Does Place Your Link Really Work to Bring in Free Daily Traffic to Any Link?

Dawud Islam and Richard Cowley are the vendors of Place Your Link. Islam tells you this isn’t going to be a long sales video.

He says that your time is valuable and so is his.

Islam claims that over the past two years, he scaled up his income from zero to over $35,000 in US dollars in revenue each and every month.

Like most vendors, Islam shows you a few screen prints of income as his proof.

In the process, Islam claims that he has launched twenty-five websites and almost forty products and he now benefits from over 30,000 members in his Elite Tigers Group.

He says that what he is doing today is giving YOU the benefit to tap into some of HIS traffic.

Islam says that he is going to let you place any link of your choice on to a rotator and then he will email it out to all 30,000 members across his group, every single day for as long as his sites exist.

He claims that your link will be seen every single day by PROVEN buyers.

He says that’s not all, that he is also going to be sharing the links directly on his twenty-five websites, on his corporate website and on his blog site;

Islam says, yes for a one-time crazy low price you are going to benefit from free targeted traffic to ANY link FOREVER.

Islam claims that this will work in ANY niche, and is totally newbie-friendly.

You do not require a list, no videos to make and that this is a complete set it and forget it system. He claims that all clicks will be coming from REAL buyers and NO bots.

My review here will cover the following:

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What is Place Your Link?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Place Your Link


Price: $14.95 US funds + 5 Upsells and 5 Downsells

Recommended? YES, with reservations


Dawud Islam says that this is how Place Your Link works:

Step 1 – Pick up a copy of Place Your Link before the price goes up.

Step 2 – Place any URL of your choice to be added to the rotator.

Step 3 – Sit back and relax as you benefit from free targeted buyer traffic, each and every day.

However, Islam says that you need to act fast.

And he proceeds by telling you a really big secret. He says that at the start of the launch, there are no links on the sales rotator.

Apparently, that means that those who take fast action will get way more clicks to their links than those who delay. He says that because at the start of the launch every single click could be going to their offers.

Islam claims that the longer you delay the less traffic you will get.

He goes on to say that this really is the ULTIMATE product for FAST ACTION TAKERS who pick up a copy of Place Your Link during the launch period.

Then he repeats himself by saying that he said that he wouldn’t take up much of your time, so now it’s up to you to decide. He than asks you:

Do you want free traffic for life for less than the cost of a pizza?

Or, do you want to carry on as before, struggling to get ANYONE to visit your page?

Don’t worry if you say NO. This just means that there will be more traffic for everyone else.

But Islam says that if you say YES, then he will see you on the inside, where you can get free traffic started in LESS than 60 seconds from now.

Apparently, there are 7 good reasons why you need Place Your Link.

  1. You get to keep all of the profits when you place your link.
  2. Said to be newbie-friendly – no tech skills required
  3. A consistent scalable income – claims to be a saturation proof method you can repeat time and time again.
  4. Set up in seconds and you get results in hours.
  5. Work once and get paid forever.
  6. Works worldwide.
  7. 30-day money back guarantee.

Bonus #1 – 50% off the Elite Academy

Bonus #2 – Exclusive Facebook group

Bonus #3 – Massive product bundle. You get a huge bundle of over 50 products and upsells from 18 top marketers.

Bonus #4 – Reseller rights to 20 of Dawud Islam’s previous products.

Bonus #5 – Dedicated Customer Support 24/7

How Place Your Link Actually Works

screen print from vendor's members area

Once signed in, you are greeted with a Welcome From Dawud Islam video (00:01:26 minutes)

Below this video are 2 button links:

1.) Elite Tigers Group YouTube Channel – which is self-explanatory.

2.) Elite Tigers Group FB Group – also self-explanatory. Along with a password you will need to use when prompted.

Overview of Place Your Link video (00:01:40 minutes)

Main Training Section (the next 3 videos)

1.) Introduction to the Training video (00:04:29 minutes) in which Dawud Islam talks about the type of link that is best to use and why.

2.) Place Your Link video (00:05:39 minutes) it really is as EASY as that – in this video Islam shows you where to place your link.

Below this video is a button titled Place Your Link Here, which takes you to a web page that goes over the rules once again, so that you will understand.

Below that is a “Leave a Reply” textbox where you will start following Islam’s instructions.

3.) How to Promote video (00:03:33 minutes) Islam talks about other areas he provides you with more places where you can get free traffic to your link. This was not discussed on their landing page.

View The Rotator – you are provided with a button titled: Click To View The Next Link, which when clicked on takes your browser to other vendor’s sales pages, so that you can see what other’s will see.

Explaining The Tracker video (00:04:53 minutes) in which Islam explains how the tracker works and why some of your tracked links won’t register clicks.

Resources (two titled areas)

1.) Special Squeeze Pages – you can download these resources accessible via button links titled as follows:

No. 1: Leads Leap Funnel System

No. 2: Leads Leap Profit System

No. 3: Mailer Profit System

No. 4: TE Profit System

2.) Regular Squeeze Pages – Button titled Access This Resource Here which provides a link to 60+ high converting Lead Capture Page Templates.

Conclusion video (00:00:54 minutes) Islam signs off reminding you that you can sign up for upgrades if you want to use more than the one link.


How To Access Your Place Your Link Bonuses video (00:01:51 minutes) where Islam briefly explains how to access your bonuses.

Below this video is a button titled Access Your Bonus Bundle Here which takes you to another web page where you will need to create an account in order to retrieve the bonuses mentioned on their landing page.

Upgrades (5)

1.) Place Your Link PRO Version

2.) Total Traffic Fix

3.) Reseller Rights

4.) DFY Weekly Campaigns

5.) Become a BETA Tester For The Elite Academy

Unadvertised Bonus (3)

1.) Eric Hammer – Durable

2.) James Kennedy Bonus

3.) Mike From Maine Bonus

My Take on Place Your Link


At this point in time, I am truly undecided for the first time since starting to share product reviews here. Let me explain why…

From what I’ve seen in going through the lessons is that this system appears to be a means of providing affiliate marketers an easy means of getting buyer links from each other.

However, if everyone in this Rotator is doing the same thing… and… we are being emailed everyone else’s product pages, then I do not see any benefit as I cannot believe this will work as promised.

You even have to submit your email address for EACH and EVERY bonus, which means your email address will land in several affiliate marketer’s autoresponder lists.

The question is, will I now be bombarded with emails over the next few weeks?

If so, I will be unsubscribing from Dawud Islam’s list and Richard Cowley’s too, if he starts up afterwards.

Having said that… I did enter my one link to see what would happen. So, I will wait a few months before determining this as a total time waster… or a great idea.

PLUS, my offer is a make money online offer, and in Dawud Islam’s training video titled Introduction To The Training, he clearly states that most of the URLs submitted are for make money online offers and that weight loss, health and fitness, as well as self-development do quite well… and pets to a lesser degree.

Does this mean that Place Your Link won’t work as well for my make money online offer? Only time will tell for certain.

Below is My Honest Review on Place Your Link

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Should you be interested in learning to create your very own online business, then I would like to introduce you to a learning platform that I have been a member of since 2016. The training is world-class and is available to take a sneak peek at for FREE.

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You won’t even be asked for a credit card!

Try and find THAT type of offer online ANYWHERE and I’m betting you cannot.

The owners of this platform are so certain that you will be as impressed as all their members are with all of the inclusions that are given to members, that they want you to have a sincere taste of the quality of the training they provide, before you even consider becoming a paid member.

You will even be allowed to create a website FREE of charge too. Along with being able to use the necessary tools they will teach you how to use in the FREE lessons. I’m sure you will be amazed at all of the goodies included.

PLUS, you will be able to work with other like-minded individuals who all work together in helping each other 24/7 with many different issues whenever we need help.

So, if you are interested in learning all about this platform, get my free guide here, and start reading.

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Does Place Your Link really work to bring in free daily traffic?

So far, my submitted link has seen NO traffic as I have been monitoring ANY visits to THAT page.

Though in fairness, it has only been only slightly past ten days since being informed that my URL was put on their rotator.

Having said that… they did promise that “Once you have submitted your link, you will enjoy this free traffic DAY AFTER DAY, MONTH AFTER MONTH” …and, I am still waiting.

Should I actually gain a REAL audience from Place Your Link, I will be back to adjust my rating accordingly.

The only reason that I purchased Place Your Link was because a friend recommended this product.

If you would like to chat about does Place Your Link really work to bring in free daily traffic, feel free to leave me a comment below and I will gladly discuss this topic with you.

All comments are responded to in a timely manner.

Learning Can Be Fun,

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