Vending Machine Business Secrets Shared!

Chris Robertson not only promises to share his secrets with you, he clearly shows you how easily a profit can be made if you’re up to following his instructions.

Wow! You can earn a passive income stream, one that you can be proud of because it’s LEGAL (Yaaaahooooeeee!)

Hmmm, so you don’t believe what I say?

Well then, here’s a story of an ambitious teenager who bought a bunch of vending machines, and now he makes SIX figures!

Simply click on the image and it will open in another tab, read it and you’ll see for yourself.

As Chris tells it, he had a great job with great benefits.

… well; I live in a city that has LOST many great jobs with great benefits.

If that sounds more like what you’re experiencing, perhaps it’s time to pull up a chair and learn from Chris. Don’t you think?

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Let me explain …

Chris got fed up having to work so many hours in his 6 years of employment on that great job he had as a city bus driver.

Apparently he took over the responsibility of filling up a vending machine at the transit yard, and he learned to fill the machine with soda pop and water, as well as, where to remove the money.

Chris said that id didn’t take him long to learn just how much money he was earning with that one vending machine, doing very little work!

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And, if you sign up for the vending machine training using my affiliate link below, simply send me a copy of your proof of purchase, and I will send you a copy of Chris’ secret report.

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SIDENOTE: For those serious about considering this as a business idea, I have added a very unique use of vending machines in schools. Keep reading…

Vending became Chris’ passion!

That’s the REAL secret … let your passion earn you money … I’m sure you’ve heard this many times by now.

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Now … at thirty-five hours per week at $20 per hour … after taxes and other deductions Chris claimed to have been left with $500 each week. His formula clearly shows that he could make WAY more with vending machines.

Chris claims to have had NO business training, no sales experience … other than the vending machine in the transit yard that is … and he had no business plan. Initially, he said that all he wanted was to earn extra money … but guess what?

He learned by experience that there REALLY IS MONEY TO BE MADE IN VENDING MACHINES!

Chris states that his vending machine business allowed him to pay his bills and gave him spending money each and every week. This only drove him to learn as much as he possible could about the vending machine business so that he could profit even more.

Apparently, it only took Chris 18 months to bring his business to what he calls “new heights” and 11 years later he was willing to share his secrets!

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The vending machine training offers three different training packages:

1.) Starter Training Package – basic beginners course, includes the following:

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  • Insurance coverage
  • Location scouting
  • Machine selection
  • Product selection and pricing
  • Ready to use contracts
  • Inventory sheets to get you started
  • Lifetime online access to any materials included in this package
  • 6 months email access

2.) Standard Training Package – in addition to their Starter Training Package, this training includes:

  • Exclusive machine finder services – apparently streamlines securing affordable new and used equipment
  • Profit-potential assessments
  • Lifetime online access to resources
  • 6 months of email access

3.) Ultimate Training Package – includes all services and resources of the 2 previous packages mentioned above, plus this training includes the following:

  • Personal mentorship
  • 30 days of unlimited support and guidance
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According to, the 2020 pandemic has boosted such an interest in this business that they surveyed 20+ operators to find out how much they make. Sooo, if your still curious… be sure to check their post out too.

UPDATE 2021: Below is a FRESH idea for a vending machine in schools! Be sure to click on the embedded tweet and read through the comments that were made. Think you will be amazed! I have highlighted the link below in yellow… that will take you to the tweet, once you’ve clicked on it.

I never post on Twitter – professional lurker – but I have to share these. My proudest moment as HoD – book vending machines as part of whole school rewards #teamenglish #edutwitter

— Dawn Murray (@Mrs_D_Murray) October 7, 2021

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Vending machine business secrets shared!
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