Is Slides Made Simple Bogus or Can You Crush Your Presentation and Make More Money?

Adam Noar says that most presentations “suck” and most people haven’t a clue how to successfully design a presentation.

He goes on to say that a presentation could make or break your business, so you will want to do it correctly.

Done just right and a presentation could actually hasten the growth of your business in the corporate world.

Noar claims that a recent study shows that seventy percent of Americans who give presentations agree that presentation skills are vital to their success.

Noar says that Slides Made Simple is a game changer. It will provide you with information that will drastically and forever change the way you design your presentations.

Apparently, once you start Slides Made Simple you will learn the secrets and resources that professional presentation designers don’t want you to know about.

The information he will share with you is said to give you confidence knowing that you will be able to created the best presentations that can have anyone watching it excited and ready for action.

So, if you are ready to increase your audience’s retention and gain higher acceptance, land your investors, or simply win over your client and get more business, then Slides Made Simple may be for you.

This review will cover the following:

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What is Slides Made Simple?

screen print of vendor's product

Program Name: Slides Made Simple


Price: $29.97 US funds

Recommended? YES


Adam Noar has created an eBook and claims it is highly visual (for the visual learners, I expect) and that it is filled with relative examples and illustrations. Noar claims that this is NOT a boring textbook on presentation design.

Inside this eBook, Noar claims that you will learn to:

  • Create slides that will WOW any audience EVERYTIME

  • Master the skills of simple design that audiences will be able to connect with quickly

  • Develop great content that will have your audience wanting more

  • The importance of a good story and how to use it to persuade your listeners

  • How to create curiosity that will set your listener’s imagination on high

  • Why the number 3 is THE most valued number among professional presentation designers

He goes on to say that you will discover:

  • Why your images are so important and where you can find those perfect images to use in your presentation

  • How colour effects your audience’s mood, and how to pick that perfect colour scheme

  • Why layout is so vital and that everything needs to be placed on your slides with meaning

  • The most important tools for designing your presentation

  • How to become creative and then transfer your creativity to your slides

  • The main design principles to use that will grab the attention of your audience and have them glued to your story

  • How to direct your listener’s attention

  • How to easily create your own images and icons

  • Create charts for maximum effect so that your listeners will actually pay attention to them

Noar says that through his 130 plus pages with 10 illustrated chapters, Slides Made Simple will show you how using the power of your computer you can create more professional, interesting, and enchanting slides that will have you so proud to show them because they will impress those who see them.

  • Get organized and into the “creative zone.”

  • Set up your presentation toolbox so you work smarter.

  • Structure your slides with intention and precision.

  • Create killer content that moves your audience.

  • Incorporate captivating fonts.

  • Understand color and how to choose beautiful color schemes.

  • Choose and create stunning visuals.

  • Get the most out of charts.

  • Use animations and transitions.

  • Insert video and also turn your presentation into a video.

  • Share and broadcast your presentation with the world.

Imagine as to how confident you will be when you offer your next presentation, knowing that you have created such appealing slides that will “knock the socks off of your listeners”.

Inside his eBook, Noar says you will learn how to take boring slides and EASILY create more attractive slides, and take boring charts and create a slide that will grab the attention of those who see it, making them pay attention to this information.

Once you buy his eBook, Noar states that you will receive a download link so you can get started straight away.

He claims that you won’t find anything like his eBook in any bookstore, that his eBook is easy to understand, packed with information on what you really need to know and priced accordingly… PLUS, you will get 3 bonuses.

  1. Chart Selection Guide
  2. Presentation Checklist
  3. 20 Awesome Fonts

You get all of this PLUS, Noar gives you a 60-day money back guarantee.

How Slides Made Simple Actually Works

screen print of vendor's thank you web page

Adam Noar wastes no time at all in sharing design information just like he promises.

Though I did notice that his eBook now needs some updating due to many changes in linked information, plus he has the odd typo inside, but for me, those were easy to over look when considering the value of information provided.

This eBook appear to have been created in… PowerPoint, and the table of contents are as follows:

  • Intro
  • Getting Started
  • Tools
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Fonts
  • Color
  • Images
  • Charts
  • Animation
  • Video & Sharing
  • Additional Info


Noar’s eBook is 134 pages long and in PDF format. Be prepared to be IMPRESSED! I sure am. Slides Made Simple truly is jam-packed with GREAT advice.


Several links are out of date or dead, though those who know how to find things using a search engine will have no trouble finding links that that Noar is talking about.

Should you decide to purchase his eBook after reading my review, I do hope you will give serious consideration to purchasing your copy through my affiliate link: Slides Made Simple.

Is Slides Made Simple Bogus?

thumb pointing up in approval

NO, Slides Made Simple is NOT bogus at all. In fact, I highly recommend Slides Made Simple for those who truly want to start creating winning presentations either for your boss or your very own business.

This eBook would even be a great way to create those vital videos you need if you own your own business.

Imagine, creating spell-bound videos about your product or service using PowerPoint and them simply saving your creation as a video.

The ONLY reason I’ve rated this at 4 out of 5 is due to the PDF being in bad need of updating several broken links.

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