Does Fiverrocket Work at Showing You How to Make Money Without Doing Any Work?

In the landing page video, Trevor Carr explaining that Max has recently started working on Fiverr, and has managed to pull in over twenty thousand, and in fact… over twenty-three thousand dollars in just a couple of months.

Carr claims that he’s got some incredible figures and even manages to earn $500 an hour. He says, if you think that Fiverr is just like charging people at Fiverr then think again.

He goes on to claim that Fiverr is massive, and the pandemic apparently has made it even bigger.

He goes on to say that their shares have grown by over 630%, and the users of Fiverr has grown by over a million in 2020.

It’s a massive platform and, Carr claims that it is a great opportunity for complete newbies to start making money online.

Carr then says to let him show you what Max has been up to, at which point, Max Gerstenmeyer starts to speak, by showing you what he claims is his earnings within his Fiverr account.

Max claims that what he is showing you in Fiverr is 100% legit and that it works super well, so as you can see by his Fiverr earnings, in the last couple of months he has been able to generate a net income of $20,075.59, and that his expected earnings are $2,756.

He goes on to claim that these two sums together almost equals $23,000. And, he says… No, Fiverr is not a marketplace where you can charge five, ten or twenty dollars for your orders.

Max claims that he has actually made $500 an hour by just creating an eBook cover for a company, or he has charged a $1,000 for an order and he claims that he didn’t even do the work himself.

My review here will cover the following:

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What is Fiverrocket?

screen print from vendor's landing page

Program Name: Fiverrocket


Price: $12.95 US funds + 3 Upsells

Recommended? NO


Max Gerstenmeyer goes on to say that he has outsourced the entire work to another freelancer on Fiverr and paid him $100, and Max says that he was able to pocket the $900 difference.

Then he says, as you can see by his earnings on the 28th of April 2021, he says that he will get $200, on the 24th $160, and that he has already withdrawn $160 here, $160 there, $296, $360, $200, $152, $344, $208, $560… and that he could click on the Load More button at the bottom of his Fiverr Earnings web page, and that the numbers would just continue like this.

So, Max says, Fiverr is 100% legit, and you can make some really good amounts of money on Fiverr.

Just follow the training and you can get similar results.

At this point, Trevor Carr appears back on camera and says “Thanks Max, that’s brilliant.”

So as you can see, Carr says, this is completely BS free.

He claims this is a genuine system that Max kinda’ stumbled across by accident, and he can charge or he can make up to $500 an hour, but he can also outsource $1,000 gigs that he just paid a $100 for.

That Carr says, is an incredible return on his investment.

And, apparently this is all documented in a comprehensive video course that they are calling Fiverrocket.

Carr goes on to say that everything in there is step-by-step, so if you’ve never done anything like this before than you don’t have to worry.

He claims that Max literally takes you by the hand and shows you every single step of the process so that you can replicate what he has done.

Now, we’ve seen a lot of stuff lately being launched, Carr goes on to say, with a lot of claims of fast cash and push button riches, and to be honest, you know, most of that is complete BS, as we know.

But Carr says he can tell you this… Fiverrocket is the real deal.

Carr claims that Max is actually doing this stuff, and well, you saw his account… so, you can’t argue with that.

So, everything is included in the course, claims Carr.

And, he says they are launching at such a ridiculously low price that you’d be crazy not to give it a go. He claims that they have full confidence in this course and that they know you’re going to love it.

And, he adds… they decided to give you a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, so if you’re sitting on the fence then just jump on and click on their buy button, and come and see what they have inside.

Carr says that the sooner you get started the sooner you can start making some money, and they know you’re not going to be disappointed.

He goes on to say that it is a really simple system that Max uses and it’s managed to turn his life around. And incredibly, he’s doing this from a beach location.

Carr claims that Max works on the beach with his laptop and often uses his bar hot spots, so don’t think that you need any fancy equipment or anything like that. He says this is literally something that you can do anywhere that you choose to.

At the end of the day, Carr goes on, you’re probably here because you want to make some money and he says he knows how that feels.

Carr says he’s been there, that he’s come from a very, very stressful time in his life and the last few years he has managed to turn that around, thanks to making money online.

So, Carr says that he knows how that feels to be let down when you buy other courses that just don’t deliver.

But he claims that he can tell you this… this IS going to deliver.

He goes on to say that this is a very, very simple system and it’s perfect for complete newbies, if you’ve never done anything like this before then it’s fine for you.

Or, Carr quickly adds, if you’ve actually got some experience maybe on Fiverr, maybe not.

Maybe online or you’ve made some money… then you’re going to have your eyes opened by the contents of this course as well.

He claims that you really can make some serious money, and you don’t even have to do the work yourself.

How Fiverrocket Actually Works

screen print of vendor's training

Once inside your member account you will see the following options:


1.) Welcome from Trevor Carr video (00:01:52 minutes)

Below which there are links to:

  1. Max’s YouTube Channel
  2. Private Fiverrocket Facebook Group
  3. Max’s Website
  4. and 3 different upsells

2.) Welcome from Max video (00:02:13 minutes)

Below which there are links to:

  1. Max’s YouTube Channel
  2. Private Fiverrocket Facebook Group
  3. Max’s Website

3.) Overview video (00:01:18 minutes)

Below which there are links to:

  • Max’s YouTube Channel
  • Private Fiverrocket Facebook Group
  • Max’s Website

Proof of the Method

Proof of the Method video (00:01:40 minutes)

Create an Account and Become a Seller

Create Fiverr + Seller Account video (00:03:09)

Below which there are links to: Create Your Fiverr Account – Click to Sign Up button

Finding Gigs

Finding Gigs to Sell On Fiverr video (00:04:41 minutes)

Which Gigs Should You Sell? video (00:07:51 minutes)

7 Gigs That Require ZERO Skills

1.) Intro video (00:00:43 minutes)

2.) No Skills: Logo Animation video (00:06:58 minutes)

Below which there are links to: Start selling High-Definition Logo Animations on Fiverr – Click to Get Viddyoze button

3.) No Skills: Background Removal video (00:02:02 minutes)

Below which there are links to: Go to the free Background Removal Tool – Click Here button

4.) No Skills: Thumbnails, Flyers, Ads and many more video (00:08:36 minutes) (linked to, which could be an affiliate link)

Below which there are links to: Check Out the Zero Skill Graphic Design Software HIVE – Click Here to Becme a Graphic Designer button (WarriorPlus affiliate link to a Billy Darr landing page)

5.) No Skills: Presentation Design video (00:03:44 minutes)

Below which there are links to: Start Selling Presentation Designs on Fiverr – Click Here for Stunning Presentations button (link to

6.) No Skills: Ebook Cover and Interior Layout video (00:08:21 minutes)

Below which there are links to: Start a ZERO Skill Ebook Creation Gig on Fiverr – Get Sqribble Here button (linked to website, which looks to be an affiliate link)

7.) No Skills: Arbitrage video (00:07:15 Minutes)

Below which there are links to: Start Buying Low and Selling High – Passive Fiverr Income – Start Your Arbitrage Gig from HERE button (link to

8.) No Skills: SEO Report video (00:04:09)

Below which there are links to: Can you Copy & Paste? – Make completely Passive Income on Fiverr – Check Out SEO Software Livio button (link to a WarriorPlus affiliate link to a Pallab, Ram and Art landing page)

Creating Your Gig

1.) Create Your Gig 1: Model Your Top Competitors video (00:04:54 minutes)

2.) Create Your Gig 2: Gig Setup video (00:24:51 minutes)

Below which there are links to: Want to increase your conversion by 220% using a Gig video? Have this Fiverr seller create your Gig video for you – Get your Gig Video HERE button (his affiliate link to a Fiverr gig)

14 Page 1 Ranking Secrets

1.) Intro video (00:00:55 minutes)

2.) Great Seller Profile video (00:06:58 minutes)

3.) Long-Tail Keyword video (00:02:57 minutes)

4.) Start Selling For Low Prices video (00:03:05 minutes)

5.) Offer Free Bonuses video (00:04:48 minutes)

6.) Express Gig video (00:01:44 minutes)

7.) Rename Your Gig Image video (00:01:45 minutes)

8.) Gig URL video (00:02:02 minutes)

9.) Gig Exchange video (00:03:13 minutes)

10.) Early Sales and 5-Star Ratings video (00:04:18 minutes)

11.) Stay Online video (00:02:07 minutes)

12.) Gig Variations video (00:02:28 minutes)

13.) Deliver On Time – Avoid Cancellations – Respond to Messages ASAP video (00:04:36 minutes)

14.) Using a Gig Video video (00:01:59 minutes)

Below which there are links to: Want to increase your conversion rate by 200% using a Gig video?

Have this seller create a video for you – Get Your Gig Video HERE button (an affiliate link to his favourite Fiverr’s gig video)

Affiliate Marketing

Fiverr + Affiliate Marketing video (00:07:05 minutes)

Below which there are links to:

  • Max’s YouTube Channel
  • Private Fiverrocket Facebook Group
  • Max’s Website

Upgrades [upsell links]

  • OTO 1: Advanced Training
  • OTO 2: DFY
  • OTO 3: 1 on 1


Some of the training may have value.


Whenever Max states that you need to be careful that Fiverr doesn’t catch you doing whatever he is teaching you TO do in following his system, you can BET that method is black hat marketing.

My Take on Fiverrocket

thumb pointing downward in disapproval

Does Fiverrocket work?

Some of this training MIGHT work until Fiverr catches on to several users using these types of methods and then you can bet that scripts will be put in place to stop such abuse of their platform.

Due to Max recommending so many different black hat techniques, I could NOT in good conscience ever recommend this training.

Below you will find my video review on Fiverrocket.

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I do hope my review here has answered the question does Fiverrocket work, to your satisfaction.

Should you have any question(s) regarding Fiverrocket, please DO leave them in a comment below.

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