Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency in 11 Days – Learn How to Earn up to 10K

Yes, you could start your own digital marketing agency in 11 days.

In fact, there is training in order for you to learn to do this that I will be discussing with you here, and the instructor suggests that you do exactly that… to get started right after the 11th video training.

So, your starting your agency is only a matter of your being able to follow along with the training, and completing the necessary assignments within one day after EACH lesson.

Now, let me tell you about the awesome training.

In this training, you will learn how you can get paid to advertise for local businesses on sites, such as major news sites.

Not only that, but you will NOT be all alone in doing this.

And, this will help local businesses amplify their business to get more customers.

But… hold on a minute…

Before you can do this, you really do need to learn the proper techniques that works wonders in providing this great service to local businesses.

You can even learn how to start digital marketing from home. In other words, you won’t need to worry about a steady income once you’ve mastered the training, because you won’t need to leave home to earn a possible 10K.

Now… about the training platform…

Once inside this training platform, some users may find that the platform itself isn’t very user-friendly, as the training is buried several clicks deep inside the member’s area.

However, you will find that you can simply start from the navigation bar to find their training, once you have logged in.

The first few videos may put you into a bit of a trance (as they did me!) but DO make sure that you stay focused and pay attention.

Back up ANYTHING you find yourself zoning out on, to make sure you get it ALL.

If you are the least bit tired, I recommend that you follow the training on a day that you are fully rested and ready to focus.

For this course, you will need to be a self-motivated person as there is NO classroom-like atmosphere while you are following along with the training.

What I did when following the training was keep notes using a NotePad file, keeping it open and I would pause the video training whenever making my notes, so that I didn’t miss anything.

This way too, I’m less likely to forget what I learned. You may want to do the same.

Also, I made sure to write my questions down as I thought of them when watching the video training, because nearer the end of the training, you will be given a URL to type into your browser’s address bar that will take your browser to their Facebook fan page, to the exact post where you can ask those questions, and receive an answer.

Sometimes, even the training instructor will answer your question, which can be a bonus!

If not, their support staff are VERY knowledgeable on this topic, so there is no need to worry if the instructor doesn’t answer your question(s), someone should.

Be prepared to go BACK and review any of the lessons at any time, in order to refresh your memory, whenever necessary.

If you take really good notes, you may find that you won’t have to do this.

And, believe me, without my notes and ability to go BACK to the training and replay it whenever I need to, at times I would be lost, as no one human being could possibly understand EVERYTHING in EVERY lesson in this all-inclusive training, without going through it a few times.

So please, do not make the mistake of thinking yourself as being unique in this manner.

Do take notes, and REPLAY videos when necessary. That’s how pros are created.

Another TIP…

NEVER skip any of the “homework” assignments that the instructor provides for students at the end of each lesson.

There will be NO one looking over your shoulder to make sure that you do your homework.


If you do skip the homework assignments… even one… you will only have yourself to blame when or if you find the training doesn’t work for you.

The homework assignments are meant to make students more confident as we learn.

And if you are serious about starting your own digital advertising agency in only days, then you’ll want to listen to what Jay Cruiz says that you will need…

Jay's 3 C's

In the 3rd lesson, there is an assignment of completing up to 10 small projects. You may THINK that assignment no longer applies, but… YES, it does.

So, DO NOT skip past completing that assignment so that YOU learn to become a WINNER!

This is how you will LEARN the valuable information taught in EACH lesson. Practice really does [help to] make perfect.

As I mentioned earlier, at the end of each lesson, the instructor provides the URL to the Facebook post where you can share your assignment results and/or post your question(s) regarding the lesson you have completed.

Be sure that you follow along in the training, to all of the questions and answers that were given during the initial making of the training.

You will definitely learn even MORE tips that you might NOT have understood during the lesson.

Only at the very END of EACH training video would you post your question to that lesson.

This way, you may find your question(s) actually were answered by someone else having asked the same question previously… and you won’t want to sound though you were not LISTENING… right?


This course is ONLY for the self-motivated, entrepreneurial personalities.

So, if you are NOT prepared to do the work by following the training and completing the assignments, so that you can start your own digital marketing agency in as little as 11 days, then do not waste your time in signing up for this course.

But then, if you’re still here and reading this far into my article, chances are YOU are the PERFECT personality for this business.

Jay was the one who introduced me to this training, and I was so anxious to dive right in that I did follow along with the training and did complete all of the assignments as they were laid out for me to do.

Though, I have to admit that I was sooo wanting to rush right in and learn it all at once.

Thankfully, their support staff slowed me down by helping me to GET FOCUSED… and now I am so thankful that they did that for me.

Don’t you be in too big a hurry, thinking you’re going to get rich quick either, as that will NOT be happening here.

This really does require working at your business in order to make a profit.

It takes time, persistence (or, as Jay said, “commitment”), and patience to build your digital advertising business into a 10K business… BUT, it CAN be done… and, all with a limited number of clients.

However, that is ONLY if you FOLLOW the TRAINING. Step away from the training template setup that is KNOWN to work, skip the “homework” assignments, or keep procrastinating at getting started, and you will literally delay your starting your digital advertising agency.

The price tag for the training USED to be super-high, but when I signed up to the training in September 2020, it only cost me $995 US funds, which from my understanding, is a good third of the cost of the original price tag charged back in 2019.

This platform really will teach you an EASY way to start your own digital marketing agency in 11 days.

Their training even claims to share “tested strategies for creating omnipresence marketing campaigns that allow users to effectively promote their offers online and generate buyer traffic on demand.”

It is a highly-effective way to gain new visitors to an online property, generate new customers and sales for any business in any niche.

So, if you are interested in learning more about this training platform (opens in a new tab), click the link and sign up.

If you’re too late for the latest enrollment, you can sign up to their waiting list, which I recommend that you do, if you want to learn how to start digital marketing from home.

For the sake of transparency in my shared information here, the link is NOT an affiliate link to the vendor.

Do hope you succeed in whatever endeavour you decide to set yourself up to starting in, and I do hope you have found this post helpful in learning how you can start your own digital marketing agency.

If so, please share this post with your friends.

My rating for this vendor’s training is:

due to it not being newbie-friendly.

Should you have any questions regarding starting digital marketing from home, please, do leave me a comment below, and I will respond in a timely manner.

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