Is EB Formula a Scam or Can You Make up to $3,624.18 on Ebay Today?

Self-proclaimed artist Dan Wright introduces 3 different people you are told that use the EB Formula. They each claim to be racking in the money… one claimed to be earning $40,000 every month.

Wright claims that “thanks to the EB Formula hundreds of ordinary people have been using eBay to make life changing sums of money.”

He goes on to claim that “eBay has 170 million active buyers every quarter and an annual revenue of $10 billion dollars.”

And Wright continues with the following claim: “The power of ecommerce is truly undeniable with online sales of physical products in the USA amounting to 446.8 billion dollars in 2017, with a projection of 700 billion dollars by the year 2020.

And, those figures don’t even account for the sale of digital goods…”

In this review, I will cover the following segments:

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What is EB Formula?

screen print of EB Formula's membership page

Program Name: EB Formula


Price: $37 US funds + 2 upsells

Recommended? NO


Dan Wright continues by saying that “China, for instance, with a population of 1.4 billion people, reported that more than 20% of all sales now take place online.”

He then goes on to claim that Jenny Price of Florida earned over $40,000 in one month, followed by Harvey Willis of North Carolina, who Wright claims made over $45,000 in one month.

Then it’s on to the following comment of, “Perhaps you’ve tried in the past to make money online and failed. Well guess what? It’s not your fault!”; followed by his claim that unless you have a master’s degree in marketing from a prestigious university then making money online can be almost impossible.

Wright claims that he went to a California college where he met a business finance undergraduate by the name of Warren Paul.

He claims that despite their many differences they were best buddies. Wright claims that he and Paul went into business together and eventually Paul walked away with all the profits and Wright saw nothing.

The way Wright puts it, “As he’d taken care of all of the paperwork, he’d been able to completely screw me over. The company was entirely in his name and he’d been withdrawing hefty profits from the business the entire time.”

After what Wright explains as suffer from depression, he claims he got a message from another college friend named Jason Lock. When he shared his story with Lock, apparently Lock was shocked and couldn’t believe that their mutual college buddy would betray Wright like that.

Then Lock apparently gave Wright a solution to his problems… the EB Formula which Wright claims Lock used to make more than a half a million dollars each year from eBay, and that sales were coming in automatically.

Wright goes on to claim that Lock gave him the EB Formula, and that the very next day, in less than 20 minutes he was completely setup on eBay and ready to make sales, and that in just one day he made $1,289.12 in sales… and, in only one month he was $46,209.34 in profit.

How EB Formula Really Works

screen print of EB Formula's video training page

Inside the membership area you will find 77 short videos embedded which are Udemy training videos that talk about drop shipping. That is, how to buy on AliExpress and then sell on eBay, and the idea is to never have to touch the product… though that is not always possible, as you will soon discover in the training.

As a sampling of what to expect in their 5 pages of embedded Udemy videos, I offer you the following list of their titles and length of each video.

Page 1
AliExpress Welcome – 1:26 minutes
Earning proof – 1:34 minutes
AliExpress reward and membership points – 2:49 minutes
Starting your own biz – 5:24 minutes
Registering for Alibaba – 1:51 minutes
Alibaba vs AliExpress – 1:46 minutes
AliExpress accounts same as a Alibaba – 0:39 minutes
Why eBay – 4:06 minutes
eBay registration – 1:18 minutes
Sign up for PayPal – 4:14 minutes
Sign up for PayPal – 2:28 minutes
What is arbitrage – 2:07 minutes
What is your niche – 3:22 minutes
Pricing your product – 1:49 minutes
Finding top products – 9:18 minutes
Picking your product – 8:48 minutes
Getting a sample – 9:24 minutes
Dropship test – 4:23 minutes
Pictures – 5:09 minutes
Creating a listing for newbies – 8:16 minutes
Auction vs fixed price – 5:16 minutes
Preparing dropship listing – 3:39 minutes
Creating a dropship listing – 18:28 minutes
Returns – 1:56 minutes
Creating multi varitation [variation] listing – 16:17 minutes
Setting shipping and tracking – 4:36 minutes
How to create good titles – 2:21 minutes
Using keyword tool – 3:18 minutes
Introducing keyword research tools – 3:50 minutes
How to improve titles and descriptions – 5:25 minutes
Promoting outside of eBay – 3:11 minutes
Social media marketing – 0:36 minutes
Twitting [tweeting] on Twitter – 5:28 minutes
Ranking on YouTube – 3:01 minutes
Creating a product review channel on YouTube – 2:05 minutes
Facebook marketing guide – 4:49 minutes
Case study – buy low and sell high – 8:23 minutes
Case study – how to improve sales – 5:33 minutes
10 top products – 19.02 minutes
10 more products – 15:03 minutes
10 additional products – 6:03 minutes
Mystery product 1 – 2:46 minutes
Mystery product 2 – 2:36 minutes
Mystery product 3 – 1:35 minutes
Conclusion – well done – 1:50 minutes
My claim of 1000 increase in exposure – 2:18 minutes
What to expect from Facebook marketing – 3:32 minutes
How to write engaging headlines – 7:58 minutes


You are suggested to use North American models when selling garments on eBay (rather than using the vendor’s models) so that customers will be less apt to realize the products are coming from China.

The narrator in the training suggests using ePacket free shipping from AliExpress as they are the fastest, and to stay away from new sellers, as many of the new sellers are on the site today and then gone tomorrow.


Wright’s claim that “making money online can be almost impossible” would be true without the proper training, tools and support.

In the training, you cannot download the video training therefore you must sign into their membership area to watch these videos. Many of the videos are cut abruptly in the middle of the narrator’s sentence.

You are left to figure out what sells best when purchasing products on AliExpress to resell on eBay. Examples are shown but the viewer is warned to be careful what you purchase as it might not be a good seller.

Is EB Formula a Scam?

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

No, I do not believe that EB Formula is a scam but a very brief introduction to drop shipping with no one to monitor your success nor offer you any type of support if you need help.

Without additional guidance that would be necessary to ensure your success in this type of business, in good conscience, I cannot recommend EB Formula.

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All questions regarding whether EB Formula is a scam… or even if you just want to leave me your opinion on this topic, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will definitely respond. No comment go unanswered.

Your Success Awaits You,

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