Vending Machine Business Secrets Shared!

Chris Robertson not only promises to share his secrets with you, he clearly shows you how easily a profit can be made if you’re up to following his instructions.

Wow! You can earn a passive income stream, one that you can be proud of because it’s LEGAL (Yaaaahooooeeee!)

Hmmm, so you don’t believe what I say? Well then, here’s a story of an ambitious teenager who bought a bunch of vending machines, and now he makes SIX figures!

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As Chris explains, he had a great job with great benefits … well; I live in a city that has LOST many great jobs with great benefits. If that sounds more like what you’re experiencing, perhaps it’s time to pull up a chair and learn from Chris. Don’t you think?

Let me explain …
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Chris got fed up having to work so many hours in his 6 years of employment on that great job he had as a city bus driver. He took over the responsibility of filling up a vending machine at the transit yard. Chris learned to fill the machine with soda pop and water, as well as, where to remove the money.

It didn’t take Chris long to learn just how much money he was earning with that one vending machine, doing very little work! In case you arrived to my website via this post, you might want to read over my review of Chris’ product.

Please note that I receive compensation if you use my links here, and eventually I may earn enough to buy a couple cups of coffee.

Go ahead, take a peek at Chris’ formula for making money, and see for yourself.

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Vending became Chris’ passion!

That’s the REAL secret … let your passion earn you money … I’m sure you’ve heard this many times by now.

Now … at thirty-five hours per week at $20 per hour … after taxes and other deductions he was left with $500 each week. His formula clearly shows he could make WAY more with vending machines.
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Chris had NO business training, no sales experience … other than the vending machine in the transit yard that is … and he had no business plan. Initially, all he wanted was to earn extra money … but guess what?

He learned by experience that there REALLY IS MONEY TO BE MADE IN VENDING MACHINES!

Chris states that his vending machine business allowed him to pay his bills and gave him spending money each and every week. This only drove him to learn as much as he possible could about the vending machine business so that he could profit even more.

It only took Chris 18 months to bring his business to what he calls “new heights” and 11 years later he’s willing to share his secrets with YOU!

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Three great options are what Chris is offering YOU … along with bonuses.
He teaches you to:

  • find locations for your vending machines (6 ways!)
  • get vending machines for FREE
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  • get started on a tight budget
  • get your prospects to call YOU first
  • avoid having to pay commissions to your locations
  • know which machines are better to buy or rent
  • how to spot vending opportunity scams and how to avoid them
  • maintain your vending machines to keep them up and running
  • expand your services to locations and make even MORE money
  • sell your locations, leads or machines to make the most money
  • register and license your business
  • minimize your costs
  • get even MORE referrals to expand your business
  • make REAL money in vending

All this AND a 100% satisfaction guarantee or YOUR money back!

So, what are you waiting for?

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According to, the 2020 pandemic has boosted such an interest in this business that they surveyed 20+ operator to find out how much they make. Sooo, if your still curious… be sure to check their post out too.

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Vending machine business secrets shared!

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