Will Traffic Heist Really Gain You 534+ Buyer Leads Per Day?

Partners Alan Magliocca and Anthony McCarthy are the vendors for Traffic Heist, and McCarthy says for you to imagine if you could legally hijack 534+ buyer leads per day, all 100% free, and automated, with only a one-time setup.

Apparently, this one-time setup only takes seven minutes to copy, without your having to:

  • build a website,
  • pay for hosing,
  • create a product
  • run ads on Google, Facebook or anywhere else…
  • without having to spam groups in LinkedIn, or other social media sites, and
  • without having to lift a finger, after your initial 7-minute setup,

…according to McCarthy.

He says that if this sounds good to you, it gets even better, and that he and his partner Alan Magliocca will share with you this unique, proven, 100% newbie-friendly method that leverages their “gift engine” traffic source to legally siphon unlimited leads and commissions.

McCarthy says that it is a 100% set-and-forget system, with virtually no effort to scale, and the best part is that no one else is doing this.

He says, no, not even the “gurus” of their industry.

He claims that simply put, they thought this traffic method died, and he says that it did, until they found a way to bring it back.

This time, he claims, it is more powerful than ever.

Then he says that his partner Alan will share with you exactly what this is all about.

Alan Magliocca introduces himself, and he says that he is not going to waste a minute of your time here, because time is money.

He says, look, if you are not getting the results, you want online it’s because you need traffic.

He adds, not just any traffic, buyer traffic.

Magliocca goes on to say that then you need to get them on your list to become leads, so you can make money from them.

Then, he claims, you can promote virtually any link you want to them and they will be more than willing to buy whatever it is you’re selling that will stuff your accounts with more commissions.

My review will involve the following:

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What is Traffic Heist?

screen print from vendor's website

Program Name: Traffic Heist

Website: https://www.trafficheist.com/

Price: $5.60 US funds + 4 Upsells and 4 Downsells

Recommended? NO


Alan Magliocca then claims that Traffic Heist is the secret to free traffic and commissions, and that all it takes is three simple steps:

Step 1: Activate your “Gift Engine” – no tech skills needed. They apparently walk you through the entire process.

Step 2: Create your “Listing” in 7 minutes or less.

Step 3: Watch the results come in.

He says, maybe you just need MORE traffic; we all want more traffic, right. He than says that maybe your targeting is off and you need more relevant traffic.

Whatever the reason is, Magliocca says that TRAFFIC = MONEY.

He says that if you don’t have free targeted buyer traffic, you are not going to be making any money. In most cases, Magliocca says that you will actually lose money, as they have many times before.

He says that’s okay, because they’ve finally created the ultimate solution for you.

Magliocca states that setting up simple “gift engines” is the key to getting unlimited, free, laser targeted traffic.

And, he claims that it is only attainable via their Traffic Heist method. He says that as he mentioned earlier, nobody is doing what they are doing, period.

And, certainly nobody knows better than they do, claims Magliocca, the pain and suffering that comes along with trying methods that simply don’t work.

He claims that Traffic Heist is actually a new twist on a tried, tested and proven method that has generated millions in revenue for them over the years.

Magliocca says that he’s sure you’ve heard before not to reinvent the wheel and they agree 100%.

Especially when there are methods that he claims have been battle-tested and proven to get insanely profitable results.

Sure, he says, making some updates for 2021 and beyond makes sense, but that there is no reason to constantly invent “new” things. In fact, he adds, the more proven a method is, the better.

And, Magliocca claims that this 12-year-old “lost treasure” method is no different. He says that it automatically hijacks swarms of unlimited free buyer leads to your account every single day.

He claims that this method will take you from newbie to real affiliate marketer within the matter of days from right now. And, he says that you can start today with:

  • no product
  • no audience
  • no skills
  • and no experience needed whatsoever

As a matter of fact, Magliocca says that the less you know the better.

That way, he claims, it is easier to follow their paint-by-numbers method without any distractions: And the best part is that you can do this 100% risk free.

He says to get ready to tap into this unlimited free buyer source that everyone (even gurus) forgot exists.

Magliocca says that while the world around us changes and technology improves, humans don’t actually change all that much.

Magliocca claims that it is amazing how that certain tired and true methods still works years later.

He says that this method is no different; that it works, and it works very well.

And, he adds that with the added tweaks they just made It’s crushing in 2021 and beyond.

He asks you if you remember how he said that TRAFFIC = MONEY.

Well, according to Magliocca the same is true whether the traffic is free or paid, but that FREE TRAFFIC = FREE MONEY. In other words, he claims that FREE TRAFFIC = MORE SALES.

And, he says that as a result MORE SALES = MORE MONEY in your pocket.

Magliocca asks, why should you trust them.

Then he claims that he and Anthony McCarthy have been around for more than a decade and generating millions online from the free traffic method you are about to get your hands on.

Apparently, they have rarely taught this to anyone, even their high-ticket clients who pay them $5,000 plus for consulting.

The reason for this, Magliocca claims is simple, they needed technology to integrate with their actual method in order for it to be a truly passive and steady flow of buyers leads pouring into your accounts.

He goes on to say that once they finished building the technology part, they let some of their clients use their system, and that you can check out their reviews on their landing page.

Magliocca claims that they know that Traffic Heist is exactly what you need right now to get more leads and more commissions.

How does he know this?

Is he psychic?

Nope… he claims that that he just knows that everyone needs more leads and sales.

He says that it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or already generating hundreds of dollars a day, you still need the Traffic Heist system.

Magliocca says to go ahead and get it now for the lowest price you are ever going to see this. And, if you do this, he says here’s their promise to you.

They appreciate and understand that you’ve probably come across methods before which simply don’t work.

He says that’s why they want to make this as risk free as humanly possible for you. He goes on to say that they are so confident that their system works that they will give you 30 days to use it, 100% risk free.

Magliocca says that if you try this method and follow their instructions to a “T”, and aren’t happy with your results for whatever reason, all you need to do is go to their support and they will give you a full refund, credited right back into your account.

But he adds that he does want to give you fair warning… you have to act quickly if you want to save big on access to Traffic Heist, because they simply cannot keep offering such a low price for long.

He says that for a matter of fact, they have discussed increasing the price to $97 once the launch is over.

So, Magliocca says that if you are desperate to get more traffic, more leads and more sales through leveraging their powerful free buyer traffic generation system, then now is the time to act.

He goes on to say that their goal is to help as many people as they can through this.

But he says that they don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot at the same time.

He claims that is why they are putting a hard limit on the time frame of this special discount offer launch period.

He says to act now to save 95% off the regular cost entry.

How Traffic Heist Actually Works

vendor's members area

Core Modules (10 modules in total)


Welcome to the Traffic Heist System (00:06:51 minutes) – Alan Magliocca insists that you listen to his video first, as he has important information to share with you.

Below this video is two buttons titled:

1.) Step 1: Join Giveaway Now, which when clicked on takes your browser to their Legends Giveaway 2021 web page where you can join that account.

2.) Step 2: Join The Free Facebook Group which is self-explanatory.

Module 2: Finding A Product To Give Away

Two videos, of which the first one (00:06:49 minutes) you get to meet Anthony McCarthy where he talks about their legend give away (the second button that is labeled Step 2 above).

Oops, it looks though someone forgot to edit this video, as he talks about a launch date that has come and gone.

The second video titled Creating a Product to Give Away (00:16:00 minutes), McCarthy talks about downloading PLR and making it his own by editing it so that you can watch how he is doing this.

As well as how to get the editing and a unique eBook cover created for you.

Below this video is a button titled: Browse Products that when clicked takes your browser to another page titled Module #5 – Info Products & Ebooks.

Module 3: Creating an Optin Page (2-Page Money Site)

In this video (00:10:29 minutes), Alan Magliocca shows you how to create an optin page to drive traffic to, in order to collect leads.

He does mention having used Solo Ads and he states that he is using Clickfunnel.

Below this video is a button titled: Copy Our Affiliate Funnel which provides you with the template (using their affiliate link) that Magliocca used in his training video above.

Module 4: Joining The Legends Giveaway

Setting Up Your Legends Account (00:06:18 minutes) Anthony McCarthy shows you how to setup your account.

Below this video is a button, titled: Join Giveaway Now which takes you to their Legends Giveaway 2021 web page.

Module 5: Listing Your Product On The Event

In this video (00:08:23 minutes), McCarthy talks about the different types of gifts you can use to give away.

They must approve your gift before you can offer it.

Below this video is a button, titled: Join Giveaway Now in which when clicked on will take your browser to their Legends Giveaway 2021 web page.

Module 6: Monetizing Your New Leads Part 1 – Finding Affiliate Offers

In this video (00:20:07 minutes), Alan Magliocca discusses how to find the best affiliate offers using the Warrior+Plus and Clickbank platforms, as well as the Muncheye web page.

Below this video there are 3 buttons, titled as follows:

1.) Search Warrior Plus, which is a link to the Warrior+Plus platform where you will need to create a free account in order to enter.

2.) Search Clickbank, which is a link to the Clickbank platform where you will need to create a free account by signing up, in order to have access to their marketplace.

3.) Search Muncheye, which is a link to the Muncheye web page where new products are being introduced by random vendors from several different platforms.

This page is accessible to the world, so you won’t need to create an account to view these launches.

Module 7: Monetizing Your New Leads Part 2 – Email Followups

In this video (00:24:31 minutes), Magliocca shows you how to setup your autoresponder.

Below this video is a button, titled Get Response Free Trial, which is their affiliate link to this autoresponder.

Module 8: Monetizing Your New Leads Part 3 – Email Broadcasts

In this video (00:08:30 minutes) Magliocca talks about creating newsletters within your autoresponder.

Below this video is a button, titled Get Response Free Trial, which is their affiliate link to this autoresponder.

Module 9: Optimizing/Scaling The Process

Optimizing + Scaling The Process (00:17:17 minutes) Magliocca talks about how you can optimize and scale your process, and why you should.

Below this video is a button titled Create Free UDIMI Account, which is their affiliate link to a Buy Solo Ads form that allows you to create an account to a site that appears to provide several Solo Ads vendors so that you can filter and select accordingly.

Module 10: Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts & Reminders (00:04:49 minutes), in which both Magliocca and McCarthy offers their final thoughts on the training and assures you they’re here to help you.

Below this is a short statement advising students to feel free to go through the training multiple times, along with offering you their support email address.


Though Magliocca tends to cough loudly a few times during his training, and one video has an annoying tapping going on in the background (though someone is using a hammer), the training is pretty well provided in detail.

They provide you with templates for your landing pages for what appears to be many different Clickbank products.

Though they use Solo Ads, the idea of using the UDIMI site MIGHT be a lot better idea than simply purchasing Solo Ads through their platform. Nevertheless, having never recommended or use Solo Ads, I cannot be 100% certain either.


They recommend using Solo Ads, which no newbie should ever venture into unless they have very deep pockets (lots of money), as the learning curve could become very costly.

Their Free Traffic source is NOT free, as you must pay for Solo Ads.

Editing your “gift” alone will take you more than the promised 7 minutes, as you will discover yourself should you purchase Traffic Heist and go through the training.

They have full control of your landing pages being shown online, unless you choose to pay for your own hosting.

Personally, I would NEVER recommend or provide an affiliate link to any product that I have NOT purchased and do not like, as you can clearly witness for yourself by checking out all of my 1-to-3-star products reviewed on this website.

In order to gain 534+ buyer leads per day; I am betting you would need to shell out a lot of money on Solo Ads in order to see this number.

My Take on Traffic Heist

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Having been told by several different pro IMers (internet marketers) to never waste my time and money on Solo Ads… AND… they say that if a vendor recommends using Solo Ads that I should RUN, therefore I cannot and will not recommend Traffic Heist.

Having said that… because they recommend that you use the UDIMI website to filter the Solo Ad vendors for the better vendors, I will provide 2 stars to my honest review of Traffic Heist.

So, all I can say to you is if you should decide that you want to try this platform then please use it at your own discretion.

I do hope you understand that there is no magic bullet where you will gain numerous “instant buyers” daily from anywhere online.

Below is my video review on Traffic Heist by Alan Magliocca and Anthony McCarthy.

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Will Traffic Heist really gain you 534+ buyer leads per day?

If this were true, it may cost you a LOT of money buying those Solo Ads even if you do use their suggested platform to filter the vendors.

I do hope my review of Traffic Heist has helped you make a decision as to whether you should buy into their promises… or not.

Should you have any questions regarding Traffic Heist, I would appreciate your leaving them in a comment below so we can discuss this further. Will be responding to all comments in a timely manner.


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