Email Marketing On Fire Reviewed – Genius Strategies to Extract Stupid Amounts of Money Even from the Tiniest Lists

Straight away, Kevin Fahey tells you that you’re about to discover his internal email marketing system that he personally uses in business to generate a high five figures per month from his email list.

More importantly, he says that its the same email marketing system that he leverages to scale his business and consistently top affiliate leaderboards.

And, in the next few minutes Kevin is going to reveal how you can leverage this same exact genius system to extract stupid amounts of money even from the tiniest lists.

Kevin goes on to say that right now, countless of digital entrepreneurs are pulling in the lion’s share of sales without any complicated ads, webinars or funnels.

More importantly, he adds, all without spending even a cent on ads.

Yet, nearly every single day, those same entrepreneurs’ inboxes look something like the screen print below.

screen print from vendor's landing page video

And, according to Kevin, their phones are continuously making cash register sounds throughout the day as new sales keep rolling in, all because of one very simple yet extremely effective strategy.

Without this strategy, Kevin claims that his business wouldn’t even exist today.

He says that over the past 14 years, he has built multiple online businesses and brands that each clear high 6 figures per year in revenue.

Kevin then states that the reason he is telling you this is not to just give you a good reason to listen what he has to say but because none of that would even exist today if it weren’t for the strategy, you are about to discover.

While most average marketers like to talk about all of the fly-by-night fancy marketing trends, fads, and techniques that work today but most likely won’t work tomorrow.

Kevin says that ever since he started his very first online business back in 2007, he has been focusing solely on email marketing.

My review of Email Marketing On Fire will cover the following:

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What is Email Marketing On Fire?

screen print from vendor's landing page video

Program Name: Email Marketing On Fire

Website: (my affiliate link)

Price: $20.07 US funds PLUS 4 Upsells

Recommended? YES


Email Marketing On Fire apparently will provide you with a winning email strategy that even those with a tiny list can profit from.

Kevin Fahey claims that every single one of his businesses that he has ever built, every single one of them was built on email marketing.

According to him, email marketing is something that newbie marketers might call “boring”.

But any marketer that has achieved any level of success will tell you, there is nothing boring about being able to build a 7-figure empire, solely on email while working a couple of hours per day.

Kevin continues with… there’s nothing boring about being able to build one thriving business after another with almost guaranteed success.

He states that a couple of years ago a light bulb went off inside his head.

After years of leveraging different email marketing strategies, techniques, and methods taught by other internet marketers, Kevin claims that he decided to do things a little bit differently.

He decided to do things his way.

Kevin says that we all know that these days, email inbox is a very crowded and competitive space.

And, as an email marketer, one of your main priorities is to have your emails stand out from the crowd, and demand attention.

But most importantly, he adds, do it in a way that your audience enjoys what you did to get their attention and if your method gets them hooked.

Kevin affirms that at the end of the day, that’s the only real way to make your email marketing truly work like a money printing machine.

And, he adds that after running rigorous tests and trying various different approaches in an effort to:

  • stand out from the crowd,
  • be different, and
  • make your content feel like a drug,

…he discovered and crafted an entirely unique email marketing system.

Kevin says that the system he created increased his sales and his customer were begging him to take their money.

But best of all, Kevin states that this system,

  • it wasn’t a complicated and overwhelming system
  • it wasn’t dependent on throwing 20+ funnels against the wall to see what sticks

In fact, he says that he believes with this system, he had finally been able to unlock the “holy grail” of email marketing.

So, Kevin states that if you have ever:

  • Failed to consistently and reliably generate traffic and convert it to sales for your own business.
  • Launched a marketing campaign only to watch it crash and burn a few days later.
  • Felt like your email campaigns aren’t getting as much engagement as they should.
  • Wish you could see the exact formula to produce 5-figure email marketing campaigns.

Then what Kevin has put together inside Email Marketing On Fire is for you.

He says that if you’re tired of wasting your time and money on methods and strategies that never seem to work, then today you’ll be able to get your hands on a super powerful email marketing strategy.

One that will allow you to get your audience hooked on your emails and get them craving to buy your stuff.

Kevin states that inside, you get access to step-by-step video training that shows you everything he does to extract stupid amounts of money even from the tiniest email lists.

He then says that by following his unique email marketing approach that has been proven to work over and over again…

And, when you get this now, he also includes additional strategies, tools and resources that will help you get the best possible results from your email marketing efforts.

According to Kevin, here are just some of the things you’ll discover inside Email Marketing On Fire.

  • His unique internal email marketing strategy that he uses to generate high 5-figures per month and consistently top affiliate leaderboards.
  • Why this strategy is different than anything that you have tried and seen before.
  • And, the simple steps to follow to unlock the secrets of email marketing, and build a real lifestyle business that you desire.

Besides this, Kevin says that he’s going to make this deal even sweeter by giving you access to some exclusive bonuses valued at over $361 in real market value for free, when you get going right now.

Apparently, for a limited time, you can get your hands on the Email Marketing On Fire at a massive discount.

Kevin says, to lock-in your discount, all you have to do is click on his buy button now.

He goes on to say that he’s been building online businesses for over 14 years, and he’s seen and tried a lot of different email marketing strategies over the years.

But nothing comes close to the strategies he laid out in his training.

Kevin says that seriously, he doesn’t want to toot his own horn, but what he has put together inside his training blows every other little email marketing tactic and strategy right out of the water.

Just imagine, he says, being able to consistently generate thousands of dollars per month from a tiny email list. Extract stupid amounts of money even from tiny lists.

Kevin states that Email Marketing On Fire strategies are extremely powerful, and he honestly believes that they will finally help you get the results online that you truly desire.

In fact, Kevin says that he’s so sure of it that he’s also going to take away all of the risk by giving you a full 14 days so that you can test his strategies for yourself.

So, if for any reason you don’t think Kevin’s training is worth many times your investment, you can send him and email and he’ll give you a quick refund.

Kevin states that you know this works,

  • he’s shown you results that his system generates,
  • he’s shown you the value and
  • he has made this offer a no-brainer offer by giving you a no-questions-asked money back guarantee, as well as
  • adding bonuses that he claims are worth $361 in real market value.

Now all that is left for you to do is click on his buy button.

Kevin says, seriously, it’s decision time; You’re at a crossroads right now, and the way he sees it, you really just have two different options.

  1. Your first option is to do nothing, close this page without getting access to the Email Marketing On Fire training and say exactly where you are right now.

But the only way this would make sense is if:

  • you already have a massive email list,
  • your conversions are great,
  • you’re making sales every single day of the week,
  • you already have a thriving business and your bank account is flooded… and,
  • email marketing is not something you tend to worry about.

If that’s you, then maybe you don’t need Email Marketing On Fire. Your business is already thriving.

But if you’re NOT that person that Kevin just described, and building a business and making money using email is a drag for you, then you should seriously consider taking the second option.

  1. Just say yes right now and click his buy button before life gets in your way, and get access to the exact email marketing system that is responsible for building a multi-7-figure online business and generating millions of dollars in sales.

Kevin stresses for you to not wait, because the price is going up with every sale, and if you wait and then come back later, he says that you’ll end up paying way more for this money-making system.

How Email Marketing On Fire Actually Works

screen print of vendor's members area

From inside Kevin Fahey’s members area, you will find a button linked to the training titled Email Marketing On Fire.

Once clicked, you will be asked to create an account, which will then reveal the training.

Welcome Video (02:56 minutes)

Module 1 – Setting Up Your Autoresponder Correctly From The Start video (21:49 minutes)

Module 2 – How To Ensure Your Emails Are Inboxing video (10:39 minutes)

Module 3 – The Highest Converting Subject Lines Used In 2021 video (05:50 minutes)

Below this video you will find a button link titled: Click Here To Access The Highest Converting Subject Lines of 2021

Module 4 – Case Study: Hundreds Daily From 2 Weeks Of Schedules Emails video (13:17 minutes)

Module 5 – Split Testing Hack To Double Or Triple Your open Rates video (29:44 minutes)

Module 6 – Using Automation In Your Business To Crush It Daily video (12:49 minutes)

Bonus #1 – Email Marketing Power ( – Valued at $29

Bonus #2 – 18 Email Marketing Checklists With PLR ( – Valued at $37

Bonus #3 – IM Emails Pro ( – Valued at $54

That’s a grand total of one hour, thirty-three minutes and fifty-nine seconds of training.


The techniques that Kevin shares inside his training truly are unique, and I can understand how you might easily double your income by implementing his strategies in your own email campaigns.


Bonus #1 Access To A Private Mastermind Group, shown on his landing page was NOT made available.

The bonuses seemed a bit odd to retrieve. I had to create so many different accounts to simply access the bonuses that I failed to bother with them.

My Take on Email Marketing On Fire

thumb pointing up in approval

Kevin Fahey definitely delivers his promise of a unique strategy to help you extract stupid amounts of money even from the tiniest email lists. Tips never before seen in any in depth training on email marketing, to date.

Though for me, the bonuses were too much of a pain to bother accessing.

Below is my video review of Email Marketing On Fire by Kevin Fahey

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Kevin’s strategy is, like he said, simple enough but if you, like many others, are unaware of how to do what he shows his students, then you too will feel much enriched by his training, both in dollars and in knowledge.

Years ago now, I had an instructor tell the class that I was in that when spending $1,000 on ONE course, if you were able to learn ONE thing from that course that saves you money, then it will have been worth the investment.

In that case, at $20 US funds, this makes the cost of Email Marketing On Fire a steal, wouldn’t you agree?!

Should you have any questions regarding my review of Email Marketing On Fire, please do leave them in a comment below so that we may discuss this topic further.

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