Is Bing Bang Profits Reloaded a 1-Click 60-Second Traffic App?

Demetris D-Papa and Alex Krulik claim that their 1-click 60 second traffic app makes them $247 in passive commissions and new buyer leads daily.

Plus, they claim that first timers are making 3-figures in as little as 2 hours with this app.

“If you’ve been struggling for great results online, it pretty much comes down to two things…”, says Demetris, “traffic and monetizing that traffic as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

He goes on to say that the great news is that now there is a software that does both. And, he claims that the results for both the beginners and experts are mind blowing.

So, if you would like to know how to turn one dollar into ten dollars and then thirty dollars into three hundred over and over, Demetris says then you’re in the right place, at the right time.

Demetris claims that he has been a full-time digital marketer since 2012.

He says that his partner Alex and he started using Bing Ads a few years ago because you could turn penny clicks into buyer leads and commissions very easily.

Since then, they have apparently automated their old manual process by their developing a revolutionary push button method that eliminates guess work and creates done-for-you campaigns in just 60 seconds.

Demetris states that Bing Bang does what nothing else does.

It’s said to be:

  • Beginner friendly
  • Creates recurring income
  • Fully automated profit optimized
  • Generating multiple traffic pulling ad on Bing for massive ROI

My review of Bing Bang Profits Reloaded will cover the following:

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What is Bing Bang Profits Reloaded?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Bing Bang Profits Reloaded

        (be sure to NOT got there yet. Keep reading…)

Price: $47 US funds + 4 Upsells

Recommended? YES


According to Demetris, Bing Bang Profits Reloaded is software that spies on your competition in any niche, then it delivers you the exact ads, campaigns and keywords that are already converting.

Not only that, he assures you that… these details are automatically uploaded into your Bing Ads account.

So, within minutes apparently you can have your own lucrative, done-for-you campaigns, running for massive ROI.

Demetris assures you that it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner. He claims that first time users have been making profits in just as little as two hours.

And, he says this is also perfect if you are an experience marketer, looking to scale or open up additional income streams.

Because this system includes industry leading tracking and split testing tools, it makes push button campaigns, generating leads and commissions simple from absolute scratch, says Demetris.

He even goes so far as to offer you an over-the-shoulder, sneak preview of their software returning them winning ads from their competition that are running on Bing right at the time he is showing you.

Demetris then shows you how he simply chose the ads that he wants pushed over to his Bing Ads account instantly, and then he shows you how he can do the same with keywords that are running for those specific campaigns.

He goes on to show you how he simply selects the keywords he wants to use and then he adds them into his Bing Ads account, along with showing you how to add your bid, and what phrase he selected, chose his campaign and then click on the Add button.

Demetris claims that these keywords have been added into the Ads campaign.

And, then he shows you those keywords from inside his Bing Ads account, explaining that they are all pushed over without your worrying about finding the ads that are high converting and bringing in maximum ROI.

He says that after running your ads on Bing, you can start seeing results.

Just like the ones you’re going to be receiving once you setup your campaigns and making sure that you’re getting sales using his strategies.

Demetris then shares with you about the actual training you get inside the members area.

“Isn’t that awesome?”, Demetris exclaims, “You too can have multiple income streams from multiple affiliate offers and CPP affiliate platforms.”

He says that they include step-by-step, secret CPA formula which makes it easy and fun for anyone to learn and get it right now.

Apparently, the software automates 99% of the process and they will walk you through the rest.

Right now, Demetris states that you can get a lifetime access for a signal one-time fee but you must hurry because soon his price will be moved to a monthly subscription.

He goes on to say that you also get several profit posting bonuses included with your license, and that they are so confident that you’re going to love Bing Bang Profits that you are covered by their no questions asked guarantee.

Demetris says to try it for 30 days and if you don’t love his system, you get your money back, its that simple.

So, if you’re ready for a real traffic solution, the one that lets you earn passive commissions, and build your list at the same time.

One that’s backed by real results, with the best support in the business, Demetris says to grab that license to Bing Bang Profits right now for that one special price that’s on right now.

How Bing Bang Profits Reloaded Actually Works

screen print from vendor's landing page video

From inside the Training (under Help inside the BBP Dashboard), you will have access to the following:

Reloaded - Your Journey Starts Here

BBP Reloaded FE – Training

1.) Welcome To Bing Bang Profits RELOADED video (03:05 minutes)

Below this video is a link to their Facebook Support Live Group

2.) Proof Of Income and Disclaimer video (06:56 minutes)

3.) What You’re About To Embark On video 1 (03:36 minutes)

QUICK OVERVIEW DEMO video 2 (02:08 minutes)

4.) Signing Up To Clickbank video (05:36 minutes)

Below this video is a link to Clickbank that appears to be an affiliate link.

5.) Getting Approved with Maxbounty video (07:08 minutes) – Demteris provides you with his personal approval process.

Below this video is a link to MaxBounty that appears to be an affiliate link.

Below the link, Demetris offers some very helpful tips in his additional advice.

6.) Guaranteed Approval for Affiliate Offers – Demetris TIP that will help you improve your chances.

7.) Let’s Build An Ad Together! video (19:07 minutes)

8.) Let’s Build Our First Advertorial Landing Page video (10:28 minutes)

Below this video you will find a link to the recommended tool (an affiliate link, I’m sure) and a link to a free template.

9.) 24 hours later.. Zero Impressions? What do you do? video (03:18 minutes)

10.) How To Promote A Maxbounty Offer Using BBP video (22:57 minutes)

11.) Get Free Traffic To Your Domains video (06:23 minutes)

Below this video you will find links to the recommended tools along with a free template.

12.) What Types of Landing Pages You Should Use video (08:58 minutes)

Below this video is a link to the resource mentioned.

13.) How To Build A Funnel to Promote Clickbank Offers video (33:53 minutes)

14.) How to Set Up A Landing Page or Website On a Free hosting Platform video (04:57 minutes)

Below this video is a link to the mentioned free account to a web host.

15.) How To Start Building Your Buyers List video (33:36 minutes)

Below this video you will find several links to the recommended tools, as well as free templates.

16.) How To Set Up Conversion Tracking video (05:57 minutes)

Below this video is a link to a free funnel account that looks like it may be an affiliate link.

17.) How To Set Up Audiences for Retargeting video (03:14 minutes)

18.) How to Connect Your Domains to Your Pages video (05:18 minutes)

Below this video you will find links to the recommended tools of which may be affiliate links.

19.) How To Track Using Our Tracking Tool Feature video (06:06 minutes)

Below this video are links to the recommended resources mentioned.

20.) Create A Direct Linking Campaigns Using BBP & Tracking video (11:57 minutes)

Below this video is a note as to where to find their Tracking Tool.

21.) How To Spy On Your Competition video (09:35)

22.) How To Create Your Own Lead Magnets To Collect Leads video (05:58 minutes)

Below this video is an affiliate link to the recommended tool.

23.) Are your Ads Disapproved? This Is Why! video (05:39 minutes)

Below this video are essential notes that you will need to pay close attention to.

24.) BBP Reloaded Conclusion video (06:16 minutes)

25.) Clickbank Case Study + DFY video (08:12 minutes)

Below this video you will find free downloads to get you started.

26.) Extra Bonus: Solo Ads Case Study Build A List Instantly video 1 (19:02 minutes)

Below this video is a link to recommended traffic sources for building your list instantly.

Get your DFY OPTIN PAGES video 2 (04:07)

Below this video are 4 links mentioned in the video above.

27.) BROAD VS PHRASE VS EXACT – offering important advice

Software Access - Your Journey Connected!

BBP Reloaded Software Access

1.) How To Connect Your Software video (11:47 minutes)

Below this video are links to relevant sites mentioned in the video, along with a TIP to ensure your logins are stress free.

2.) BBP Reloaded Keyword Merger Feature video (00:51 minutes)

Below this video are the exact same links as offered under the previous video.

3.) BBP Reloaded Custom Keywords Feature video (02:57 minutes) [his sign off makes this sound though this video may have been a former landing page video, with a helpful tip]

Below this video are the exact same links as offered under the first video.

4.) Tracking and Split testing video 1 (02:04 minutes)

Example Training How to Use Tracking To Promote Offers On Maxbounty video 2 (09:55 minutes)

How To Use Split Testing Tool video 3 (02:50 minutes)

Below these videos are several links to his upsells.

[HINT: If you are serious about this training, you’ll NEED all of the upsells!]

5.) All Tools & Resources – All other 3rd party Tools listed here are optional to your Success

6.) Important Information about Refunds and Chargebacks video (02:30 minutes)

Below this video is a link to the Facebook Support group.

7.) SUPPORT video (01:46 minutes)

Below this video is a link to the Facebook Support Group as well as a note from Demetris and Alex.

Old But Gold - The Journey in the Past

BBP Maxbounty & Clickbank Training & DFY

1.) Creating An Ad Campaign with Bing Ads – (NO SKIPPING Zone)

Video 1 (03:20 minutes)

Video 2 (07:19 minutes)

Video 3 (04:17 minutes)

Video 4 (12:08 minutes) – part 1

Video 5 (11:18 minutes) – part 2

Video 6 (05:25 minutes)

Video 7 (00:43 minutes) – part 1

Video 8 (03:04 minutes) – part 2

Video 9 (04:03 minutes)

Video 10 (02:13 minutes)

Video 11 (09:37 minutes) – part 1

Video 12 (06:43 minutes) – part 2

Video 13 (06:45 minutes)

Video 14 (06:31 minutes)

Video 15 (05:39 minutes) DO NOT IGNORE THIS VIDEO [this video is offered elsewhere in the training too; it is THAT important].

Below this video is updated advice on what is discussed in this video which is offered in text format.

Video 16 (1:10:30) How to Direct Link Clickbank Affiliate Products with Microsoft Ads in 2021 Free Live Workshop [webinar replay]

Below these videos are two very important links you will not want to miss out on.

2.) Your Survey DFY Templates video 1 (01:33 minutes)

Old Editor Vs New video 1 (00:59 minutes)

Below this video are notes about the template.

Along the right sidebar titled Resources, you will find 6 template zip files to download for you to use in editing for your own use.

3.) Direct Linking To Clickbank video (13:14 minutes)

4.) Masking Your Affiliate Link with a Domain video (03:53 minutes)

5.) Case Study: Promoting A Clickbank Offer Using FB Ads video (11:53 minutes)

6.) Tracking 101 video (04:01 minutes) [sounds like an older landing page video due to “see you on the inside”]

UPGRADE! - All Upgrades Available For You!


BBP RELOADED OTO 1 – EVOLUTION (Google Ad Spy Tool) $37 US funds

BBP RELOADED OTO 2 – QUEST (Tracking & Split Testing Tool) $47 US funds

BBP RELOADED OTO 2 – QUEST LITE (Tracking Only) $27 US funds

BBP RELOADED OTO 3 – DFY Bundle $67 US funds

BBP RELOADED OTO 4 – Limitless Traffic $197 US funds or Monthly $27 US funds

Your Exclusive Bonuses – 3 eBooks

  1. Creating Your First Start-Up – 22-page PDF file
  2. Super Affiliate Shortcuts – 22-page PDF file
  3. Landing Pages 101 – 19-page PDF file


This is the first vendor to actually teach students how to use Udimi or Solo Ads to YOUR advantage.

Though, I have to admit, I’m still hesitant to even try Solo Ads since being warned by so many other professional affiliate marketers against using them.

Demetris definitely over delivers with his training, as you should be able to tell from the list that I have shared above. In his training he really does share a LOT of inside secrets that he and Alex learned the hard way in making Bing Ads work like magic.


I never did receive their members area web page and had to pester Demetris to be able to log into the Help training, so you will need to be patient if this turns out to be your experience too. The training is SOOOO worth this inconvenience.

My Take on Bing Bang Profits Reloaded

thumb pointing up in approval

Taking this training, you can easily learn how to inexpensively drive traffic to your business.

So yes, I can definitely attest to Bing Bang Profits Reloaded being a 1-click 60-second traffic app.

The only way you can possibly fail to run successful Bing Ads is by NOT… and I do stress NOT… following Demetris’ instructions. Seriously, his instructions are THAT good.

Like any other business, this needs your focused attention in order for you to gain the most value for your money.

If you do decide to purchase the Bing Bang Profits Reloaded after reading my review, I would appreciate it if you would use my affiliate link when making your purchase. Your entrance fee will NOT be affected in any way.

However, I may receive enough to buy a coffee, as my reward for sharing my discovery with you.

Below is my video review of Bing Bang Profits Reloaded.

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The best part is that you can start for FREE!

And… you won’t even be asked for a credit card either.

Try and find THAT sort of offer today, and I bet you can’t.

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Should you have any question(s) regarding is Bing Bang Profits Reloaded a 1-click 60-second traffic app, please leave them in a comment below and I will do my best in providing you with helpful answers.

I value my visitors and aim to be responsible whenever further information is needed, so, yes I welcome your question(s).

Bing Ads Done Right Work,

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