[REVIEW] 3D Toon Town – Can You Create High-Converting 3D Animated Explainer Videos? 5/5 ⭐

Maulana Malik is the vendor of 3D Toon Town, and Ilham Zulkarnain is also involved with this product.

Creating world-class 3D animation has never been easier, simply choose your favourite template, customize, export and you’re done, claims their narrator.

He goes on to say that now you can unlock the power of cutting-edge, 3D animation studio to create stunning videos in any niche, within minutes, using PowerPoint or any major video editor.

screen print from the 3D Toon Town landing page video

Apparently, you’ll get 14 modules that make 3D Toon Town complete and ready to help you create highly engaging, 3D animated videos in minutes.

Then the narrator takes you to the preview, while claiming that with an exhaustive collection of animation assets inside, 3D Toon Town will help you easily create:

  • animation videos,
  • graphic designs,
  • presentations,
  • interactive content or
  • any other needs.

All done easily, according to the narrator, using 3D Toon Town.

He claims that the best news is that you’ll get a free commercial license, so you can create amazing 3D video for your customers, and keep 100% of the profits you make.

Then he asks you: “what are you waiting for?”

According to him, you’re to get 3D Toon Town now and start creating world-class animation videos like never before.

Their landing page claims that creating animated videos is a big job, as it requires a:

  • script writer,
  • animator,
  • videographer,
  • composer,
  • designer and
  • editor.

But their good news is that today, they want to introduce you to the easiest way to create an animated video like a professional by using PowerPoint… or… your favourite video editor.

Apparently, they use PowerPoint to create high quality, animated videos and have the ability to sell all sorts of products.

In this review of 3D Toon Town by Maulana Malik, I will be covering the following:

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What is 3D Toon Town?

screen print from the 3D Toon Town landing page

Program Name: 3D Toon Town

Website: https://levidio.com/jvz/3dtoontown/

Price: $23.60 US funds PLUS 1 Upsell

Recommended? YES


On Maulana Malik’s landing page for 3D Toon Town, there is a claim that they are back with something more surprising, with smooth 3D animation for both characters, templates and objects.

And apparently, they have now completed their offer with a marketing kit that they have prepared so that you can become a 3D animated video agency more quickly and easily.

There is an assurance of 700+ templates and assets inside fourteen modules, ready to help you create stunning 3D animated videos for yourself and your clients.

Here is a list of what they claim that you will get inside 3D Toon Town:

  1. 3D Flat Animated Characters
  2. 3D Video Explainer Templates
  3. Adventure Kid 3D Packs
  4. 3D Scene Backgrounds
  5. 3D Object Assets
  6. 3D Promotion Banner Templates
  7. 3D Icon Set
  8. 3D Infographics
  9. 3D Hand Gestures
  10. 3D Typography Templates
  11. 3D Mockups
  12. CTA Animated Buttons
  13. Element FXs
  14. Marketing Kit

Apparently, there are also step-by-step tutorials, to help you master 3D Toon Town faster.

It is said that you can get started in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Select your template by selecting the template that fits your brand’s unique “voice” or you can start with a custom creation.

Step 2 – Customize by creating your own story and make all of the necessary edits to make your video stand out.

Step 3 – Export as a video and share on social media, upload to YouTube, or embed on your website and watch your brand soar in popularity.

Free Commercial License is promised you when you download 3D Toon Town, and this means that you can use all of the animated assets to make your high-quality videos and graphics.

This makes it so that you are free to sell your videos and graphics wherever you want to.

How 3D Toon Town Actually Works

screen print of the 3D Toon Town download page

From the Download page, you will see an offer to purchase the Upsell, if you have not already done so, followed by:

  1. Module #1 3D Flat Animation Characters (4 zip files)
  2. Module #2 3D Video Explainer Templates (2 zip files)
  3. Module #3 Adventure Kid 3D Pack (4 zip files)
  4. Module #4 3D Scene Backgrounds (115 MB)
  5. Module #5 3D Object Assets (120 MB)
  6. Module #6 3D Promotion Banner Templates (206 MB)
  7. Module #7 3D Icon Set (264 MB)
  8. Module #8 3D Infographics (26 MB)
  9. Module #9 3D Hand Gestures (17 MB)
  10. Module #10 3D Typography Templates (7 MB)
  11. Module #11 3D Mockups (39 MB)
  12. Module #12 CTA Animation Buttons (31 MB)
  13. Module #13 Animated Element FXs (683 MB)
  14. Module #14 Marketing Kit (141 MB)


Download Main Tutorial – 4 folders with videos (623 MB zipped file), filled with videos

Download Advanced 3D Video Tutorials (Using Blender) –4 LARGE zipped files, full of videos

Bonus Access

  1. Giant Whiteboard Kit (149 MB)
  2. Mascot Creator Bundle V3 (117 MB)
  3. Multipurpose Promo Video Templates (1.0 GB)
  4. Multipurpose Story Video Templates (202 MB)
  5. Static & Animated Landscape Backgrounds (285 MB)
  6. Logo Quick Whitelabel License (64 MB) [first reported to be 157 MB]
  7. Whiteboard Video Assets (83 MB)
  8. Whiteboard Video Assets Part 2 (27 MB)
  9. Animated Characters Bundle (19 MB)
  10. Video Explainer Assets (118 MB)
  11. 1200 Explainer Video Assets (104 MB)
  12. Animated Video Assets Bundle (185 MB)
  13. Infographics Builder Bundle (115 MB)
  14. Marketing Graphic Bundle (101 MB)
  15. Marketing Graphic Super Bundle 2 (326 MB)
  16. Animated Characters Super Bundle (33 MB) [first reported as 53 MB]
  17. 14 Minutes Sales Funnel (31 MB)
  18. Instant Ecover Creator (2 MB)


The only limitation with this product is your imagination!

Love having full access to all of the assets rather than having to log into an online app in order to create animated videos.

The tutorials are GOLDEN necessities that really will help you bring your projects to life, so do NOT skip them.


screen print from PowerPoint 2016 search

WARNING: 3D files canNOT be altered in version of PowerPoint 2016 and older. You will need at least PowerPoint 365 or 2019 (or newer!), in order to edit and use the 3D Toon Town files inside PowerPoint.

You are going to need a LOT of disc space on your computer to contain all of the zip files, never mind once the contents have been extracted.

Some people may find it difficult at times, to understand what is being said by Maulana Malik in the tutorials, due to his accent.

So, be prepared to pay close attention to what he is sharing with you. The tutorials really are like golden nuggets.

My Take on 3D Toon Town

thumb pointing up in approval

Personally, I believe that the 3D Toon Town package is priceless!

Whether you can create high-converting 3D animated explainer videos with all of the assets provided inside 3D Toon Town will depend on your skill level with PowerPoint (or your favourite video editor), and/or your ability to learn from the tutorials included.

If you’re willing to learn, then you will find this package every bit as priceless as I have, I’m sure of it. And you can’t beat the price, either.

Would I recommend this package to a newbie? Probably not, given that many newbies do not know beyond the basics for using Word, never mind PowerPoint.

Having PowerPoint 2016 installed on my own computer, I soon discovered that I cannot add them to my PowerPoint presentations to edit them.

However, here’s a work around offered in a 6-year-old video on YouTube – Edit 3D Models in Paint 3D and Use in PowerPoint Presentations

Below is my video review of 3D Toon Town by Maulana Malik

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Should you have any question(s) as to whether you can create high-converting 3D animated explainer videos using 3D Toon Town, I do hope that you will leave them in a comment below, so that we may discuss this topic further.

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