copy or recycle the assets that you build once and use several times for many years to come.

JayKay states that order-jacking has nothing to do with:

  • product launches,
  • reviews,
  • eCommerce,
  • blogging or even
  • video marketing.

His strategy apparently allows you to promote almost any kind of evergreen affiliate offer like:

  • digital products,
  • coaching, and
  • services, as well as
  • eCommerce products like drones,
  • supplements, and even
  • household cleaning products.

JayKay says that order-jacking ensures that you only attract red hot traffic that wants what you’re selling and are ready to buy now.

He explains that this way you get clicks, sales and you get paid.

And, JayKay reminds you that order-jacking works for anyone, even if you don’t have an email list of subscribers.

In fact, he says that with order-jacking you won’t have to EVER do any of this:

  • No videos
  • No email lists
  • No reviews
  • No creating websites
  • No social media
  • No product creation
  • No blogging
  • No SEO
  • No bonuses
  • No branding

JayKay states that it would be a shame if someone else discovers his strategy and starts claiming your commissions.

This is the 6th edition in his triple award-winning R.H.I.M.S (Really Helpful Internet Marketing Stuff) series.

He claims that people everywhere are raving about RHIMS 6.0, and JayKay assures you that you will too when you discover the truth about buying traffic from the search engines – and, chances are, it is NOT what you think it is.

Order-jacking, he says is the single-most effective strategy to laser-target traffic to your affiliate link in less than 24 hours.

This, JayKay explains, is how to instantly become a competitive affiliate in almost any niche, and have a vast selection of affiliate offers at your fingertips that pay you $100+ for EVERY sale, and recurring commissions, for MONTHS and YEARS to come.

He claims that you too can become an insider and discover this underground affiliate marketing secret for the low, one-time investment of $47 [US funds].

JayKay also provides you with a risk-free, iron clad, 100% money back guarantee, in that he gives you a whole 30 days to try it out and apply it for yourself.

He even goes so far as to assure you that he is not locked in his ivory tower like some ‘gurus’ who sell you a course and then you can never reach if you have questions.

JayKay says that he’ll be there to hold your hand along the way and ensure you’re able to apply what you’re learning.

How RHIMS 6.0 Actually Works

screen print of the RHIMS 6.0 training

1. Welcome to RHIMS 6.0 [3 videos + resources]

1.1 Getting Started with RHIMS 6.0 (03:30 minutes) – Resource: a link is provided by: Join the 10x Mastermind Facebook Group

1.2 Get-It-Done Campaign Launch Checklist (01:05 minutes) – Resource: The Campaign Launch Checklist in PDF format

1.3 How to Make Money with Order-jacking (14:04 minutes)

2. Best Affiliate Offers to Order-jack [4 videos]

2.1 Finding Affiliate Offers You Can Order-jack (14:07 minutes)

2.2 Keyword Research Part I (20:03 minutes) – Resource: Click here to use the free version of Spyfu

2.3 Finding Your Buyer’s Motive (08:40 minutes)

2.4 Keyword Research Part II (16:18 minutes)

3. The Conversion Mechanism [3 videos]

3.1 What is a Conversion Mechanism? (08:13 minutes) Resource: Download The Affiliate Marketers Toolkit [a link to a sales page]

3.2 The ‘Written Pre-Sell’

  – The Written Pre-Sell Conversion Mechanism Explained (03:30 minutes)

  – How to Make the Written Pre-Sell (21:35 minutes)

Resources: RHIMS 4.0, Workbook, Clickfunnel Users Shoppers Guide, Headline Swipe File

4. The Traffic Flow [5 videos]

4.1 Best Traffic Source (13:04 minutes)

4.2 Keyword Research Part III (12:14 minutes) – Resource: Click here to use the free version of Spyfu

4.3 Advanced Tracking (05:11 minutes) Resource: Click Here to Enroll in Advanced Tracking in PDF format

4.4 Search Ad Creatives (15:23 minutes) – Resource: Download the Ad Creatives Workbook

4.5 Launching the Campaign (19:42 minutes) – Resource: same as above

5. Nurturing The Campaign [5 videos]

5.1 Understanding Your Ad Data (35:07 minutes) – Resources: Download this Presentation in PDF format + Free Behavioral Analytics Tool

5.2 Optimizing Landing Page (13:12 minutes) – Resources: same as above

5.3 Optimizing For Cost (26:10 minutes) – Resources: same as above

5.4 Optimizing for Impression Share (13:00 minutes) – Resources: same as above

5.5 Optimizing for Clickthrough (08:03 minutes) – Resources: same as above

6. Bonuses

Bonus #1: Getting-It-Done Checklist

Bonus #2: Top 25 Clickbank Offers

Bonus #3: Case Study

Bonus #4: Campaign Workbooks

Bonus #5: 1-on-1 Private Strategy Call


Initially, you will be offered discounted access to previous versions of RHIMS, and I believe that you will gain from them, as they provide you with a library of information that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you’re really serious about profiting using RHIMS 6.0, you’ll need that Advanced Tracking study (upsell #2), so you’ll know JayKay’s secrets when using his favourite tracker app.

JayKay has designated one entire module that literally walks you through the advertising that you will need to do.

In his training, he simplifies what you need to do, how to understand the data that will save you money and get you more customers, as well as explaining why and how to make a decision to save you costs that could bring you more sales.

JayKay explains Bing ads so very well as to remove any fear you might have when using that platform to advertise.


Spyfu costs $58/mn. when paid yearly or $79 monthly US funds in order to get unlimited search results with unlimited data exports.

The free version of Spyfu will only give you lower advertising questions, so you’ll quickly discover the necessity of this added expense.

Clickmagick, another $37 US funds, makes order-jacking a bit pricier too.

You won’t be able to do order-jacking without spending a lot more than the low cost, entrance fee to JayKay Dowdall’s training in RHIMS 6.0.

You really do not want to be doing order-jacking on a tight budget.

My Take on RHIMS 6.0

thumb pointing up in approval

Can RHIMS 6.0 make you affiliate commissions fast without leveraging an email list?

You better believe it can… IF you follow JayKay’s instructions to a “T”. Skip any part of his instructions at your own peril.

Many members of JayKay’s Facebook group are raving over their new found profits, straight out of the gate with this new system.

Below is my video review of RHIMS 6.0 by JayKay Dowdall. (my affiliate link)

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RHIMS 6.0 has to be THE best method for making commissions fast that I have ever had the honour to learn of.

You better believe I’m stepping up to the plate on this one. I’m busy creating and tweaking my ads just like JayKay recommends us to do.

So, are you going to let this treasure get away, or are you going to click on that link below the video and join in on the training now?

Once you’ve successfully done order-jacking, you’re going to want to try JayKay’s other successful method, he details in RHIMS 5.0.

Should you have ANY question(s) regarding can RHIMS 6.0 make you affiliate commissions fast without having an email list, please do leave them in a comment below. I respond to all comments in a timely manner.

Don’t waste time,

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