The Truth About the Wealth Switch – Can Hypnosis Activate Your Inner Wealth Switch?

Joshua Burns has a secret to share with you that he says is not for everyone.

His site title clearly states that controversial hypnosis session activates your inner wealth switch in 28:17 minutes, or less.

Burns promises that if you are the type of person who can use this secret without being consumed by greed, his secret can help you gain abundance in your life.

He goes on to claim that there is a basic difference between the average person and those who are successful.

Burns claims that he knows this due to his first-hand experience of building his first million dollar business that only took him 3 months.

Then Burns asks, “So what’s the difference between the rich and everyone else?” His answer is, “programming”.

He says it’s like the super rich folks have a kind of 6th sense where they simply react to things that the rest of us cannot see.

However, Burns explains, these people are only doing what they have always done, and that is making snap decisions and leaping on all of the new opportunities they notice.

It’s like they have honed their instincts from the many years of being in business… so much so that they are now on autopilot.

Burns claims that he wants to help you harness this type of power by offering you a shortcut and let you download the necessary habits directly into your thinking computer, your brain.

My review here offers the following key points:

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What is Wealth Switch?

screen print of a picture of Sir Richard Branson and Tellman Knudson

Program Name: Wealth Switch


Price: $5.77 US funds + 2 upsells

Recommended? Yes


Joshua Burns states that in order to help you he has put together a powerful hypnosis session that was created by one of his most trusted family friends Tellman Knudson, who is a renowned wealth hypnotist.

Apparently, Knudson gave Burns the gift of a wealth mindset that changed his life for the better nearly overnight, and Burns is sure he can do the same for you.

Burns and Knudson have apparently worked together to create their critical hypnosis session that Burns claims is jam-packed with the type of suggestions your subconscious can use to trigger your inner wealth switch in the same way that successful people have already activated theirs.

Apparently, making you able to take full advantage of the incredible abundance rich people have on a daily basis… just by listening to the session offer.

The life-changing suggestions and associations in the session apparently become embedded deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind each time you use it; making it work fast and offering benefits of increase over a period of time.

Burns claims to have been a very confused young man only 10 years ago, with not even a clue on how to make money.

And, he claimed he worked long hours working shifts in a greasy spoon restaurant scrubbing dishes, yet still found himself having to borrow money from family just to pay his rent.

Then he claims to have met this odd fella’ millionaire named Tellman Knudson in his town, and within only a year he experienced his first $5,000 day.

Within two years Burns claims to have been operating his own business and earning far more than he ever imagined he could.

Burns says that working with Knudson opened up a new part of his brain… though he now sees the world differently… and the money flowed freely.

An incredible experience, is the way he put it and that is what he claims he wants to do for you.

He goes on to explain that it is when your wealth switch is unlocked, you really do become different than the average person.

To most people, it might look though your choices are all random when in reality they are not.

Burns says it is like having your own personal GPS programmed to seek out and uncover big opportunities from all around you.

Whether you want to start up your very own business or that you are happy with the job you now have; either way, increased abundance is nearly unavoidable simply due to the power of your subconscious. 

The Truth About the Wealth Switch

screen print of 1st upsell on the way to completing my order

The navigation to get to the item you purchased can be a bit tricky.

I was only able to finally get the actual product page using a link that was supplied to me in an autoreponder email titled Welcome to The Wealth Switch! that was sent from the vendor’s server upon payment being received.

And, even THEN the necessary link was provided only in the PS part of the message.

Two clicks later and VOILA! the three lessons were offered:

  • How to Use Hypnosis – How to use your session
  • Hypnosis Session – The Wealth Switch Video (Intro & Session)
  • Bonus Content – How to access your bonuses

Upon first visiting the How to Use Hypnosis, I thought something was amiss because there was no video offered in the spot that was clearly intended to have a video embedded.

However, upon scrolling this page, I discovered text instructions in which entailed three steps that are clearly stated that you need to take when setting out to listen to the session.

In the Hypnosis Session, you will find a video that is 1:05:57 in length where Tellman Knudson introduces himself and then sets out to explain how he became the world renowned wealth hypnotist.

If you cannot watch this video online, there is a download option offered below the video (in the right-hand sidebar). This way, you can watch the video without extra cost to you should you NOT have unlimited internet access.

The Bonus Content offers you a FREE wealth assessment, plus an easy to download PDF eBook titled All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis by Tellman H. Knudson, CHT. In this 62 paged eBook, starting on page 12, you will be able to discover How Hypnosis Works.


You have only to gain from the actual hypnosis session itself, as well as the additional information the eBook provides readers with, and nothing to lose.


At the time of my purchase, their website was not functioning 100% as it should, and I needed to contact Josh Burns by email (address was provided once payment was received). Within 24 hours I had working links to the products that I had paid for.

Not a very good way to do business… and this might turn some buyers off, but at least the vendor did come good with links that actually worked… and, the little extra effort I had to put forward to getting the products was SO worth it!

Is the Wealth Switch Bogus?

thumb pointing up in approval

No, I do NOT believe that Wealth Switch is bogus in any way.

In fact, I truly recommend this product due to the fact that I am already experiencing improvements from listening to Knudson’s session that was provided as an MP3 file.

However, I feel it also important that I be perfectly transparent with you in that I am a big believer in many of the self-help books that have been published over the years by well-known authors too.

Having learned from the masters, I know that positive input is needed on a regular basis.

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Should you want to discuss anything further regarding if the Wealth Switch is bogus or not, I do hope you will feel free to leave me a comment below.

I can even suggest more great products like this one, if this type of learning is for you. Looking forward to chatting with you!

Learning to Pay It Forward,

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