Is ViralTex a Scam or Does Their Software Unleash Free, Viral Buyer Traffic to Your Offers?

Declan, Marc and Jay apparently developed a solution for guaranteed free traffic, without the hard work or hassles.

The internet is a great big world with billions of users, and they claim that free traffic shouldn’t be that hard to get, but it can be.

Getting free traffic is fast and easy… said no one ever that is actually tried to.

Sure, free traffic does exist, though these three claim that it can be a massive headache to find, as you could spend hours:

  • creating videos,
  • manually post eight times a day in all of your social networks…
  • create boat loads of unique content and maybe,
  • if you are lucky, you will get a trickle of free traffic every once in awhile.

You are asked to picture getting 100% free, auto-pilot traffic from Google and 15 premium social media sites, to any offer in minutes.

Then watch your content get top ranking in search engines, and stay there for a non-stop flow of targeted free traffic.

That is exactly what these three claims that this new cloud-based software is supposed to do, with the raw power of viral content, videos, and images.

Viral content, images, and video are the favourite types of content for online viewers.

But, as a busy marketer, getting all these isn’t as easy as one might think it is.

However, when you simply share viral content images, you unlock floods of free traffic without the time or cost of video creation.

However, they claim that ViralTek is a cloud-based software that automates all of this for you.

This review will cover the following:

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What is ViralTek?

screen print of vendor's sale web page

Program Name: ViralTek


Price: $36.97 US funds – 4 upsells

Recommended? NO


Claims are made that ViralTek has been extensively beta-tested for months now, and that on their landing page you will find their claims of messages that were provided by their real users.

They say that they are talking about people that are getting tens of thousands of visitors to their websites, social pages and offers… hitting the number one spot on Google, and STAYING there.

And, converting free traffic into sales at rates of 30%, 40%, 50%, and even higher.

Conversion stats that most marketers who use paid ads will NEVER see.

They claim that ViralTek is incredibly easy to use and offers unmatched versatility for your campaigns.

They say you can use any link from YouTube video or tech store images that you want.

Just upload it from your computer or select from hundreds of proven templates included in the software.

Then just customize it with the built-in tools to add text, graphics or special effects, and with one click you can mass syndicate your new viral image to 15 top social networks to start getting free traffic instantly.

Save even more time by creating and uploading thousands of images at once, and put your social marketing on auto-pilot with the built-in content scheduling feature.

Say good-bye forever to manually posting online.

They claim that ViralTek is more than just free social traffic, they say it is a real super power at getting you targeted Google traffic to connect your paid offers with people willing to buy now.

Optimize your content, videos and images for SEO in seconds, without any technical skills for a quick jump start in the search engines.

The software then creates thousands of authority backlinks to your posts, each and every day to keep your content, images and hashtags driving free Google traffic.

They claim that there has never been a software that gets such massive amounts of free, laser-targeted and converting traffic before now.

How ViralTek Actually Works

screen print of vendor's membership web page

After clicking on the “training section” link, my browser was taken to their Help Section, where 16 different YouTube videos (and several screen prints when necessary) were made available to me.

1.) ViralTek welcome video – Jay Venka, has a heavy accented so I had to listen closely when he goes over the ViralTek dashboard and the options inside the membership area.

He suggests that you go to the “My Network” area of the dashboard and add the relevant information for EACH platform provided.

Next step, he suggests going to “Syndicate Content” and start posting content. What content, I am not sure as of yet.

It looks to me that as a new member you should simply follow along with this video… and then once you have created the different Apps to the different platforms you wish to use.

Then you would go to your “My Network” area and then the “Syndicate Content”.

2.) Create FB App – Jay Venka runs through the steps in creating a Facebook App, below which he states that you will find screen prints and the URLs referred to in this video.

When I tried following Venka’s instructions by clicking on my browser was sent to an empty page shown in my screen print below.

screen print of Facebook's developer's app web page

When clicking on the “Register Now” button, Facebook insisted that I provide a mobile phone number in order to verify my account.

However, I have already verified my Facebook account, even my Facebook Business account so am not sure why this is happening.

Plus… what about users from my generation who do NOT own a cell phone, as that is the phone number that is required to be used to verify this account.

screen print of Facebook's popup

3.) Connect WordPress Blog

4.) Connect Twitter help 1

5.) Connect Twitter help 2

6.) Connect Tumblr Blog

7.) Create Pinterest app

8.) Create Imgur app

9.) Connect Flickr account

10.) Create Blogger app

11.) Create Linkedin App

12.) Diigo, Twitxr, Topviral and other networks

13.) Image Editor

14.) Collage Images feature walkthru

15.) Content posting walkthru and details

16.) Hashtags module

In their guide, it is clearly stated that “you may face issues in connecting your blog if you run some security pugins…” which my blogs are on very secure servers, so I already know this product will not work properly for me.

Their instructions recommend that you disconnect your security… though yes, temporarily… then once you have connected to their server, you can enable your security once more.

In my opinion, this is NOT good coding, nor is disabling your website security in order to connect with ANY server that does not belong to your web hosting service provider.

Is ViralTek a Scam?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

No, I do no believe ViralTek is a scam just a poorly designed option. I would be too afraid to unleash this software to my real social media accounts in case their coding got my accounts shutdown as has happened to some who have tried using automated software similar to this.

Due to all of the concerns already noted I cannot and do NOT recommend ViralTek.

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Need more help on discovering is ViralTek a scam… or you simply want your say on this topic, then please feel free to leave me a comment below. Will gladly continue this conversation with you there.

Done Throwing Away Money,

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