Is HLS Workshops Really a Fast & Simple Way to Build Your Subscriber List? 4/5 ⭐

Omar and Melinda Martin are the vendors of HLS Workshops, and Omar claims that this one skill is arguably the most important thing that you need to learn if you want to build a successful online business.

He says that you need a list, period.

Without a good subscriber list, Omar goes on to explain that you’ll have trouble generating cash flow.

He claims that he and his wife Melinda would like to solve this problem for you.

Omar says that most internet marketers fail because they never get a chance to build a big subscriber list.

He claims that when you know how to build a responsive list that you can virtually make money on command by emailing offers to your subscribers.

Omar suggests that if you’re a beginner, trying to build a subscriber list that makes you money online, then you’re going to love this.

He claims that they have put together the exact training you need to build a huge list in today’s modern marketplace.

Omar states that this training will teach you how to set yourself up for list building success, by laying down a proper foundation.

He goes on to explain that in Module 1, they’re going to cover solid foundations, where you’re going to discover the modern methods for attracting the audience and capturing the leads.

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Then Omar claims that in Module 2, you’re going to become the hero of your business, that you’re going to learn the proper way to build trust and market to your subscribers.

Then in Module 3, he goes on to say that they’re going to give you the green light to build, that you’re going to be able to unlock the power of autoresponders to bulk mail your subscribers and make a profit from them:

  • Without upsetting people,
  • Without getting spam complaints, and
  • Without losing any of your accounts.

Omar shares with you that in Module 4, this is where you’re going to put things into practice… that you’re going to master the expert tricks, to monetize your leads over and over again, like clockwork.

He claims that nothing is more important then growing your list properly, and this training will teach you just how.

Your about to get over three hours of detailed training, according to Omar, specifically tailored for beginners.

And he says that you’ll also receive the study materials to use in following along with the training.

Omar emphasizes that you should get in on this workshop today and that he looks forward to seeing you on the other side.

My review of HLS Workshops will cover the following:

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What is HLS Workshops?

another screen print from vendor's landinng page

Program Name: HLS Workshops


Price: $47 US funds + 5 upsells + 1 coming soon

Recommended? YES


Omar Martin states that HLS Workshops is training that teaches you how to build a successful list by laying down a proper foundation.

He claims this works for beginner who are trying to build a subscriber list and those who want to make money online.

How HLS Workshops Actually Works

screen print of vendors weclome page

Once you receive your login details, you will be logging in from their home page. And, once inside, you will be greeted by a Welcome to HLS Live Workshops video (01:06 minutes), where you will meet Omar and Melinda Martin.

Scrolling down, you will notice that ONE video is made accessible to you, just under the Your Workshops title.

Once you click on the thumbnail of the video to play it, your browser will be whisked off another web page.

screen print of the basic training

When you click on these thumbnails, each of these four videos will be offered to you, one at a time, in a popup form.

Lesson 1 – Solid Foundation (43:27 minutes)

Lesson 2 – The Hero Of Your Business (42:22 minutes)

Lesson 3 – The Green Light To Build (44:43 minutes)

Lesson 4 – Putting This Into Practice (38:08 minutes)

Below these videos, you will find the Worksheets (a zip file with a 3-page PDF file inside) and a Glossary (a zip file with a 4-page PDF file inside) that you can download and print.

The Worksheets, it is suggested for you to print this and have it in front of you during the training.

The Glossary, you are instructed to study the terms for a better understanding of the subject matter.

Below these is a Class Syllabus, which is a bullet point list of topics for each of the four different videos.

At the bottom is a Fast Action Bonus OfferGet Live Weekly Coaching, below the title is a button titled GET SPECIAL ACCESS HERE, that when clicked on, takes your browser to their offer of a 30 DAYS money-back guarantee, upsell to their membership site that you will need to pay for, in order to access.


Great initiation advice for newbies wanting to know how to build an email list the right way.

By the 3rd video, even intermediate internet marketers (IMers) can benefit from Omar’s advice. He teaches you how to easily create an audience that will help you gain a targeted list of those interested in whatever it is that you are selling.


Omar and Melinda Martin are offering a perfect but very pricy, lead magnet for their real product, which is their paid-to-join, membership site that you will be asked to join.

My Take on HLS Workshops

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Yes, I do believe that HLS Workshops really is a fast and simple way to build your subscriber list.

Whether you’re a newbie or an intermediate IMer, if you actually listen to and act on the advice offered in the four videos, then for you, it could be well worth the entrance fee.

The only reason I did NOT give this training a 5/5-star rating is that the price for Omar’s four video training will be an obvious deterrent for the many newbies.

Below is my video review of HLS Workshops by Omar and Melinda Martin

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Once you’ve learned from Omar and Melinda Martin how to build a successful email list, you may realize that you need to know how to create a website.

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Once you get a sneak peek, they’re hoping you will be like most of us… anxious to join the like-minded group of people who are on this platform right now, helping each other daily, so that we can all succeed.

So… if you’re ready to learn more about this platform that offers:

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Hope to see you there.

Should you have any question(s) on is HLS Workshops really a fast & simple way to build your subscriber list, please feel free to leave them in a comment below, and I will respond in timely manner.

Money is in the List,

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