Is Site Ranker Pro 2.0 Really a Set it and Forget it Local Lead Gen that Drives Red Hot Buyer Traffic?

Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson are the vendors who created Site Ranker Pro 2.0. And, Macpherson says that they are excited to tell you all about their new release, their Site Ranker Pro version 2.0.

He claims that Dickson and he have been doing this for a combined over 20 years now, and that they’ve been working together now for about the last four or five years.

Macpherson goes on to say that between the two of them, they service hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches, and that they have a ton of experience.

Macpherson says that they have a great understanding as to what works and what doesn’t work.

And especially when it comes to generating leads for local businesses. He says that over the years they’ve tested a lot of different strategies; That they have a few different things that they use in combination together.

But he claims that the method that stands head and shoulders above everything else is what Site Ranker Pro 2.0 can do for you and your clients.

Macpherson goes on to say that they call this the content method.

Basically, we all know what is pretty common these days is that Google loves high quality content and relevant content.

Macpherson continues by saying that there’s a reason that sites with 500 plus relevant pages are considered an authority site that ranks much higher than a simplified page website.

Macpherson says that they found a very unique way to take advantage of this in the local space.

He goes on to say, let’s take a plumber for example, in the Denver area, where he lives; The Denver metro area where there’s lots of suburbs and smaller cities.

My review of this product will cover the following topics:

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What is Site Ranker Pro 2.0?

a screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Site Ranker Pro 2.0


Price: $67.00 US funds + 3 upsells

Recommended? NO


Apparently, Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson created a plugin they call Site Ranker PRO 2.0 as a means of helping local business owners.

In their landing page video, Neil Macpherson, goes on talking about his example of using this Site Ranker Pro 2.0 for a plumber in the Denver area.

He says that what most plumbers or local businesses will do is that they will just list the services they offer on one page, on their website.

You know, like: sink repair, toilet replacement… all this kind of stuff, Macpherson says.

Apparently, what they figured out and are going to be doing for their clients for years that works like gangbusters and also works great for some of their students who purchased the original version of this plugin a little over three years ago now.

Macpherson then said that what they do is they go out and they create hundreds of unique pages for each combination of the cities that they service, like Lakewood, Englewood, Littleton… you know, all of these little areas around Denver… and the services that they offer… sink repair, whatever… you get what he’s saying, right?

By creating those pages, Macpherson says, those pages rank higher.

Someone in Lakewood, Colorado searches for “sink replacement plumber Lakewood, Colorado”, and their client has a specific page for that they are going to out rank their competitors that just have that on their service page.

Macpherson claims that this method works fantastic, the pages don’t show up in the client’s navigation but they are very good-looking lead generation pages that will actually drive real business, real long-tail buyer keyword traffic.

And most importantly, he is quick to add… get your client’s phone ringing.

Macpherson claims that they have been doing this for years, and it has continued to work… and, it’s their go-to strategy for local businesses.

According to Macpherson, they were doing it manually and it was taking a long time.

And, he says that his business partner Robert [Dickson] is an excellent coder and a creative genius, and he actually created this plugin for internal use.

And eventually, he goes on to say, they launched the first version a few years ago to some students that apparently also got great success with this method.

Macpherson says what’s really cool is that you can actually implement this method, using Site Ranker PRO 2.0 plugin and it takes just 15 minutes to get this done.

Macpherson claims that they have clients that they did this for with 15 minutes of work four, three, five years ago that are still paying them today because those pages are still ranking and they’re still getting calls and this method still works fantastic.

He claims this is an excellent plugin and extreme value especially considering what they are offering it for during this launch.

Macpherson claims that not only are you getting the plugin, and it does all of the heavy lifting for you, apparently you are also getting their content creator.

Macpherson says that right away, you can create “real readable, legit spun content”.

He goes on to say that it’s not some crappy spinner where you plugin in your content and it gives you a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

He says that this is something they created internally, for what they were trying to do and he claims that they are excited to release it to other people and give you a chance to get access to it.

Macpherson says not only do you get the plugin, you get:

  • the content creator,
  • you also get their full training,
  • call it local SEO fast track training that shows you everything about this method,
  • all of the basics they do for SEO, and
  • all of the things you can do offsite that will increase your chances of getting even more rankings for your client.

He goes on to say that in addition to that

  • they have their local SEO proposal template,
  • their local SEO checklist,
  • a pricing guide for key services,
  • their local lead drop 3.0 training that shows you how to land clients for this exact service, which he claims is an excellent method.

Macpherson claims it gets leads that literally gets dropped into your inbox, saying, “Hey, I’m looking to buy.”, and that they show you how to close those leads.

He says that you also get 2 live trainings with them.

One, he says that they are going to go into what he calls their value in advance methods for landing clients without really selling SEO or lead gen services up front.

Apparently, they are also going to talk about what you can do with reputation management to help whatever you are doing for your clients online.

He says, take it even further because if their reputation is not on point, it makes it a little harder to get them results.

Everything Macpherson has just talked about; he claims is included for one low price during this launch.

He says that this will go up significantly once the launch is over, so he says to make sure that you take advantage of this right away, and most importantly, put it to use and he is talking 15 to 20 minutes tops type of setups, and monthly recurring for years.

Macpherson claims that this is proven to work, that it flat out gets results for them, for their clients and their students… and they are excited to let you get results with it as well.

How Site Ranker Pro 2.0 Actually Works

screen print of vendor's Thank You page

Welcome video (00:02:03 minutes) – Neil Macpherson welcomes you into the membership area. with the Get Started Now button that is below this video.

Plugin & Software Access video (00:06:44 minutes) with a link below to the software, where you create your account and an arrow for Next Modules in the course.

NOTE: Trying to view their TERMS when setting up my software account, their link to terms was NOT setup to a page with their terms, yet I was forced to click on “I agree to the terms” if I wanted to Register my software.

Was also forced to provide a mobile number, but was able to simply use a fake number, like 999-555-1212.

Once registered, I was sent to a web page to download the plugin, get the license key, and gain access to their Content Spinner… and it appears I have access to the Saved Parameters too.

However, the Website Reports (a tool to help you analyze a website) option is only available in one of their upsells.

screen print of vendor's product dashboard

Back to the Other Modules in The Course… when I clicked on the arrow icon, four options appeared below the “Other Modules” title.

1.) Main Offer Bonuses – Clicked here to access the bonuses included with the main offer. Main Offer Bonuses Description For This Lesson

  • Clicked here to Sign Up for the Live Training Webinars (July 12, 2021, 3:00-4:30 PM EDT)
    • note: just register ONCE for both sessions!

  • Clicked here to Download the Proposal Template (4-page Word document)

  • Clicked here to Download the Local SEO Checklist (1-page PDF document)

  • Clicked here to Download the Pricing Guide for Key Services (4-page PDF document)

  • Clicked here to add Local Lead Drop 3.0 to Your Account (a link to yet another website to sign up for this training, and when I tried to sign up, the site pushed my browser to a “Adding course(s) to your account” page after only adding my email address.)

2.) DFY Client Landing Materials – Clicked here to access the materials. Got a popup window that I do not have access to this as it is also an upsell.

3.) SR PRO 2.0 Unlimited – Clicked here to access your unlimited license. Available only as an upsell.

4.) Local Client Magnet (upgrade) – Clicked here to access their A-Z agency training.

Under Local SEO Fastrack

Local SEO Fast TrackStrategy and Overview video (00:04:24 minutes) with Robert Dickson as the instructor.

Below this video is a link to Other Modules In This Course (9)

1.) Plugin & Software Access – Clicked here to access the Plugin and Software section. SR Pro 2.0 Demo video (00:06:44) this is the same video offered after Macpherson Welcomes you to the members area.

2.) Getting SEO ClientsLocal SEO Fast Track SEO Clients video (00:06:35 minutes)

3.) On Page SEOLocal SEO Fast Track – On Page SEO video (00:10:27 minutes)

4.) Off Page SEOLocal SEO Fast Track – Off Page SEO video (00:07:18 minutes)

5.) Main Offer Bonuses – Clicked here to access your unlimited license – AN UPSELL.

6.) Using the WP PluginLocal SEO Fast Track – Using The Plugin video (00:10:29 minutes)

7.) Local Client Magnet (upgrade) – Clicked here to access their A-Z agency training – upsell only.

8.) Indexing for Faster RankingsLocal SEO Fast Track – Indexing For Fast Rankings video (00:04:09 minutes)

9.) Reporting and UpsellsLocal SEO Fast Track – Reporting and Upsells video (00:06:24 minutes)


This might work for a few local businesses in a limited capacity.


This will take you a LOT longer than 15 to 20 minutes to setup until you are more familiar with their software.

I tend to shy away from content spinners due to the quality. This spinner looks like it would be faster by creating the pages and content manually.

Using the exact same content just changing the city is not what I deem as good advice for anyone to follow.

What happens to your content if/when their software site becomes no longer available?

Would this then leave your paying clients with empty pages?

Too many chances for you to mess up when/if editing existing content, causing the URLs to be changed and no way to change the URLs back to what they were previously.

To top all of this off, their Local Lead Drop Master Class, once I signed up for this training, my browser was pushed to a web page where I could create training.

So, this turned out to be an empty promise of training.

My Take on Site Ranker Pro 2.0

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

I do not believe that Site Ranker Pro 2.0 is a set it and forget it local lead generator simply because if the vendors decide to stop updating and tending to their content creator, you will find your client’s sites in trouble.

Spinning content can result in poorly created posts that can be riddled with grammatical errors.

This could make readers of such content to assume that the website owner is not very well educated.

Therefore, you will need to proof read EACH and EVERY page this plugin creates for your client’s sites.

What happens if you were to rely on this plugin and have it loaded on, let’s say thirty of your client’s websites, and then for something happens to their content creator (spinner)?

And, how would handle refunding your clients for the shortened term that they would have pre-paid for should this happen?

In my opinion, depending on any other website like this… or for ANY reason, is simply setting yourself up for failure in the not far future.

Especially if you have been PAID to have that connection working 24/7.

Below is my honest review on Site Ranker Pro 2.0

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If you want to rely on a content spinner then chose to use one where you do NOT need a plugin, and enter the content by simply copying and pasting it for EACH page.

You have to proof read what the Site Ranker Pro 2.0 plugin creates anyway, right?

At least this way you will be assured that the content will remain on your client’s website and not disappear if/when this plugin was to vanish from the internet.

I do hope I have answered the question: is Site Ranker Pro 2.0 really a set it and forget it lead gen.

Should you have any questions on my review here, please leave them in a comment below and I will respond in a timely manner.

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