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Demetris Papadopoulos, whom you may know as Demetris D-Papa or DPAPA, is the vendor or Trafficzion Cloud, which also goes by different variations of this name, such as:

  • Trafficzion App,
  • TrafficZion, and
  • Traffic Zion Cloud,

Demetris explains that the reason why 95% of make money online methods don’t work is because you’re leaving out the most important part – traffic.

He goes on to say that it doesn’t matter which system or software you have in place, if you’re not getting any traffic back to your websites or blogs for offers, you’re not going to be making any money.

The good new is, Demetris claims that he’s got a fix to that traffic problem, guaranteed.

He then states that he’s an affiliate marketer and blogger, and since 2012, like many, he’s been trying to drive traffic over to his website’s offers and blog but he couldn’t afford it, so he had to get a little bit creative.

Demetris goes on to explain that one day, while mindlessly posting on niche blog forums, he claims that he discovered a secret traffic move that was bigger than he had thought.

He claims that this was a small network that was part of a bigger platform that was part of a bigger network that actually fuels up 40% of the internet that everybody knows about.

Demetris says that the network is so powerful that virtually no other online marketer knows about.

Then he claims that he was able to leverage on this secret traffic loophole and that he started getting instant targeted traffic, 100% back to his websites, 24/7.

Demetris states that this traffic actually converted to subscribers, commissions, and profits.

He says that it felt like he found the holy grail, traffic that was fast, free and profitable but there was just one problem.

The only way to tap into this traffic was to do everything manually, which could take hours a day, Demetris goes to explain.

My review of Trafficzion Cloud by DPAPA or Demetris D-Papa will cover the following:

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What is Trafficzion Cloud?

screen print from Trafficzion Cloud landing page

Program Name: Trafficzion Clound


Price: Personal Licence (1 website) $37 US funds, Commercial License (5 websites) $47 US funds + 5 Upsells, & 3 Downsells

Recommended? NO


Trafficzion Cloud, Demetris claims is the only proven push-app traffic software that actually brings you results.

He claims to have reached out to his friend Alex Krulik, who apparently is a talented developer… told him his traffic problem, and they were able to test and trial a software that Alex created for Demetris.

Apparently, this Trafficzion Cloud software automates an already proven process in getting real engagement and real traffic back to his websites and blogs.

Demetris claims that they released the Beta version of the Trafficzion software and that word got out.

He says that they’ve had over 2,000 customers testing it and using it, getting unlimited targeted traffic back to their websites and blogs.

Demetris states that this traffic was actually push traffic that is easy to get and keeps on getting 24/7, and requires absolutely zero maintenance or updates.

He claims that the traffic source is so powerful that virtually no other competition knows about this traffic source.

Demetris goes on say that it works for any niche, which is so powerful that you can actually take advantage and start monetizing for a personal interest or hobby that you might want to drive traffic to.

Since the Beta version of Trafficzion, he says, the traffic kept on growing so they had to make some upgrades, and they’ve created Trafficzion Cloud.

Demetris claims that Trafficzion Cloud is 3-step easy, and that anyone can do it, no skills or experience needed.

He states that you’ll have all the traffic you want at your finger tips… that this works for whatever it is that you’re doing online:

  • Affiliate marketing,
  • List building,
  • eCom,
  • Membership sites,
  • Video marketing,
  • Social media, and so much more.

Demetris says to just login, tell the software what niche you want traffic for, and sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

He claims that they’ve included over-the-shoulder videos walking you through the simple setup and all personal monetization tactics so you can get the best possible results, faster.

Demetris tells you that Trafficzion Cloud is different because it actually works, it automates an already proven process that’s been working for their customers and himself, for a few years.

He goes on to explain that he’s talking about all the free traffic that you’ll every need at your finger tips.

Demetris claims that this is the most battle-tested, traffic app that you will ever work with, so it’s good to be skeptical, as we’ve all been burnt with over hyped, faked promises before.

He says to not take his word for it, that you should check out the real feedback end results from actual customers, on his landing page.

Demetris states that the only way this won’t work for you is if you don’t use it.

He assures you that you can get an amazing discount right now, with Trafficzion Cloud, since they’re releasing it for this launch period right now.

You’re to go ahead, and grab Trafficzion Cloud at the most discounted price right now.

And, you’re not to forget that their offer is also backed up by their 30-day money back guarantee, with no questions asked.

Demetris states that if you don’t like it, they’ll give you your money back.

He claims that you’re also going to be supported by their fanatical customer support that he has apparently put in place… where he’s going to be solving your issues and problems almost instantly through their private support group that he has for you inside.

Trafficzion Cloud, Demetris claims can deliver all the free buyer traffic on autopilot.

How Trafficzion Cloud Actually Works

screen print of Trafficzion Cloud Dashboard

Once logged into the Trafficzion Cloud Dashboard, you will see the following options from the left-hand sidebar:

Accounts: where each website will be listed once you create them.

Tribe: where you are warned to make sure of your choice, as you cannot uncheck until next month. You have 10 per month for all of your accounts.


Contact Support: which once clicked, takes your browser to a completely different website (so, you might want to right-mouse click and open in another tab or window).

Main Training: once clicked on, opens in another tab, where you will find 4 videos that you NEED to go through BEFORE starting to use the software.

  1. Trafficzion Welcome Orientation video (01:23 minutes)

  2. TZ Fb Support Group video (02:01 minutes) below which are 2 buttons: Join Facebook Support Group and Trafficzion Setup Guide (30-page PDF).

  3. Trafficzion Overview video (12:14 minutes)

  4. How to Set up Trafficzion in One Video (24:05 minutes) – NOTE: This video covers in one video everything you need to do to set up Trafficzion Successfully. Please Watch it at least once before taking any further action.

BELOW these videos are shorter snippets where Demetris’ text, walks you through step-by-step, and he literally says that he’s begging you to please NOT skip ANYTHING from this point, forward. You’re to watch his videos until the end WITHOUT skipping… and only then use the FB support group for any issues.

Step 1: START HERE! – We Are Going To Build a WP Website From Scratch for FREE (04:21 minutes) – (without needing a domain or hosting)
NOTE: “ATTENTION: FREE OPTION WON’T BE FOR LONG! The most you’ll pay for a wordpress website is starting from €0.01. Simple, flexible pricing, no excuses.”

Step 2: Connecting The Secret Traffic Loophole (09:28 minutes)
NOTE: “ATTENTION: If you have more than one website, please Create 1 Gravatar Per Website! (CONNECT ONLY ONE WEBSITE PER GRAVATAR!)”


BUILD YOUR FREE WEBSITE HERE, button for you to use

YOU ARE NOT required to purchase any websites, domains, or hosting from wordpress to make this work.
Please just SKIP anything that is asking you to purchase!  Please follow my steps carefully. If you have to, watch this video twice!”

Step 3: Connecting It All Together (11:38 minutes)
NOTE: “ATTENTION: If you have multiple websites, Please Create One App Per Website To Get Your Token!
Attention: If you are getting an Error while trying to get a TOKEN (for example a 404 ERROR) then please TURN OFF ALL PLUGINS except for Trafficzion and Jetpack and try again. ( you have set up something with your website where it’s redirecting instead of logging in the right area)”

Step 4: Don’t Forget To Do This! (01:12 minutes) – “GETTING SPAMMED WITH NOTIFICATIONS? Watch this video.
You will be getting a lot of emails from the likes and follows our software will do. So it’s best to block this, unless you want to be bombarded each time some action is taken from us or your traffic. You’ll be able to see your stats inside your WordPress Website in Jetpack Settings, Site Stats!”

“To Make Sure You Are Getting Traffic Please Watch These 2 Videos Below”

How to Make Sure You Have Set it up Everything Correctly and How to maximize on Traffic (10:11 minutes)

Did you Choose the Right Website? Watch this important Step (02:52 minutes)

“If You Have Multiple Websites and Gravatar Accounts Please Watch This”

Trafficzion Multiple Gravatar Accounts Issue (06:50 minutes)

“Getting An Error? Watch this Video Carefully”

troubleshooting guide trafficzion (08:50 minutes)

Errors + Issues Connecting Trafficzion with your Website (01:50 minutes) – below which is a close up of the image error, along with a NOTE on how to discover if the error can be ignored or needs tending.

“** Watch this Video in Full Screen By Right Clicking on Your Mouse and Choosing To Watch in a New Tab**”

[no title] video (15:00 minutes) – below which are 3 buttons



The Answer is Yes to All The Above, Please Watch My Video To Learn How”

Adding More Website with Trafficzion (02:53 minutes)

How To Start Monetizing Your Websites For A Passive Income

Build Your First Branded Niche Cash Machine Website with Content (27:08 minutes) – Below which are 2 buttons:


How To Build Your List (06:31 minutes) – below which there are 2 buttons:

  1. Get Your Free Autoresponder
  2. Sign Up To Aweber

How to Find Content (09:10 minutes) – below which there are 2 buttons:


How to Brand Your Website Or Blog (06:30 minutes) – below which is one button: CREATE YOUR BRAND HERE

How to Build A Landing Page (15:47 minutes) – below which there is one button: GET YOUR OWN FREE FUNNEL BUILDER

A Chance To Upgrade! of which all 5 upsells are listed

Facebook Group – when clicked on, will take your browser over to the Facebook group for you to join.

Download TZ Plugin – which once clicked on, will automatically download their plugin





Sadly, the Jetpack WordPress plugin is not allowed by many different hosting providers due to website and server security issues.

Due to security issues, NONE of the hosting providers that I use will allow JetPack and or Trafficzion Cloud.

My Take on Trafficzion Cloud

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Due to none of my web hosting providers allowing the JetPack and or TZ plugin to work on their servers due to the high risk to security, I have been unable to test Trafficzion Cloud.

Risking the security of ANY website will NEVER be recommended by me, therefore I do NOT recommend Trafficzion Cloud.

Below is my video review of Trafficzion Cloud by Demetris D-Papa

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Several of Demetris’ products have been so awesome that I honestly purchased this product without even checking into it FIRST.

To top that off, I purchased the Commercial License… which you should never do unless you KNOW the product is worth the extra cost.

This should serve to prove that even good vendors can sometimes lead their loyal customers astray.

And, that even an intermediate marketer can get caught up in the hype when you trust a vendor.

In fairness to Demetris, I was refunded the $47 US funds.

In sharing this with you, I’m hoping to spare you the expense and frustration for doing the same.

None of my websites are allowed to use this software, due to the threat of security for both my websites AND the hosting servers.

Would I even THINK to use this… or recommend this to ANYONE after learning this?

No way!

Sacrificing security for the sake of traffic is NEVER a smart move.

Should you have any question(s) regarding Trafficzion Cloud getting you unlimited free buyer traffic on autopilot, please leave them in a comment below, where we can discuss this further.

Always Check for Reviews,

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