Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review: 27 Things to Know Before You Buy a Membership in 2020

It is truly hilarious to read some reviews that have been published about Wealthy Affiliate. It is though the reviewer is afraid that you just might try that platform and enjoy being there.

It was brought to my attention recently that most of the negative reviewers sign up for Wealthy Affiliate training hoping to be able to create instant money-making websites in no time at all.

And, most of those don’t even know how to create a website in the first place.


My number 1 – The thing you need to know before you buy into Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform is this… it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. So, you will need to figure on LEARNING and FOLLOWING the training WITHOUT becoming distracted.

Those who fail to succeed, fail to follow instructions and are constantly chase those shiny objects that promise people instant funds with no training needed. Hah!

Even those shiny object developers will tell you… once you’ve paid for their product, of course… that you cannot earn as much if you don’t do the work required.

Number 2 – If you would enjoy being with like-minded people while you are learning then you will find the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) training platform will provide you with just that.

You will soon discover an entire community of like-minded individuals who are active daily on the WA platform, where they are busy helping fellow members with any of the immediate needs when it comes to things like:

  • Not understanding something in the training lessons
  • Difficulty with how to start
  • Problems with motivation
  • And a whole lot more…

Number 3 – World-class training where you can get FREE access for 7 whole days to 10 lessons from EACH available course, when you sign up as a Starter Member.

This way, you will be able to see for yourself exactly how wrong the mocking reviewers are with their accusations.

Number 4 – You can sign up as a Starter Member for FREE! You won’t even be asked for a credit card. Can you show me ANY other quality training platform that would offer you this option?

Number 5 – Starter Members are able to create a website FREE of charge where, technically you could earn while you learn… but don’t bank on that.

The reason I say this is that most people need to follow the training to actually start earning, as most newbies have no idea on how to even setup a website, let alone create quality content.

Number 6 – Website builder software is available to both types of members, Starter and/or Premium.

This tool is great for those who need help creating their site by adding WordPress and a theme.

Number 7 – All websites hosted on WA servers come with an image optimizer (paid-for version) that is provided at NO extra cost. This helps your website images load faster.

Number 8 – Premium members are allowed to create 10 websites of which the hosting cost is all rolled into the cost of a membership.

Show me ANY web hosting provider that would offer THAT kind of option, please… I beg of you to show me.

Number 9 – Website hosting servers that provide protection well beyond any other hosting providers BASIC website hosting service package. Especially protection from botnet and DDoS attacks.

Number 10 – Website hosting servers that provide caching of your websites in order to help reduce the loading time for your websites without the need of yet another plugin.

Starter Members will find they have Accelerated caching, while Premium Members can up the caching to Extreme.

Number 11 – SSL certificates are included even for the FREE websites in order to provide protection of all website visitor’s devices, making these sites potentially rank higher, due to being able to be offered in mobile search results.

Number 12 – Premium Members have full 24/7 access to technical support for any of their WA hosted websites.

For me, numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 alone are enough to warrant the cost of a membership with WA, as the savings on hosting fees alone makes a membership easily justified.

Number 13 – Premium Members are allowed 500,000 visits of bandwidth while Starter Members are only allowed 1,000 visits of bandwidth. Serious members have nothing to worry about with these numbers.

Number 14 – All of any Premium Member’s websites are backed up daily.

Number 15 – There are 2 different sets of training courses available: Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. Some members take BOTH.

Number 16 – Not only are members provided with world-class training but also several of the necessary business tools to help them create top-notch websites.


Number 17 – Premium Members will need to pay for all domain registrations.

That so that the registrations remain belonging to the member and no one else. WA provides an easy means of being able to find and purchase domain registrations from within your membership account.

Registration renewals can be set to automatically renew from with your WA membership too, making this worry-free.

Number 18 – Premium Members have access to weekly Live Video courses with full access to previously aired shows.

Number 19 – Premium Members can create training and get paid for it!

Number 20 – Premium Members have full access to the owners of WA, where you can send them a private message and expect to hear back from them. Find THAT option on any other training platform!

Number 21 – Premium Members can expect private coaching.

Number 22 – Premium Members can ask for comments on your blog posts, and though one of the areas within the membership there is a charge… BUT… you can offset that charge by providing comments on other member’s blogs from within the SAME area, as those providing proper comments get paid.

Number 23 – Premium Members can get feedback as to their site layout and/or writing styles. This option is perfect for all beginners.

Once again, there is one area within your membership where you are charged for asking for feedback but that too can be offset by providing feedback on other member’s sites, as those who provide authentic feedback receive credits towards payment.

Number 24 – Most active members are quick to share their knowledge with other members, so keeping those WA notifications set to receive automatically can be vital to your staying informed and ahead of any upcoming changes as they are happening on the internet.

And changes happen more regularly than I care to count.

Number 25 – Every November, WA provides yet another option where you can save on the cost of your monthly membership fees, though you would then need to make a yearly payment, and pay yearly in the future.

With notice, who wouldn’t want to save money, right? It’s their Black Friday special, and once you’ve signed up for it once, your membership will automatically be included in the following years of Black Friday savings.

For example, here’s the announcement for 2019: https://useyourpassion.com/black-friday-2019-announcement-coming-soon

Number 26 – It is possible for you to remain as a Starter Member for as long as you want to, though there are several advantages to being a Premium Member that you may not want to miss out on.

Number 27 – If for any reason you should decide to quit your membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you can do so, and you can take your website with you. Whether transferring a website to WA or away from WA, the steps remain the same.

The plugin I swear by for moving an entire WordPress website with little hassles is detailed in following video.

thumbnail of video linked. Simply click to watch video

And… there is also a video to show you how to QUIT Wealthy Affiliate and stop being charged for your membership. The following video shows you how…

thumbnail for video. Click to watch video

So that you are fully informed, you need to know exactly what happens to your hosting if you cancel your membership with WA.

Now, if you can find these same goodies available cheaper from any other training platform online today, then I URGE you… I INSIST on your signing up with them.

BUT… I know you won’t be able to find ANY other training platform that offers all of these options anywhere else online.

How Many Successful Wealthy Affiliate Members Are There?

Many successful members may not want to share the exact numbers they’ve earned, so they will always remain silent, while still others will gladly share. There really is a list of Wealthy Affiliate successful affiliate marketers compiled for you to go through at your leisure.

So now, WHO are you going to listen to?

The negative reviewer who only signed up to WA for a Starter Membership and never even took advantage of the training and the ability of creating their very own FREE website while taking the training… or from a person who has been a paying member since 2016?

Perhaps you’d prefer to listen to a highly successful affiliate marketer… and one of Wealthy Affiliate’s longest time members, as he speaks to you in his video, below.

thumbnail for the video. Simply click to play video


  1. It’s NOT a get rich quick scheme, you really do have to work at creating your own online business.

  2. The cost if you cannot afford it, though if that is the case you wouldn’t be able to afford an online business at all, never mind the online training and tools that are included at WA.

  3. Yeah, some of the ads are a bit overstated, but you know yourself that advertising tends to overstate when it comes to creating websites.

    You can create a shell of a website in minutes perhaps, but it takes TIME and WORK to create the content.

Having provided you with all of this information, if you are ready to take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive then come on in and sign up for your free Starter Membership and say hello once you arrive.

I do hope this information helps you know a REAL WA member’s insight as to the advantages of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Should you have ANY questions on this topic you want more information on before heading on over to WA, then please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Once I have responded, you will be notified by email.

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