How to Create a Profitable Store on Amazon

If you are ready to learn how to make money online, then maybe it’s time for you to learn how to create a profitable store on Amazon.

In case you didn’t notice that ONE important word in what I just said, let me repeat it for you here: “profitable” …which is the vital word in what I have to share with you here.

So many people jump online and start creating stores on their websites and then fail. It really is sad to hear about them. Many have even lost their homes from chasing a dream that they failed to get the proper guidance to follow.

And, if you love the idea of creating your very own profitable Amazon store, you’re in luck, because you don’t HAVE to have a website. Amazon will do all the front end selling for you.

The easy part of starting up your own Amazon store is creating your store homepage and then selecting a template.

As for all of the rest for starting your own online store, you really DO need proper guidance, and that is what this post is about to share with you.

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Having recently completed a very extensive, online course on creating a profitable store on Amazon, I can tell you first hand that the course I took missed NOTHING in the way of sharing insider secrets with their students in making your Amazon store actually a profitable one.

The best FREE resource available that I am aware of at the moment is this free eBook by Vik JC from FBA Stars. It’s called The 5 Simple Steps to Profitable Amazon Selling.

And, if you want proper guidance in order to minimize your risks, then getting Vik’s eBook and actually READING through it would be the best advice that I can offer you here.

I’m impressed with Vik’s training too, but that is another topic.

Taking one step at a time, if you haven’t read his free eBook yet, do NOT leap over it and dive straight into any training. You need to learn to take one step at a time.

This way you can minimize your risks and learn the best way to create a profitable store on Amazon, because it is NOT a get rich quick scheme, of that I can assure you. You will be required to do the work in building your own successful Amazon store.

The difference is, now you can have one of the BEST coaches helping to guide you through very “turbulent waters” that this new “normal” the pandemic of 2020 has brought to today’s society.

In case you’re wondering, bricks and mortar shops are suffering with a loss of sales, while online stores are racking in the money.

free eBookIf your ready to learn how to find a profitable product, how to source that product, and sell it on your Amazon store, then Vik’s free eBook is truly where you need to start.

The online course I took recently teaches:

  1. How to find and validate profitable product ideas in order to identify a product that is worth selling.
  2. About niches and products with extremely high potential delivered all the way to your Amazon store whenever you need stock.
  3. How to find the best keywords for your listings and pay per click (PPC) campaigns that will attract buyers. This will give you an edge over your competitors.
  4. How to monitor the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns, and how to keep a close watch on your competition so you’re ready to respond to any listing or price changes.
  5. You will be provided with all of the necessary tools and know-how training that you will need to launch and grown your very own profitable Amazon store.
  6. How customers will find your product and how to attract the attention of potential customers and make them realize that your product is what they need.
  7. How you can stay ahead of the market and discover whether your PPC campaign is helping you grow in a natural position in an Amazon search. You might be spending money on PPC that you don’t have to. You’ll learn when to stop paying for advertising when you don’t have to.
  8. How to source your products, find the best suppliers, and how to negotiate with suppliers.
  9. How to create a shipping plan, effortless product inspections, and paying your import taxes.
  10. Teaches sales booster secrets, gives you access to a profit analyzer, and you can discover factors that will get your product to Amazon’s first page… and a whole lot more.

TIP: It is VERY important that you keep track of ALL of your Bill of Landings, record your product weights, and always take a picture of your products going on to the Amazon truck whenever they are picking stock up from you. This tip alone could save you $10,000 OR MORE of lost product Amazon may claim that you never shipped to them.

You will be able to check every product you are interested in possibly adding to your Amazon store by doing the following:

  1. Learn the sales volume and daily sales history for the past year, so that you can see if the product has had stable sales throughout the year. You can also check on whether a product is seasonably popular or not, and more.
  2. Learn best seller rank, which is a rank in any category that reflects its sales in a particular category. The smaller the rank, the better.
  3. Its great if a product has a lot of sales and only a few reviews. This means that this product doesn’t need a lot of reviews in order to get sales.
  4. Revenue, prices and margins. When checking the average prices, they should be more than $15 in order to leave you room for margins, the revenue higher than $3,000, and pay special attention to net margin. The cost of product and FBA fees should NOT eat up all of your profit.

TIP: FBA = Filled By Amazon

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If you’re serious about wanting to learn, Vik offers a FREE webinar where he talks about how he finds 6-figure products to sell on Amazon by doing this one easy thing that doesn’t require tons of money, thinking of products or wasting hours sending products to customers… and, it is NOT about finding cheap products to sell for tiny profits or reselling products that are already on Amazon.

Now, check the video below out…

Vik Shows How to Use Jungle Scout to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

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If you have not clicked on Vik’s free eBook offer yet, get your copy NOW. Vik is a GREAT mentor and coach.

Once you’ve read his eBook, I do hope you will come back here and let me know what you thought about it by leaving me a comment below.

I’m betting you will be pleasantly surprised with what you will be able to learn.

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