Is MesssagePayz a Breakthrough App Mass-Messages Facebook’s Users?

Wesley Virgin (also known a Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin) is the vendor of MessagePayz, and the first thing he says is, check this out…

Then he shows you a screen print of a Warrior+Plus vendor’s account that appears to be his, which displays “Last 30 Days $147,022.57”, claiming that it is just casually sitting in his account, and if you give him just 30 seconds, he claims that he is going to expose to you, their downright weird and embarrassing system.

Wesley states that their system is allowing them to make obscene amounts of money like this, every single day.

He goes on to say that there is no messing around with nonsense like complex funnels, paid ads or traffic, drop shipping, adsense [now known as Google Ads], or making videos, nor do they have to deal with anything technical.

“None of that stuff.”, Wesley is quick to add, “When has that stuff worked for you anyway?”

Then he asks you if you have ever made money online, quickly adding that he’s guessing likely never, because you’re here right now, and that’s okay.

And he claims that it’s not your fault because you’ve been misled.

Wesley says that he would like to introduce you to a completely brand-new way of making money online.

Apparently, it’s a breakthrough system that lets them get paid every single day for messaging strangers, people they don’t even know, and Wesley states that it is all possible thanks to MessagePayz.

My review of MessagePayz will cover the following:

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What is MessagePayz?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: MessagePayz


Price: $12.95 US funds + 7 upgrades

Recommended? NO


Wesley Virgin states that MessagePayz is the world’s first online system that lets them mass-message Facebook’s 2 billion users, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

He goes on to say that the best part is, they can stay completely anonymous and STILL make money. So, they don’t have to show their names or faces.

Then Wesley says to let him show you how it works, and states that you’re going to see exactly how the money is made, so you are to pay close attention. He claims that all it takes is three steps.

Step 1: Access the MessagePayz online application.

This he claims can be done by clicking any of the buy buttons on his landing page so that you can get MessagePayz while it is still at the low, one-time investment.

Wesley claims that they will be raising the price monthly.

Once you’ve purchased MessagePayz, he states that you will be able to access your account right away.

Step 2: Choose a done for you offer/product to promote.

This is what you will be selling to people as that’s how you will be able to make money.

These apparently are the hottest possible offers out there that have people lining up to buy.

Offers Wesley claims that make people desperate to hand over their money, and that it’s just as easy as selling water to a thirsty jogger.

Step 3: Turn on the mass-messaging technology inside of MessagePayz.

Wesley states that this is the key component that makes MessagePayz so darn powerful.

He says that the mass-messaging technology instantly allows you to get your links in front of 1,000’s of Facebook users.

Then Wesley assures you by saying that you’re not to worry, as these aren’t a bunch of random users.

He claims that these are highly targeted people with their credit care in hand, ready to buy.

Wesley says, obviously, not everyone you message is going to purchase what your selling, but they estimate that just 5% of people will buy.

And he quickly adds that this is low balling the percentage, because normally it’s around 10% for them.

Wesley says that is fine as they just need a tiny minority of people to buy.

He goes on explaining that if just 5% of those people buy these products, they would make at least $1,000 dollars.

He says, it’s that simple.

You don’t have to mess around with ‘bull crap’ like Solo Ads or paying for traffic, Wesley says. Then he asks you when that stuff has ever worked for you anyway.

Wesley states that MessagePayz is light years ahead of all that.

If you’re wondering how much this is going to cost you, he says that originally, they planned on selling access to MessagePayz for $297 a month, because that would be a fair price.

However, Wesley claims that he knows what it’s like to struggle, which is the exact reason he says that he is determined to help thousands of new people like you to finally succeed this year.

He claims that he wants to make MessagePayz accessible to EVERYONE.

Wesley states that after making hundreds of thousands of dollars with it, he knows how well it works, and that is why he feels obligated to provide this at a price that anyone can afford.

So, he assures you that you are NOT going to pay $297 a month. Not even $197 a month, not $97 a month, not $37 a month.

Wesley says that you won’t even pay a monthly fee at all!

He states that he is going to make you a crazy offer right now… that if you hop on board with him right now that you will gain full access to MessagePayz for just a low, one-time investment.

And, Wesley assures you that this is the same price of a T-shirt at Walmart, or a few drinks at Starbucks.

“And, why does that tiny commitment matter when you’re getting access to a system that gets you thousands of free visitors on command?”, he asks you.

Wesley claims that this is priceless, period.

He says that every single day, his students are making hundreds if not thousands of dollars in pure profit.

Then Wesley says that he cannot force you to try this out. He says that if you want to become his next success story, you must take the plunge.

He’s quick to add that you cannot delay as he wants this discount to only be available to action takers.

Wesley says that he wants to be blunt with you, he does not want “tire kickers” in his community, that he wants people who are ready to take action, because those are the ones who he can help.

So, if you are one of those people, he says to go ahead and get your access to MessagePayz, and if you’re still sitting on the fence, and you’re not sure if MessagePayz will work for you, he understands your concerns.

Wesley frankly states that there is so much nonsense out there, designed to do nothing but empty your pockets.

So, to remove all risk from your end, he says that he is going to give you a FULL 365-day money back guarantee.

If you get MessagePayz and you don’t feel like it’s worth at least 5 times what you paid for access, OR, if you weren’t able to get the results you wanted, then Wesley stays that they don’t deserve your money.

He says that if that is the case, you are to take 10 seconds to send a message to their support, and every penny you paid will be refunded to your original payment method.

Wesley says there is no way for you to lose here, and that the ball is now in your court.

There are no flaming hoops for you to jump through, he adds, you will be able to immediately take advantage of MessagePayz.

He’s shown you all of the in and outs of his offer, reiterating that there is no risk with their 365-day money back guarantee.

You’re then told to buy MessagePayz before the price goes back to $297 monthly, and that Wesley will see you inside.

How MessagePayz Actually Works

screen print of vendors app dashboard

NOTE: Wesley’s landing pages will hold your browser hostage for 30 seconds when you say NO THANK YOU to EACH of his 7 upsells.

Once you’re inside the MessagePayz DASHBOARD, you will find the following opened by default on the left-hand sidebar:

Overview, and to the right, you will find Quick Links along the inside left-hand sidebar, offering the following:

Account Settings – where you will find a settings and affiliate video (01:07 minutes).

Below which you will find your Account Settings, where you can change your email address used to access your account if you wish to, and to the right, Security Overview, where you will find that you can change your password should that need arise.

MessaePayz Bonuses – 8 YouTube videos, titled as follows:

  1. 3 NEW Apps That Pays $300+ On Autopilot | Make Money Online 2021
  2. How To Make $300 to $500 Per Day With Google Maps (How to Make Money Online)
  3. Earn $209 Per Day Posting This Image On Your Instagram (Works With Little Followers )
  4. Make $800+ A DAY Online For FREE Copy & Pasting Links! (make money online) How To Make Money Online
  5. HIJACK’D Google Docs & Get Paid $1400 A Day (takes 5 minutes) Make Money Online
  6. Earn $600+ Per Instagram Story NO SELLING, NO FOLLOWERS! (Make Money Online in 2020)
  7. How To Earn $100 Per Instagram Post (10 Post = $1,000) Make Money With Instagram 2021
  8. How To Make Money Online With Smart Pages ($150,000 Per Month) Earn Money Online

Upgrade Product – all upgrades embedded into one very loooong landing page.

Tutorials & Guides – 5 YouTube videos, titled as follows:

  1. Getting Started – Account & Affiliate Settings – affiliatesettings video (49 seconds)
  2. Emailing Suite – messagepayz video (58 seconds)
  3. Bonuses & Extra Software – messagepayz video (34 seconds)
  4. Campaigns & Link Cloaker – messagepayz video (2:06 minutes)
  5. Extra Instagram/Facebook tools – messagepayz video (50 seconds)

Contact Support – which provides two full length buttons titled as follows:

Video Tutorials – which when clicked, takes you to the Tutorials & Guides detailed above.

Contact Support – which when clicked, takes you to the WarriorIM help center

Below that another option: Need Support? Checkout videos here – when you click on the “here” your browser goes to the Contact Support page detailed above.

And below this is a box titled, Total Visits.

To the right of the inside left-hand sidebar are boxes. The first box is more of a simple title; Welcome Back, and below that is another box titled, Your MessagePayz Campaigns, and below this is yet another box which is titled, Your MessagePayz Websites.

In left-hand sidebar and below Overview, you will find the following:

1.) Need Help? Our support team is here to answer any questions you have, and a button titled, Contact Support, is below the explanation.

2.) Upgrade Boost your potential with our other packages, with a button below that titled, Checkout Our Packages.

3.) Tutorials Checkout our video tutorials, with a button below that titled, Browse Videos.

Clicking on the gear icon on the outer most left-hand sidebar, you will find the following SETTINGS:

  • Account Settings (same as noted above)
  • Affiliate Settings – which provides you with a means of adding your ClickBank ID

The envelope dollar sign icon, when clicked offers you the following YOUR WEBSITES: where you will find a button titled Create New Website button – which when clicked on provides you with a box where you can begin by adding your Site name, Site Title, and Niche… with a button below that again, titled Build Site that you would click to create your website.

In Create New Website, below the form this is a Help Video (3:07 minutes), explaining how to create your website, and add content.

The globe icon, when clicked, provides you with the following CAMPAIGNS:

  1. View Campaigns
  2. Link Cloaker
  3. New Campaign

The camera icon, once clicked, displays the following UPGRADE TODAY:

  • Unlimited – $47 US funds
  • DFY – Without Traffic $247 US funds and With Traffic $347 US funds
  • Instant Profits – $67 US funds
  • Traffic On Tap – Lite Pkg $197 US funds, Premium Pkg $297 US funds
  • Franchise – $197 US funds

Below which is a button titled, Visit Salespage Again.

What appears to be a cake icon with one candle, once clicked, offers you the following BONUSES:

Your Bonuses – same 8 YouTube videos detailed above.

Social Media LinksBlast Your Campaign To Social Channels with large button titled Visit Library, that when clicked, takes your browser to a Word document with 100 Social Media Platforms offered, linked for what appears to be easy blasting.

Image LibraryStock Image LibraryOur stock image library contains over 3000 unique stock images free for you to use. With a LARGE button below a few embedded images, which is titled Visit Library, that when clicked on, takes your browser to another page. This time a page with folders that are clearly titled for the images inside.

WebinarFREE Training: $10k per month in the next 20 days! – which is an embedded video with Jono Armstrong, that once you’ve watched (2:44:02 hours), you will find a buy button appearing below, which appears to be Wesley’s affiliate link.

Below that is YOUR PRODUCTS, which has the following offering:

  • MessagePayz – which when clicked on states the following: “This page certifies ownership of the following product” “MessagePayz” “Need Help With Your Product?” “Contact Support Here…”

The envelope icon, when clicked, provides you with EMAILING SUITE with:

Newsletter – when clicked, offers a you a Create New Newsletter button top, right (when clicked, sends your browser to a Design new Newsletter form, with a large button at the bottom, titled Send Newsletter), and provides you with a list of your newsletters showing: SUBJECT, TIME SENT, CUSTOMER LIST, EMAILS SENT, CREATED, EDIT.

Signup Forms – when clicked, provides you with a button titled Create new signup form top, right (that when clicked, provides you with options of forms to choose from, with large button at the bottom that is titled Save optin form), and offers you a list of your forms showing: NAME, WEBSITE, SENDS TO LIST, SIGNUPS, CREATED, EDIT.

Contact Lists – when clicked, you will see two buttons, top right, each titled as follows: button 1 – Create New List and button 2 Add Contacts (which when clicked on button 1, offers a textbox for titling your list and a Back to list button, and button 2 – offers 2 textboxs for adding an Email Address and Contact List, with a button below, titled Create List, and a Go Back button, top right) with a list of: LIST NAME, CREATED AT, NUMBER OF CONTACTS.

Email Marketing Guide – when clicked on, sent my browser to sign in to a gmail account.

screen print of login form

Social Media LinksBlast Your Campaign To Social Channels, and has a large button titled, Visit Library that once clicked on, takes your browser to the same Word document with 100 Social Media Platforms linked that was discussed under BONUSES.

The diamond-like icon when clicked, offers you INSTAGRAM TOOLS, with the following options:

  • Image Editor – is an online basic image editor where you can upload your image to edit and downloaded once you’ve finished editing it.
  • Instagram TemplatesInstagram Post DFY Templates (20 images in total). Use these in the image editor, simply Right click and save the image, then load it into the editor.
  • Facebook TemplatesFacebook Post DFY Templates (20 images in total, same as above but different dimensions). Use these in the image editor, simply Right click and save the image, then load it into the editor.
  • AI Hashtag Generator – supposed to offer you a means for creating hashtags
  • Easy Hashtag Maker – creates hashtags in the OUTPUT box as you enter your chosen words into the Input box.
  • Page Builder – provides you with a drag ‘n drop method for creating your website pages.
  • Hashtag Charts – lists are as follows: Popular Hashtags, Like Hashtags, Follow Hashtags, Food Hashtags, Music Hashtags, Art Hashtags, Animal Hashtags

The video icon, once clicked, provides you with VIDEOS, with the following options:

  • Video Guides – same 8 videos guides detailed above.
  • Traffic Guide – a 12-page PDF document titled How To Build Traffic To Your Website.
  • Online Marketing Guide – when clicked on, sent my browser to a sign in form, as shown above.
  • Emailing Guide – when clicked on, sent my browser to a sign in form, as shown above.
  • Contact Support – same as mentioned above.

The smiling icon, once clicked, offers their SUPPORT CENTRE, with the following to choose from:

  • Video Guides – again, same 8 videos guides detailed above.
  • Contact Support – again, same as mentioned above.

The LOGOUT icon is at the very bottom of the left-hand sidebar icons.


This platform looked promising.


The 8 YouTube Bonus videos are publicly shared YouTube videos shared from previous years, so aren’t real bonuses so much as, reminders for some users.

The Email Marketing Guide and the Online Marketing Guide were NOT made available for me.

The AI Hashtag Generator under INSTAGRAM TOOLS does not work.

When I went to add my Affiliate Settings under SETTINGS, which required my ClickBank ID, when I clicked on their Update Affiliate Settings button once I added my ID, I received an unrelated prompt: “The amazon id field is required”, as seen in the image below.

screen print of Affiliate Settings error

So, I’m not sure what value that is.

Because I had chosen a voiceover product to affiliate with, I was unable to find a linked campaign available for me to use.

This platform only allows Business & Investing niches until AFTER their launch period AND you can only change your chosen niche by UPGRADING from the basic.

screen print of New Campaigns displaying niches

As you can see, Business & Investing is no longer on the list of Industry Niches, as I have already selected that niche to use.

PLUS, there is NO niche for a voiceover product, which is a pity, as I would only ever offer a product for sale that I have purchased and approved of FIRST.

Only one of the Business & Investing Clickbank products am I interested in, and because I would NEVER purchase any of the others, I will not offer them for sale.

However, for the sake of this test, I went back to create another website, using the first Business & Investing campaign offered to me to use, the ONLY product I have ever purchased prior, that was on their list.

From the Your MessagePayz Websites list, when I clicked on the NEW button, it takes me to my list of Campaigns.

screen print of Websites

AND… I found no means of deleting this attempt at creating a website, in order to create a better version.

In going to the left-hand sidebar envelope with dollar symbol icon, once clicked, I then clicked on the Create New Website button, and the image below shows the prompt that I received.

screen print depicting only one website

So, attempted to use this site “bestvoiceover” that I created initially, and continue my testing this platform out.

After selecting WoodProfits from their list supplied under Business & Investing, I copied the affiliate link to a Notepad file and added my Clickbank ID in the appropriate place.

Then copied THAT link and clicked on their Share On Facebook! button below the WoodProfits offer, and received the following prompt from Facebook.

screen print from Facebook

You cannot select a product of your own from Clickbank, as you are stuck with only those few products that Wesley’s platform has added by default.

Personally, I will NOT recommend or sell a product that I have not been able to put to the test by purchasing myself first.

In the Campaigns & Link Cloaking training, the instructor shows you how you can post to YOUR Facebook page. I’m not into spamming friends and family, so that is not an option for me.

Plus, Wesley’s landing page promised 1,000s of Facebook users.

The Traffic Guide is simply a PDF document offering general advice on how to gain traffic to your offers.

More in-depth advice can be found online in organic search results.

My Take on MessagePayz

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

No, I do not believe MessagePayz to be a breakthrough app. And, I’m sure you can tell by now why I do NOT recommend MessagePayz after reading my list of CONS.

Wesley’s platform FAILED miserably in my test drive.

What could have been an awesome platform, to my estimations, is a total failure. The many failures are clearly stated in my list of CONS detailed above, in case you glanced by them.

Below is my video review of MessagePayz by Wesley Virgin

get my free making money online guide here button


The MAIN reason I purchased access to Wesley’s MessagePayz was strictly due to Dr. Oz’s raving about Wesley as a human being, in his video that appears on Wesley’s landing page.

So, there you have it. Even I can be duped into believing, which is why I share my findings with you on this website… so that you won’t have to waste YOUR money.

Should you have any questions regarding is MessagePayz a breakthrough app, please leave them in a comment below.

Saving YOU Wasting Money,

photo of Trish with her name below that
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